SwimBikeRun Training – Week 37

Week 37 (27.05.-02.06.2019)


This week has been a rare one  – I´ve only been biking twice, on Wednesday in shape of the belt training. But at least I was back on the streets and not indoors anymore because the weather was sunny and my adjustements on saddle and everything really showed that they were the right decision because I felt so much better!

On Thursday totally spontaneaous I decided for a little evening ride because the weather was so inviting, and even though my legs were heavy, it was a good decision!


The only stand-alone running that I did this week was on Friday (6km) after the swimming – but this time with a proper break in between. Also and then on Sunday I was part of the Everstener Brunnenlauf where I did 6,3km of running – more on that is gonna follow during the next days!

But in addition I´ve been running on Monday and Tuesday included in my belt training, so it was a thoroughly busy week also running wise!


Jeeez, I nearly forgot swimming – well not in the shape of doing it but reporting about it! I´ve been swimming twice, once for the belt training and once just like this. On Tuesday I started and let´s be honest, it was visible and I was able to feel how long I´ve not been swimming.

And I need to catch up with it again, and thus I went swimming again on Friday – and was a tiny tad better. But still far from where I wanna be. Also I decided to go siwmming somewhere else in the future because I need colder water and not this piss warm 25°C…

Belt training

So yes, I started with belt training. I had planned on starting it already at the beginning of the month but the flu really killed my timing.

I started with swimming (1500m) and running (6km) on  Tuesday – whilst the swimming felt rather okay even though I was dead slow again, my legs were totally irritated when I told them to now be running without having had a real break in between. My circulation was pretty much rebelling, and my running was slow as hell. But I made it and pulled through. That´s a first step.

On Wednesday then I went back on the road with my bike (17km) and then tried a a run on the running track – and I was so dead and my legs were so on hiatus, it was creepy and I couldn´t really get rid off it. The muscles were too tired from Tuesday and everything else, so I kept the run short and only did around 3km and then biked home. Tht was not exactly uplifting, but it´s about health and not about ego.

Stretching/Balance work

The usual, even though I´ve been neglecting my balance work that I will have to step up again – because I notice that my body forgets this stuff again, and that´s not good at all. I need balance for all of y sports, so there is no way around!