Concert: Versengold – Worpswede (15.09.2018)

Worpswede. Close to Bremen. A town I had never heard of it before it was announced that the band was gonna play there. And it was gonna be a small show of around 550ppl only, so I was expecting an explosive atmosphere. Because there is nothing better than smaller shows, a packed little venue, a lot of energy…I thought.

So I went to pick up the rental car I had booked, expecting a small tiny car…and ending up being equipped with a massive big sporty car that can go up to 240kmh. At first I was really not pleased at all, because…such a big car? Really? But that changed once I made it out of Hamburg – which probably took just as long as the rest of the drive to Worpswede. Traffic and even more traffic, and once there was no speed limit anymore…man I started loving that car! I was a rowdie, and I enjoyed driving with 200kmh over the road.

Until I left the big roads and started my drive through the smaller villages the closer I got to Worpswede. And it´s been on purpose, because I wanted to see the area and get a feeling for how people live there. And it´s been beautiful, the tiny villages between the fields, some forests…but the closer I also got, the worse the weather turned and shortly after having arrived, I had the first and luckily only raindrops fall onto my head.

And damn, thanks to the great car I was far too fast and then far too early also in Worpswede, so I took a walk and another around to explore the town. Adorable little town, no place where I wanted to be living, but for a weekend full of relaxing it would be a good place. Because you cannot do much anyways, so you´d be forced to relax 😉 But it got pretty boring after a while to be honest.

So standing in front of the venue…well okay, people staring at you, yay. And then one of the guys came to film for their video diary and I literally was the only one hiding. Totally not keen on having my face in close up end up on youtube, it´s not my cup of tea. Turn off the camera, and I am all ears and all in for a chat. But not with a running camera.

So yeah, and one moment it started raining – and thumbs up to the venue, as they let us into the pre-room to the venue so we won´t get wet. At least not the ones that are in the front like me. And then even more waiting. And waiting. And then finally doors opened, time to secure a spot in front row – to wait even longer. And there we didn´t know yet that the show was not gonna start as planned at 8pm, but with half an hour of delay.

Why? Because there was technical problems with the sound system, and we were standing there and…nothing was happening. After a while we got the news, that there wa stechnical issues. And no, it did not mae the feeling better. It was rather the feeling of “oh good lord let it be somehting not too bad”…but no, it wasn´t. Because after that mentioned half an hour the show started. And all my tiredness that has been creeping upon me was blown away!

I liked seeing how much fun the band had on stage, and either I missed out on it or the crowd didn´t even come close to having just as much fun xD It didn´t feel like the crowd was exploding and rocking out. It was, crowd wise, for me an average show that could´ve been just as well in a bigger venue.

Also, I wish there would´ve been more tracks from the “Funkenflug” album, but it was just like a venue show with medieval market setlist. It was cool and I enjoyed it a lot again, no doubts. It felt like a coming home, a calm one, where the mind is at ease and you feel so calm and have that smile on your face that shows exactly this. It was worth the car ride there, as it always is for Versengold. But I think after the two anniversary shows it´ll be good to have a little break – maybe because my mind is always too set on moving than on not doing anything for it and just relaxing 😉

The drive back home was quick and easy, not much traffic and so really relaxing…so I was home at around 1am in total (I didn´t bother to wait for the band to have a chat because there was too much of family and friends of the guys, that I didn´t want to also hop onto them).

But it still took a while with food and shower and falling asleep that the day got to an end. COncerts and their trips are always making my head spin once it´s quiet and I am alone…


Concert: MPS in Hamburg-Öjendorf (02.09.2018)

First off: I noticed I didn´t take a single shot at the festival – I was just too busy having fun, I suppose ^^

One last time. MPS in hamburg-Öjendorf. Not because I am moving away, but also because the MPS is never gonna happen here again. It´s a weird feeling looking back onto all those past years where I attended the medieval market there.

So many memories were formed, so many times I danced in the rain, ate the garlic bread, so many times I ate the delicious flatcake and dropped half of it onto my clothing. So many times I enjoyed the flair there, the area…ah well, thanks to the city of Hamburg, it´s been the last time. Luckily there is other places where the event also takes place. but still, Hamburg has always been something special.

