Tag der Niedersachsen (14.-16.06.2019)

Photos: https://carinaullmannphotography2.wordpress.com/2019/06/22/fireworks-tag-der-niedersachsen-wilhelmshaven-06-2019/

I am not sure why it´s called “day” when it happens from Friday to Sunday, but maybe that´s the Northern German way of saying it. No idea – all I knew was that the city was gonna be crowded and a lot of things were happening when trusting the programme.

I didn´t expect though the downsides of it all – luckily I was doing homeoffice on FRIDAY so I was able to park my car early, because from early afternoon on it felt like everyone came to the center with their cars instead of using the parking spots that were arranged. Lods of cars being surprised by the barriers blocking the street to the center and everyone had to somehow go back and take a guess where they drove past…yup, my apartment.

So on Friday all I did was go for the nightly fireworks because and had a crepe and then walk home in the dark and by the sea. The fireworks was amazing, you know I just love them and photographing them was so much fun. I met new people by accident and had good chats whilst waiting but then was really happy to be able to flee all the masses of people. I am not used to this anymore, and everything being so overly crowded feels so stressful. The more or less silence (except the noise from the several stages) that I had when walking back home by the sea felt really relaxing then. I edited a couple of photos and then fell into bed, being totally tired.

Photos: https://carinaullmannphotography2.wordpress.com/2019/06/22/michael-schulte-tag-der-niedersachsen-wilhelmshaven-06-2019/

With editing photos I also started SATURDAY, before I headed out to see Michael Schulte on the stage that was literally around the corner – and also saw some other acts that happened before (yay for delays!). It was nice and to be honest I really fell in love with Michael Schulte´s voice – I had known him before but never seen him live. So stunned, so beautiful.

Then headed home, edited photos and let the rain pass and then headed out to check out all the open ship stuff that was happening and go for a walk – in the end I was spending a few hours and it was really interesting. I love to learn about all the ships and the technical stuff that they use. Just the amount of people was annoying, and that though it´s not even been sunny but clouded and a day with really unstable weather. The programme on the stages literally had something for everyone, for the kids and some more rocking music, dancing, pop music and and and – and that for the whole day! Also until the evening hours, and if you have a stage close by you were able to hear that even if you had your windows closed. It was a tad annoying, but no can do.

I had planned to be going for one or two shows in the evening, but I was simply exhausted from the week and all the walking I did on Friday and Saturday – instead I edited photos and then went to bed rather early.

 Photos: https://carinaullmannphotography2.wordpress.com/2019/06/22/mixed-shots-tag-der-niedersachsen-wilhelmshaven-06-2019/

SUNDAY was a day where I just wanted to have this madness end early, please. So I went for a run to flee all of this – and it was a good choice because when I walked back and had to go through part of this madness, it already annoyed the hell out of me. The masses of people and cars and noise, this is not the Wilhelmshaven I love.

By afternoon you saw the cars and people leaving, it was becoming more and more empty and quieter again. It´s been a nice weekend with a lot of stuff going on in the city where poeple tend to claim that it´d be a dead place. But then I really enjoyed the silence and peace again. With less people.