Concert: MPS in Hohenwestedt (08.06.2019)

When you wake up and look outside and already know: this is gonna be an interesting drive to Hohenwested and even more interesting when being at the medieval market thanks to the weather. And that makes the mood drop even lower, on top of the “it´s fucking 08:30 and I am now already sitting in the car”. Luckily I didn´t know before how annoying the ride was gonna be because if I had known, I would´ve gone back to bed.

It´s been 4 bloody hours to get to Hohenwestedt – first traffic issues around Bremen as usual, and the closer you got to Hamburg the more annoying it became. I really lost my nerves, and was dead exhausted already when I arrived at the parking lot. And then still carried my nyckelharpa with heavy case to the festival area (no clue where the damned shuttle has been) because I was meeting with someone to help me out with my nyckelharpa for some things. And luckily I was there just in time, because if I hate something that´s being late. So it all went fine, and I was happy. Just not about carrying it back to the car afterwards, but at least I took the shuttle this time and only had to walk a shorter distance.

Once at the car I decided to change clothes – getting rid off the dress, and putting on a pullover instead. And a warmer jacket. It was everything from cold and rainy to warm and sunny, and I felt like permanently being dressed wrongly. It was annoying, but better carry around clothes than freeze and get ill.

Back at the festival area I watched a bit of Waldkauz and seriously dear not-native speakers of the finnish language – just don´t fucking use it in your songs. This pronunciation gave me goosebumps. Negative kind of goosebumps. It´s not just this band, but in general. Just choose a different language if you want to do yourself a favor.

Afterwards it was the first round of Versengold, and matching to the start of the show the sun came out and was burning down, and it got warm. So it was undressing in the crowded front row, always a challenge. But anyways, the concert was fun, I really enjoyed it. It felt better than in Rastede somehow, but still I am not that typical fan anymore. It just sucks that the afternoon shows are always just only one hour – because time is always running so quickly!

But for me that also had one good thing: I was able to get myself some food and walk around, go to the bathroom and relax before returning back to the stage and save my spot for the evening concert. In Hohenwested it is still rather relaxed, though Rastede was even nicer with that. But it´s not as big as other medieval markets of this series. Makes it more intimate and chilled.

They played quite a few new songs, and the one off the part off the video is “Durch den Sturm” – one tht I somehow had to get used to first, but started loving (though I think I already have my favorite off the album without even knowing all tracks yet). Sorry that it´s cut off so stupidly at the end, but my battery died and I had to put it on my battery pack charger thingy first to even be able to keep using it – shitty timing, I really don´t know what´s been eating so much of the battery.

And what I always love is the solo stuff that bassplayer Eike gets to do in the evening shows – I so wish he was singing more often, and maybe even instead of singer Malte in a song. that would be so amazing!

Downside? Yup, again no “Biikebrennen” and as I figured out I shouldn´t really get my hopes up to hear it a lot anymore – it just sucks so badly because this song means so much to me. It was THE song of my half marathon preparations and lately I started listening to it a lot again for my triathlon prep. And then they just don´t play it anymore.

What is that? But well, if people were more into instrumental songs, it would make it easier to get it back on the setlist but as everyone always needs a goddamned text to their songs…hopeless case, but I could rant about it for damned hours.

Anyways, after the show I decided – because I was tired and feeling cold again – that instead of waiting an hour and then watching Letzte Instanz again I was going home. It´s been sad somehow because I would´ve loved to see them but the 3h ride home was really bringing me to my limit when it comes to staying focussed for driving. And I was really happy to be home then at around 01:45am and drop into my bathtub and then into bed. I am too old for this shit.