So I walked there from the bus stop earlier than I had planned because after getting up I was ready quicker than planned. And the nice sunny weather really was inviting to spend a lot of time there, so I first went a stroll around the market there and checked out the stands and everything. I had told myself that I have a budget of 50€ for the day, so if I wanted to eat I was hardly able to buy anything anyways. But that´s fine, windowshopping, just a bit different 😉

And then watched Mr. Hurley und die Pulveraffen – not really my cup of tea, it´s nice live but I was disappointed that they didn´t play my fave tracks during their afternoon set…but at least I secured myself a nice spot together with a friend to watch Versengold afterwards. And it was funny how before that show Versengold did their soundcheck and even made a show out of it.

But the two shows of Versengold – one in the afternoon and one in the evening were why I was there mainly. And it´s been worth it again, it was a fun time! Though I missed “Biikebrennen” duing the afternoon show – but they played it at least during the evening show. This song is so important to me, especially now after my half-marathon. It always brings back the memories of sweat and tears and happiness during the preparation and during the run itself then. So I was hyper happy to hear it, just like the other instrumentals they played.

To be honest though, there is one song I never thought that it would somewhen end to be my least liked track by the band. Why that happened? Well, the guys published a new song called “Der Tag an dem die Götter sich betranken” – and I couldn´t like it any less than I do. It doesn´t feel creative at all, but well…people seem to like it when looking around at the festival. I don´t. For me it´s a track where I just stand there shrugging. But at least we got a nice big blow-up globe to bounce around in the audience in the evening. And it kept going and going and the photographers in the photopit always had to throw it back if it dropped out.

It was funny, but got even funnier when during “Solange jemand Geige spielt” we were asked to all just keep spinning around becaus in the song it says “Denn sie dreht sich, dreht sich, dreht sich, dreht sich mit den Haaren im Wind. Ja, sie dreht sich, dreht sich, denn sie ist nicht wie die Anderen sind. Denn solange jemand Geige spielt, ist sie unendlich frei. Und sie dreht sich, dreht sich, ja, sie dreht sich, wild im Kreise dabei”. So we were spinning and spinning and spinning and it kept spinning in my head still three songs afterwards – it was such a fun time again, though it became pretty fresh during the show after the rest of the day was full of sunshine and warm weather.

The things that kinda hit me most was something else though. It felt different than before to stand there, both times second row. There was this calmness, this feeling of coming home somehow. The shows didn´t only make me happy but also made me so calm. I needed that, really.

Afte rthe evening show I left rather soon because I didn´t feel well and didn´t want to risk anything, and just wanted my bed. A hot bath, lots of water to drink and then rest. It´s been a great last MPS in Öjendorf – and next year I have another MPS rather close to my door 😉

Concert: Nothing More in Hamburg (22.06.2018)

No, this is not the official report, this is my little report on the day. Because I feel like writing it now instead of editing photos – which is the thing I dread most after each and every concert where I attended as a press-person. Especially when it is so small venues like the Headcrash in Hamburg, with limited lights and thus a tougher time whilst photographing and even tougher time when needing to edit the photos.

And somehow…I am still sorting thoughts whilst typing this, it´s this weird day-after-concert feeling, this odd feeling, this feeling when the adrenaline is gone and you sit there and everything just seems to be crashing.

Anyways, it´s been one of the mornings where it´s been tough for me to get out of bed – I simply couldn´t. But I had to, as I had promised to be cooking for Nothing More. And if I promised something, I will stick to it. The cooking was okay, but once I had to get the car2go, my mind started to go nuts and everything became overly stressful – in the end it all worked, but I was stressed anyways. Welcome to the madness in my mind ;))

I was happy when I was at the venue and was able to deliver the food – sucked that the venue also did some catering, but ah well, doesn´t matter 😀 Communication is the key, and sometimes that key is lost on the way hahaha I had actually expected to be kicked out of the venue right afterwards, but the band wasn´t even there and I got along with the venue staff, so I ended up hanging out there right away until doors open. It was fun, and it took away the stress and anxiety in my head. I became pretty calm, which was a nice thing. Had some pizza, some non-alcoholic drinks, a lot of laughs…

And then got my wristlet as photopass, and the “okay” to photograph the whole show again and not just the first three songs. So it´s been like last year. Frontrow, same spot, just with more people filling the venue. It was sold out, around 280 folks in there, no air, nothing. I was already sweated when the supportband had finished their set. To be honest – not my cup of tea. I felt sorry for the band because the crowd really wasn´t too interested.

