Baking: Blueberry crumble rolls

To be honest, I´ve neither been a fan of baking so far, nor have felt exactly talented doing so. But special occasions need special activities and so I was searching for a sweet recipe for a special cake – and as I am following the recipe owner on Instagram for quite a while, it was just natural to go and check if there was anything that I would like to try.

And man it was really hard to actually choose one cake because there´s so many amazingly looking and tasty sounding cakes on her blog just waiting for you to bake them!

before baking

And yes, I did find something! It looked special and tasty and the recipe felt rather easy, luckily.

I changed it to not only using blueberries but also raspberries and some raspberry marmelade because I didn´t have enough blueberries – shame on me, but the store didn´t have enough when I went there to go and get all the ingredients.

Those are pretty average, so you should be fine with going to whatever normal supermarket of your choice.

Despite the fact that baking and cooking always creates a mess in my kitchen, this baking session has been incredibly easy going because the steps that were described on the recipe were easy to understand and clear. No chance to misunderstand anything, unless you don´t read properly. And even then things to work out, unless it´s a major glitch – I know, I´ve been there and done that- and it still tasted amazing.

I was feeling really confident during baking and relaxed, and would always do it again –

and I will also be trying other recipes from her, because they´ve proven that a dumbass like me can also be baking a cook cake that is not consisting of a ready made mix that you just need to use 😉

…have I meantioned that I now want to have that cake again? Just writing this and looking at the photos made me terribly hungry for it again xD So yes, totally IN LOVE with this cake that you can vary with different fruits how you wish^^


Original recipe

Her Instagram-Account


Restaurant: Le Patron – Wilhelmshaven

Let´s start with the fact that I´ve already been there two times and clearly plan on going to this restaurant more often in the future – and that even though it´s above average when it comes to the menu prices.

The location couldn´t be any better nor any more popular – right at Südstrand and right next to the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bridge it´s not only easy to reach but also invites you to longer walks before and/or after the meal you´re having at Le Patron.

And if the weather is good, you don´t even need to eat inside but can choose between really outside, some winter-garden like outside and still inside.

If you choose to use the “wintergarden”, be assured you won´t be freezing when it´s getting fresh as they´re turning on the heating lamps then 😉 If you choose to only have a snack – then that´s also possible, so no need for a big meal if you´re not feeling like it!

But let´s talk about the food – you have a wide range of soups and other first options, and for the main course you can choose between many fish dishes but also great meals with different kinds of meat and veggies. And if you´re having a sweet tooth, then you will probably enjoy the desserts too.

I started off with what I generally love and knew that it was good here – goat cheese baked in bacon with a bit of salad. The warm cheese and the taste of bacon…it´s porn for the taste buds. I could eat that for the rest of my life, every damn day. Simply because it´s so good!

I´ve chosen – yes, also for the second time – the fish plate with different kinds of fish and potato from the pan. Why two times the same dish? Because I fell in love with it. I like the different tastes ranging from the different kinds of fish and the whole dish is – despite the potatoes – feeling rather light and really not heavy. So it´s not only perfect for winter but also perfect for warmer days!

For dessert they often have specials, and even if not – the little lava cakes are tasting good said people that were there with me. Chocolate at its finest accompanied with some ice cream. But watch out, you might be full already if you chose to have a pre-dish and the main course ^^


Go there! Enjoy the food – no matter if you like fish or meat or whatnot! You´ll surely find something really tasty that will make your day – I am sure about that.


Le Patron
Südstrand 106
26382 Wilhelmshaven

16:8 – make it three!

So, week 2 was without sports partially, and I´ve been eating a lot…just a 200g weight loss…but I have not even any clue how that happened. It´s gonna remain a miracle forever! But now let´s see what this week has been bringing in shape of challenges and successes!

But now let´s talk about week 3 in which I lost around 0,5kg!

21.03. Thursday

Been sticking to the plan and still had some calories left – but I really gotta watch that I don´t start eating too much chocolate again, because I am so longing for it…it´s become terrible lately and doesn´t get any better…

22.03. Friday

Rest week feels good, and makes it so much easier to not eat until lunchtime and not feel lik epassing out. But in the evening it´s been tough because I was in Cologne late and thus couldn´t stick to my evening cut – travel days is what I just cannot get working for me and the fasting.

