SwimBikeRun Training – Week 22

When I started this whole journey, I started with no plan and then wrote down the plan and…to be honest, I keep switching my workouts so much during the week. It´s still all about how I feel and if I have enough focus left for swimming or if just biking at gym is doable mind-wise and all of that.

It´s not the smartest and actually I had planned to be working with a training plan that I found on the homepage of the local triathlon club, but somehow I lost it on the way.

Also I´ve been terribly tired lately, so I really gotta think about if I need to cut back the amount of workouts I am doing or how to change it to make it still fit.

It´s still all new to me to train in three sports- and once running comes into the game as well again, I have no idea how to make it all fit.

Biking – 60min (11.02.2019)

I struggled with the damned electric bike at gym, and thus I cannot even tell how many kilometres I managed to do in my one hour workout but all I know is that even though I felt dead tired and as if I had no enegery left after office, it went pretty well to be honest. No new personal best but still not too far off either. I am getting there, but really need a proper bike to properly do my training. But at least I now started the search for one!

Freeletics (12/13/15.02.2019)

It went rather well I´d say, with some exercises I still struggle but it´s getting better and I am getting quicker and my heartrate stays low a lot of the times. That´s a good sign. But somehow I am not feeling well with this weeks set of workouts, and I cannot tell you why :/

Swimming (14.02.2019)

After having gotten good news from my physiotehrapist, I was all of a sudden more motivated than I had been before. But I still massively struggle with crawl stroke and just do breast stroke, and that really annoys the hell out of me because I also have the feeling that I am not laying in water perfect…so much to work on, maybe I should look for an adult swimming course…but finding one will be tough, I see that coming…


5 months without running

It´s about 5 months on the day sinc ethe last time I went for a run. And it feels like it´s been even longer, to be fair.

During the past months I´ve done everything to get back on track and have a speedy recovery for my foot and its damned plantar fasciitis. But at the same time and with all the research done, I had to face the fact that recovering from this can take anything between 3 months and more than a year. I´ve researched about zillions of possible treatments, spent a lot of time stretching into the pain, massaging my foot, putting on cold or warm bags to first make it less stressed out and then to relax the muscles once it´s gotten better.

I started off with two weeks of strong inflammation killers and painkillers, just to figure out that they didn´t help at all. So I went back to the dotor, and got my first round of physiotherapy that was so damned painful I partially was close to crying during the sessions. But one thing I noticed: it got better. I even had painfree days, which I had totally forgotten about. How did it feel to walk without pain? Sure, still in my sneakers all the time as wearing any kind of other shoes was a pain in the foot, but I had that glimpse of home. Just to make three steps back when I made one forward, at least that´s how it felt like. And then I left Hamburg, not knowing how things should continue. Surely I had that one prescription in my hand and then luckily was able to turn it in once I finally found a physiotherapist here in Wilhelmshaven.

But I was skeptical, simply because my physiotherapist in Hamburg was someone whom I trusted a 100% if not even more. But I was positively surprised – my current physiotherapist is doing a good job and it´s been going uphill a lot. I was able to start biking again, I had no pain or problems after swimming anymore. More painfree days, shorter pain phases, just a little stiff muscles.

And this week came the news that I had been waiting for so desperately: if after next week´s session my foot is okay, I AM ALLOWED TO RUN AGAIN!

Okay, you cannot really call it running because I am allowed to just do 1km/max 8min in one go for now, so I need to really keep that in mind and talk with my physiotherapist how to increase it the best way. Because I am impatient. I am desperately waiting to be able to run again, I am missing this feeling so badly.

But these news gave me a so needed boost for my training in general, because I started doubting so badly if I will make it to be fit for my triathlon at all. Now things seem brighter. A lot brighter. And that though I haven´t even been out for that first run. But at least I kept myelf fit in the meantime, so things should go rather smooth. i hope.

The struggles of a skeptical fan

Actually I started writing this blog entry ages ago, but as it´s currently a opic for me again, I decided on finally sitting down to finish it off.

I´ve never been raised in a way that if you like something or someone, you simply must like whatever happens / is done or what not. And that also colored off to me being a fan.

And I don´t hide that: if I don´t like something, I state that. And yes, I do have my reasons why I don´t like certain actions or certain songs or whatnot. And living in a free world with the opportunity to openly state the own opinion, I always expected people to be able to cope with someone else´s opinion, even though oneself might feel different e.g. about music. Music is so subjective, you like it, you don´t like it. If you don´t like my fave song, I am totally fine with that – you don´t even have to give me a reason. Taste luckily differs, otherwise we´d be cheering on the same bands and artists in stadiums of 200.000 people.