The Nothing More show then was probably the second sweatiest show I ever experienced – the most sweaty one was Halestorm at Logo here in Hamburg, where the watr was dripping from the low ceiling. Here, you were “just” sweating and having the sweat run down your body as if you had rivers right there. It was, to say the least, disgusting. But that´s something you figure out just when you think about it later on, and not during the show.

I enjoyed every second of the show, and it was good to hear “Jenny” again – a song that always breaks me to pieces to build me up again when I am on my lowest. And it worked like a charme again. Also “Don´t stop” was very important to me – because it´s one of my two main tarcks of my half marathon preparation and training, a song that always pushed me, always kicked my ass when I wanted to just quit it and give in. Having my half marathon coming up in 8 fucking days I had to hear it. The setlist was pretty much the same like last time I think, but that didn´t matter – I had a blast anyways, though people/fan bitching “put your hair together, it´s always in my face” is like the most hilarious thing I ever heard at a fucking rockshow! I was sweating, rocking out, taking photos, singing along, crying…

And I was surprised that I walked out of the show without bruises, without any injuries or alike – last time I was cripple afterwards, this time I was alive! And had a great time chatting with the guys, so down to earth – this is how I like “my” musicians. Like folks from next door, not acting like they´d be something better. It´s been a nice end of that night  – went home with a lot of thanks for the food and a lot of good luck wishes for my half marathon. And feeling better.

Concert: MPS in Hohenwestedt (19.05.2018)

…no idea where on earth that place is? relax, I had no idea at first either and had to google it. In the end – nice little place, but a pain to get to and especially to get back home to Hamburg in the night due to many construction work sites on the way. Getting there was already tiring, getting back just beat it all.

I was still tired from last night where I had gotten into bed at after 3 am, and couldn´t fall asleep and then got up at 11am, had breakfast, got dressed, packed up and jumped into the car again.

I felt like I had been drinking for the past week entirely, though I have had just one little mead the evening before. Hungover, and tired and somehow I was not too excited and enthusiastic. It was more of a “I promised to show up if the weather is okay and damn the sun is shining so I gotta go”-thing right at the start. The couch was crying for my love just too loud. But at least for most of the drive there wasn´t too much traffic, so at least it was some time for speed matching the music!

But once I arrived and entered the market area, I felt more relaxed and felt much better again. Meeting with fellow fans and having a good time together always helps. And the afternoon show of Versengold was there – the sound was not too amazing, it really could´ve been better but it was fun anyways. It felt good, it was like being grounded and back in germany also mindwise. It´s always tough for me to get back when returning from vacations. In between the two shows a bit of food and looking around, and then you already had to go back so thos efellow fans saving spots in front row were able to go and get stuff if they wanted.

The evening show had a better sound, that´s for sure. And somehow the athmosphere was also matching the whole show a bit more, and well…a good reason for liking the evening show more was my fave track, so…and this time – though it was tough – I recorded it instead of just enjoying.

The time is always passing by far to quick, and I am used to more than 1:30h of concert time. It´s like it just started and then it´s over already again. Though I was really exhausted and my voice was nearly gone. Well okay let´s be honest: it was gone at the end of the show. Luckily it recovered at least a bit rather quickly, would´ve been hilarious though. I didn´t stay for Knasterbart anymore, instead just had a few chats with the band and then already left the market – simply because I wanted to drop off the damned rental car to be able to sleep in the next day. Not keen on getting up just for returning the car.

And returning the car went well – and I even got my bus home without needing to hurry, that´s what I am calling a nice timing! In the end I was happy to have only silence around me again, and no people. Time to really reflect on the crazy times that I had. Positively crazy, no dpubts.

