Run: GorchFock-Lauf (23.06.2019)

Initially I had been signed up for the 10km distance, but as I felt like I was not yet ready for it I decided to go and ask if I could change it to 5km and it was amazing how easy it was – no costs, no hassle, nothing. I was really surprised about it because many events make it a pain in the ass.

The evening before the run I decided on already picking up my starting number and everything to make sure I don´t need to get up earlier on Sunday – I am no morning person and a run starting at 11:15am means that you need to pick up your stuff by 10.15am. And that´s simply too early for me.

So in the evening I went to the pick-up place and I am really grateful that someone told me to first check my starting number because they did not sort the numbers by surname as it´s mostly done, but by starting number. And that starting number you didn´t know in advance, so you had to squeeze together with others in front of the printed lists and search for your name. No, I was not amused. And I figured I wasn´t alone with the being surprised, because many people in the long queue ahead of me had no idea about their starting number, slowing everything down. Same goes for people picking up the numbers for big groups – why not do that separately?

So I got my starting number and a little filled bag – I love these goodies, even though I have many bags this one still will be used a lot because it´s something special. Then I went home and did my own Pasta Party – I never go to those offered by the runs, it´s not really helping my focus to be around people

On Sunday I woke up and got ready, and it was warmer than expected – the tenperature in numbers is one thing, the temperature when you´re standing in the sun and warming up is another thing. It felt like being grilled alive, also during the run that had a nice route that I also often actually run when I only want to do 5km.

The start and the first hundreds of metres were really annoying because people did not bother to accurately stand according to their speed, and children again did not watch where they were running and I nearly smacked one out of the way because it was there all of a sudden. I don´t get why the parents that were with the kid did not take care of that. Anyways, the first kilometre I ran too fast, and that killed me then because the sea was lacking its water and thus wasn´t as refreshing as expected. Shit happens. The sun was burning down and the sweat was running and so was the sweat mixing with my sun protection and my eyes were burning.

I had some little cramps here and there and the heat just killed me – the drinking stand and also the water sprinkler didn´t help anymore, my heartrate was so high that I actually should´ve just immediately stopped it. But I didn´t – not sure if it was smart but a DNF on a 5km race would´ve been kinda hilarious. So I pulled through and on my famous last kilometre again passed by quite a few other runners – but let´s be honest, I was close to passing out after the finish line.

I got my medal and grabbed some banana, some drinks, some water melon, some drinks, some apples, some water…well you get the point I suppose.

And then I noticed: oh, I have booked to have the medal engraved with name and time, damn, I nearly would´ve forgotten about that! So I quickly went there and then headed home, adding some stretching to my after-run routine. And I was sweating. And sweating. And sweating. It just didn´t stop, same for the need to keep drinking as if there was no tomorrow.


Anyways, I really enjoyed the run even though those temperatures and I will probably never become best friends. It was well organized and let´s be honest – I cannot wait for next year!