Run: GorchFock-Lauf (23.06.2019)

Initially I had been signed up for the 10km distance, but as I felt like I was not yet ready for it I decided to go and ask if I could change it to 5km and it was amazing how easy it was – no costs, no hassle, nothing. I was really surprised about it because many events make it a pain in the ass.

The evening before the run I decided on already picking up my starting number and everything to make sure I don´t need to get up earlier on Sunday – I am no morning person and a run starting at 11:15am means that you need to pick up your stuff by 10.15am. And that´s simply too early for me.

So in the evening I went to the pick-up place and I am really grateful that someone told me to first check my starting number because they did not sort the numbers by surname as it´s mostly done, but by starting number. And that starting number you didn´t know in advance, so you had to squeeze together with others in front of the printed lists and search for your name. No, I was not amused. And I figured I wasn´t alone with the being surprised, because many people in the long queue ahead of me had no idea about their starting number, slowing everything down. Same goes for people picking up the numbers for big groups – why not do that separately?

So I got my starting number and a little filled bag – I love these goodies, even though I have many bags this one still will be used a lot because it´s something special. Then I went home and did my own Pasta Party – I never go to those offered by the runs, it´s not really helping my focus to be around people

On Sunday I woke up and got ready, and it was warmer than expected – the tenperature in numbers is one thing, the temperature when you´re standing in the sun and warming up is another thing. It felt like being grilled alive, also during the run that had a nice route that I also often actually run when I only want to do 5km.

The start and the first hundreds of metres were really annoying because people did not bother to accurately stand according to their speed, and children again did not watch where they were running and I nearly smacked one out of the way because it was there all of a sudden. I don´t get why the parents that were with the kid did not take care of that. Anyways, the first kilometre I ran too fast, and that killed me then because the sea was lacking its water and thus wasn´t as refreshing as expected. Shit happens. The sun was burning down and the sweat was running and so was the sweat mixing with my sun protection and my eyes were burning.

I had some little cramps here and there and the heat just killed me – the drinking stand and also the water sprinkler didn´t help anymore, my heartrate was so high that I actually should´ve just immediately stopped it. But I didn´t – not sure if it was smart but a DNF on a 5km race would´ve been kinda hilarious. So I pulled through and on my famous last kilometre again passed by quite a few other runners – but let´s be honest, I was close to passing out after the finish line.

I got my medal and grabbed some banana, some drinks, some water melon, some drinks, some apples, some water…well you get the point I suppose.

And then I noticed: oh, I have booked to have the medal engraved with name and time, damn, I nearly would´ve forgotten about that! So I quickly went there and then headed home, adding some stretching to my after-run routine. And I was sweating. And sweating. And sweating. It just didn´t stop, same for the need to keep drinking as if there was no tomorrow.


Anyways, I really enjoyed the run even though those temperatures and I will probably never become best friends. It was well organized and let´s be honest – I cannot wait for next year!


Tag der Niedersachsen (14.-16.06.2019)


I am not sure why it´s called “day” when it happens from Friday to Sunday, but maybe that´s the Northern German way of saying it. No idea – all I knew was that the city was gonna be crowded and a lot of things were happening when trusting the programme.

I didn´t expect though the downsides of it all – luckily I was doing homeoffice on FRIDAY so I was able to park my car early, because from early afternoon on it felt like everyone came to the center with their cars instead of using the parking spots that were arranged. Lods of cars being surprised by the barriers blocking the street to the center and everyone had to somehow go back and take a guess where they drove past…yup, my apartment.

So on Friday all I did was go for the nightly fireworks because and had a crepe and then walk home in the dark and by the sea. The fireworks was amazing, you know I just love them and photographing them was so much fun. I met new people by accident and had good chats whilst waiting but then was really happy to be able to flee all the masses of people. I am not used to this anymore, and everything being so overly crowded feels so stressful. The more or less silence (except the noise from the several stages) that I had when walking back home by the sea felt really relaxing then. I edited a couple of photos and then fell into bed, being totally tired.


With editing photos I also started SATURDAY, before I headed out to see Michael Schulte on the stage that was literally around the corner – and also saw some other acts that happened before (yay for delays!). It was nice and to be honest I really fell in love with Michael Schulte´s voice – I had known him before but never seen him live. So stunned, so beautiful.

Then headed home, edited photos and let the rain pass and then headed out to check out all the open ship stuff that was happening and go for a walk – in the end I was spending a few hours and it was really interesting. I love to learn about all the ships and the technical stuff that they use. Just the amount of people was annoying, and that though it´s not even been sunny but clouded and a day with really unstable weather. The programme on the stages literally had something for everyone, for the kids and some more rocking music, dancing, pop music and and and – and that for the whole day! Also until the evening hours, and if you have a stage close by you were able to hear that even if you had your windows closed. It was a tad annoying, but no can do.

