Concert: MPS in Rastede (31.05.-02.06.2019)

I am a bit behind with all the stuff that´s been going on in my life – I am a lot on the road, so this is about last weekend´s medieval market and not about the one I attended yesterday 😉

31.05. – Friday

Initially I had thought about attending the market right from early lunch on but I had so much to do and was so lazy and not in the mood that I was really close to not go at all. In the end I decided on going anyways, but just for the band Letzte Instanz.

I had seen them last around 10 years ago, and it was weird to see them again. A positive weird. And it was emotional because I once again noticed how much more depth the singer’s voice has during live shows compared to the songs on CD.

And it touched me a lot. And that surprised me actually because I’ve never been such a big fan of Letzte Instanz but it brought back so many memories…

I had thought about staying for Fiddlers Green as well but waiting for an hour and I was

tired and knew that I was gonna be there for a full day the next day, so I decided to drive home and go to sleep instead.

And it´s been the right decision, because it already then took me ages to actually fall asleep!


01.06. – Saturday

The good thing is, that I don´t need that long to get to the festival area – the bad thing about not being there right in the morning is that finding a parking spot is a tad tricky to say the least. I found one in front of the house of a grumpy eldery person, but let´s not get into detail with that ranting idiot. The walk to the festival area in the warmth and with my long dress already gave a glimpse on how I am gonna feel during the day being in the sun all the time.

And yep, it´s been like expected – hot, hotter and…I went back to the car to actually get my higher sun protection because I already had gotten a slight sunburn. It happens just too quick, and in the end the higher su protection came too late ^^

I was watching Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen because they were playing before Versengold both times, and I kinda get a hang of their music – last year I still found them terrible, this year it´s been quite enjoyable to say the least. Taste changes, that´s a matter of fact!

And talking about changes – also the feeling when seeing certain bands changes. I still enjoyed Versengold, but it felt different. It´s been this feeling of coming home, not of this total excitement that I had last year anymore. It was a calm happiness, and I just enjoyed listening and watching. It´s like turning from a fan to someone who “just” really enjoys and loves the music I think. It´s not like something got lost on the way, but I´ve noticed how I am seeing things more rational and skeptical especially now that the new album is coming out soon. Whilst everyone is partying on the new tracks, I gotta be honest – I am not happy about things so far except for one track (“Teufelstanz”).

Also what disappointed me: no “Biikebrennen” for me. You know, it usually comes after “feuergeist” and I got all excited and then had to face the terrible fact that: nope, no “Biikebrennen” for me.  It felt a bit like a stab in the heart because this song simply means so much to me. I would totally trade in “Der Tag an dem die Götter sich betranken” to get back my loved “Biikebrennen”. But well, I am probably the one person in the crowd thinking like this.

Overall it´s been another great day, hot and sweaty, with many great chats and laughs, great music and great shows and good times in general!

02.06. – Sunday

Initially I had only planned to go to my running event and then home, because Saundays are family event days and usually not really my cup of tea – but since a friend of mine played MPS with HeavySaurus, and I hadn´t seen him in ages, I decided to drag myself there after the run – in the bloody heat. I was already pretty dead when I arrived there but relaxing in the shade of their merch tent and having enough to drink with me made me at least be a bit more alive.

I was really stunned how not only kids liked HeavySaurus, but also the grown ups really enjoyed it – I found it nice, but it´s not like I would party hard because of it. But as long as it works for the target group, it´s amazing – and the line after the show for photos was enormous. And I was stunned.

At some point though I really had to leave because of packing for my Berlin business trip and I was simpy exhausted from the heat, and everything was just hurting. But it´s been worth it, clearly.

Seeing the MPS so relaxed and laid back and not crowded was cool, and seeing Mr Hurley & Die Pulveraffen in such a seeting (compared to crammed Saturday) was also lovely and fun!