But Social media has – at least that´s my feeling – made it difficult. Whilst it offers an additional plattform for voicing the opinion, i feel like there is a decrease in acceptance. If you want to share the support for actions or songs, you´re all welcome. It´s expected from you, if you want to be a real fan. YOu have to be supportive, no matter what happens, and you have to buy whatever artists throw at you – because you´re a fan. That does include blindly and deafly following that band or club or whatnot, correct?

Nope. Not for me. Never has been, never will be. With bands I like, I am even more skeptical than I tend to be with others. Because: I like those bands, they´ve proven to match my taste in the past, and it´s an emotional thing, too. I´ll give you two examples – Apocalyptica and Versengold.

With Apocalyptica, I´ve often been writing CD reviews or concert reviews, and knowing their songs so well, I hear every tune that´s not fully matching. And when I review a show, I need to be critical – and then these tunes are playing a major role. And I mean, I am not a perfectionist at shows: it has to sound live. And a live sound does have its flaws, and it´s never gonna be as perfect as on CD and it´s the last thing it should be. But I notice these little mistakes, but I can handle that – but when it takes overhand, I also state that.

But also when it comes to music on CDs – if I don´t like a song, I state it, also on the internet – because I don´t say it´s shit, I say that I don´t like it because and then comes the reason. I can always state what I don´t like about a song, because I spend enough time and effort to really think about why I don´t like it. It´s not a 5 seconds of listening and then vomitting my words somewhere. But still, it makes you look like you´re a bad fan, which is hilarious. It simply doesn´t match my taste and why should I not voice my opinion if a post on Social media asks how you like a certain song?

And then I am showered in criticism- not from the band, but from other fans. The band knows how I see things, and likes that I still keep my own opinion no matter what. Same goes for the fact that there is albums on which I am neutral towards most songs,  because I cannot develop a connection to those and a relationship with those. It simply is like that, and that´s fine for everyone. You don´t need to like everything, and even less fake it – because faking it won´t really make anyone happier.

It just makes me terribly angry that accepting the fact that there is people who do not like certain things and even DARE to voice that seems so extremely tough to people. And that they always need to either bash you or go like “oh but I like it”. Oh seriously. Grow up people.

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 21

So this week has been a bit of an odd week – I had planned 5 workouts as usually, I just did 4 and I completed those on 3 days. I had been thinking about going for a swim on Sunday after my boyfriend has left but ditched the idea in the end – and that´s pretty much why I didn´t post the update on here already on the weekend.

Freeletics (04.02. & 05.02.2019)

So yes, I did my three workouts on two days, because I felt like I was fit enough to do two workouts one after the other on Tuesday and I was pretty much right, even though I was pretty dead afterwards. On both days I had workouts where to beat my personal best and I did so – both times I improved my time I needed to complete the workouts and generally felt really good to say the least. And needless to say, I love squats. Always have and always will, probably.

But when looking back, it´s been really heavy on my body, and that´s something I already noticed when doing my cardio workout on the bike.

Biking – 60min (06.02.2019)

I tend to forget something when going to gym – twoerl, heartrate sensor or like this time: my water bottle. but due tot a lack to alternative, I had to go for it anyways and my body surprised me. I again increased the amount of kilometres I managed during those 60min of biking and of course I was exhausted afterwards, but it felt less awful than the weeks before. Yet my heartrate was higher than usual, and I noticed that obviously I was paying the price for a lot of working out the days before.

Still curvy or already fat?

Well, some of you might know that I am spending a lot of time on Social Media – and when checking out other people’s  posts where people use these tags like “curvy” and “curvy girl” and everything on their photos it makes me…wonder.

And let´s just be clear before even continuing – I am not into body shaming, I am just seeing things really critical, having had 19 additional kilos on my body just a couple of years ago. It´s not against people who are overweight and see things realistically, it´s about those that live the wave of glorification that came over being overweight/obese.

What strikes me most is that everyone claims that curvy is the new sexy – yes, being curvy can also be sexy, but all other body shapes can just be as sexy. It´s no damned competition. It´s been neglected my the media for many years, and still is by most of the fashion industry, but it´s becoming trendy. Maybe too trendy. For my taste at least.

And let´s be honest : noone knows what “curvy” really is. Where is the line between “normal size” and “curvy”, does “curvy” have to be “oversized” and where is that line between “curvy” and “unhealthily fat”?

Let´s start with what I would call “curvy”: it´s a girl that has probably more on her hips (and other body parts – so to speak: naturally) than usual, yet in a still (rather) healthy manner, and is working out and taking care of her body, thus has well maintained her curves.

