Photos: Heidebeben





Festival: Heidebeben / Feuerengel (31.08.2019, Ebstorf)


Disclaimer: this is NOT the official report on the event – I will still be writing one separately on the festival for the online magazine!

What a day! After Muddy Angel run in Hamburg I hopped into the car and took the first truck stop that I passed by to jump into another shower – and this time a proper shower, and I felt reborn and like I was able to actually be seen by other people that did not fight through mud in the minutes before. It really did make a difference, even though I was sweated right after I had stepped out of the shower – it´s been impossible to not be sweating, no matter how little you were wearing.

At least my GPS didn´t fuck up for once, which has become rare, and so I had a quite relaxed drive to Ebstorf (I still don´t know exactly how to pronounce that name). What a tiny place again – I somehow always end up in such places, I cannot help it as it seems. I found a parking spot and drove by the festival area (shit it´s tiny!) and was lucky enough to still easily find a spot close to the swimming place there.

I heard how they were doing the soundcheck for the evening, so I went for a stroll around the town. Not too exciting, though it clearly had its nice places – just one thing was not close by: supermarkets or anything that could have some food. I hadn´t eaten properly all day long, and was all excited when I found a bakery – they just had sweet stuff left, but whatever, food is food! That made me happier again, though it didn´t kill the heat, nor the growing headache and tiredness. I am not made for hot temperatures. And early mornings. And long days.

I more and more dreaded the thought of not being home much before 3am. I tried to ignore that thought but it came back every now and then. As the festival itself didn´t have a guestlist but I was working as a photographer (more on that later…) I was being picked up and handed my ticket and wristlet by someone from the crew who also ended up being my contact person for questions like “when the hell should I maybe not be in the photopit, what should I watch out for” – I mean, so much pyrotechnical stuff being blown up doesn´t exactly made me feel comfortable. What a dumb idea to get back into concert photography with such a show. But you now me, sometimes thinking isn´t exactly my strength.

Anyways, one of the opening acts was still doing soundcheck, and I was happy when my friend had some time to go for a walk through the little forest area before he had to continue working. That made me miss most of the first opening act, but to be honest I wasn´t too sad about it because they weren´t really my cup of tea and the violinist they partially added to the band …well, if your instrument makes squeaky noises it´s not the fault of sound equipment but rather of the own skills (I know what I am talking about, unfortunately).

I still took a few shots of their performance but it also didn´t really get the crowd going. And I was underwhelmed and used the time to get somehting to drink – staying hydrated is always a challenge during such weather already, but then being on festival premises without being allowed to take a bottle…well, makes it twice as hard and expensive. And that look on people´s faces when you ordr water or some juice. As if you were a damned alien. I am sorry, I don´t drink when I drive, nor when I photograph, and in general I hardly drink. And that´s good that way.

I spent most of the time with watching people, and once the second opening act was playing I also took some shots there, grabbed some food and drink again and then prepared mentally for photographing Feuerengel. I am not afraid of fire, don´t get me wrong, but I prefer to stay away, which wasn´t quite  possible then in this 2m photo pit. I had some discussion with the security who didn´t get the instructions right at first, but once cleared out everything I was fine for the photopit, yet insecure. After one year of not having been in concert photography, starting with this…I knew it was gonna be a challenge but didn´t expect me to struggle that much with the light if there was no pyrotechnics going on for once.

The show itself…I loved it, and I also appreciate dthe fact that the sound was also in row 0 (aka the photopit) quite good for most of the time – I was really surprised, because I am used to having a crappy sound there and that would´ve been a pity because even though I was there as a photographer, it wasn´t just a job for me. I wanted to enjoy the show still, and I was able to do so.

I am still fascinated by the fact I am, out of free will, watching a band that is a tribute band to Rammstein. I have no idea how that happened. maybe the lack of unympathetic singer Till Lindemann does the trick, and to be honest: I just LOVE how much fun Feuerengel are having on stage, how much effort is being put into their show, how much passion, how much love for details. It´s just amazing to watch.

And again they managed something: I struggled getting really into the latest album of Rammstein, most songs I had been skipping. And this show again changed that a lot – e.g. “Zeig dich” or “Puppe” were just tracks that I didn´t really like on the album. Especially “Puppe” was really getting me live, I fell in love too quickly I couldn´t change it anymore 😉 And up to this moment I still have it stuck in my head.

To be honest I am not too happy with my photos, I personally felt like the light could´ve been better, or maybe I just forgot how to photograph. I am clueless. But I saw that coming already during photographing, so it doesn´t come as a surprise in the aftermath now 😉

The two hours really passed by too fast again – I cannot wait for December and two shows in a row in Wilhelmshaven! But then I will not be in the photopit feeling like a grilled chicken. Seriously, you had to partially kneel down to stay down there, and with shorts and free knees that really killed my knees. And then you had the pyrotechnics. It felt like someone was burning my skin right away. But to make one thing clear: the crew knows what they´re doing, and it´s been all save – and that´s also how it felt like once I got used to it. But everyone has a different perception of “too warm” and I am seemingly pretty sensitive with that.

But anyways, I enjoyed the show a lot – I turned off my mind, and it just perfectly well took my mind off sports and work and everything like this. It was a great experience.