23.03. Saturday

I tried at least – and only failed partially. Being somewhere as a guest makes it tough to fully stick to such fasting, but I tried to at least not totally screw with the times. I ignored my calorie bracket though and had muffins and a heavy dinner…

24.03. Sunday

I really tried to stick to my 16:8 fasting, and pretty much made it except for a little midnight snack once I had returned home from Cologne. Traveldays are always so difficult foodwise, no matter if with afsting or just counting calories. And this killed me once again.

25.03. Monday

It´s been a good day where for once I was really sticking to my eating times for both meals, lunch and dinner! Somehow I start to struggle this week more than I have been during the past two weeks and I am clueless why…maybe because it´s pretty tough at times to aways have an eye on the watch instead of eating when your body tells you to.

26.03. Tuesday

I was out biking in the early morning hours, so the time until lunchtime where I was allowed to start eating felt like a bloody lifetime and didn´t exactly help my motivation and especially not my concentration. but afterwards it was all good, even though I cheated a bit on the time for dinner…gotta be stricter again!

27.03. Wednesday

The morning was easy because I had an off day, but as I was busy in the evening and on the road I wasn´t able to be eating and thus had a midnight snack. My body really requested that meal so I couldn´t refuse – it would´ve been simply unhealthy if I did.

16:8 – two weeks in!

So, week 1 had brought me an unplanned weightloss of 0,5kg – let´s see what the scale is gonna see after this week. All I had planned for is feeling fitter and get my body more into the “away from dieting and more to te I gotta work” mode again and I think that works pretty well. At least that´s how I feel.

14.03. Thursday

In the evening I had to hurry after all of my working out, and that´s the major challenge – during the work week to do my sports and then get dinner ready and eaten until 8pm. It requires a lot of planning and multitasking at times and that´s pretty annoying and frustrating to be really honest.

15.03. Friday

Swimmong on empty stomach felt even better than last time, though at first I felt like I was lacking energy – the results proved me wrong! The rest of the day was okay, until my first meal I started to feel like starving because of the swim training having been pretty heavy but overall I managed it. It starts to feel more normal, even though it´s still a lot of it comes from pure discipline.

16.03. Saturday

In the moring I on purpose had to really cut it with fasting, yismply because I had to have some proper food before I started my trip – and that meant to eat before 12:00 noon. BUt in the evening I then did better, until I came home at 2.30am where I simply still had to have a snack.

17.03. Sunday

I am on track again, and even though I feel like eating permanently, it felt pretty good. Weekends usually are less of a problem than during the weekdays, because I sleep late and then just have food closely after getting up whilst during the week I have to wait 5h until I can eat something.

18.03. Monday

Monday was Monday…I mean, Mondays are never amazing, are they? Joking aside, it´s gone well, nothing out of the normal, except for the fact I had this massive craving for chocolate that I did not have like that during week1…may it please vanish as fast as it popped up xD

19.03. Tuesday

It´s been a good da, even though I gotta say that I really was craving sweets all day long and it´s been pretty much what I ate first when it was finally “eating time”. Not healthy and not smart, but I SO needed that xD Besides that – it starts to become a bit of a routine with the eating times, but it´s still a challenge in the evenings because I actually like eating late and eating until 8pm still feels far too early.

20.03. Wednesday

In the nighttime I was still craving sweet stuff and had a snack (yup, shame on me!) and my stomach didn´t really approve that I think. Not eating in the morning felt a bit dumb because I had a dentist appointment at 9am that included an injection and you know how much I love needles. But I survived. And wasn´t even hungry afterwards anymore because I was feeling so stressed out. The rest of the day was fine again, simply because having my rest week means I am not permanently hungry for once XD

16:8 – one week in!

So, after many not working tries I decided I will gibe the 16:8 fasting yet another try, though I was really doubting in how far it was doable in combination with all of my training.

This fasting means that you have 8h a day (in a row) where to eat and then 16h where you cannot eat and only drink water. It sounds harsh and surely does take a lot of will and determination to get through the first days especially. I am eating between 12:00 noon until 8pm, the rest is fasting-

I am not doing tat mainly for weightloss, rather because I wanna get my body more active again and more stimulated, so I am hoping to reach this with this fasting. If I notice that it negatively influences my triathlon training, I will immediately ditch it.