But let´s check e.g. Instagram.  Or no, you go and check those hashtags. First you see sexistic stuff of boobs and big asses and then…yes, then you see loads of women who are “happy” and “proud” to be “curvy”. A curvy I would call massively obese. Unhealthy.

Yes, everyone might be claiming, they´re doing well. But have they ever thought about their joints and general health and how much greater life would be with less? Yes, you can possibly feel good in such a body with like 80kg or more too much. I told myself the same for many years when I still had those 19kg too much.

Do they really feel as great as they claim? No thoughts about a “what if…”? Nothing? I am terribly sorry but even though I try to imagine them being all happy, I cannot imagine. I am not even talking about their health in detail: you can desperately look on the bright side of life, but that´s not real life. Maybe I am just thinking that way because I look back at myself and I know too many girls and women who want to change their lives to at least be lighter and healthier because they´ve figured that this is the way to go. They don´t wanna be tiny and slim, they wanna be strong women with curves.

So for me and to make it clear, this whole “curvy” movement is more than promoting women and their lifestyle and supporting them even if they have a bit more than normal. For me, this movement seems like a monster promoting obesity, promoting to be unhealthy and being proud of it. These women might be strong, but why not encourage people to live a healthy life and promote a life that your body is fine with instead of enocuraging them that it´s so bloody amazing to be unhealthy. Because that´s what it is in the end – many studies and reports tell exactly this and ou might say “oh yeah, science, great stuff BUT” – no, there is but. Society should promote a lifestyle that make you grow old, healthy and happy. And not make them encouraged to live a life that will bring them so many downsides in regards of health.

Sure, society also needs to be more tolerant of those that do not fit the 0815 system of what life. But glorifying an unhealthy lifestyle is not what we need, for the sake of poeple´s luck and happy and long lives.

A weekend of digital detox

To be honest, I am really not into the wording of “ditital detox” because it´s totally becoming a hype what had been normal once – not hanging on your smartphone 24-7. But to be fair: I am also one of these people that wake up and grab their phone and the last thing they do before turning off the light in the evening is checking the phone.

So last weekend I decided it was time for a weekend without social media, without emailing, and cutting down the use of all messengers I had installed on my phone and computer. Instead it was about watching movies, eating more mindfully, enjoying walks with all senses instead of always checking if there was a new message. It was about reading a book and doing stretching and doing nothing. Yes, nothing. Hanging on the couch and daydreaming, taking little naps, taking hot baths and treating the body the best possible way to thank it for (mostly) doing a good job.

I´ve been a hamster in a wheel the past weeks and my body and mind told me clearly during the week that it was time for a timeout. A timeout from knowing what was going on, a timeout from sharing what I was doing, from always needing to be up to date and reachable.

And it´s not been easy to be honest – because all communication nowadays goes over social media and messengers, and thus I at least here and there used WhatsApp to stay in touch with family and my boyfriend, but besides that..No computer except for playing games, no online TV, nothing. And I enjoyed a lot of silence without music, without TV. I learned again how enjoyable silence is.

Also it felt amazing to just do things that I wanted to – I had finished off all my ToDos already on Friday, so I was free to do whatever I wanted. At the time I wanted and the duration I wanted and…it was refreshing. And so relaxing!

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 20

Biking – 60min (28.01.2019)

I started the week with being stressed out, unable to focus and…biking. So I sat there and felt like nothing was working, but I managed to improve my time on 20km and managed a few more kilometres when filling the 60min workout.

I was sweating like hell and was so glad when getting out of gym and off that uncomfortable bike again – I am just not made for sitting and biking there, at least not on those terrible bikes!

Swimming – 1500m (29.01.2019)

On my training plan and in my calendar it said – with big letters – 200m of swimming. But to be honest, I really couldn´t do it. I was feeling lucky that I didn´t just drown like a stone would if you dropped it to the water. It´s been a fight throughout the whole training session, BUT – and that was the biggest surprise ever for me – I managed a new personal best on those 500m.

Still far away from what I wanna swim at the triathlon, but I also do have a couple of weeks left to get this going ^^ and maybe I will get the crawl stroke swimming working by then, I really have to.

3x freeletics (30/31.01.2019 & 01.02.2019)

I start to get used to it, sore my muscles are still always terribly sore and I am not seeing any change when it comes to my body. But I am always just too impatient, so I gotta keep hanging in there, sweat and swear more and then I will see the results. Eventually.