The ride back home from midnight till 2:50am wasn´t a great experience thozgh because I was so dead tired and everything just hurt. I am too old for such days. But I know I will be doing it again, I am a hopeless case.

Concert: MPS – Bückeburg (20.07.2019)

Alternative headline: I hope you can swim!

So I got up in the morning, not quite motivated because my back was still hurting a bit and it was just far too early for my taste – it is weekend after all, and weekend means sleeping in for me. And not getting up at 8am and sitting in the car at 9am. But that´s exactly what I did, besides changing my coutfit and luckily not unpacking my initial one from the bag that made it to the car,

The drive was quite relaxed, even though I´d have preferred more highway and less travels from one little road to another one with idiotic elderly people that you could´ve passed by simply a little sprint by foot. It was nerve wrecking because no matter how calm and relaxed I have become here, when driving I am still someone who freaks out from anger really quick. But at least it was sunny and everything, and the area was also partially quite lovely to watch.

It was great how the signs led you to the parking lot, so I found it quickly and then jumped out of the car, put my sun protection on and walked to the market area – and even though it had looked quite long when driving, the walk was really short. Really nice, and also nice that the market wasn´t too crowded yet at around 11:30am when I arrived because most poeple just came later – initially I had planned to arrive at like 12.12.30 but as my GPS system was right with its forecast, I was there far too early. So as usual I took a stroll around the market and the stands, and as I´ve never been to the one in Bückeburg before, I first had to find my ways, this stage there and that there and food and toilets and such…

Also I went to check the mausoleum which was still on the festival area – not only it was really refreshing temperature wise, but also looked really lovely. At first I was irritated about the price tags at the entry, but seemingly it was for free during the time of the festival – but seriously, I am really interested in such places but I wouldn´t pay 4 Euros or more to be able to enter – I like to donate if I liked it, but an entry fee for such buildings – without me. Clearly.

I love the whole athmosphere, but I am generally into such places and can spend loads of time there and just sit and watch and look at all the tiny little details. Everyone who didn´t go there really missed out on something – but there will always be people that prefer sitting in front of an empty stage for several hours and do some waiting then enjoy the whole event.

During the day I was often asked if I was there alone and yes, I did go alone but that´s no problem because I have no problem with being alone! Plus: you always find people to hang out with, so really alone..nope 😉

So at 3pm then Versengold entered the stage for the first of their shows, and it was great weather – sun was burning, though it became cloudier during the show, what everyone welcomed simply because partying hard is easier when it doesn´t feel like you are being burned alive ^^ But well, the happiness about it soon turned into a problem: there was a weather warning, and you saw the wall of dark clouds approaching on the sky.

And even though the storm had already started, Versengold played one last song as most of the poeple remained in front of the stage despite the annuncement to please seek shelter. So after this one last song being “Haut mir kein Stein”, they cut short the show and everyone hurried to find some shelter. I didn´t. Why? It´s not yet been raining hard, and the thunder and everything wasn´t really strong yet.

When it started pouring heavily I looked for some shelter at one of the stands, met new people and had a good time – the extreme weather didn´t happen though, or I am having a different definition of a weather that you need to give out a warning for. But better safe than sorry later one – luckily it passed by rather quickly and everthing and everyone was able to go back to normal, though here and there there were little times of rain still happening.

I quickly grabbed some food and then rushed to watch my friend perform with Heavysaurus and it´s been again so adorable to see kids and adults enjoy it loads. I was already surprised in Rastede when I saw it, and this time again – and it was just fun to watch, too – though I am still surprised that people like it, I mean yes it´s cool but… I just cannot wrap my head around it – maybe I need to watch it a few more times 😉

Afterwards I spent a bit of time walking arund and chatting with my friend before heading to the stage again where Versengold were gonna be playing the evening show. After the afternoon experience I thought that it cannot get worse and…SURPRISE! It can! The first 40 minutes we did spent in soaking rain, whilst the band was trying to save their technology whilst they continues playing and had fun on stage. And we did in the soaking rain.

I was all wet by the time the rain stopped and even the sun came out, and it got quite fresh to be fair. I still enjoyed the show a lot, even though I somehow am not so crazy anymore and I enjoy it to the inside more than freaking out, it´s about inhaling the music and power that comes from the stage side. It felt good to be out of the training madness and turn of the mind.

Afterwards I didn´t watch any other band(s) anymore, I felt cold and went to the car, changed clothes and celebrated my laziness – because if I had unpacked my outfit in the morning, I would´ve been sat with wet clothes for the drive back.

And then I sat there in my dry clothing and drove home through all those tiny roads that had deers crossing and all of that madness. what was really cool to watch though was the lightning that you saw behind the clouds on the horizon, it had something to relaxing. A pity I had to be focussed so badly on the road and driving so I couldn´t really enjoy it.

At 1:30 I was then in bed, after having taken a hot bath to calm down and get ready for sleep. And I fell asleep so quickly that I didn´t even manage to turn off the light.

Concert: MPS in Hohenwestedt (08.06.2019)

When you wake up and look outside and already know: this is gonna be an interesting drive to Hohenwested and even more interesting when being at the medieval market thanks to the weather. And that makes the mood drop even lower, on top of the “it´s fucking 08:30 and I am now already sitting in the car”. Luckily I didn´t know before how annoying the ride was gonna be because if I had known, I would´ve gone back to bed.

