Run: Großenkneter Zehnmeilenlauf (25.05.2019)

Nope, I did not run the ten miles that the title might be suggesting – that is far out of reach still when it comes to my recovery from ym plantar fascitis. But I am confidently running 5km now, and I enjoy it. Instead of torturing myself with comparing things with before the injury (yes, from time to time I still do so) I am making the best out of the current situation.

After my flu I was now again back on track, and felt like this was gonna be a good one. Instead I had stomach issues and had to take some pills for it – yes, my own fault because of too much not-sport-matching food the evening before. You never stop learning and if you don´t learn, you learn it the hard way. Something like this.

So I´ve been driving an hour to Großenkneten (it´s an amazing name for a town if you understand German) and then had to find a parking spot – so in a tiny little side street I parked my car and enjoyed the freely running chickens, the roaring cows and their smell and the overall tiny village feeling that this place had.

And despite it being such a small place, it was really well organized – you were able to change your clothes, you had proper bathrooms, everyone was friendly and so helpful and everything just went smooth. Minus the fact that there were not enough bathrooms, at least not for women. But that´s a standard problem I guess.

The run itself was through a nice area again, rural of course but that´s cool. Good air, nice views – and loads of pollens that bugged the hell out of me. But since I was drugged anways, no problem – allergy pills, nose spray, eye drops. I never go outside without having used all of those ^^ So it took me again quite a while to get rolling again, which was about 2,5-3km. The cold and slightly sparkling water did not help which they served on the course and also the uneven pat through the fields where I twisted my ankle were not exactly improving my mood nor the feeling.

But after that it all went smoother by the minute and on the last kilometres I passed by 11 people and managed to even improve my personal best on 5km (when it comes to after my plantar fascitis) and it´s great to see that there is indeed improvement when I simply keep going, keep pushing and keep pushing my damned limits. Yes it´s been hard, this run really has been tough on me but afterwards I felt just proud and happy. It´s been just 5km, but it´s been 5km that I rocked!

I really enjoyed the run and also was really satisfied about how we were taken care of afterwards – stuff to drink, some bananas, able to print our certificates. And all of that with amazingly friendly volunteers that seemingly had fun doing hat they were doing!

Only downside? Whilst the kids got a medal, we grown ups didn´t get one – I´d have happily paid a bit more if I had gotten a medal then. Because yep, I am one of those who collect their starting numbers (that you had to return as well because the time tracking chip was implemented in it) and medals.