Sports: KW29 & KW30

So now that my half marathon is done and I am back to normal workouts, I decided on reporting my doings every two weeks because it would be terribly boring for you if I did that each and every week – because three rather average workouts wouldn´t really bring out anything for you to read.

Once I will start with more diverse training again – running more or switching to maybe a triathlon like training plan, I might go back to weekly reports. But let´s see how the heat continues, only then I can tell you what will happen next,

Because plans are there to be ditched as everything always goes differently than planned anyways.


KW 29 (16.07.-22.07.2018)

  • 17.07. Gym with biking (50min), streching (15min), weights (16min)
    Laid back start after my break and sepsis…and it felt so good! It really did put a smile on my face though there is a long way to get back to where I was before…
  • 19.07. Running (5.47km – 35:54min)
    First run after my sepsis and my forced break from anything that included sports – I really feel how I was still lacking the strength in my body and how I was still weak, and the weather didn´t make it any better. I even was taking off my shirt and just ran in my sportsbra after a while – and that even though I am totally not body confident at all…
  • 21.07. Running (5.9km – 38:28min)
    I am simply not getting back into the running flow that I was in before my half marathon and the running break right after. It was okay, but it´s like every step is a challenge and my legs and my mind still seem to be tired.  It´s getting better with baby steps, but it´s a game of patience…

KW 30 (23.07.-29.07.2018)

  • 23.07. Gym with biking (65min), stretching (10min)
    I felt really good with biking, but after after that I started feeling off and then during stretching it got worse, so I wanted to cool down and go to the locker room and then my circulation simply said no. I was totally dizzy and ended my workout immediately.
  • 25.07. Running (5.07km – 35:04min)
    Running after the rain…it would have been cooler on many levels if I had gone running during the rain but I wasn´t home quick enough. But at least it felt refreshing until the heat more and more returned and then it was totally humid and…terrible weather to run in.
  • 28.07. Tough Mudder 5km (45min)
    It was hot, and that already early – but it was fun, dusty and the obstacles were nice. Just it was too hot and I felt kinda liked a grilled chicken afterwards.
  • 29.07. Gym with cross trainer (50min), stretching (12min), weights (30min)
    It was surprisingly nice air at gym and the workout really felt good – the cross trainer time was really exhausting and cost me a lot of sweat and drinking, but was worth it. But I really gotta  work on the weights – my arms and shoulders need more and more love!