A look back onto 2017!


  • Watching In Gowan Ring in a tiny club show in Hamburg
    So tiny, so intimate, so honest and pure…maybe one of the most hypnotizing shows I have ever been to – with around like 50 people watching only…time to dream, time to let go, to drift away…


  • Watching a concert at the newly opened Elbphilharmonie
    The concert was great, but the sound itself was not as impressive as I had actually expected it – so basically it´s no “must go to” for me at all, especially when the prices are going up high.
  • Watching Apocalyptica in Hamburg on their 20th anniversary “Plays Metallica by four cellos” tour
    …and what a show, what emotions, especially because my boyfriend at that time joined me and I also had a nice meeting before the show, great musicm great day, it couldn´t have been any better to be honest 😀 [report here]
  • Final exam (written and oral) for my project management certification
    …no words how relieved I was when this course was over, and I had passed the exam after an exam that was terribly stressful for me as my anxiety because of exams has killed me…


  • Seeing Apocalyptica playing in London (I won the tickets and got meet and greet tickets for free) on their 20th anniversary “Plays Metallica by four cellos” tour
    It was one of those trips that were just magic – I wont two tickets to see the guys and took a friend with me, and then also got to join the meet and greet for free…without really having done anything for it. It was just so amazing – despite all the airbnb issues that we faced with a moldy room and then being stuck in some odd restaurant as it was the only thing open… [report here]
  • Weekend trip to Toulouse/France
    Back then with my then.boyfriend, an amazing trip with surprisingly warm weather and great sightseeing…it´s a great place, a great city and the food was also really good and tasty! [report here]
  • Testing lesson: Aerial Hammock
    [report here]
  • Testing lesson: Aerial Silk
    [report here]


  • FC Köln vs Hamburg in the stadium in Hamburg
    It was…cold…but I liked it anyways, because I didn´t have to travel anywhere for once, but anyways – mum, stepdad and me in the stadium is always nice!
  • Seeing Franky Perez with a band play in Frankfurt
    …let´s put it this way: I really was there for just Franky, the rest of the band I didn´t exactly enjoy, but seeing him again was amazing. Also their support was amazing, so it was a cool evening though I felt a tad too youn for this show, looking at the other people in the audience xD


  • Annual general meeting of Lufthansa in Hamburg
    …it was in Hamburg and someone from my family wasn´t able to go so I instead attended – was really interesting to experience something like this.
  • Cooking class
    My then bf and I went to Kochhaus for a cooking class – and what a fun evening, we met great people, laughed a lot and also learned quite a bit and got inspired to cook with recipes for often and actually I am still doing so once a week [report here]


  • Entrance exam for my master degree in Jyväskylä/Finland combined with a little vacation
    It was good to be back in Finland, though at first really stressful and I went out of the exam with a not too positive feeling – but being back “Home” in Jyväskylä was just feeling right, especially during my walks orund my fave lake and then also walking and photographing in Tampere…[report here]
  • Miserable “With Full Force Festival”
    My worst festival experience – spent my last saved money on the trip (had won the tickt), then it all drowned into rain, thunder and lightning and I didn´t even get to see Apocalyptica…[report here]


  • Joining gym
    …because I needed to get out of this lazyness…
  • Doing my first Tough Mudder Half (11km) in Hermannsburg in Northern Germany
    Never thought I´d happily be doing this and it really did bring me to my limits, but together with great people that I met, you can achieve everything, and that´s really one thing I learned – besides noticing that if you fight hard, you can achieve things you never believed you´d ever be doing and getting through! [report here]
  • Deichbrand Festival with Apocalyptica
    I am so grateful that there was this person who gave me the chance to attend, that made it possible – because I really needed this show, I needed to find peace after this all fucked up try at With Full Force – and this festival day made me so incredibly positively calm…[report]


  • New job – at a digital agency in Hamburg, as a junior project manager
    …new job, new life, more money, finally feeling useful again…and needing to adapt to worklife again which at first really was a pain in the neck…
  • Started my Master´s degreee in “Entrepreneurship and business competence” at JAMK University of Applied Sciences
    [report here]
  • Was in Jyväskylä/Finland again for the start of my studies and spent a night at Helsinki airport because of shitty flight times
    Had a good introduction day in Jyväskylä, and a good time there in general – got a car ride back to Helsinki and thus was there far too early and had a long annoying night at Helsinki airport, trying to find any kind of position for sleeping…I hate it that I always try to save money somewhere…
  • Mittelalterlich Spectaculum in Cologne, photographing my friend´s band Faey
    Two days that started rain and then got pretty war – great time there, great fun photographing, great fun with the band, seeing also Versengold, having a few drinks…
  • FC Köln vs Lehe in their tiny stadium in Wilhelmshaven
    We were late, because stuck in traffic though we started so early – but at least still saw some goals for our team, sitting in the “stadium” that didn´t have a proper roof…and it was raining…