The workouts were extremely tough on the legs this week, and it´s been partially that bad that walking stairs was feeling worse than climbing Mount Everest would feel if you didn´t train for it. So I had to switch the order of the workouts, but I finished them all. Though I slowly wonder if I do something wrong or if my left wrist is really weak because it hurts from all the burpees and sprawls…

Long walks

Because it didn´t really feel good to be all lazy, I instead went for long walks on the weekend to loosen the stiff muscles in my legs and be prepared for the torture that the next week was going to bring 😉

Stumbling blocks

The past 1,5 weeks have been “a bit” challenging for my mind. It´s not exactly been happy weeks, rather it´s been those that bring you stumbling blocks and when you got rid off one, another one appears out of nowhere. It´s been so mentally draining that I really needed this weekend to myself, and besides this is gonna be posted, and I will share it on Social media channels, it will be a “digital detox weekend”, so just no phone and internet and such.

Orthopedic doctor

It started with a totally not pleasant appointment at a possible new orthopedist close to my workplace. That doctor totally ignored the fact that my physiotherapy has helped a lot with healing my plantar fasciitis because “if you had so many sessions already and it´s still there, it cannot be helpful”.

Well, I went from pain 24-7 to pain maybe one day in a week. But he didn´t care and claimed that I “could stand on a step and stretch the muscle there” instead of physiotherapy. And in the same sentence he proposed a method with shockwaves that is not yet paid by the health insurance so he would make nicely some money off me.

All under the coat of “I cannot give you a prescription for something I don´t believe in”. Yep, that asshole just believe sin his money and money making, and I so wish he´ll get into the situation of needing physiotherapy somewhen too.

At least my orthopedic in hamburg is cooperative and will give me the prescription, so I sent them my insurance card and everything and it´s terribl chaotic but the only way to really get this sorted. In the meantime my foot is a bit more bitchy than usual, and I hope the break between physiotherapy sessions won´t be a major throback.

Gas furnace

What a joy – this apartment always comes up with new madness to get me down. This time, my gas furnace started showing an error message and turned off the gas supply when I started filling my bathtub.

Again and again it showed that error message and the emergency service didn´t feel the need to come out in the evening – and I had to call them the next morning, do homeoffice in a cold apartment just that in the afternoon the technician came around to fix it.

He said that there was a 50/50 chance that the problem might occur again during the days after. And he was right. Whilst the gas furnace was acting all lovely when he was there, it already ended its cooperation when I wanted to take a hot bath. At least I was able to revive it with resetting it again and again but so yeah, the next day I drove to the office but still had to go home earlier just to have the technician come by again to fix it.

He greeted me with a sarcastic “long time no see”. Yup, I laughed. Because at that moment I would´ve laughed about pretty much everything.

So that time he actually did fix it, and it´s still running. But I am still running to the gas furnace every hour or when it sounds weird…

Nyckelharpa – January 2019


It´s been a bit of a re-start for me, and I am starting to really work on basics because I got a nyckelharpa book for Christmas. And this means that I am working on little melodies, a lot of finger exercises, basics as I mentioned. Less fancy tunes, but more work that I need for the future. But of course there is soon gonna be more normal tunes again, too. But also those little ones that I did this month.

Even though they´re not too fancy, I decided to share those anyways – because they´re part of my nyckelharpa process- and I am not ashamed to show these basics because everyone starts small!

Nevermind my face, it´s just terrible hahahaha and I cannot change it somehow, it´s a hopeless case xD

But on the positive side – I like the sound in my new apartment, it´s beautiful and so much better than in my Hamburg apartment! It seems to sound clearer, brighter and less…squeaky. Or something.

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 19

3x freeletics (21/22/24.01.2019)

Week 2 of the freeletics training was not any better or easier than week one. Blood, sweat and tears…well the latter two only to be honest, but it´s been torture again. And I started feeling sorry for my neighbors from downstairs, because of all the jumping jacks and other exercises that include jumping.

I tend to try and do those at gym, but it´s not always possible to do such a double workout and I am not willing to always go to gym and do my exercises there. Because freeletics is for me a homeworkout where I can sweat and be desperate on my own for once. And it feels good. At least sometimes I already have the feeling that

2000m of swimming (25.01.2019)

…and I learned my lesson: I need to move the swim training to the start of the week, because after the biking and the freeletics and my work week it was more of a survival struggle than a good training.

I did my metres and worked my ass off, I was really giving my very last bits power. I mean I made it and finished the training but the time was not really showing any improvement but rather steps back and that really pissed me off badly.

1h of biking (22.01.2019)

Biking went well, even though I could´ve done better if I would´ve had my headphones with me but without I had to power through and just ignore everything else around me. It felt good, and even though my legs were all wobbly and sore afterwrds, I feel like I am getting there slowly. Now I ONLY need a bike like, a proper one. And still I need to watch how things are going with my foot…