Hopped into a hot bath at the end of the day, with some quiet music and then just relaxing after being on my legs all the time. I love concerst, festivals and medieval markets, but driving there, then all day there and driving back – it becomes more and more exhausting. Don´t get me wrong, traveling is fun but not when you spend like 95% of your vacations on the road and busy and everything.

Concert: Versengold – Wilhelmshaven (07.04.2018)

To be fair, I went to Wilhelmshaven not being even sure anymore if I wanted to attend the show. I was doubting that I was willing to put up with so many people, was doubting if I could really sink into the music. The past week(s) kind amade me want to dig up if I was not running, and so I decided I was going to Wilhelmshaven for the city and the sea and decide later on if I wanted to go.

Maybe my heart deep inside had decided right from the start that in the end I was going to attend the show anyways, my mind was fighting against that. And it still didn´t feel all right when queueing even though people were really nice and chatting was, too. But: people. And something felt wrong.

Doors open was totally relaxed which was relieving, after my experiences in Leipzig I am still having a slight trauma to be honest. And once in there – man, how small that was. No idea how they fit 800 poeple in there. It felt cozy, and frontrow was a nice thing where to stand again 😉 I noticed that with most bands I somehow always end up standing on the right side xD

Aaaanyways, the support act was the band AntiHeld from Southern Germany and well, support acts always have a tough time with me, and no difference for them. They were great to watch because they had so much fun on stage, but most songs were just not my taste. One song though really brought tears to my eyes – a song that their singer had written for the funeral of a good friend of his. And wow, this song…it made me swallow hard and really hit me deep inside. I was close to crying.

And then Versengold…what can I say, again a massively long show, with sweat and cramps in the legs from all the jumping around (and the walking beforehand), and … I am still probably the biggest fan of all instrumentals that this band has. Simply because it´s strings, strings and strings all in the focus. And i love the violin and nyckelharpa sound more than anything else (okay, not more than the cello sound but that´s another story).

Biggest surprise for me was that they made their “promise” true – they played “Tjark Evers” live again. And it´s been so suitable for this city at the sea, and again it´s been a goosebumps feeling for me. Torn in between all happiness and these emotions that the song brings up in me. A pity it´s been though that another beautiful ballad had to call its quits for it. Another song about the sea. Would´ve been cool to hear that one too, but you cannot have everything.

It was kinda hilarious how we were asked to use our phones during “Funkenflug” to have some lights up due to the lack of glow sticks…I refused. The phone stayed in my pocket, I wanna enjoy and a phone has no place there then. And I have a really strong opinion there xD

I enjoyed the show, I loved the interaction between band and crowd and it´s been a mix between just partying and noticing once again that not everything in my life is the way I´d like to have it. And that I gotta get up my ass and change that. Somehow.

I left the venue with a satisfied feeling, but all emotional again. It´s been like a lot has been stirred up again without really knowing what that was in detail. But sometimes you also need stuff like this!

When Glasgow drowns in snow (02.-04.03.2018)

You know, sometimes you gotta take things with humor – now I can do it, but back then last week I couldn´t really.


Only by accident (aka a comment on facebook) I figured that Glasgow drowned in snow – airport closed, total chaos, world´s end scenarios wherever I have been reading about the city. And that´s the news that I had when I was just coming home after a stressful day at work, being all stressed also about my coming trip then. I was going totally crazy, I was in between an anger attack and breaking down crying because I so needed this trip. The information was that at some point the airport would publish some more information about the next day and the waiting seemed forever. So I panicked more and more, and it still didn´t get much better when they said that most likely they will open the airport again in the morning and so m flight would be going…


3am getting up, 4am taking the bus, 5am at the airport for flight number one from Hamburg to Düsseldorf. Checkin was smooth, security control was smooth as always – and I again had too much time to wait at the gate once again. On one hand I enjoy watching people, but not that early in the morning as I am really no morning person at all. Never have been, never will be. The flight was good, noone sitting next to me – but I always had that worry that I might be stuck in Düsseldorf if Glasgow airport decided it couldn´t make it in the end to open up the airport again. But all of my worries did not come true throughout the waiting time.