  • Muddy Angel mud & obstacle run in Hamburg – 5km
    …a cute little run with fun obstacles and loads of photos to take home with aswell. I met nice people, and I was having really a fun time – just not enough mud, maybe that changed later on during the day, but I was really lacking it ^^ [report here]
  • Mittelalterlich Spectaculum (medieval market) in Hamburg with great atmosphere and Versengold
    Sunshine here and there, amazing music everywhere – and a good day. And I always keep on losing y heart to Versengold, and how they improvised when there was that power outage…great time but got pretty cold in the evening…
  • Mud Masters mud & obstacle run in Luhmühlen, close to Hamburg – 12km
    Pretty much the downfall for me, as I passed out after having gone down the slide and hit the cold water – the mix of fear, exhaution and the cold water killed me totally, brought me to the mediecal personnel but…I still continued afterwards because I really wanted to finish… [report here]
  • FC Köln playing internationally & me attending a home match vs Belgrad
    So exciting, so waited for this and…not the best match but the pyro before the match and it being an international match…dream come true, really! [report here]
  • Working at my company´s office in Cologne for 1,5 days
    …and man the office is one of the Kranhäuser in Cologne, with a direct view onto Cologne Cathedral on one side and on the river Rhine on the other side…just view metres away from it – so beautiful during sunrise…


  • Sometimes love turns into friendship…
    …better friendship than nothing at all, though it´s not been an easy step. But necessary.
  • Working at my company´s Cologne office for a whole week
    …and that with a view, thanks to the company being located in one if the Kranhäuser in Cologne 😉
  • Seeing Versengold in Hamburg in concert
    And that was probably the hottest and most sweaty show I have ever been to – but two amazing hours, it turned me totally addicted! [report here]
  • Watching FC Köln vs. Bremen in Cologne
    …and somehow being desperate why they´re just so unable to get shit doing properly…


  • Watching FC Köln play internationally vs Borisov Bate in Cologne
    …what a damned party, what a damned exciting match, and what a victory…so happy that I was able to see this! [report here]
  • Migraine is back…
    …and is ruining a concert for me and struck me down for a full damned day again…oh how little I had missed it…
  • Ditched my master´s studies
    …because it simply did not work together with work – if it was the assignments to be done virtually, or the courses I would have to attend right there in the next semester. I neither have the time to travel due to vacation days and money…just didn´t work out, time will come for it…


  • Mittelalterlich Spectaculum winter edition in Dortmund, watching Faey (and not photographing for a change)
    …in a really disgusting weather to be saying the least. But the market with all of the lights was so beautiful and romantic…I love candles and lights in general…
  • Interviewing and watching a show of Nothing More
    And having the time of my life, a guitar pick hit my eye, and elbow meet my head and everything…and it was still so amazing! I enjoyed every bit of it, and I cannot wait until the band comes back!

Call me Master…

…okay, Master student, or “student soon studying a Master´s programme”. Yesterday evening, just before my last hoop lesson of that timetable, I checked my emails without really expecting any news and and then all of a sudden there was that e-mail saying that I was granted “a studyplace”. And as I just applied for one programme, the Master in Entrepreneurship and Business Competence at my former university of applied sciences, I knew I had made it.

But it felt surreal and still feels surreal, simply because I waited for these news or rather hoped for these news for nearly a month now since I had taken my entrance exam and well, I really had given up on it deep inside my heart already. After all the problems that I am having with finding a new job, I simply didn´t believe in my skills anymore and then this happens. Feels odd, and instead of being overly full of joy, I kinda skipped that phase and am in the phase of doubt all of a sudden already.

The “how to finance that” (still cheaper than if I did it in Germany), “how to combine then hopefull work, my boyfriend, my hobbies and my studies” and “maybe it´s too early”, just as “how to ensure that my sick perfectionism does not return to me with full force”…many doubts and worries, and that shows my main problem. I lost the skill to simply be happy and porud of what I achieved – because I can be proud. I was one of the youngest ones that applied (at least judging from how the others looked) and with just fulfilling the acceptance criteria in terms of business experience, I was below average experience. I really don´t know how I made it and would love to see the score (and actually just this afternoon I received my score: 80/100 points o.O how did that happen?), and that one split up into written and oral exam. For me it´s always important to know where I stand, and just a “yay you have a study place granted” doesn´t fully do the trick, even though it´s an ego boost itself, no doubts there!

Anyways…quite some planning to be done now, sending in things (including a copy of my bachelor´s certificate which is totally hilarious because…just look into your system, guys!) and such…and then noticing that this is freakin real and gonna be great 😀

Day X+277-281 – Suomi!

