Nyckelharpa – July 2018

So, I had around less than three weeks in July because I was on vacation in the first week of July.

And generally, I am somehow not really pleased with the progress – simply because it sucks that whenever I press the “record”-button o record the progress, I fuck it all up. It´s terrible. It can have worked a zillion of times before, but once the camera is rolling, it sounds…like I am a 100% noob and just a 99% noob.

But generally – I know I´ve been making progress, the high notes feel at least better though they still need to sound better, but I guess that´s really a bowing issue that I need to continue working on. The bowing is THE issue still, still trying to figure it out how to fully use it and how to tilt it and everything.

Long way to the top and practice just makes perfect – and with the heat and sweat therefore, practice wasn´t my best friend. No need to deny that – it´s obvious unfortunately. But now I am really fully back with it, and with a schedule arranging sports and music, it will get better. I promise.

And don´t be surprised – August will be the month where I will start working more and more on…Christmas songs! So I will be ready once Christmas will come, as always, very suddenly.

Oh and: nevermind my facial circus whilst playing ;))

Friarvisan (July version / month 3)

Still not happy with it, and I know the recording isn´t too amazing – but I was just fed up recording it again and again. It´s that pehomena of the “record” button – once pressed, I feel insecure again. Though it worked many times before just perfectly well…

Usually I am playing this as my start into the practice, because it´s the tune I know best so my fingers get a bit warm and I feel good with everything. Usually that works, sometimes it doesn´t when everything goes wrong already with this so well known song.

Ode to Joy (July version / month 2)

I still don´t like playing it, somehow it cannot stick to my mind. But it´s gettng better, baby steps. The switch from A to D string works better and better, and I more and more feel safe with it. Though playing faster and doing it still feels a bit like playing russion roulette to be honest.

And somehow, opposite to Friarvisan, I alread got sick and tired of the tune itself. I cannot hear it anymore, it´s been enough. but not until it sounds really good and I can playing it a couple of times one afte rthe other without mistakes and without hesitation and without insecurities.

En avant blonde (July version / Month 1)

Ultimate battle. I didn´t like it during the course already, and I mean playing, not how it sounds. I don´t know why I struggle so hard with that, because it´s not too difficult I would say. Part 2 will be more difficult than the first part that you´re hearing here. But atm it still sounds too terrible to present it to anyone.

I sort of kept postponing the start of practice for this one again and again so basically I played this for maybe…a week or so, so don´t be surprised if it still sounds like a hafbuilt house looks like…

August will hopefully bring more motivation to play it and to also play it all together…
let´s see…