It´s been 4 bloody hours to get to Hohenwestedt – first traffic issues around Bremen as usual, and the closer you got to Hamburg the more annoying it became. I really lost my nerves, and was dead exhausted already when I arrived at the parking lot. And then still carried my nyckelharpa with heavy case to the festival area (no clue where the damned shuttle has been) because I was meeting with someone to help me out with my nyckelharpa for some things. And luckily I was there just in time, because if I hate something that´s being late. So it all went fine, and I was happy. Just not about carrying it back to the car afterwards, but at least I took the shuttle this time and only had to walk a shorter distance.

Once at the car I decided to change clothes – getting rid off the dress, and putting on a pullover instead. And a warmer jacket. It was everything from cold and rainy to warm and sunny, and I felt like permanently being dressed wrongly. It was annoying, but better carry around clothes than freeze and get ill.

Back at the festival area I watched a bit of Waldkauz and seriously dear not-native speakers of the finnish language – just don´t fucking use it in your songs. This pronunciation gave me goosebumps. Negative kind of goosebumps. It´s not just this band, but in general. Just choose a different language if you want to do yourself a favor.

Afterwards it was the first round of Versengold, and matching to the start of the show the sun came out and was burning down, and it got warm. So it was undressing in the crowded front row, always a challenge. But anyways, the concert was fun, I really enjoyed it. It felt better than in Rastede somehow, but still I am not that typical fan anymore. It just sucks that the afternoon shows are always just only one hour – because time is always running so quickly!

But for me that also had one good thing: I was able to get myself some food and walk around, go to the bathroom and relax before returning back to the stage and save my spot for the evening concert. In Hohenwested it is still rather relaxed, though Rastede was even nicer with that. But it´s not as big as other medieval markets of this series. Makes it more intimate and chilled.

They played quite a few new songs, and the one off the part off the video is “Durch den Sturm” – one tht I somehow had to get used to first, but started loving (though I think I already have my favorite off the album without even knowing all tracks yet). Sorry that it´s cut off so stupidly at the end, but my battery died and I had to put it on my battery pack charger thingy first to even be able to keep using it – shitty timing, I really don´t know what´s been eating so much of the battery.

And what I always love is the solo stuff that bassplayer Eike gets to do in the evening shows – I so wish he was singing more often, and maybe even instead of singer Malte in a song. that would be so amazing!

Downside? Yup, again no “Biikebrennen” and as I figured out I shouldn´t really get my hopes up to hear it a lot anymore – it just sucks so badly because this song means so much to me. It was THE song of my half marathon preparations and lately I started listening to it a lot again for my triathlon prep. And then they just don´t play it anymore.

What is that? But well, if people were more into instrumental songs, it would make it easier to get it back on the setlist but as everyone always needs a goddamned text to their songs…hopeless case, but I could rant about it for damned hours.

Anyways, after the show I decided – because I was tired and feeling cold again – that instead of waiting an hour and then watching Letzte Instanz again I was going home. It´s been sad somehow because I would´ve loved to see them but the 3h ride home was really bringing me to my limit when it comes to staying focussed for driving. And I was really happy to be home then at around 01:45am and drop into my bathtub and then into bed. I am too old for this shit.



Stadtkind auf Dorfparty (16.03.2019)

Sorry folks, German only – it just felt like it makes more sense like this ^^

Oder aber: Carina fährt nach Rotenburg, ist Ersthelfer bei einem Autounfall, fährt dann 7km nach Waffensen zum Eiertanz und ist einen Abend lang musikalisch flexibel und TANZT!

Das wäre so ziemlich die Kurzversion des ganzen Tages – eines Tages, der nicht hätte mehr eine Achterbahn sein können. Ich wollte einen Tag lang mal nicht ans Triathlon-Training denken und aus Wilhelmshaven rauskommen. Und Tripod spielten in…tadaaa, Waffensen. Ja, ich kannte den Ort vorher auch nicht – aber man lernt ja dazu: 7km von Rotenburg (Wümme) entfernt, und… laut Wikipedia der Entstehungsort des 2004er Computervirus Sasser. Aber an sich wirklich kein Ort, den man kennen müsste.

Aber: wie wäre es denn damit, ein Stadtkind auf einer Dorfparty? Ich war vorgewarnt, und skeptisch.

Aber bis ich wissen sollte, ob ich zurecht skeptisch war, war es noch eine ganze Weile. Ich bin mittags los mit dem Ziel, mir Rotenburg ein wenig anzuschauen. Auf der Fahrt wurde das Wetter immer beschissener, und ich bereute es, schon so früh losgefahren zu sein. Aber so wie ich bin, bin ich dann trotzdem losgezogen mitsamt Schirm und dem eisernen Willen, etwas sehen zu wollen. Und das klappte dann auch ganz gut, auch wenn die Ausschilderung deren “Kulturpfades” echt zu wünschen übrig lies. Der Ort hat nette Ecken, aber ist an einem Samstag nach 13 Uhr schon echt tot – und ich dachte, dass es hier in Wilhelmshaven verwerflich sei, wenn am WE die Läden früh schließen würden. Aber das ist nichts gegen Rotenburg. Aber ich hatte meinen Spaß, konnte abschalten, war ausgelassen.