I am postponing the “Always on Sunday” to tomorrow, because I first want to share my experiences from my Finland trip!

Galleries of my camera photos will still follow – for many of my phone snapshots, check and follow my INSTAGRAM!

29.05.2017 – Day X+277 – Hamburg -> Bremen -> Tampere -> Jyväskylä
The day…well it started terrible. I overslept as my mobile phone alarm didn´t go off, but as I am always nervous before traveling, I woke up still in time. Just to take down the trash and wanting to bring the bike into the cellar – just without finding the bike. Because some fucking asshole stole it. So I had another massice stress factor on top, and I really freaked out – and still hurried to my train that brought me to Bremen as a first step. There I took the tram and noticed: the machine doesn´t take any bills (and I even withdrew some before) because it was defect partially, and I didn´t have enough coins. My nerves broke. were so close to breaking. And then there was this lady who simply payed the ticket for me – I was so so surprised because I am not used to such acts of kindness from people I don´t know.

In Finland then things got better – everything was working better, no bad surprises I thought…the trainride went smooth, the hotel room was as usual okay – and before showering I noticed I had forgotten my hairbrush. It was close before 11PM, so I jumped into whatever clothing I found first – and ran into a stil open supermarket just shouting “i only need a brush” when everyone was looking like “what the fuck?”…but I got one, showered, turned on like 8 alarm clocks on TV, tablet, phone, extra app on phone…no, I was not afraid to fall asleep – especially since everything made me emotional already, so I was not sleep deep at all.

30.05.2017 – Day X+278 – Jyväskylä
I woke up to outside being +1°C – and me with a sleeveless dress and just a thin hoodie – of course with my winter jacket, but still I felt like being wrongly dressed. And my night had been short, and totally not well at all – the make up made up for it though, so that I at least didn´t look like a total zombie. Yet I felt so when arriving at university and being there too early and thus needing to wait outside in the cold – I felt retarded in my winter jacket, being the only one not dresed with a light jacket. The registration nevertheless was quick and without problems, and then everyone turned crazy and learned until the last second whilst I didn´t touch my learning materials at all anymore.

During the written exam that came first, I was stressed to an extend it was insane – the amount that you were allowed to be writing was limited, and that made me angry and rised my stress level even higher because the pre-reading materials were great and interesting topics where I was able to also add a lot of own experience to the topics – if I had the space for it. Thus it´s been really all about compromising, cutting things short – and I hate needing to do that. Made me angry and finish already after half an hour and as the second person in the room. I felt bad about it, terribly bad to be saying the least. Afterwards it was waiting for the interview times being published – and as it was my turn at late lunchtime, I again went home and some food shopping to actually be eating something before passing out during the interview. Dead tired, hungry, and ready to just fall into bed if that would´ve been possible, but wasn´t. After a 9€ salad, I returned to university to do the interview, and that felt better than the written exam somehow, which is weird. But I still really do feel more confident about this one than about the written exam.

Afterwards still spent some time with some other applicants before I went to the hotel, changed and did a run – I really needed to get my mind cleared and turned off, and it´s been the perfect decision. Even though it´s been too cold for what I was wearing, but the view made up for it, clearly. And afterwards I just dropped into bed and that was it then for the day, I really had no power left anymore.

31.05.2017 – Day X+279 – Jyväskylä & Tampere
I “slept in” – I slept longer and I slept really deep and there could´ve been abomb going off right next to my bed and I would have not woken up because yesterday had been so exhausting for me, physically and mentally both. But I got up, got packed up and brought my stuff to mainstation, to be able to go to “my” lake for photographing and just turning off the mind. And that worked, it worked really well. I think I´ve not been that calm for quite a while, and I noticed how my body was able to relaxed. Thoroughly. Fully. Every bit of it, I was okay with the world for once. And it´s been a beautiful feeling! But at some point I started freezing and walked all the way back to the centre to buy my train ticket and go to Tampere to my friend´s place to do pretty much nothing for the rest of the days as I already had reached my step goal and was just in pain because of my legs being totally overtaxed. And I needed to relax, as simple as that 😉

01.06.2017 – Day X+280 – Tampere
I slept longer, and felt rather good at first – when I looked at the weather my mood became lower, but I didn´t care and packed my camera and everything and went for a 2,5h walk for photographing nature and whatever comes along. And it´s been a great walk, silence, no music, no noises except for the lake, wind and the floor underneath my feet. I enjoyed it, though it´s been really freezing, and I am really not used to such cold temperatures anymore after those summer like temperatures in Germany lately.

