SwimBikeRun Training – Week 36

Week 37 (20.05.-26.05.2019)

Somehow I forgot to be reporting about that week – maybe I was just too busy or too lazy – I don´t know. But at least I realized that and can now catch up as I have time to report about it thanks to my one week vacation!


This week I´ve only been biking indoors, the session lengths have varied during my three sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. On Monday I started with 1:45h and stepped up to 2:00h on Wednesday and 2:20h on Sunday – I started feeling better with each and every bike session, even though my butt was hurting quite a bit and the sweat was just running down in rivers and over all of my body. Without watching sries I would´ve probably died of boredom – can´t wait for the weather to let me go outside again!


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – I am allowed to run every second day, and I am sticking to it. Because I have time and distance to catch up! It´s been two slow runs to really get back into it gain and get used to the new distance (6km), and it´s felt better than expected after initial problems and bitchy legs and all of that. On Saturday then an official run that I already reported about (**HERE**) and that, despite of several problems, went better than expected and gave me some hope I might be getting back on track properly.


No swimming yet, because somehow I didn´t feel like it was a good idea just yet with the rests of the cold still in my body so I instead focussed on all other sports!


As usual, I´ve been stretching after each an every training session, because I noticed how my muscles were acting up and I really had to loosen and take then tension off them more and more. And I want to stay flexible, because it´s key to each and every sports and also to my back health.


Indoor biking!

After having been sick thanks to being drenched by the cold rain and thanks to the weather forecast telling not so amazing weather was gonna be coming, I decided on buying stuff that enables me to be biking indoors. I had planned on buying such equipment already, but had scheduled it for autumn because I hadn´t expected the weather to be such a whiney and uncontrollable bitch this spring.

So after quite some research I decided on buying the Tacx Flow Smart because I want to properly track my training sessions and also use Zwift (interactive biking) so…and yes, I did invest quite some money into the trainer and added on top a tablet holder because I don´t always wanna train in the living room as there is not much space.

So during the past weeks I´ve been sitting on the bike for sessions ranging from 1 to 2,5h in one go – depending on how fit I felt and how whiney my butt was. Because it felt like also my butt had forgotten how it felt to be on the hard saddle again ^^

I was really surprised how much more you´re sweating when doing indoor biking – sure, you do not move so there is no wind, but I didn´t expect to be drenched within the first 15 minutes of my training session. That has improved by time and has gottel less, but it feels like it´s still making me sweat like 10times more than biking outside.

You might think “oh so it´s more exhausting to the body” because of me sweating

more – well, according to my heart frequency it´s not. I am quite a bit below my average that I have when biking outside, so it was good basic training for my endurance to also get better and have my body being less exhausted when going back onto the road again. Also the analysis done by Polar Flow on how much time I need to recover from the session – and it´s also lower. And after the time doing it, my heartrate indeed has gotten lower also on the street as I´ve noticed today when I was out again instead of biking inside.

And even though this is seemingly all lower and everything, and though my average speed is far higher than outside (surprise no idiotic car drivers around), it feels like it takes ages to actually get up to a certain distance.

And if it was not for series on Amazon Prime, I´d totally freak out and get bored really quick. because let´s face it: it´s fucking boring without music or series.

For the winter I will be getting a programme simulating races and such, but I am not willing to pay for this short time again because now that the weather is better again, I am out on the roads again – because nothing can beat that, no damned programme on the world!

So yes, it´s good for basic training and when the weather is problamtic, but would never never even come close to the real biking. No chance. But for winter it will be long sessions and many kilometres on there, as I am clearly not going to be biking in the cold rain and icy cold weather with even colder wind. I am a pussy, yep. But now that I have this alternative I can be 😉

Run: Großenkneter Zehnmeilenlauf (25.05.2019)

Nope, I did not run the ten miles that the title might be suggesting – that is far out of reach still when it comes to my recovery from ym plantar fascitis. But I am confidently running 5km now, and I enjoy it. Instead of torturing myself with comparing things with before the injury (yes, from time to time I still do so) I am making the best out of the current situation.

After my flu I was now again back on track, and felt like this was gonna be a good one. Instead I had stomach issues and had to take some pills for it – yes, my own fault because of too much not-sport-matching food the evening before. You never stop learning and if you don´t learn, you learn it the hard way. Something like this.