Und dann kam alles anders. Anders als “geplant” – aber sowas plant man auch nicht. Ich war gerade wieder auf dem Rückweg ins Zentrum, ging über eine Brücke über der Wümme. Und gegenüber kam ein Auto von der Fahrbahn ab und knallte mit voller Wucht in das Geländer der Brücke. Ich will ehrlich gesagt nicht viel darüber schreiben, weil mich das Ganze genug verfolgt und beschäftigt.

Aber ich kann sagen: ich hab es als natürlichstes der Welt angesehen zu helfen. Da denkt man nicht mal mehr nach, sondern macht einfach nur. Ja, es war vllt gefährlich, das Auto hätte in die Wümme stürzen können und haste nicht gesehen. Aber scheiß drauf, solange da Menschen drin sind, muss man was machen. Ende aus. Und die Fahrerin sowie ihre Mutter sind da soweit unverletzt rausgekommen – nur mit einem ultimativem Schock, den wohl jeder nachvollziehen kann. Aber danach war der Tag gelaufen. Vorerst.

Nach der Zufuhr von viel Zucker (ein Hoch auf Apfelfinnen, von denen ich direkt 4 Stück gegessen habe), Cola, Wasser und Keksen hab ich mich langsam wieder gefühlt wie ein Mensch und nicht mehr ein Zombie. Aber ich wollte einfach nur noch aus diesem Ort raus. Weg von dort. Ich also ins Auto und los.

Und dann stand ich da – auf der Abbiegerspur. Die Spur, auf der sich alles staute, weil das Auto immer noch geborgen wurde. Und ich musste über diese Brücke. An der Stelle vorbei. es gab einfach keinen anderen Weg. Augen zu und durch, oder so. Danach war ich wieder nassgeschwitzt und froh, als ich in Waffensen ankam. Obwohl…war ich froh? ich weiß es nicht – es war eher ein sich fragen, wo zur Hölle ich gelandet war.

Ich also geparkt und im Nieselregen einen weiteren Kulturpfad abgelaufen – und ich will ja nichts sagen, aber ich habe gut gelacht. ein verzweifeltes und irres Lachen wohl am ehesten. Aber die Bewegung tat gut, die Ablenkung auch. Aber die Zeit wollte nicht vergehen, ich hatte Hunger und…bin an den Rand von Rotenburg gefahren und habe zu Abend gegessen, bin wieder zurück habe noch was im Auto gedöst. Und dann rein ins Vergnügen.

Ja doch, das Gebäude und die Location von innen war das, was man sich von einer Dorf-Lokalität vorstellt. Und nein, das ist per se nicht böse gemeint – die Leute waren nett, alles war gut. Bis zu dem Zeitpunkt wo ich erfahren habe, dass 400 Tickets im VVK rausgegangen waren. 400. Leute. in. dieser. Örtlichkeit. Unvorstellbar. Aber machbar, wie ich danach noch festgestellt habe. Genau so wie es auf dem Dorf machbar ist, dass Mutter mit Tochter und Vater zusammen feiern und Tanzen. Irgendwie skurril.

Tripod (der einzige Grund wieso es mich dorthin verschlagen hat) haben immer ein Set gespielt und danach eine kleine Pause – in der ich immer zum Auto bin um wieder Sauerstoff in meine Lunge zu bekommen und etwas zu trinken, denn von Minute zu Minute wurde es drinnen wärmer – da half es auch nicht die Fenster auf kipp zu stellen.

Ich war durchgeschwitzt, und zwar….VOM TANZEN (ich glaube das ist schon Kompliment genug)! Ja liebe Leute, auch ich tue das. Neuerdings. Und das nüchtern! Aber in der “Menge” habe ich mich wohl gefühlt, und auch wenn´s eine Weile gedauert hat bis ich warm geworden bin, wäre ich dann am liebsten bis zum bitteren Ende geblieben.

Aber irgendwann kam dann doch der Mann mit dem Hammer, der mir die Müdigkeit in den Körper schlug und auch ein großer Teil des Publikums wo ich stand und tanzte hatte einen Alkoholpegel erreicht, der mir dann doch sagte: Carina, jetzt ist der Zeitpunkt zu gehen. Hier und da war es nicht mehr angenehm, besonders die jungen Typen dort sind weit übers Ziel hinausgeschossen und bevor ich dann genervt bin und gehe, bin ich gut gelaunt gegangen.

Es waren tolle Stunden, ich konnte abschalten – ich habe nicht ans Training gedacht, nicht an den Unfall, ich wollte einfach nur Spaß haben. Und den hatte ich definitiv! Ach ja, und Ohrwürmer – viele Ohrwürmer. Und ich habe gelernt: ich musikalisch sehr flexibel – tanzen und feiern kann man zu jeder Musik, wenn man sich nur drauf einlässt!

Concert: Feuerengel (Wilhelmshaven, 21.12.2018)

“I thought you maybe should´ve seen this” – this is the explanation on why I ended up watching a Rammstein tribute band. Me. Rammstein tribute.