After my time out I really needed a hot tea, warming up and relaxing my legs because they were still hurting from yesterday and all the walking. It is crazy how many steps I have been walking during the past days, it´s nearly a new record, seriously. But my legs aren´t used to that, specially walking uphill, downhill, uphill again, fighting against the wind and everything…but the views were worth the pain, but I am done with this – and enjoyed unhealthy food for the rest of the day, as well as sitting on the couch and simply doing nothing for a while. Before starting the struggle of packing and worrying about overweight luggage.
Because I knew it was gonna be bad with all the stuff I had been buying as eatible and drinkable souvenirs ^^

02.06.2017 – Day X+281 – Tampere -> Bremen -> Hamburg
After a night where I woke up every hour to check the time as I was afraid my phone´s alarm wopuldn´t be going off again, I was grumpy and dead tired yet i still walked to the train station from where the bus to the airport left. Ihad to get my steps done, because I was afraid of having gained weight (I hadn´t, but that´s nother story I learned later at home). Talking about weight – my luggage was quite over the booked weight, so I packed loads of things into my backpack, trashed some half-empty stuff and the rest 1,5kg too much the ladies luckily just ignored and I didn´t have to pay extra. Relieved. The flight was unspectacular, I was dozing off, as usual – at least tried, because I had a screaming kid in the row in front of that I would´ve loved to throw off the plane. God damnit.

I was relieved when I arrived at the airport and quickly made it to the main station to get my train from Bremen to Hamburg – I wa shappy I got such an early train, but regretted it again because I ended up in a waggon with a group of noisy, annoying drunk elderly. My anger problem grew and grew…and didn´t get any better once I was home and called the insurance to check if my bike was included in it or not – nope, of course now. All I then did for the rest of the day was grocery shopping, a hot bath and catching up on my fave series. Mentally totally exhausted, brain fried.

Tschüss 2015 – Ein Rückblick

Seit ich diesen Blog angefangen habe, gab es jedes Jahr einen Rückblick – und genau so wird auch dieses Jahr zu Ende gehen. Es war ein verrücktes Jahr, mit vielen Höhen und Tiefen und Achterbahn-Überschlägen und und und…und vielem Privaten, was hier nicht seinen Platz finden wird, weil es einfach zu privat ist…


  • Beginn meines Projektmanagementkurses
    Man war das eine harte Zeit die da uf mich zu kam, und Unterricht einmal die Woche war definitiv genug – besonders wenn man Perfektionist ist und immer die Beste sein will
  • Fußballspiel im Stadion – Hamburg vs. Köln
    Was kann ich sagen: es war kalt, aber ich war überrascht wie gut alles mitsamt Extra-Bussen gehandhabt wird – ich kenne da viel Schlimmeres. Und es war toll, ein Spiel mal wieder live zu sehen.
  • Tiefkühltruhe gekauft
    Endlich kann ich vorkochen, alles portionieren und dann einfrieren – einfach perfekt wenn man nicht kochen will, aber auch kein fast Food essen will… 


  • Habe ein Paket von Schaebens gewonnen – ein Himmel für einen Masken-Liebhaber
    …und meiner Haut hat es auch gefallen, und mir auch. Es war schön mal Masken auszuprobieren, die ich mir so wohl nicht gekauft hätte – und einige davon werde ich auch nicht kaufen, aber trotzdem – ich habe ja alles gewonnen!
  • Firmen-Fitnessraum wurde eröffnet
    …was für mich bedeutet: kostenlos und nahe an der Arbeit dran und das wiederum bedeutet – mehr Motivation auch wirklich hinzugehen, auch wenn die Ausstattung nicht wirklich gut ist
  • Das erste Mal ein Baby fotografiert
    …ich und Menschen fotografieren? Und dann auch noch ein Baby? Garantiert nicht, das habe ich immer gesagt, bis meine Freundin mich gefragt hat, ob ich es machen würde – und das habe ich dann auch, und es hat echt Spaß gemacht und die Fotos sind schon echt süß!


  • Von befristetem Vertrag zu unbefristet
    Bedeutet: mehr Sicherheit, und ich weiß, dass ich für längere Zeit in Hamburg bleiben werde ^^
  • Finland Urlaub und Arbeit auf den Lahti Ski Games
    Ich sollte als Fotografin arbeiten, bei den Lahti Ski Games – stattdessen habe ich hier und da geholfen, und habe es genossen Skispringen zu sehen, und das auch von oben auf dem Skisprung-Turm…
  • Meine Kamera wurde in Finnland gestohlen
    …und ich musste mir eine neue kaufen, und habe die Lektion gelernt und mir für meine neue Kamera eine Diebstahl-Versicherung zugelegt. Es war ein bitterer Verlust, weil ich die Kamera geliebt habe, aber jetzt habe ich eine sogar bessere…


  • Apocalyptica und Sixx:A.M. in den USA – Albany – New York – Philadelphia – Silver Spring
    Der wohl verrückteste Ausflug den ich bisher in meinem Leben gemacht habe, und neben dem Wiedersehen mit den Apocalyptica Jungs, wurde ich wie Freunde und Familie von ihrem Tourmanager behandelt. Auch habe ich viele tolle Fans kennengelernt, und auch Sixx:A.M. (tolle Type, von Nikki Sicc abgesehen – keine Wertschätzung hier).


