K5 – Ecommerce conference

Sometimes I even work – no, joking aside 😉 As I am of course fulltime working, you algo get to enjoy some little perks like conferences – this is why I went to Berlin for a couple of days and get a glimpse of what´s in and to come in the field of e-commerce and maybe network a bit. And this is my very little report about it 😉

Monday (03.06.2019)

Homeoffice was how I started the day and then hopped onto the train to Berlin for the e-commerce conference that I was attending with two if my colleagues. The first part of the trainride went all good, until then all apps and the website and everything said that the connecting train was delayed by half an hour and thus we went to grab some food – and then the train had been in time. Totally useless, Deutsche Bahn. So we arrived an hour later than initially planned and in a city that ha dlike 15°C more than I had in Wilhelmshaven when I had left. It felt like running against a bloody wall of terrible air ahd humidity and heat.

We checked into the hotel and I went to grab some salad and stuff for my dinner before I watched some TV and fell asleep whilst doing so – with widely open window, due to the heat. And woke up during the night because my back and neck had been cold and felt stiff and painful.

Tuesday (04.06.2019)

Early birds die early…well then good luck dying. Joking aside, I was tired and the breakfast made me even more tired – the walk in the wsunshine though when being on the way to the conference center made me at least wake up a tiny little bit. And once I got my accreditation, I grabbed some coca cola, desperately needing caffeine.

There were many talks, many things to learn and I met quite a few people and had interesting chats – and to be fair, these chats were more interesting than the stuff happening on the stages because many of it felt like some advertising shows, hidden underneath some topics.

In the evening there would´ve been a party but I was so tired and worn out when it comes to being social that I ditched the party, went back to the hotel, grabbed some food and then went for a run to Tempelhofer Feld – it was an experience, with all the birds and everything. really lovely, didn´t expect it to be that nice!

Afterwards I struggled to really fall asleep because it´s been too warm in my room and somehow even opening the window didn´t change that – when you have warm temperatures outside still until midnight, there is no way to cool down the room. And I hate sleeping when it´s warm.

Wednesday (05.06.2019)

Day 2 – and I woke up with pain in my hip and leg and knew that this was gonna be long day – I did some stretching before breakfast and always in between also at the conference because my body felt so terriby stiff that it was no fun anymore. The heat-

cold change from outside to inside the conference venue was killing me, and whilst outside you were again sweating your ass off, you were freezing inside – luckily I had my jacket with me, otherwise I´d have gotten a cold from the aircondition. It´s like this American style cooling down madness is slowly but steadily more and more conquering Germany.

This day I decided more spontaneously what I wanted to see and do, especially at times you didn´t get into a talk anymore because it was so full – I am not sure if the whole concept of talks in an open space and then some discussion rounds in little boxes (it´s been terribly loud there since they were not closed and there where several close to each other ina  row) and master classes in little “igloos” really makes sense. It´s always loud, it´s tough to focus – at least for me – and  that´s kinda killing the fun.

It´s been nevertheless still interesting but exhausting, and the food was still good just like on the first day – just sucked we didn´t have dinner anymore as it ended in the early afternoon.

Thus I went to get some groceries, aka some salad, some smoothie and bread rolls for dinner and really had been thinking about going for another run. I ditched it and instead was blogging and watching TV and simply relaxing before I packed up for the next morning already.

Thursday (06.06.2019)

Got up in a normal time, had another last good breakfast at the hotel and then went to the trainstation with my colleagues. It felt like the night had been just too short, but I had slept a normal amount of time after a lazy evening before. The weather kills me.

Funnily enough I´ve never been so happy to get back home like I have been this time – the train ride home went smooth this time and despite it taking a while to get home, I was busy enough to have time fly by. reading and being social on the internet and alternatively napping halfway. The weather had taken its toll on me because the heat just made it impossible for me to sleep well and feel refreshed after the night.

Once home, I started doing some home office and get analysis tasks done that had to wait for the whole week already but needed to get done asap.


It´s been my first conference in my job-life, and despite it being pretty nice I had to notice it´s not my cup of tea. Why? Because scratching topics on thr surface only most of the times isn´t what I am into – I love to dig deeper and just sit somewhere and listen isn´t my favorite thing either. That´s nothing against this conference in particular, rather it´s a general problem I could be having with this format. I am most likely more into formats where I can learn and also do practical stuff – especially since those formats are then less about being hyper social and more focussing on what really matters 😉