So I´ve been driving an hour to Großenkneten (it´s an amazing name for a town if you understand German) and then had to find a parking spot – so in a tiny little side street I parked my car and enjoyed the freely running chickens, the roaring cows and their smell and the overall tiny village feeling that this place had.

And despite it being such a small place, it was really well organized – you were able to change your clothes, you had proper bathrooms, everyone was friendly and so helpful and everything just went smooth. Minus the fact that there were not enough bathrooms, at least not for women. But that´s a standard problem I guess.

The run itself was through a nice area again, rural of course but that´s cool. Good air, nice views – and loads of pollens that bugged the hell out of me. But since I was drugged anways, no problem – allergy pills, nose spray, eye drops. I never go outside without having used all of those ^^ So it took me again quite a while to get rolling again, which was about 2,5-3km. The cold and slightly sparkling water did not help which they served on the course and also the uneven pat through the fields where I twisted my ankle were not exactly improving my mood nor the feeling.

But after that it all went smoother by the minute and on the last kilometres I passed by 11 people and managed to even improve my personal best on 5km (when it comes to after my plantar fascitis) and it´s great to see that there is indeed improvement when I simply keep going, keep pushing and keep pushing my damned limits. Yes it´s been hard, this run really has been tough on me but afterwards I felt just proud and happy. It´s been just 5km, but it´s been 5km that I rocked!

I really enjoyed the run and also was really satisfied about how we were taken care of afterwards – stuff to drink, some bananas, able to print our certificates. And all of that with amazingly friendly volunteers that seemingly had fun doing hat they were doing!

Only downside? Whilst the kids got a medal, we grown ups didn´t get one – I´d have happily paid a bit more if I had gotten a medal then. Because yep, I am one of those who collect their starting numbers (that you had to return as well because the time tracking chip was implemented in it) and medals.

HavenAhoi (Wilhelmshaven, 18/19.05.2019)


So my plan was to go and see the sailing school ship MIR arrive in the harbour again because that also means that they had to open the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke (bridge) which I hadn´t seen open before but was so eagerly hoping to see open.

And so with the best weathe rpossible I went there and waited – and with quite a delay the ship finally arrived and it was a stunning view, really. The open bridge, the ship and the way how the ship was brought to the walking path…what a thing to watch!

I then continued my walk by the sea to check out the main area of HavenAhoi just to run off again because it´s been too crowded for my taste – and on the way back I enjoyed lovely icecream and a walk in the sand. This feeling of walking barefeet in the wet sand…so amazing!

In the evening I then still did some biking training to work off the calories from the day 😉


Sunday…actually my rest day, but I decided to go outside again for HavenAhoi, because the weather was sunny and amazing and I really wanted to see the tugboat ballet! So I first took a stroll around the harbour the sea and then went to check out the buoy-laying vessel.

I hadn´t seen such a ship before and the chat with one of the workers was really interesting. didn´t expect that to be so much work. But you never stop learning, right? So I spent a lot of time there and then watched some rescuing stunts that were performed just before the tugboat ballet. From Hamburg and other harbours I know the tugboat ballet with music, and this time here it was without – still impressive what you can do with a tugboat but something was simply missing to not make it feel like it was taking forever. A pity because it could´ve been just so amazing!

Afterwards I took another relaxed walk back, enjoyed the smell of the sea and then relaxed at home!


Sailing ship MIR returning to harbour & open Kaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke

Open Ship and tugboat ballet


SwimBikeRun Training – Week 35

So this week I was still sick pretty much until and including Wednesday, but on Wednesday I simply had to text my new Taxc indoor trainer for my road bike – I bought it because I wasn´t keen on getting soaked and it´s just perfect to get back on track. Why? Because you simply hop on and off whenever you please, no need for planning a route and then discovering it´s too short or too far for you.

Downsides? Yup, it´s terribly boring, unless you turn into a series junkie like I already have due to the biking. I started watching the series “The man in the high castle”. It gets the focus off not actually moving whilst biking, and eases the returned pain on my buttside – I had been so used to my saddle before I got ill, and now I feel like it takes a lot of pain to get back to getting used to it again. But at least adjusting the saddle height has eased my knee issues in my left knee – I ahd the feeling it was caused by a too high saddle, not sure, and there is still quite some adjustements to be done. But this indoor biking is a good thing to use for these tests and changes.