I had planned to be going for one or two shows in the evening, but I was simply exhausted from the week and all the walking I did on Friday and Saturday – instead I edited photos and then went to bed rather early.


SUNDAY was a day where I just wanted to have this madness end early, please. So I went for a run to flee all of this – and it was a good choice because when I walked back and had to go through part of this madness, it already annoyed the hell out of me. The masses of people and cars and noise, this is not the Wilhelmshaven I love.

By afternoon you saw the cars and people leaving, it was becoming more and more empty and quieter again. It´s been a nice weekend with a lot of stuff going on in the city where poeple tend to claim that it´d be a dead place. But then I really enjoyed the silence and peace again. With less people.

K5 – Ecommerce conference

Sometimes I even work – no, joking aside 😉 As I am of course fulltime working, you algo get to enjoy some little perks like conferences – this is why I went to Berlin for a couple of days and get a glimpse of what´s in and to come in the field of e-commerce and maybe network a bit. And this is my very little report about it 😉

Monday (03.06.2019)

Homeoffice was how I started the day and then hopped onto the train to Berlin for the e-commerce conference that I was attending with two if my colleagues. The first part of the trainride went all good, until then all apps and the website and everything said that the connecting train was delayed by half an hour and thus we went to grab some food – and then the train had been in time. Totally useless, Deutsche Bahn. So we arrived an hour later than initially planned and in a city that ha dlike 15°C more than I had in Wilhelmshaven when I had left. It felt like running against a bloody wall of terrible air ahd humidity and heat.

We checked into the hotel and I went to grab some salad and stuff for my dinner before I watched some TV and fell asleep whilst doing so – with widely open window, due to the heat. And woke up during the night because my back and neck had been cold and felt stiff and painful.

Tuesday (04.06.2019)

Early birds die early…well then good luck dying. Joking aside, I was tired and the breakfast made me even more tired – the walk in the wsunshine though when being on the way to the conference center made me at least wake up a tiny little bit. And once I got my accreditation, I grabbed some coca cola, desperately needing caffeine.

There were many talks, many things to learn and I met quite a few people and had interesting chats – and to be fair, these chats were more interesting than the stuff happening on the stages because many of it felt like some advertising shows, hidden underneath some topics.

In the evening there would´ve been a party but I was so tired and worn out when it comes to being social that I ditched the party, went back to the hotel, grabbed some food and then went for a run to Tempelhofer Feld – it was an experience, with all the birds and everything. really lovely, didn´t expect it to be that nice!

Afterwards I struggled to really fall asleep because it´s been too warm in my room and somehow even opening the window didn´t change that – when you have warm temperatures outside still until midnight, there is no way to cool down the room. And I hate sleeping when it´s warm.

Wednesday (05.06.2019)

Day 2 – and I woke up with pain in my hip and leg and knew that this was gonna be long day – I did some stretching before breakfast and always in between also at the conference because my body felt so terriby stiff that it was no fun anymore. The heat-

cold change from outside to inside the conference venue was killing me, and whilst outside you were again sweating your ass off, you were freezing inside – luckily I had my jacket with me, otherwise I´d have gotten a cold from the aircondition. It´s like this American style cooling down madness is slowly but steadily more and more conquering Germany.

This day I decided more spontaneously what I wanted to see and do, especially at times you didn´t get into a talk anymore because it was so full – I am not sure if the whole concept of talks in an open space and then some discussion rounds in little boxes (it´s been terribly loud there since they were not closed and there where several close to each other ina  row) and master classes in little “igloos” really makes sense. It´s always loud, it´s tough to focus – at least for me – and  that´s kinda killing the fun.

It´s been nevertheless still interesting but exhausting, and the food was still good just like on the first day – just sucked we didn´t have dinner anymore as it ended in the early afternoon.

Thus I went to get some groceries, aka some salad, some smoothie and bread rolls for dinner and really had been thinking about going for another run. I ditched it and instead was blogging and watching TV and simply relaxing before I packed up for the next morning already.

Thursday (06.06.2019)

Got up in a normal time, had another last good breakfast at the hotel and then went to the trainstation with my colleagues. It felt like the night had been just too short, but I had slept a normal amount of time after a lazy evening before. The weather kills me.

Funnily enough I´ve never been so happy to get back home like I have been this time – the train ride home went smooth this time and despite it taking a while to get home, I was busy enough to have time fly by. reading and being social on the internet and alternatively napping halfway. The weather had taken its toll on me because the heat just made it impossible for me to sleep well and feel refreshed after the night.

Once home, I started doing some home office and get analysis tasks done that had to wait for the whole week already but needed to get done asap.