  • Brot backen
    Ich habe damit begonnen, mein eigenes Brot zu backen, weil es einfach besser schmeckt und auch echt nicht schwer ist – perfekt würde ich sagen 


  • Judas Priest Konzerte- Hamburg und Utrecht
    Erste Reihe, es gibt nichts besseres, und weil einmal einfach nicht reicht, bin ich auch noch nach Utrecht gefahren – ganz einfach weil die Halle vergleichbar klein und intim war. Und es war so verdammt toll so nah an der Bühne zu sein!
  • Fototour auf dem Ohlsdorfer Friedhof
    Ich hatte immer ein Problem damit, auf Friedhöfen zu fotografieren, aber da es dort eher wie ein Park ist, macht es wirklich Spaß – und es gibt tolle Motive!
  • Projektmanagement Kurs beendet
    Und ich habe ihn mit tollen Noten abgeschlossen – perfekt!
  • Projekt Wasser Woche – eine Woche lang nur Wasser trinken, gesponsored von Gerolsteiner
    …und ich habe darüber gebloggt. Es hat sich wirklich gut angefühlt, weil ich gemerkt habe dass ich sonst nicht genug trinke, besonders wenn es auf der Arbeit stressig ist, vergesse ich das mal gut und gerne…


  • Unfall auf der City Slide Hamburg, Krankenhausaufenthalt und monatelange Schmerzen und Probleme
    Die Angst davor, dass ich vielleicht meine Wirbelsäule verletzt hätte und sich einfach alles in meinem Leben ändern würde war einfach grausam, ich hatte noch nie eine solche Panik; und ich war froh, dass ich viel Unterstützung hatte da wieder mit einem Lächeln rauszugehen
  • Wochenend-Urlaub in Stralsund
    …um mich von meinem Unfall zu erholen, um den Kopf abzuschalten und um wirklich entspannen zu können, damit ich wieder auf die Beine komme – und ich habe die Zeit gut genutzt, war schwimmen bin viel herumgelaufen, habe ein paar Fotos gemacht…
  • Beginn des PinkBox Abos (für Beauty Sachen)
    …das ich dann später wieder gekündigt habe, weil die Sachen in der Box dann doch nicht so toll waren wie ich erhofft hatte – aber es hat mir einiges an schöner Kosmetik beschert


  • Die erste Show nach meiner Verletzung fotografiert
    Und dann eine Show, die wirklich gefährlich war, die Security hatten alle Hände voll damit zu tun, dass ich nicht ausversehen von einem Mikrofon-Kabel stranguliert werde – aber wenigstens war ich alleine im Fotopit ^^ 


  • Metal Hammer Awards in Berlin dank der VIP-Tickets von Alles-Vegetarisch.de
    Ein toller Ausflug mit einem Kollegen damals, hin und zurück ohne eine Nacht wo zu schlafen – es ist einfach am billigsten, und der Abend war echt lustig!
  • Habe mit Weight Watchers angefangen
    Und das mit einem großen Ziel: innerhalb der nächsten 2 Jahre will ich insgesamt 25kg abnehmen… 


  • Europa Tour von Apocalyptica (Hamburg – Bielefeld – Köln – Brüssel)
    Eine tolle 2 Stunden lange Show, neue und bekannte Leute treffen, herumreisen und teilweise auch endlich mal was von den Orten sehen, in denen ich bin (Brüssel), einem Fan ein Ticket schenken weil ich dank Gästeliste eins übrig hatte – es war eine tolle Zeit
  • 3 neue Gerolsteiner Erfrischungsgetränke gewonnen
    …die meisten waren nicht wirklich meins, leider. Aber Sachen zu gewinnen ist trotzdem einfach toll ^^ 


  • Beginn meines neuen Jobs
    …was eine gute Entscheidung war, die neue Herausforderung ist wirklich gut und mir machen meine Aufgaben echt Spaß
  • Keine Olympischen Spiele in Hamburg
    …und ich habe natürlich auch dagegen gestimmt und bin erleichtert, dass der Volksentscheid diese Pläne alle zerstört hat…