So on Tuesday I have been biking for 30min (13,9km) as a light start and noticed how done I was already after that. On Wednesday it was 32km (15km) because I still felt like it was killing me and I had no strength at all – but in the evening I then felt like having regained strength and went for an hour of biking (23,46km).

On Thursday it was an evening workout after my physiotherapy and I did approx. an hour of biking again (30,6km) and felt so much better already. On Saturday it was two sessions with each around an hour and 30km and 26km. So yes, it´s going well and the feeling is improving, even though my legs struggle to get used to all of that again.

Also I went for my first run after my flu – 5,5km in a slow as fuck pace. But I have to keep in mind: first run after the flu and really not back on track, plus the first time 5,5km again. Because this and the coming 1,5-2 weeks I am allowed to run up to 6km and I really need this, so that my mind gets back this feeling of freedom – because only running can give me this feeling. And then I don´t really care how fast or slow, it just feels good.

During being sick and after each and every training session there is a session of stretching and mobility, because I know my muscles really are in need for that – especially my feet and legs need it in order to avoid injuries or old problems returning. It´s not fun, but it´s a good way to cool down and make sure there is no sore muscles the next day.

What about…?


Not a great topic – I gained some weight again during my sickness and not being able to workout, but I know I will be losing those 2kg pretty quickly again. But still I am stuck at a weight that actually isn´t still where I wanna be, but I simply don´t lose any weight, no matter what I try. Plus I also need to make sure that I have enough energy for my triathlon training. And those two, weightloss and this heavy training, just don´t go hand in hand – it´s feeling like those couldn´t be any more contradictive.

…16:8 fasting?

To be honest, i ditched it a while ago. At the start it had worked out really well, but after a while with all evening training sessions I simply couldn´t do it properly anymore – I came home shortly after 7pm from my training and then had to shower, stretch, cook and eat before 8pm. It didn´t work for me. So at some point I also ditched the “only eating after noon” part of the fasting and now I am re-evaluating if I want to get back to it or find a different way on how to properly channel my eating.

…depression and migraine?

I am doing good – I stopped taking some meds and since then my depressions got less bad or rather pretty much disappeared and that makes me so happy. All the training and healthy food do the rest to actually feel good, and once I feel like there is s dark clud above my head showing up I decide on going for a walk by the sea and it feels like the wind blows away all sorrow.

My migraines are a different topic though, because I am battling a stiff neck for quite a while again and again and that often triggers my migraine attacks – I just don´t know how to get rid off it.

…plantar fasciitis (aka my foot injury) and piriformis issues?

I am working hard on progress, and there is good days and bad days and days that are in between. I currently don´t really know much about how good or bad it is, because I haven´t had physiotherapy in ages (but will tonight) and haven´t been training much in the past 1,5 weeks due to illness. But before I felt good, all the stretching, gymnastics and strength exercises really did do their trick on my body.

…running/triathlon/biking season plans?

I´ve partially made my plans until end of August, and here we go what is already booked:

25.05. Großknetener ZehnMeilenLauf – 5km
02.06. Everstener Brunnenlauf – 6,3km
23.06. Gorch Fock Lauf – 10km
11.08. Nordseeman – Triathlon Sprint
25.08. Cyclassics – 60km biking
31.08. Muddy Angel – 5km

What isn´t booked yet but thought about:

15.06. Samstagslauf – 5km
06.07. Bremer Brückenlauf – 10km
27.07. Friesencross – 10km

When sick…

…then please, be sick for like 1,5 weeks straight.

That´s what my body thought probably when I was biking in the icy cold rain and then didn´t rest enough. Instead I went to Altenmünster for my course which then led to me being a 100% struck down  – and take a guess, how much did I actually do during those past 1,5 weeks?

Yep, hardly anything. I am happy I have a vacuum cleaning robot, a dishwasher, a laundry machine and a laundry drier – otherwise this apartment here would´ve turned into a big and terrible mess. Simply because for a very long time I couldn´t focus for longer than 10 minutes and moving around made me feel dizzy and was so exhausting that after 10min of not laying down, I needed at least one hour to really feel like being able to move at all.

I slept approximately 50-60% of the time, and the time I didn´t sleep, I was probably either eating, taking a hot bath or watching stupid series because anything needing a brain would´ve been overtaxing at the start. When this had gotten better, my body had decided it was time for some extreme pain in joints and muscles, so all I did for two days straight was lay around and move as little as possible.