Me, the person who is in a big disgust mode when even thinking about Till Lindemann and being probably very anti Rammstein in general. But when I was invited to check out Feuerengel, I thought “I won´t be watching and videos, I am not gonna read reports, I am not gonna spoil it”. Why? This never comes even close to the real concert experience, and I just wanted to go in there and see if I liked it.

It´s been my first concert since I moved here and it felt just great needing not even 10min to get there and back home. The amazing sides of living in a smaller city than Hamburg ^^

When I arrived doors were already open and I had to do a little search where to watch the show from – being small and having a sold out venue doesn´t usually go well together, but I found myself a nice spot at the side of the stage. Sitting. With an amazing view on the stage and also the crowd. To be honest I had been surprised when I had read in advance that the show was sold out…but soon I knew why!

I´ve had a blast during the concert, right from the start till the end – but the northern german crowd once again needed a bit of time to really embrace the fun. As usual, and that´s where I notice I am totally not from here at all xD I totally turned of fthe mind, reality had to stay outside for the duration of the show and that´s just been what I needed so badly!

A great sound even where I was sitting, a great setlist, so much fun to watch on stage and in front of the stage and I´ve always been a fan of pyrotechnics but this time really my heart stopped a couple of beats here and there when they came at unexpected moments. Jeeeeez, I am not easily scared but this really nearly made my drop my phone I had in my hand for filming a bit of the show!

So yeah, I went in skeptical – I went out with a huge grin on my face and being surprised that even someone like me who isn´t into Rammstein could love this show so much –  and I cannot wait for December 2019 when there will be even 2 shows here in Wilhelmshaven! Bring it on!

15 Jahre Versengold


Oder aber “ich bin einfach zu fucking alt für 2 Konzerte an zwei aufeinander folgenden Tagen mit langem Anstehen in der Kälte.”. Ach ja, für das Ganze drumherum bin ich das auch. Für den Kampf beim Einlass, für das Rennen zum Eingang, zur Absperrung. Für sich seinen Platz erkämpfen gegen Leute, die Stunden nach einem kamen und meinen einen abdrängen zu müssen.

Ja. Ich bin zu alt für den Scheiß. Und ich hab da echt null Bock mehr drauf, es kotzt mich an und hinterlässt einen bitteren Beigeschmack was dieses Wochenende angeht. Weil es mich einfach wurmt, was da angegangen ist. Zweimal. Ich habe es Mord und Totschlag genannt, überspitzt, klar. Aber es fühlt sich an wie Überlebenskampf. Und wenn das immer so ist/sein wird bei Versengold, dann lasse ich es einfach sein. Dann stehe ich maximal in der letzten Reihe, und sehe dann halt nichts mehr. Auch wenn es nicht das Gleiche sein würde, weil die Stimmung ist einfach dort am besten. Dort, wo der Schweiß am schnellsten fließt – auf beiden Seiten. Auf der Bühne und im Publikum.

So, jetzt habe ich mich einmal zu Beginn ausgekotzt – sorry dafür, aber die “Wunden” sind frisch. Und es musste einfach mal raus – und am liebsten, würde ich damit jetzt noch Seiten füllen, weil ich immer noch so extremst genervt und wütend bin. Aber das macht es nicht besser, und will eh keiner lesen.

26.10.2018 – Fan-Konzert

Apropos sich auskotzen und genervt sein – man konnte im Vorhinein für Songs abstimmen, die man auf diesem Konzert hören will. Und was voten die da rein, die Fans? Songs, die man auf jeglichen x-beliebigen MPS hören kann. Ja klar, ein paar Alte waren auch dabei, aber man hätte sowas Geiles draus machen können. Nope, Satz mit X. Dementsprechend war ich wenig motiviert, als ich aufbrach und mir erst noch Gehörschutz holen musste und dann zur Halle bin. Es war kalt, windig, und nieselte.

Und meine Laune war mindestens genau so frostig, auch wenn es toll war, bekannte und liebgewonnene Gesichter wieder zu sehen.  ein Fuß tat weh, die Blockade im Rücken auch. Super Voraussetzungen für stundenlanges anstehen – der kurze Trip zum Kentucky Fried Chicken um nicht zu verhungern hat da auch wenig zur Laune-Verbesserung beigetragen.

Und der dann folgende Einlass gehörte zu Kategorie “wenn Erwachsene menschen sich aufführen wie wenn man kreischende fanatische Teenager mit Hooligans und hungrigen Raubtieren kreuzt”. Da wären wir bei dem erwähnten Mord und Totschlag. Der für mich zumindest gut ausging, erste Reihe. Da wo ich hin wollte. Und sollte. Und überhaupt. Ich war genervt und hatte noch weniger Lust auf die Show, als zuvor. Wenn das überhaupt ging? Ich weiß es nicht.

Das Gute war: keine Vorband. Nur eine weitere Stunde warten, aber wenigstens im Warmen und Trockenen. Die Füße fingen wieder an zu leben, die Hände auch. Die Genervtheit blieb bis zu Beginn des Konzertes, da wurde es dann besser. Auch wenn ich zugeben muss, dass mich die massiven Text-Fails echt schon irgendwie genervt haben. Ich hab drüber gelacht, aber irgendwie gehe ich halt schon davon aus, dass man seinen scheiß Job macht. klar, Fehler sind menschlich und irgendwie sympathisch, aber manchmal… Anyways, lustige Show, tolle Gäste, aber zu viel Gerede – sodass dann am Ende zwei Songs hinten rüber vielen, von denen ich einen echt super gerne gehört hätte.

