Heat heat heat

…and nothing else. And this is something where I really want to have a talk about – sports and healthy life in general when it´s hot. Because I am seeing so many people struggle – including myself – and forcing themselves to do things that are everything but healthy at all.

No surprise at all, that you gotta feel shitty then. And there is no reason to feel guilty when you just cannot cope with these temperatures.

Because I am one of those people. Me vs heat – you can always be sure that heat is winning. And it actually has won, as my body clearly told me.

For the past twi weeks I´ve been really struggling even with basic things because all I felt was dizzy, nauseous and my headache felt so happy with me that it never left. 24-7. All of the three things all together.

And still – I kept pushing myself to be active – to rather walk than take the bus, no matter how hot it was, and also went to gym and did my runs. Even though that I had planned to step up my running to 10km already and not be stuck with 5km. But I thought: it´s okay, I can work on getting back to my speed that I had before the half marathon. And so I pushed myself. Again and again.

During gymtime I already here and there noticed that I was off and that I needed to take it more easy – just to have forgotten and ignored it by the next workout time had been coming. No matter how dizzy I felt, I just kept going.

Which resulted once in halfway passing out at gym and throwing up during one of my runs – and that was the point where I knew that I had to take a couple of steps back. And dropped all workouts if the temperature is over 25°C. It sucks, it´s frustrating – especially since I wanna get back onto the weightloss train and I need not only to switch my eating, but also do my cardio and weights.

So now I am back to only changing my eating – but it´s a good time for that, since heavy food with loads of carbs isn´t really my cp of tea anyways when it´s so hot. So a lot of veggies, a bit of meat and fish and no potato, rice, pasta…only a bit of bread here and there but that´s it. Yes, I know other foods also have a lot of carbs – but I also am cutting down on those.

And eating light and not too big meals is really important during those temperatures – rather eat more often and little portions. It helps – needs some change in the mind but does wonders to the body. Same goes for drinking – currently drinking up to 4l a day and only water or cold tea. And before you say it´s too much – over 30°C, doctors even suggest to drink up to 5 or 6 litres of water. So I am doing well with this.

But anyways, I didn´t listen to my body early enough and so I was totally knocked out on Thursday and Friday. I passed out on my way to the bathroom at night, and then had migraine attacks followed by “just” heavy headaches. I had to stay in bed and on the couch and was full of migraine pills and painkillers, alongside with cooling packs on neck and legs.

It got better, yes. but it was a first “well fuck you if you don´t listen to me” from my body – and I learned my lesson.

So, watch out what you do to your body when the temperature is high – it all sums up and your body is gonna pay you back for every little bit…