07.03. Thursday

The first day. I felt like my body was permanently craving sugar, especially in the morning as I was used to having breakfast and now it was gone all of a sudden. And when I had lunch, I started feeling sick because my stomach was confused about all the food…in the evening it´s been stressful, because I was doing sports and then had to rush in order to still have a proper dinner in time.

08.03. Friday

Swimming on an empty stomach. Sounds dreadful but went really well, and I felt better than ever when swimming. I felt lighter. And also afterwards I felt well, just shortly before 12:00 noon where I can eat again, it was really like my body was having withdrawal symptoms. That was really no fun anymore. And in the evening everythng was just fine, no hunger feeling though I was up for long.

09.03. Saturday

Today I am coping quite well, though when being out biking it really felt like I was lacking that bit of extra energy as I went to bike before being allowed to eat. But that feeling only came in during the last kilometres and that was when my hunger feeling really kicked in. During the eating time I had no problems, just the long evenings during the weekend are making it tough. Because that´s where I usually had some little snacks and everything.

10.03. Sunday

Sunday went rather smooth, I woke up late and thus had brunch and then was eating normally – just in the evening it was a bit of a struggöe because I couldn´t sleep and then usually have a bit of a chocolate as a “sleep well” thingy…but I was strict to myself and so in the end it worked – and still I was annoyed!

11.03. Monday

Close call in the evening, because I was busy with running and doing my freeletics, I had to really multitask to get the food ready and eaten in time. Also, I am freezing a lot. not sure if it´s because of my body changing due to the new diet, or me being overworked from sports of me simply getting ill…not really a good day to say the least. Lack of energy there was, too…really annoying.

12.03. Tuesday

aka fail day. I woke up at night and felt totally dizzy and had to get a snack, in the morning a colleague said goodbye and there was food…yep, I feel bad about it but that´s how life rolls – I am not willing to fully restrict myself. At times just ditching that is a good thing to do. But the next days I will be back to sticking to it all!

13.03. Wednesday

Back on track with the fasting! I really think the freezing is caused by being surrounded by poeple that have a cold and thus my body needs to fight off what´s coming for me…because besides that I felt pretty good with my eating, even though the evenings are now becoming increasingly difficult for unknown reasons, whilst the mornings are just all fine as I never really was a breakfast person.

Cooking: Pike-pearch on spiced risotto with buttered tomato and a butter sauce

Cooking book: Lust auf Kochen: Kreative Rezepte für jeden Tag
Publisher: Kochhaus

Estimated time: 35 min
Actual time: 45 min

Difficulty: 3/10
Amount: for 2 persons initially, but then it´s really small portions
Price per person: approx. 4€

Having moved to Wilhelmshaven and thus to the North Sea coast, I thought that the best thing to cook first from the book would be a recipe with fish. And I was surprised that supermarkets here are not exactly experts in having pike-pearch, but in the end I found some frozen one – wanted fresh one, but well. Probably looked the wrong places. Same goes for the spices / herbs you were supposed to buy using for the risotto, so I had to improvise there. NO harm done, but still…

The recipe was easy to follow as usual, but it was a lot about the right timing and a lot of struggle with my cooking place – you need a lot of different ingredients and then mix them up and so you have a lot of half dirty plates to take care of later on. That´s been pretty much the only downside of this whole meal.

Because: the outcome was so freaking delicious I even made it a second time (slightly changed) the day after! Never had made risotto on my own before, and it worked and tasted like a charm.

It´s clearly a meal for rather autumn or spring and not summer, but then it´s just perfect – am still loving it!

Cooking: Spinach-mozzarella filled chicken breast

Cooking book: the app “Yazio”
Publisher: n/a

Estimated time:  30min
Actual time:  40min

Difficulty: 1/10
Amount: For 1 person
Price per person: ~2€

Sometimes there´s recipes where you wonder why you didn´t get to do those before – or didn´t think about it yourself because they´re easy, quick and tasty. This dish clearly is one of those!

