What´s up?

Yes, it´s been quiet on here for several reasons – the heat really killed me and made my life pretty boring hahaha

A lot has happened though in the meantime – I have found an apartment in Wilhelmshaven. I´ve been there with my dad and checked it out and then also spent the rest of the day with him at the beach.

But let´s talk about the apartment – 3,5 rooms, around 80m2 of space. It´s really close to the centre but still in a rather quiet area and house. And I finally have a balcony! It has a guest room, my bed room, a room for my sewing and computer and making music, a separate toilet for guests and a bathroom, an open kitchen and a living room. Aaand it´s an old building, with high ceilings…so amazing.

And I fellt right in love with it, and I was so worried that I might not get it. And yes, I have had to compromise. The apartment will be free from September 1st on and I wanted to rent it from November 1st on…well, in the end, the lease will now be starting on October 1st. Makes me pay two rents for two months, but with a great family in my back, everything´s just doable!

So now I just need to send in the contract, check for gas and power companies where to get a contract with and all of the other zillions of things I gotta do. The list seems to not get any shorter but no can do. It was my choice.

Besides this…? Sports, well no, hardly happened. My body is more and more acting up and I don´t know why it´s happening. maybe because of the lack of sports I am getting siffer at the moment or it´s just because I am unfit in general now. Right now fighting some back pain, and I hope I will be fit to do all the runs that I have planned and also signed up for. A lot is in the pipeline!

Anything else? Hm. Good question. Buying some concert tickets for next year, trying to save money at the same time so that I have a nice back up for moving and yeah…not really going out much besides office and sports. And still sewing on my medieval dress for the medieval market in September – it´s coming close to the finish line, finally!