  • Pole Dancing ausprobiert und es geliebt!
    …ich habe es also geschafft meine Angst davor, “nur die Fette” zu sein, beiseite zu schieben und habe es ausprobiert und es hat echt Spaß gemacht – daher werde ich meinen ersten Kurs im Januar beginnen (für zwei Monate, und danach sehen wir weiter)
  • Brigitte Beauty Box dank eines Adventkalenders gewonnen
    …und ich bin echt froh darpber – nicht nur weil ich etwas gewonnen habe, sondern auch über den Inhalt, denn da geht es nicht nur um Beauty, sondern auch ein bisschen um Lebensmittel.
  • Tablet gekauft
    Endlich habe ich ein Tablet und muss jetzt auf Reisen nicht mehr immer mein schweres Laptop mit mir herumtragen – dank der Amazon Sale Week habe ich es mir gekauft und ich könnte nicht glücklicher sein
  • Weihnachten zuhause in Köln
    Es ist immer gut zurück zu sein und Zeit mit der Familie zu verbringen
  •  FitBit Flex gekauft
    …um meine Aktivitäten aufzuzeichnen, und um herauszufinden ob ich mich genug bewege oder ob ich aktiver sein und mehr spazieren gehen muss

Bye bye 2015 – a flashback

As I have done all past years since I opened this blog, there will also be a flashback this year. It´s been a crazy year, many ups, many downs, roller coaster loops and and and…and a lot of very private stuff that would actually need to go in there, but it´s simply too private so it will stay in the back of my mind.



  • Started my project management evening course
    And man that was a tough time, that once a week was clearly enough – especially when you wanna make it perfect and always be on top of it
  • Soccer match at the stadium – Hamburg vs Cologne
    And what can I say: it was cold, but I was surprised how easy it was to get there and how well extra busses and such are handled – I am used to much worse. And it was great to see a live match again!
  • Bought my big amazing fridge
    Finally I can pre-cook it all, and then put it in portions and freeze it – amazing if you are too lazy to cook but still don´t want to have fast food 


  • Won some prizes sponsored by Schaebens – heaven for someone who loves facial masks
    …and my skin loved it, and so did I. It was great to actually get to check out some of their facial masks which I normally would have not bought – and some of them I will not be buying again, but still, I won all of it!
  • Gym at my company was opened
    …which means for me: gym for free, and close to work – means: more motivation to actually get going, even though the equipment is not really fully satisfying
  • First time photographing a baby (from a good friend)
    …me and photographing people? And then even a baby? Hell no, that´s what I kept saying for ages, until my friend asked me if I could do it – and so I did, and it was loads of fun and the photos are really cute! 


  • Got rid off my temporary contract and switched to an open end contract
    Means: more security, and I know I will be staying in Hamburg for a longer time ^^
  • Finland vacation and work at Lahti Ski Games
    I was supposed to be working as a photographer at Lahti Ski Games – instead did some things here and there, and enjoy being able to watch ski jumping from the top of the hill and all these perks…
  • My camera was stolen in Finland
    …and I had to buy a new one, and learned the lesson to have a theft insurance for my new camera. It was a bitter loss, because I loved my camera, but now I have an even better one… 


  • Apocalyptica and Sixx:A.M. in the US – Albany – New York – Philadelphia –  Silver Spring
    The craziest trip I have ever done in my life so far, and besides finally meeting the Apocalyptica guys again, I was treated like friends and family thanks to their tour manager. Also I met many great fans, and also Sixx:A.M (they are great guys, except for Nikki Sixx – no appreciation here). 


  • Baking bread
    I started baking my own bread, because it simply tastes better and it´s not really hard either – perfect match I´d say 


  • Judas Priest shows – Hamburg and Utrecht
    Frontrow for the win, and because once wasn´t enough, I added the Utrecht show on top – simply because the venue was comparably small and intimate. And fucking hell it was great to be so close to the stage!
  • Photo tour at cemetery Ohlsdorf
    I always had a problem with going to cemeteries for photographing, but as this one is more like a park, it is always a pleasure – and great motives aswell!
  • Finished my project management evening course
    And I did that with amazing grades – strike!
  • Projekt Wasser Woche – drinking only water for a week, sponsored by Gerolsteiner
    …and blogging about it. And it felt really good, because I realized I do not drink enough, especially during stressful days at work I tend to forget about it… 


  • Accident at City Slide Hamburg, making me go to hospital and giving me pain and problems for many following months
    The fear of maybe having injured my spine and having my life changed was terrible and I never had such a panic before; and I was glad I had the support I needed to get over it all
  • Weekend trip to Stralsund
    …to recover from my accident, to turn off the mind and to be able to actually relax in order to get better – and I spent the time well, swimming, walking around, snapping some photos…
  • Started the PinkBox (a surprise box with beauty products) abonnement
    …which I cancelled later on, because the content of the boxes was not amazing as I had hoped beforehand – but it brought me many different new cosmetics 