Not many ingredients and it´s done – the basic recipe is just the filled chicken breast, but I added some pasta and made a salad of some leftover spinach and some tomatos to stock it all up. And it fit together just perfectly fine, and was filling meal. But maybe nothing for a really hot day, as the mozzarella cheese makes the dish a bit heavy for one or the other person maybe.

Overall opinion? I will do it again. Very soon. Very very soon!

Cooking: Zucchini-pancakes with tomato salad

Cooking book: the app “Yazio”
Publisher: n/a

Estimated time:  15min
Actual time:  20min

Difficulty: 1/10
Amount: For 1 person
Price per person: ~2€

Alrighty, the initial recipe from the app comes without the little tomato salad – but just the “pancakes” would´ve been a tad boring so I added some tomatos with a dressing mix including the Asian salad mix from Just Spices. Yes, I like it spicy, that´s why I not only used this dressing but also added chili to the zucchini-onion-egg-parmesan mix, and not only pepper.

Generall the preparation was really easy, even though it´s annoying to be rasping the zucchini and especially the onion. Before you ask: yes, it did make me cry. But it´s been worth it. The rest was easy – adding the eggs and the parmesan cheese, mix it, put it into the pan and fry it.

For me, this is a perfect food for summer – it´s light, healthy and something easily prepared. A “must do again” for me!

Cooking: Spinach-Creme-Roll with salmon

Cooking book: The App “Yazio”
Publisher: n/a

Estimated time:  20min
Actual time:  35min

Difficulty: 3/10
Amount: For 1 person (initially two but easy to split up)
Price per person: ~5€

Yes, it´s pricey – simply because the spinach wasn´t exactly the cheapest thing to be buying, and the salmon kinda topped it. The cheese and the eggs needed for the whole were the rather cheap parts of it, and mixing it all together also the easiest part.

I made the mistake of spreading the spinach-“liquid” too thin onto the baking paper, it should´ve been far thicker but nope, it said “thin” in the instructions so…now I know better, and next time it´ll hopefully also peel off the baking paper better after it cooled off. The rest of the preparation was easy, so no big deal.

For mt it was perfect food for a not so warm summer evening after a day with a workout – simply because it has loads of proteins in it, and in my version with more salmon than instructed it had around 600kcal.

Clearly a recipe I will be doing again – tastes just so good! And it stuffs nicely!

“You never go and buy food with us”

…during lunchtime at work probably the sentence I have heard the most during my now soon more than 7 months there. It´s not meant in an un-nice way, but if you don´t know me well enough, it´s maybe hard to grasp. Because it´s not all about the money – though I am really not willing to pay around 7€ for a meal, because that makes nearly 40€ a week for lunch at work and with this is more than what I need for a full week with cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

But the main reason is: I wanna know what I eat, how much I eat. I am still on my weightloss journey, but having started my road to my half marathon, I need to watch it even more what I am eating and that m body is not lacking anything. Adjusting it how it comes and goes and how I train and how much I train.

I am counting my calories and macros (protein, carbs and fat) with my Yazio App – and yes, I weight everything I eat/prepare. Okay, not everything, because with some foods I already can (+/-5g) estimate the weight really well and so don´t need to weight it. And before you ask: no, it is no fun. It´s making cooking sometimes feel like some chemical experiment, but it´s proven to be working for me when looking at my weightloss success.

Now I am watching my calories also in the other direction – not that I manage to eat as little as needed but due to all the training and easily burning 600+kcal during my runs, I have to watch not to be eating too little and then lose strength and cannot exercise and train the next day or the same da anymore. Because I painfully had to learn that I really need a lot more energy nowadays than I ever needed before. And for me, it´s tough to balance that out.

Also, with all the meal planning and preparing I can make sure I don´t eat randomly all kinds of shit – I notice that on weekend, where I eat what I want in that moment and really struggle with staying in my calorie boundaries. And often fail. Too many tempatations, too many options, too many calories.

But yes, maybe that makes it understandable why I meal prep – it´s all about control. Because when it comes to me, in the end, I am a total control freak that demands discipline – too much of it at times but…anyways, let´s not get off track here!

Because: I still need to prepare food for tomorrow and decide which sweet treat I allow myself for the coming day(s) 😉