SwimBikeRun Training – Week 38

Week 38 (03.06.-09.06.2019)

Yes, I somehow forgot to write about it, because all of a sudden there was so much happening besides my sports – the conference, the medieval fairs…it feels like it comes in waves: waves where I have nothing but sports seemingly and waves where there is everything more important (as it seems at least)…


One run a week, or something like this. Joking aside, I had planned to go running twice during my stay in Berlin but the heat really killed me so I only did one run to Tempelhofer Feld and back and that´s it. And that run felt terrible, also because of the terribly unhealthy lifestyle food-wise during the conference but also due to the heat – my legs hurt, I felt like I couldn´t breathe at all (yay for big city air) and I was simply happy to be back at my hotel room. But I learned that there is such days – shrug it off and go on.


Two rounds of biking this week – Friday and Sunday were the only possible days, and I used them wisely! I hadn´t planned to go out biking on Friday but somehow I thought that I simply had to go and use the good weather wisely and had to simply get moving and out of my apartment in the evening. On Sunday I enjoyed a longer ride, and had to notice how exhausting the conference had been though I didn´t do much during that time. Maybe that´s why.


Okay, let´s be honest – I couldn´t be arsed to somehow squeeze my swimming into the week because going to swim in Berlin would´ve been hilarious and time wise simply not possible – and once I was back I couldn´t find any motivation for it because I simply enjoy running and biking too much and was too exhausted to get my ass up.


Still going strong with stretching and mobilitsation, after every training session comes my cooldown that is exactly this – loosening the muscles, stretching, massage ball for my feet and my piriformis muscle. It´s become a routine, and there is rarely any days here I don´t stretch, even on my rest days I usually do so because I feel stiff otherwise! Also you can easily do it in hotel rooms, too – so no excuses!