With an hour delay my plane took off – in a small machine, that felt like a ball in the wind, bouncing around…and clearly, the landing was one of a kind – I was really close to throwing up, not nice at all. And then taking a look outside I wondered where this snow chaos was, where all the massive snow was, if it had magically disappeared. It was just nowhere to be seen at all. Yes, a normal amount of snow matching the general weather situation in Europe of course, nothing special though.

And also I got easily to the centre, streets were cleared, nothing left from this massive chaos. Just the price for the bus – jesus. That was a bit much to say the least. Finding the hotel was easy thanks to Google Maps, and the welcome was warm at the hotel – but more on the hotel in a different post 😉

So after some resting and some grocery shopping I started my sightseeing as my plan was to see as much as possible of the stuff planned on Friday to be able to relax and rest on Saturday until the gig started and that worked out really well. I personally liked Glasgow a lot, nice people, and I love all these old buildings. And the Universit of Glasgow made me want to go and study again – so beautiful, and it looks like a Cathedral from afar.  Talking about the cathedral though – it was closed. So frustrating, because I so so so wanted to see it from the inside, but the necropolis close by made up for it. Rarely any people, only the wind and your shoes in the snow making the noises…it felt haunted at times, but I enjoyed the silence, the atmosphere…It was just too big to see it in full though, maybe I gotta return for that some day 😀

I checked out around 85% of the things I wanted to check out, and at some point gave up because walking in the snow on the uncleared paths just really got me. My legs hurt, my full body ended up aching and I was just aching as a whole. So I just grabbed some water at a not-center store (there you did not get anything canned and no water anymore) and then went to my hotel room. Hot shower, some food, resting. And you canot imagine how fast I feel asleep!


I woke up, all exhausted still, freezing for no reason and even the breakfast (I am not used to this way of breakfast, really, though it´s good) didn´t exactly bring me back to life.  It just made me feel stomach sick and all tired again after being up for an hour. I nevertheless went to the store to get me some blister stuff, and on the way slipped and fell. So I also directly bought some tape for my foot. Well, that´s my luck.

Late ron I picked up my mate (had met her on Instagram) at the bus station and we did have a nice time having lunch and chatting before she went off to do some sightseeing and I went off to return to bed again xD

Later we met to start queuing …and then the show and afterwards had a drink still before I dropped into bed totally exhausted and quite braindead xD


Blisters on my feet, a cranky voice, a grumpy face. The muddy rests if what once had been snow really made the walk to the bus stop torture – especially because I was dead tired though I think my night could´ve been shorter and far worse. Not even the Coca Cola helped though I downed it liks there was no tomorrow because I had to go through the security checks…and boom, again waaaaay to early. Even worse than on the way to Glasgow. At least I found a damned power socket.

Put on music, zoomed out, bye bye reality until I had to board. Again noone next to me, I could totally get used to that. Nothing is worse than having annoying people next to you, so…basically I slept most of the flight again, I was just emotionally and physically worn out.

The waiting tim in Düsseldor wa sthen really annoying, I was hungry but not willing to spend money, and somehow everything was just annoying as hell. Especially that there was a delay and all I wanted was food, a hot bath and my goddamned bed.

And man, why did I have to have some odd smelling guys next to me on this flight? Was really making everything worse, and I just wanted to freak out…luckily the flight was rather short, and no words about how happy I was to be out of there, hop onto the train and get home…

Concert: Apocalyptica – Glasgow – 03.03.2018

Well, Glasgow. Apocalyptica. Me. Kinda hilarious, how I am always in the UK just for Apocalyptica. And not for normal holidays. But well, that´s my life, pure madness.

So when I walked to the stores and turned aorund the corner from my hotel, I kinda ran into the band´s tourbus that had no chance to be parking ight next to the venue so they took that side-street. It was funny, really. At the same time annoying because I always had to walk past the bus no matter where I had been walking.

Later on, and later than usual, I met up with my instagram friend (we had met before, but meeting in terms of queueing) and then successfully queued on the wrong side – they had formed two queues, one for those that paid for the meet and greet, and one for the “normal” fans.