It´s been my first conference in my job-life, and despite it being pretty nice I had to notice it´s not my cup of tea. Why? Because scratching topics on thr surface only most of the times isn´t what I am into – I love to dig deeper and just sit somewhere and listen isn´t my favorite thing either. That´s nothing against this conference in particular, rather it´s a general problem I could be having with this format. I am most likely more into formats where I can learn and also do practical stuff – especially since those formats are then less about being hyper social and more focussing on what really matters 😉

Concert: MPS in Hohenwestedt (08.06.2019)

When you wake up and look outside and already know: this is gonna be an interesting drive to Hohenwested and even more interesting when being at the medieval market thanks to the weather. And that makes the mood drop even lower, on top of the “it´s fucking 08:30 and I am now already sitting in the car”. Luckily I didn´t know before how annoying the ride was gonna be because if I had known, I would´ve gone back to bed.

It´s been 4 bloody hours to get to Hohenwestedt – first traffic issues around Bremen as usual, and the closer you got to Hamburg the more annoying it became. I really lost my nerves, and was dead exhausted already when I arrived at the parking lot. And then still carried my nyckelharpa with heavy case to the festival area (no clue where the damned shuttle has been) because I was meeting with someone to help me out with my nyckelharpa for some things. And luckily I was there just in time, because if I hate something that´s being late. So it all went fine, and I was happy. Just not about carrying it back to the car afterwards, but at least I took the shuttle this time and only had to walk a shorter distance.

Once at the car I decided to change clothes – getting rid off the dress, and putting on a pullover instead. And a warmer jacket. It was everything from cold and rainy to warm and sunny, and I felt like permanently being dressed wrongly. It was annoying, but better carry around clothes than freeze and get ill.

Back at the festival area I watched a bit of Waldkauz and seriously dear not-native speakers of the finnish language – just don´t fucking use it in your songs. This pronunciation gave me goosebumps. Negative kind of goosebumps. It´s not just this band, but in general. Just choose a different language if you want to do yourself a favor.

Afterwards it was the first round of Versengold, and matching to the start of the show the sun came out and was burning down, and it got warm. So it was undressing in the crowded front row, always a challenge. But anyways, the concert was fun, I really enjoyed it. It felt better than in Rastede somehow, but still I am not that typical fan anymore. It just sucks that the afternoon shows are always just only one hour – because time is always running so quickly!

But for me that also had one good thing: I was able to get myself some food and walk around, go to the bathroom and relax before returning back to the stage and save my spot for the evening concert. In Hohenwested it is still rather relaxed, though Rastede was even nicer with that. But it´s not as big as other medieval markets of this series. Makes it more intimate and chilled.

They played quite a few new songs, and the one off the part off the video is “Durch den Sturm” – one tht I somehow had to get used to first, but started loving (though I think I already have my favorite off the album without even knowing all tracks yet). Sorry that it´s cut off so stupidly at the end, but my battery died and I had to put it on my battery pack charger thingy first to even be able to keep using it – shitty timing, I really don´t know what´s been eating so much of the battery.

And what I always love is the solo stuff that bassplayer Eike gets to do in the evening shows – I so wish he was singing more often, and maybe even instead of singer Malte in a song. that would be so amazing!

Downside? Yup, again no “Biikebrennen” and as I figured out I shouldn´t really get my hopes up to hear it a lot anymore – it just sucks so badly because this song means so much to me. It was THE song of my half marathon preparations and lately I started listening to it a lot again for my triathlon prep. And then they just don´t play it anymore.

What is that? But well, if people were more into instrumental songs, it would make it easier to get it back on the setlist but as everyone always needs a goddamned text to their songs…hopeless case, but I could rant about it for damned hours.

Anyways, after the show I decided – because I was tired and feeling cold again – that instead of waiting an hour and then watching Letzte Instanz again I was going home. It´s been sad somehow because I would´ve loved to see them but the 3h ride home was really bringing me to my limit when it comes to staying focussed for driving. And I was really happy to be home then at around 01:45am and drop into my bathtub and then into bed. I am too old for this shit.



Concert: MPS in Rastede (31.05.-02.06.2019)

I am a bit behind with all the stuff that´s been going on in my life – I am a lot on the road, so this is about last weekend´s medieval market and not about the one I attended yesterday 😉

31.05. – Friday

Initially I had thought about attending the market right from early lunch on but I had so much to do and was so lazy and not in the mood that I was really close to not go at all. In the end I decided on going anyways, but just for the band Letzte Instanz.

I had seen them last around 10 years ago, and it was weird to see them again. A positive weird. And it was emotional because I once again noticed how much more depth the singer’s voice has during live shows compared to the songs on CD.

