SwimBikeRun Training – Week 39

Week 39 (10.06.-16.06.2019)

Time is running, it´s less than two months to go until the triathlon and that makes my doubts and insecurities return and grown again, so it´s not only a battle against bodily problems, but also against the bitchy mind.


As Monday was a bank holiday, so I used the time and grabbed my bike and cycled to the outdoor swimming place and was happy how little people were there – finally proper swimming without needing to swim slalom around other swimmers. It was a lot of technique training and finally 50m of crawl stroke without feeling like drowning. It´s been a start but there is still a ton of work to be done.

And on Wednesday I went swimming at beachclub Nethen in the lake for the first time – and had to figure out that I really do need a neopren suit because it´s been so freezing cold that it literally took my breath for a few times. I still managed, but it´s nothing to do more often.


So yes, biking to the swimming place and back really did make me exhausted on Monday, but it´s been a good training to hop onto the bike directly after swimming. On Friday again I hopped onto the bike and it felt great to be biking in the evening – a nice round that had become longer than planned because sucking up sun is the best thing ever!


On Tuesday I did the first run, 7km that felt like a 100km because of the weather and me just not feeling it – it was pretty frustrating to say the least. So when my physiotherapist told me that I don´t need to stick to my “1 additional km every two weeks”-plan anymore but can rathe rjust run the distances where my body still feels good.

So that´s what I did on Sunday and ended up with a 10km run in amazing weather that just alltogether felt so fab – and the worst sore muscles in my lifetime (okay, I am exaggerating but still, sore muscles from hell!).


Yes, I am still on it, but it starts to get annoying to be totally fair and I really have to kick my ass to keep doing it after each and every training session. The sessions have become shorter though and I regret that because my body is also complaining, so the goal is to step up again!