Alles in allem ein guter Abend, der Spaß gemacht hat – das weiß man spätestens, wenn die Stimme mehr als nur angekratzt ist, und einem die Beine und Füße vom Hüpfen wehtun wie sonst was. Da braucht man echt kein Workout im Fitnessstudio mehr, da reichen 2h Versengold Show für eine gesamte Woche!


Tag 2. Der Tag begann mit einem schönen Frühstück mit einer Freundin, und danach ging es direkt zur Halle, und von gemütlich wechselte man zu kalt, windig und nervig. Stunden nach Stunden, und he näher die Einlasszeit kam, desto größer wurde das Chaos, die allgemeine Gereizheit und Aggressivität. Ja, auch bei mir. Ich glaub ich war nur eine Sekunde davon es einfach sein zu lassen und zu gehen. Ach warte, wäre ja gar nicht gegangen – weil man sich ja nicht mehr bewegen konnte vor der dummen Tür in dem Zaun zum Gelände.

Und diese wurde dann auf einmal aufgemacht. Ich bin halb über einen der Aufsteller, die dort platziert worden (Hut ab an die Securitys für diese Schnapsidee) geflogen, aber hab diese Energie nach vorne für einen Sprint genutzt vor die eigentlichen Einlass-Türen der Halle. Ich stand da, am ganzen Körper zitternd, mir war kotzübel, schwindlig und ich war am Ende. Stundenlang stehen und dann mit wenigen Sekunden Vorwarnung dann diesen Adrenalinstoß…aber da war ich nicht die Einzige, es gab so einige, die am Ende waren. Und dann der zweite Einlass – Taschenkontrolle, und durch – letzter Sprint, die Muskeln brennen. Und dann: 1. Reihe. Und nicht mehr abbremsen und gegen die Absperrung donnern können. Wie ich zuhause festgestellt habe, hab ich mir da wohl mein Knie aufgeschlagen. Zu dem Zeitpunkt war der Adrealinspiegel aber so hoch, da hat man nichts mehr gemerkt. Und als dann meine Freundin und ihre Schwester auch neben mir da standen, schnell Toilette, schnell  Garderobe. Und dann Luft holen.

Die knapp 2 Stunden bis zum Show-Beginn taten gut – nicht weil ich gerne stehe, aber weil ich endlich wieder Luft holen konnte. Runterkommen. Versuchen, sich nicht mehr aufzuregen und sich zu ärgern, weil man wieder sieht wie viele Leute weiter hinten stehen, die kurz nach einem anfingen anzustehen.

Und die Show – sie wurde für eine DVD gefilmt: Kamera hier, Kamera da. Hat überraschend wenig genervt, muss ich sagen – aber es stand zum Glück auch niemand immer vor uns, da hatten andere schon schlechtere Plätze abbekommen. Aber es war geil auf den beiden Bildschirmen auch mal diese enorme Masse an Publikum im Stehplatz-bereich, aber auch auf den Sitzplätzen zu sehen. Das war echt Bombe. Weil da vorne merkt man nicht so sehr, wie viel da hinter einem stattfindet.

Die Setliste war gut, aber bis auf die Gäste, die es gab, nicht so wirklich besonders. Die Gäste sangen nicht mit den Jungs die Versengold-Lieder, sondern andersrum. Etwas seltsam. Das ist, als würde man “Happy Birthday” jemand anderem singen, obwohl es die eigene Geburtstagsparty ist?!

Über “Yindy” mit Fidler´s Green hab ich ich tierisch gefreut, die anderen waren okay, aber jetzt nicht so Enthusiasmus-fördernd bei mir. Gleiches galt auch für einen der zwei neuen Tracks, die Uraufführung hatten: ich mag es, wenn man seine (politische) Meinung vertritt, aber der erste Eindruck von “Wir tanzen nicht nach braunen Pfeifen” war nicht so toll. Lag vielleicht daran, dass der Gesang und somit die Lyrics nicht wirklich zu verstehen war, aber das Ganze…es wirkte leider wie “wir wollen was machen, aber sind gerade trotzdem nicht so kreativ drauf”. Sorry. Aber ich hab die Hoffnung, dass der zweite Eindruck besser wird.

Viel besser – minus die weiblichen Vocals – fand ich  “Teufelstanz”. Teile davon hatte ich schon am Tag zuvor gehört, als die Klänge des Soundchecks nach außen drangen. Und ja, es ist ein toller Song. Freue mich schon drauf, ihn auf dem neuen Album zu hören!

Mir persönlich fehlte ein Medley, oder eine Reise durch die Zeit – 15 Jahre Versengold, und was wir zu hören bekamen war eine Setliste, die zwar gut war aber eben genau nicht diesen Anlass portraitierte. Alte Songs hätte ich mir gewünscht, von alt nach neu oder schön gemischt. Aber na ja, was will man machen. Es hat Spaß gemacht, man hat geschwitzt, gehüpft, mitgesungen und war am Ende nach 2,5 Stunden bereit für ein kühles Wasser. Oder gleich den Wassertank.