It got better over time and thus I here and there played a bit of nyckelharpa and read a book, but that´s been it pretty much. Later I also went for little walks in the evening because it made my cough, that also had popped up, calm down and losen the slime and made me breathe properly again.

So what else did I do…I waited for a phone call that hasn´t come up until now and probably won´t come at all – it doesn´t surprise me, and also doesn´t exactly make me sad, it just reassures me that my feeling and expectation was the right one. No can do, humans are humans and say one thing and do…nothing at times.

Bedides this…Most of the time and luckily, my head has been quiet and didn´t act up because I was just too tired for that, but the better my health started getting again, the more my brain started working again and started adjusting my training plans and all of that. It´s just been really annoying because I lost 1,5 weeks worth of like 7h of training, a lot of biking and running, and especially with running that means quite a loss because I have to make progress. But I just must not think about it and slowly start at the end of the week to get back into rolling.

Talking about rolling: I bought an indoor trainer for my bike to ensure that I am not getting out biking anymore when the weather looks unstable. Aka making sure I won´t get sick because of biking in the icy cold rain again. I learned my lesson, it´s an expensive lesson but no can do 😉 Cannot wait to start slowly using it when getting back on track!

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 33 & 34

Last week ( Week 33, 29.04.-05.05.2019) was full of stretching because of my nyckelharpa weekend and the planned sports-free/ rest-week but on Monday and Wednesday I was still out for a run.

On Monday (29.04.) was a normal training session that went rather well even though it´s been quite fresh again, but it feels like my body likes that more than the warmth. But still I noticed that I felt weaker and somehow extra exhausted afterwards despit it feeling quite okay during running and my pace also had improved again. Running still gives me this pleasant feeling of freedom each and every time, and each and every time it nicely clears my head from all possible thoughts!

On Wednesday was the run in Gristede (read about it **here**) where I already felt the body temperature rising and not feeling well but I ignored these signs and then still went for that run, with the result of a good pace but massive physical struggles during running, not talking about what followed afterwards – because my flu quickly hit me and it was tough to push it away over my weekend trip.

Week 34 (06.-12.05.2019) so this week is quite a dead week, simply because I am struck down by a cold/flu and all I am able to do was light stretching to do something good to my muscles and light and short walks. Everything else is a no go, so nothing to really report about :/ I really hope that next week is gonna get better, because I need to keep rolling and improving again.

Nyckelharpa Trip – Part 2 (04.-06.05.2019)

04.05.2019 – Saturday

The first night was okay, but I was still somehow tired and still not feeling healthy at all. But the playing went better and better though I still struggle to play by ear and just by watching and thus had to cling to the sheet music more than I had initially wanted to.

Also the learning speed this time was so much higher than last year in the beginners course…and yes I did struggle at times to really follow but I kicked my ass and then got back on track again and learned a lot. I also learned that in order to improve my skills I really have to cut down my training and necessarily include at least 2h a week of playing Nyckelharpa. That’s gonna be easy at the start because the fire is back, but let’s see how it will commence.

But once again I am so glad that I came here because it’s not only inspiration and motivation but I can literally see how much my.playing improves and that’s simply the best thing ever!

In the evening there was the teachers concert again, and it was stunning as last time. One day I might be able to do like 10% of that hahahaha it was a nice evening full of music and chatting, and it got late – just as I expected to say the least.

05.05.2019 – bye bye Altenmünster, hello Augsburg and welcome back meals with meat

I woke up feeling even sicker than the day before and with a headache and dead tired though I had slept well – but maybe just not enough.

After breakfast followed the last hours of lessons and fixing my one stuck key on the Nyckelharpa. The wood obviously had decided to grow and thus the key didn’t go back anymore into it’s original position after having played it. It was interesting to see how to fix something like this even though I would probably die if fear to fuck up when needing to do it on my own.

We also repeated all played pieces again and worked on the last one we had played the day before and I am happy it went better than yesterday. Still I noticed that due to feeling sick my concentration wasn’t the best.

Then only lunch followed and the course was over and my aunt picked me up again and we went to Augsburg and had some of her amazing strawberry cake – sooo good. Then a power nap, some laundry and packing and some tea and the we went to a great Croatian-German restaurant close by. And that food was SO good and I was so stuffed…after all if the vegetarian stuff at the course I really did enjoy my meat.

