SwimBikeRun Training – Week 36

Week 37 (20.05.-26.05.2019)

Somehow I forgot to be reporting about that week – maybe I was just too busy or too lazy – I don´t know. But at least I realized that and can now catch up as I have time to report about it thanks to my one week vacation!


This week I´ve only been biking indoors, the session lengths have varied during my three sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. On Monday I started with 1:45h and stepped up to 2:00h on Wednesday and 2:20h on Sunday – I started feeling better with each and every bike session, even though my butt was hurting quite a bit and the sweat was just running down in rivers and over all of my body. Without watching sries I would´ve probably died of boredom – can´t wait for the weather to let me go outside again!


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – I am allowed to run every second day, and I am sticking to it. Because I have time and distance to catch up! It´s been two slow runs to really get back into it gain and get used to the new distance (6km), and it´s felt better than expected after initial problems and bitchy legs and all of that. On Saturday then an official run that I already reported about (**HERE**) and that, despite of several problems, went better than expected and gave me some hope I might be getting back on track properly.


No swimming yet, because somehow I didn´t feel like it was a good idea just yet with the rests of the cold still in my body so I instead focussed on all other sports!


As usual, I´ve been stretching after each an every training session, because I noticed how my muscles were acting up and I really had to loosen and take then tension off them more and more. And I want to stay flexible, because it´s key to each and every sports and also to my back health.