We noticed rather early though and switched to the right queue but I was already pissed – if I travel that far, I wanna stand frontrow. Always. No second row, nothing. So when entering (security checks, nice joke!), I used my fitness and passed by quite a few people on the staircase up – focus, and sprint! And in the end I was standing where I wanted to be standing. Perfect spot. And then noticed together: it´s not warm! It´s damned cold!

It´s nowhere near warm. It´s just what feels a bit warmer than it had been outside where you were freezing. And, spoiler: it didn´t get any warmer during the show.

The show itself…it felt like coming home. It felt like dropping all weight, being myself, not afraid to show emotions, not needing to be strong. Because those that saw me being not strong mostly I didn´t know and the others know me well enough to not need to hide anything. I cried my eyes out again during “Nothing else matters”, guess it´s the pain I gotta have to take onto me if I wanna keep attending their shows. Survived the past 13 years, will survive another amount of years, too 😉

The show rocked, though the first half of the set really felt better when being seated, the second part was better whilst standing. So mixed feeling about this standing show versus the seated shows of the tour that I had already attended.

The band had fun again on stage, clearly visible as always – and it´s been good to see them again, really. And it´s been good to see Antero again, and maybe for a last time as I suppose he won´t be with the band once this tour is finding its end. It sucks, and my heart bleeds because of that, as he´s been a great inspiration and it´s been good to have him back! I guess I am back on the drug called Apocalyptica…hopefully will see them soon again!

After the show, back in the cold and we waited a bit for the band as I usually do it…won´t be sharing more publicly, because I have some privacy aswell.
No need to brag or whatsoever, only thing to say: it´s been a great concert evening!

Topped off and calming down a bit then at my mate´s hotel bar, chatting, reflecting, having a relaxed end to this day and evening!

Concert: Versengold – Nacht der Balladen (Leipzig, 17.02.2018)

So, second show of this mini-tour, as I already have been to Bremen to see this show – this night of ballads, magic, melancholy and big feelings. One should think, that it´s getting less emotional, less touching if you see the same set a second time. But one thing I can tell you right away: not less, but it becomes different.

But let´s start from where you gotta start – the venue. A church. And what a church from the outside – when I walked by for the first time, I was really surprised how big it looked and also from the inside it was big. But unfortunately less beautiful – it really needs a big amount of renovation, unfortunately. You didn´t see much of it furing the show, but nevertheless it was disappointing.

Disappointing was also how people acted when doors opened – whilst in Bremen people queued like normal grown ups, this doors open was madness because people who did not bother to queue early enough were squeezing in and what not. And I am not sorry if any of these people caught one or two of

my ellbows. I´d been there since 16:15, and if you got no will to come early, don´t expect others to tolerate your asshole behaviour. I was really pissed off, but in the end got still a sweet spot in the first row again. And right where I wanted to pretty much. But still I was annoyed, and I was freezing inside – my fever didn´t quite help, but even without I think it´s been rather cold.  It got warmer during the show, but still – mostly I was freezing.

And then the show…some songs had become more emotional, some less emotional and some have changed…
“Schnee fällt” has probably been the song that had become so much more emotional and I cannot tell why – but it broke me into pieces.

“Herz durch die Wand” is more and more becoming a song that means loads to me – when I heard it live last year for the first time I fell in love, but this “connection” to the song is becoming stronger and stronger. A lot stronger.

“Tjark Evers” – I am still in love with this song, and it´s still emotional but it has changed – it´s still intense and I suck up every second. But it´s not tearing me up anymore. Okay, a little, still. Especially because the sound of the church just made the song sound even more powerful than at a normal venue with average acoustics. I really do hope they will play it now and then even outside of this tour…

What was really odd was that during “Biikebrennen” you weren´t even allowed to properly dance – yeah you were allowed to “dance” right in front of your chair, but not a metre away from it. Totally off, really.