And then I dropped into bed dead tired and exhausted. Just to have a night full of weird dreams…

06.05.2019 – Bye bye Augsburg

It’s been one of those nights where proper sleep is just not possible though you are dead tired and your body is craving for a good and long night of sleep. So both of that didn’t happen and I really felt sick and weak on top, so the perfect conditions for travelling back home for 8h. That´s been how long it initially should have taken. But it came all differently.

Ttravelling with my Nyckelharpa flightcase is a handle because of lacking space for it on the trains and if you sit in the bike department, you are being told to go and sit somewhere else because you don’t have a bike. Had to suggest to the lady to feel free and put the case up into the luggage shelf. Well, she couldn’t have failed more and thus left me alone afterwards at least.

It was all good until bremen and when some contruction vehicle had fallen onto the tracks and the tracks qwere blocked and that damned vehicle even killed some necessary wires which then led to a damned 2h delay in the end. I was so dead, there is no words for it because I felt terribly sick and all I wanted was go and see the doctor.

But those two trainrides really made me decide on taking the car for the next times when traveling with my instrument because it’s too annoying and just exhausting. That would also eliminate needing to change trains and carry around that heavy luggage all the time…

Nyckelharpa Trip – Part 1 (02/03.05.2019)

Hello Augsburg (02./03.05.2019)

It’s been 8h of travelling for me on Thursday to get to Augsburg from Wilhelmshaven and as usual with Deutsche Bahn it’s not come without hassle and running and sweat. When I had to change in Bremen my regional train had a delay of 15min and my initial change over time was 15min.

So with my suitcase, backpack and Nyckelharpa flightcase I was flying down stairs, pushing people aside and flying up stairs again. And man the train conductor if the ICE waited for all of us desperate souls even though the regional train info was “it’s not gonna wait”. My hero if the day, really.

The trainride then was okay, it was quiet and I had noone sitting next to me, so all laid back. At the station in Augsburg my aunt then picked me up and we went to her place and relaxed, my mum came around and then afterwards I went to bed pretty early because I felt sick like a dog after I had figured in the morning already that I had a fever.

The time on Friday I spent with a little walk that was cut short due to the weather and then spent the day in the warmth: hot tea, warm blanket. Mostly sleepy, and feeling sick. But no chance to now ditch the course.

Hello, Altenmünster (03.05.2019)

the headline could be “same as last year” – why? Because I have been here last year when I started Nyckelharpa, and also had Johannes Mayr as a teacher. Back then it was the total beginners course, this time the advanced beginners course.
But that’s not all yet – we are in the same course room, I am sitting at exactly the same spot as last year. Enough? No. I have my bed in the same room as last year and even the same bed as last year (just the bedlinen is a different style I guess). And last but not least – I struggle the same way as I did last time.

I know I haven’t been practicing Nyckelharpa for like 1.5-2 months now, but I was confident. But you know, I still tend to be playing with sheet music in front of my face and not by ear and looking and that’s still how he is teaching. and again I am getting frustrated by easy things because they feel so tough and I feel like I am the dumbest person in the room. At least I came here knowing I might face these struggles, still hoping they wouldn’t pop up though. it cracks my ego and I wonder if it’s the right course though I am certain it is. Somehow. Sounds totally weird, I know.

And at the same time it feels so good to have a teacher there and other players, it’s like you aren’t fighting alone anymore and that’s a good feeling. And it’s like I need that more often to keep that spark of love alive that I lately lost and that resulted in rather hanging on the couch when not training instead of playing Nyckelharpa.

Whilst I am writing this I guess most (except for few that were also tired) are still sitting in the food court room thingy having a beer, but my joints hurt, my head hurts and I feel like the fever is returning. Maybe it hadn’t even left since the morning, I don’t know. I just feel terribly weak.

What feels good though is that I turned off my mobile data – and as there is no wifi, it’s sort of a digital detox until Sunday lunchtime, more or less at least. And that was really necessary and I mean, I don’t have much time anyways for my phone xD

I usually am really social but today I prefer my sleep – tomorrow night I will be social. And not get much sleep because breakfast is at 8am. And then we’re playing until 12:30 lunchtime and then again until 6pm… And again there will be a little concert of our teachers, which is always so lovely! I really can’t wait and that’s also why I don’t wanna be dead tired tomorrow.