Run: Everstener Brunnenlauf (02.06.2019)

Brunnenlauf or: what happens if you run at lunchtime when it’s 30°c and humid as fuck?

Well, let’s take the result first: I survived, with a shitty time but I survived and that was what counted most in those conditions that really are not my cup of tea.

After 1.5 days of medieval market and not being hydrated enough, I already knew when getting up that this run was going to feel like much more of a battle than 6.3km would’ve been under different circumstances.

I got dressed and drove to Oldenburg and was surprised that it was easy to find a parking spot – if I had come there later it would’ve been trickier. But as you had to be there an hour at least before your run to pick up your starting number and I had miscalculated the duration of my drive….so it’s been 1.5h.  So enough time to check out the dressing rooms, pick up my starting number, bring my stuff to the car and walk through the streetfest that was happening in Eversten and was literally on the way to the gym where it all was.

The gym was decorated nicely and prices  for  little snacks were just fine, the volunteers were totally lovely and I was irritated about the fact there was again no medals and also no keeping of the starting number but if you handed in the starting number you got a t-shirt instead. Someone explain that to me please xD

Anyways, with the help of other runners I made it to the starting point and did some stretching and already then was happy that I had my drinking bottle with me.

During the run there were enough drinking points but drinking from my bottle is always easier so I don’t need to stop running and also gives me the chance to drink whenever I want to and that was crucial for me. Because the path was a mix if shady parts through a little forest and then in between sunny parts that were even hotter and that mix killed my body.

The two rounds felt like they were endless, and the last 500m felt like a marathon when I was picking up speed and passed by 23 runners. 23? Yes, I did count them as a motivation. I had the goal of 20 to push me enough and at least scoren an ok result. After my sort of sprint I nearly passed out after the finish line, but then quickly recovered, went to the car and picked up my bag, went to pick up my shirt and then jumped under the showers in the gym. What a relief. I felt like reborn afterwards, so amazing. Then changed clothes and went off to go to the medieval market again.

I am not happy with my result and personally wouldn’t run more than this distance at this run because running in a circle isn’t too exciting! If you have only two rounds it’s still fine, but more would drive me nuts! So if there was a change of the route of the run I would clearly be returning next year, but like this I have to think about it.