Danach war dann noch eine Aftershowparty in einer anderen Location – aber da muss ich sagen: nope, da bin ich nicht hin. Wieder stehen, wieder zu eng, zu viele Menschen. Das brauche ich nicht, dafür bin ich einfach zu alt. Ich war wegen der Musik da und hatte meinen Spaß, und war einfach nur noch ko. Die Badewanne und was zu Essen klangen da halt einfach verlockender.

Concert: Versengold – Worpswede (15.09.2018)

Worpswede. Close to Bremen. A town I had never heard of it before it was announced that the band was gonna play there. And it was gonna be a small show of around 550ppl only, so I was expecting an explosive atmosphere. Because there is nothing better than smaller shows, a packed little venue, a lot of energy…I thought.

So I went to pick up the rental car I had booked, expecting a small tiny car…and ending up being equipped with a massive big sporty car that can go up to 240kmh. At first I was really not pleased at all, because…such a big car? Really? But that changed once I made it out of Hamburg – which probably took just as long as the rest of the drive to Worpswede. Traffic and even more traffic, and once there was no speed limit anymore…man I started loving that car! I was a rowdie, and I enjoyed driving with 200kmh over the road.

Until I left the big roads and started my drive through the smaller villages the closer I got to Worpswede. And it´s been on purpose, because I wanted to see the area and get a feeling for how people live there. And it´s been beautiful, the tiny villages between the fields, some forests…but the closer I also got, the worse the weather turned and shortly after having arrived, I had the first and luckily only raindrops fall onto my head.

And damn, thanks to the great car I was far too fast and then far too early also in Worpswede, so I took a walk and another around to explore the town. Adorable little town, no place where I wanted to be living, but for a weekend full of relaxing it would be a good place. Because you cannot do much anyways, so you´d be forced to relax 😉 But it got pretty boring after a while to be honest.

So standing in front of the venue…well okay, people staring at you, yay. And then one of the guys came to film for their video diary and I literally was the only one hiding. Totally not keen on having my face in close up end up on youtube, it´s not my cup of tea. Turn off the camera, and I am all ears and all in for a chat. But not with a running camera.

So yeah, and one moment it started raining – and thumbs up to the venue, as they let us into the pre-room to the venue so we won´t get wet. At least not the ones that are in the front like me. And then even more waiting. And waiting. And then finally doors opened, time to secure a spot in front row – to wait even longer. And there we didn´t know yet that the show was not gonna start as planned at 8pm, but with half an hour of delay.

Why? Because there was technical problems with the sound system, and we were standing there and…nothing was happening. After a while we got the news, that there wa stechnical issues. And no, it did not mae the feeling better. It was rather the feeling of “oh good lord let it be somehting not too bad”…but no, it wasn´t. Because after that mentioned half an hour the show started. And all my tiredness that has been creeping upon me was blown away!

I liked seeing how much fun the band had on stage, and either I missed out on it or the crowd didn´t even come close to having just as much fun xD It didn´t feel like the crowd was exploding and rocking out. It was, crowd wise, for me an average show that could´ve been just as well in a bigger venue.

Also, I wish there would´ve been more tracks from the “Funkenflug” album, but it was just like a venue show with medieval market setlist. It was cool and I enjoyed it a lot again, no doubts. It felt like a coming home, a calm one, where the mind is at ease and you feel so calm and have that smile on your face that shows exactly this. It was worth the car ride there, as it always is for Versengold. But I think after the two anniversary shows it´ll be good to have a little break – maybe because my mind is always too set on moving than on not doing anything for it and just relaxing 😉

The drive back home was quick and easy, not much traffic and so really relaxing…so I was home at around 1am in total (I didn´t bother to wait for the band to have a chat because there was too much of family and friends of the guys, that I didn´t want to also hop onto them).

But it still took a while with food and shower and falling asleep that the day got to an end. COncerts and their trips are always making my head spin once it´s quiet and I am alone…

Concert: MPS in Hamburg-Öjendorf (02.09.2018)

First off: I noticed I didn´t take a single shot at the festival – I was just too busy having fun, I suppose ^^

One last time. MPS in hamburg-Öjendorf. Not because I am moving away, but also because the MPS is never gonna happen here again. It´s a weird feeling looking back onto all those past years where I attended the medieval market there.

So many memories were formed, so many times I danced in the rain, ate the garlic bread, so many times I ate the delicious flatcake and dropped half of it onto my clothing. So many times I enjoyed the flair there, the area…ah well, thanks to the city of Hamburg, it´s been the last time. Luckily there is other places where the event also takes place. but still, Hamburg has always been something special.

So I walked there from the bus stop earlier than I had planned because after getting up I was ready quicker than planned. And the nice sunny weather really was inviting to spend a lot of time there, so I first went a stroll around the market there and checked out the stands and everything. I had told myself that I have a budget of 50€ for the day, so if I wanted to eat I was hardly able to buy anything anyways. But that´s fine, windowshopping, just a bit different 😉

And then watched Mr. Hurley und die Pulveraffen – not really my cup of tea, it´s nice live but I was disappointed that they didn´t play my fave tracks during their afternoon set…but at least I secured myself a nice spot together with a friend to watch Versengold afterwards. And it was funny how before that show Versengold did their soundcheck and even made a show out of it.