I am still not a 100% convinced about the performances of the female singer they had with them – some things still feel really off and she cannot hold higher tunes and it feels forced. Maybe it´s also a problem of comparing the CD versions with a different singer to her now and in a live setting. But anyways, I would´ve wished for someone else to be there as a singer at least in 30% of the songs with female vocals. I am not sure what to think about it. Sweet girl that could use some more vocal lessons…I think that sums it up rather well.

Anyways- I had a fun time, at times I felt dizzy and my fever made it here and there good that it was a seated show. Because standing all the time would have not worked for me at all – I really have to be realistic there.


Now looking forward to the next versengold show in April – this time with the “Funkenflug” tour again, and a rocking show!

Concert: Versengold – Nacht der Balladen (Bremen, 10.02.2018)

Writing this one is a tough one because my brain is still processing the evening if you can even say so. It´s simply been a touching experience – this night of mostly ballads.

Anyways, the show was totally different – seated, a small venue, mostly ballads, new arrangements and a totally different feeling, a totally different athmosphere. And I was surprised how hard this different atmosphere actually hit me.  I was really in need of tissues because I got so emotional. Back to topic – they had an additional percussionist, additional strings. I am not sure if it really needed the latter.

So we came into this venue, one of us dropped off the jackets and then we ended up waiting in front of another door anyways – but at least they had let us into the warmth earlier than it had been written on the tickets. It´s been so bloody cold that you were fully frozen after waiting. It´s not really been fun even though the company good 😉

And then after yet another hour waiting at least inside and on our chairs – yaaaay, frontrow again! – it was time. The curtains were closed, and the show started. The start into an intimate, honest and emotional evening. They played so many songs that mean so much to me, like “Vom Zauber des Wildfräuleins” that has been right from day 1 been a song that felt like THE song to me. And hearing it finally again surely gave me goosebumps and tears.

Just as “Nebelfee” – when I had heard it for the very first time, I was touched, and in such a setting like in the video, tracks like that become even more dangerous for the heart. And yes, I have been crying a lot – it hasn´t really surprised me, but still surprised me some way.

And then – my personal highlight because I had so wited for that – “Tjark Evers”. Initially a song by another german band, Schandmaul, but changed to a certain German dialect to make it more appropriate. And I had been counting days to finally hear this song live. And then it was there. And I felt like it just dragged me into a totally different world far away from reality.

But I was also happy to hear some songs where you did not need to be sitting – okay, here comes the apology to the rows behind me: sorry I´ve always been so quick in standing up, but faster songs just do never keep me sitting. No chance. Give up.

And of course – I totally got excited when they played – right after the break they did – “Biikebrennen”. I love this instrumental, and if they would have not played it (even though it clearly is no ballad) I would´ve been highly disappointed. I think I had never been up from a chair and dancing as quick as last night when I noticed the tune xD Same goes for another instrumental part – I just love those. And I don´t care what anyone thinks about me when I am simply having fun then 😀

What I haven´t yet mentioned was, that they also had a female singer- after having been really skeptical due to some not so convincing live video on Facebook and my general dislike against female singers, I really liked it. Okay, except for sone song where for me it simply did not fit to have a female singer plus she didn´t sound too well during that one. But I can get through this one, though it´s also a really important song to me.

So I´ve been talking around and around…CONCLUSION?
I loved it, it´s been a great experience though I am not sure if it´s the right format for me. Why? Because I already am a melancholic and thoughtful person in “everyday life”, and hearing loads of emotional ballads in a thoughtful atmosphere – I am really not sure if that does the trick for me compared to the “normal” shows that Versengold usually do. Usually I can turn off the mind and totally dive into another world, go to my happy place – and this show rather has been a “look here that shit happened and that sad thing happened and here have some tears” show for me.

I will nevertheless go to Leipzig as I had planned and also I have booked everything. Simply because I want to see if it feels different when seeing the show a second time when not everything is new and super emotional. Let´s see what happens.

But that all does not mean that the show would be bad – it´s really great, and something you should see if you like the band – because it´s just so different to the usual happy crcazy escalating shows you get to see. Full of emotion, quiet passion, melancholy…

Photos: Nothing More // Psycho Village //Insomnium

NOTHING MORE (12/2017)




INSOMNIUM (01/2017)