  • Photographing first show after my accident in July
    And then one, that made it really dangerous to be in the photopit – the security had quite some work to keep me from being strangled. But at least I was the only one in the pit back then^^ 


  • Metal Hammer Awards in Berlin thanks to having won tickets from Alles-Vegetarisch.de
    A fun trip with a colleague back then, travelling back and forth without a night in a hotel or anything – because it´s been the cheapest way, and the evening was clearly fun!
  • Started WeightWatchers
    With quite a goal: 25kg I wanna lose, over the next 2 years… 


  • European Tour of Apocalyptica (Hamburg – Bielefeld – Cologne – Brussels)
    An amazing 2hour show, meeting new and old people and travelling a lot – and partially even seeing something of the cities I was in (Brussels), giving a fan a ticket as a gift because I had a spare one due to my guestlist – it was a great tour for me
  • Won three new Gerolsteiner refreshing drinks
    …but most of them were not really convincing, unfortunately. But I enjoy winning stuff nevertheless ^^ 


  • Start of my new job
    …which was a good decision, because I enjoy the new challenges and tasks a lot
  • No olympics games in Hamburg
    …and I clearly voted for a “no” – many reasons, I will not be listing all of those, but I am relieved, a lot. 


  • Tried pole dancing and loved it!
    …so I overcame my fear of “being just the fat girl” and tried it out and loved it – therefore, I will be starting the pole dancing course in January (first two months, and then maybe later on I´d continue)
  • Won a Brigitte Beauty Box thanks to an online advent calendar
    …and I am really happy about it – not just because I´ve won something, but also about the content, as it is a really nice mixture of beauty things but also food related items
  • Bought a tablet
    Finally I have a tablet so that I can now travel without needing to carry my big and fat laptop around all the time – thanks to Amazon Sale Week I got to buy it and I couldn´t be happier with it
  • Christmas at home in Cologne
    Always good to be back and see the family!
  • Bought  a FitBit Flex
    …to track my activities better, and to really figure out if I am moving my butt enough or if I need to get more active and walk more!

Interview: Netta Skog

Netta Skog is probably mostly known due to her time of playing the accordion with Finnish „Battle Metal“ band TURISAS. She had left the band years ago and now is focusing on her own music and school, but was now replacing ENSIFERUM´s Emmi Silvennoinen on the “One Man Army“-tour this spring.

I used the chance of having her in town and sat down with her in their tour bus, asking her about her life after Turisas and now the tour with Ensiferum.



Netta Skog kennt man wohl weitgehend dank ihrer Zeit als Akkordeonistin von „Battle Metal“-Band Turisas. Sie hatte vor Jahren die Band verlassen, und kümmert sich nun um ihre eigene Musik und Schule, aber war jetzt mit ENSIFERUM auf Tour, da sie für Emmi Silvennoinen in der “One Man Army“ eingesprungen ist.

Ich habe die Chance, sie hier in Hamburg zu haben, dazu ergriffen mich mit ihr im Tourbus zusammen zu setzen um ein bisschen über ihre Zeit nach Turisas und über die aktuelle Tour zu plaudern.


03.03.2015-10.03.2015: My Finland vacation // Mein Finnland-Urlaub

Alright, so let´s look back onto my Finland vacation time at the beginning March.
I had been supposed to work as a photographer for the Lahti Ski Games, in detail for their Social Media team. But it all came different than planned.

I started my trip from Hamburg to Bremen and then to Tampere, where I spent the first days. Just when I was about to leave to Lahti and was on my way from my friend´s place to the trainstation, my camera was stolen. Yes, on the street. And I have no idea how the hell that was possible in the end but it really happened. In the end I spent quite some time at the police station to report the theft, knowing that I am doing this even though all the efforts I will not be getting anything back from my insurance. So I reported the theft, and of course missed my train, had to buy a new train ticket and then were on my way to Lahti – totally off track and teary.

My host in Lahti was a really lovely girl, and we had many great talks, laughs and I really felt comfortable with her – and this is something that is so so valuable. Because if you feel comfortable and save, you immediately are more relaxed. The couch was alright, and I had all I needed.

Lahti Ski Games…well. I was upset that I was unable to work as a photographer, and had different tasks and duties every day. I did quite a bit of live-tweeting (live reporting on twitter) on some competitions, means I was sitting in front of a laptop, watching the competition on a screen and on live ticker and then informing the Twitter followers on the current standings. Then I was taking Instagram snapshots at the skijumping competition, made ski jumper Anders Bardal give us his start number for raffling, recorded some greeting videos and took a lot of snapshots for myself. And got two start numbers for myself, from my fave ski jumpers. During the individual competitions of skijumping, I didn´t have really anything to do, so I spent quite some time at the coaches stand, up on the tower and just enjoying it from perspectives that you usually don´t get.