But the two shows of Versengold – one in the afternoon and one in the evening were why I was there mainly. And it´s been worth it again, it was a fun time! Though I missed “Biikebrennen” duing the afternoon show – but they played it at least during the evening show. This song is so important to me, especially now after my half-marathon. It always brings back the memories of sweat and tears and happiness during the preparation and during the run itself then. So I was hyper happy to hear it, just like the other instrumentals they played.

To be honest though, there is one song I never thought that it would somewhen end to be my least liked track by the band. Why that happened? Well, the guys published a new song called “Der Tag an dem die Götter sich betranken” – and I couldn´t like it any less than I do. It doesn´t feel creative at all, but well…people seem to like it when looking around at the festival. I don´t. For me it´s a track where I just stand there shrugging. But at least we got a nice big blow-up globe to bounce around in the audience in the evening. And it kept going and going and the photographers in the photopit always had to throw it back if it dropped out.

It was funny, but got even funnier when during “Solange jemand Geige spielt” we were asked to all just keep spinning around becaus in the song it says “Denn sie dreht sich, dreht sich, dreht sich, dreht sich mit den Haaren im Wind. Ja, sie dreht sich, dreht sich, denn sie ist nicht wie die Anderen sind. Denn solange jemand Geige spielt, ist sie unendlich frei. Und sie dreht sich, dreht sich, ja, sie dreht sich, wild im Kreise dabei”. So we were spinning and spinning and spinning and it kept spinning in my head still three songs afterwards – it was such a fun time again, though it became pretty fresh during the show after the rest of the day was full of sunshine and warm weather.

The things that kinda hit me most was something else though. It felt different than before to stand there, both times second row. There was this calmness, this feeling of coming home somehow. The shows didn´t only make me happy but also made me so calm. I needed that, really.

Afte rthe evening show I left rather soon because I didn´t feel well and didn´t want to risk anything, and just wanted my bed. A hot bath, lots of water to drink and then rest. It´s been a great last MPS in Öjendorf – and next year I have another MPS rather close to my door 😉

Concert: Nothing More in Hamburg (22.06.2018)

No, this is not the official report, this is my little report on the day. Because I feel like writing it now instead of editing photos – which is the thing I dread most after each and every concert where I attended as a press-person. Especially when it is so small venues like the Headcrash in Hamburg, with limited lights and thus a tougher time whilst photographing and even tougher time when needing to edit the photos.

And somehow…I am still sorting thoughts whilst typing this, it´s this weird day-after-concert feeling, this odd feeling, this feeling when the adrenaline is gone and you sit there and everything just seems to be crashing.

Anyways, it´s been one of the mornings where it´s been tough for me to get out of bed – I simply couldn´t. But I had to, as I had promised to be cooking for Nothing More. And if I promised something, I will stick to it. The cooking was okay, but once I had to get the car2go, my mind started to go nuts and everything became overly stressful – in the end it all worked, but I was stressed anyways. Welcome to the madness in my mind ;))

I was happy when I was at the venue and was able to deliver the food – sucked that the venue also did some catering, but ah well, doesn´t matter 😀 Communication is the key, and sometimes that key is lost on the way hahaha I had actually expected to be kicked out of the venue right afterwards, but the band wasn´t even there and I got along with the venue staff, so I ended up hanging out there right away until doors open. It was fun, and it took away the stress and anxiety in my head. I became pretty calm, which was a nice thing. Had some pizza, some non-alcoholic drinks, a lot of laughs…

And then got my wristlet as photopass, and the “okay” to photograph the whole show again and not just the first three songs. So it´s been like last year. Frontrow, same spot, just with more people filling the venue. It was sold out, around 280 folks in there, no air, nothing. I was already sweated when the supportband had finished their set. To be honest – not my cup of tea. I felt sorry for the band because the crowd really wasn´t too interested.

The Nothing More show then was probably the second sweatiest show I ever experienced – the most sweaty one was Halestorm at Logo here in Hamburg, where the watr was dripping from the low ceiling. Here, you were “just” sweating and having the sweat run down your body as if you had rivers right there. It was, to say the least, disgusting. But that´s something you figure out just when you think about it later on, and not during the show.

I enjoyed every second of the show, and it was good to hear “Jenny” again – a song that always breaks me to pieces to build me up again when I am on my lowest. And it worked like a charme again. Also “Don´t stop” was very important to me – because it´s one of my two main tarcks of my half marathon preparation and training, a song that always pushed me, always kicked my ass when I wanted to just quit it and give in. Having my half marathon coming up in 8 fucking days I had to hear it. The setlist was pretty much the same like last time I think, but that didn´t matter – I had a blast anyways, though people/fan bitching “put your hair together, it´s always in my face” is like the most hilarious thing I ever heard at a fucking rockshow! I was sweating, rocking out, taking photos, singing along, crying…

And I was surprised that I walked out of the show without bruises, without any injuries or alike – last time I was cripple afterwards, this time I was alive! And had a great time chatting with the guys, so down to earth – this is how I like “my” musicians. Like folks from next door, not acting like they´d be something better. It´s been a nice end of that night  – went home with a lot of thanks for the food and a lot of good luck wishes for my half marathon. And feeling better.