Overall, it had been an amazing experience, full of troubles, problems, fails and such – but that is just normal, but the people and all the fun just make up for it. By all means. I am looking forward to next time, because I clearly do wanna join in again!

When I spent another 1.5 days at my friend´s place in Tampere, all I was able to do was…lay on the couch and do nothing, as I felt pretty bad and close to getting sick – I had been outside for most of the day, from cold to warmth, from freezing to sweating and back to freezing…I was really exhausted. And to be fully honest, volunteering is really nothing to do when being on vacations for just a week – you will return even more exhausted than when you were before.

More photos I will be posting in a separate entry!


So, jetzt lasst uns mal zurückschauen auf meinen Finnland Urlaub am Anfang des Monats März.

Es war so geplant gewesen, dass ich als Fotografin bei den Lahti Ski Games arbeite, um es genau zu sagen für deren Social Media Team. Aber alles kam dann doch anders als geplant.

Ich habe meine Reise in Hamburg angefangen, dann ging es nach Bremen und von dort aus dann nach Tampere, wo ich die ersten Tage verbracht habe. Als ich dann auf dem Weg zum Bahnhof war, um nach Lahti zu fahren (ich bin von meiner Freundin aus gelaufen), wurde mir aus dem Rucksack meine Kamera geklaut. Ja, auf der Straße. Ich habe keine Ahnung wie zum Teufel das möglich war, aber es ist halt passiert. Am Ende habe ich dann so einige Zeit auf der Polizeiwache verbracht um den Diebstahl zu melden, auch wenn ich wusste dass es Zeitverschwendung ist da ich von meiner Versicherung eh nichts bekommen würde. Daher habe ich den Diebstahl gemeldet und habe natürlich meinen Zug verpasst, musste ein neues Ticket kaufen und war dann endlich auf dem Weg nach Lahti- total neben der Spur und aufgelöst.

Meine Gastgeberin in Lahti war ein wirklich nettes Mädchen, und wir hatten viele schöne Gespräch, haben viel gelacht und ich habe mich bei ihr wohlgefühlt – und das ist etwas, was so so wertvoll ist. Weil man sich wohl und sicher fühlt, dann ist man einfach sofort entspannter. Die Couch war okay, und ich hatte alles was ich brauchte.

Lahti Ski Games…na ja. Ich war immer noch frustriert, dass ich nicht als Fotografin arbeiten konnte, und ich hatte andere Aufgaben und Pflichten jeden Tag. Ich habe einiges an Live-Tweeting gemacht (Live-Berichte auf Twitter) und über die Wettkämpfe berichtet, d.h. ich saß vor dem Laptop und hatte ein Auge auf dem Live-Ticker und das andere auf dem Fernseher – und habe halt die Live-Ergebnisse verbreitet. Dann habe ich Fotos für Instagram gemacht beim Skispringen, habe Skispringer Anders Bardal dazu gebracht und sein Bib zu geben damit wir er verlosen konnten, habe ein paar Gruß-Videos aufgenommen und habe so einiges an Schnappschüssen für mich selbst gemacht. Und ich habe zwei Bibs auch für mich selbst bekommen, von meinen Lieblings-Skispringern. Während des Einzelwettkampfes hatte ich nicht wirklich etwas zu tun, und bin daher hoch zum Trainerturm und hoch auf den Turm und habe den Wettkampf aus nicht ganz so alltäglichen Perspektiven angeschaut.

Alles im allem war es eine tolle Erfahrung, voller Chaos und Problemen, Versagen und sowas aber das ist halt normal, und die Leute und all der Spaß haben das vergessen gemacht. Wirklich. Ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Mal, weil ich da wirklich wieder mitmachen will.

Als ich dann noch einmal ca. 1.5 Tage bei meiner Freundin in Tampere verbracht habe, bin ich nicht mehr wirklich von der Couch heruntergekommen – das war wirklich alles, was ich tun konnte, da ich das Gefühl hatte krank zu werden und total schlapp war – ich hatte den Großteil des Tages draußen verbracht, von der Kälte in die Wärme, vom Frieren zum Schwitzen und wieder zum Frieren…ich war wirklich erschöpft. Und um ehrlich zu sein ist solch eine freiwillige Arbeit nicht wirklich die richtige Wahl für einen Urlaub von nur einer Woche – man komm kaputter wieder als man vorher war.

Weitere Fotos werde ich in einem separaten Beitrag veröffentlichen!