And it touched me a lot. And that surprised me actually because I’ve never been such a big fan of Letzte Instanz but it brought back so many memories…

I had thought about staying for Fiddlers Green as well but waiting for an hour and I was

tired and knew that I was gonna be there for a full day the next day, so I decided to drive home and go to sleep instead.

And it´s been the right decision, because it already then took me ages to actually fall asleep!


01.06. – Saturday

The good thing is, that I don´t need that long to get to the festival area – the bad thing about not being there right in the morning is that finding a parking spot is a tad tricky to say the least. I found one in front of the house of a grumpy eldery person, but let´s not get into detail with that ranting idiot. The walk to the festival area in the warmth and with my long dress already gave a glimpse on how I am gonna feel during the day being in the sun all the time.

And yep, it´s been like expected – hot, hotter and…I went back to the car to actually get my higher sun protection because I already had gotten a slight sunburn. It happens just too quick, and in the end the higher su protection came too late ^^

I was watching Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen because they were playing before Versengold both times, and I kinda get a hang of their music – last year I still found them terrible, this year it´s been quite enjoyable to say the least. Taste changes, that´s a matter of fact!

And talking about changes – also the feeling when seeing certain bands changes. I still enjoyed Versengold, but it felt different. It´s been this feeling of coming home, not of this total excitement that I had last year anymore. It was a calm happiness, and I just enjoyed listening and watching. It´s like turning from a fan to someone who “just” really enjoys and loves the music I think. It´s not like something got lost on the way, but I´ve noticed how I am seeing things more rational and skeptical especially now that the new album is coming out soon. Whilst everyone is partying on the new tracks, I gotta be honest – I am not happy about things so far except for one track (“Teufelstanz”).

Also what disappointed me: no “Biikebrennen” for me. You know, it usually comes after “feuergeist” and I got all excited and then had to face the terrible fact that: nope, no “Biikebrennen” for me.  It felt a bit like a stab in the heart because this song simply means so much to me. I would totally trade in “Der Tag an dem die Götter sich betranken” to get back my loved “Biikebrennen”. But well, I am probably the one person in the crowd thinking like this.

Overall it´s been another great day, hot and sweaty, with many great chats and laughs, great music and great shows and good times in general!

02.06. – Sunday

Initially I had only planned to go to my running event and then home, because Saundays are family event days and usually not really my cup of tea – but since a friend of mine played MPS with HeavySaurus, and I hadn´t seen him in ages, I decided to drag myself there after the run – in the bloody heat. I was already pretty dead when I arrived there but relaxing in the shade of their merch tent and having enough to drink with me made me at least be a bit more alive.

I was really stunned how not only kids liked HeavySaurus, but also the grown ups really enjoyed it – I found it nice, but it´s not like I would party hard because of it. But as long as it works for the target group, it´s amazing – and the line after the show for photos was enormous. And I was stunned.

At some point though I really had to leave because of packing for my Berlin business trip and I was simpy exhausted from the heat, and everything was just hurting. But it´s been worth it, clearly.

Seeing the MPS so relaxed and laid back and not crowded was cool, and seeing Mr Hurley & Die Pulveraffen in such a seeting (compared to crammed Saturday) was also lovely and fun!

Run: Everstener Brunnenlauf (02.06.2019)

Brunnenlauf or: what happens if you run at lunchtime when it’s 30°c and humid as fuck?

Well, let’s take the result first: I survived, with a shitty time but I survived and that was what counted most in those conditions that really are not my cup of tea.

After 1.5 days of medieval market and not being hydrated enough, I already knew when getting up that this run was going to feel like much more of a battle than 6.3km would’ve been under different circumstances.

I got dressed and drove to Oldenburg and was surprised that it was easy to find a parking spot – if I had come there later it would’ve been trickier. But as you had to be there an hour at least before your run to pick up your starting number and I had miscalculated the duration of my drive….so it’s been 1.5h.  So enough time to check out the dressing rooms, pick up my starting number, bring my stuff to the car and walk through the streetfest that was happening in Eversten and was literally on the way to the gym where it all was.

The gym was decorated nicely and prices  for  little snacks were just fine, the volunteers were totally lovely and I was irritated about the fact there was again no medals and also no keeping of the starting number but if you handed in the starting number you got a t-shirt instead. Someone explain that to me please xD

Anyways, with the help of other runners I made it to the starting point and did some stretching and already then was happy that I had my drinking bottle with me.

During the run there were enough drinking points but drinking from my bottle is always easier so I don’t need to stop running and also gives me the chance to drink whenever I want to and that was crucial for me. Because the path was a mix if shady parts through a little forest and then in between sunny parts that were even hotter and that mix killed my body.

The two rounds felt like they were endless, and the last 500m felt like a marathon when I was picking up speed and passed by 23 runners. 23? Yes, I did count them as a motivation. I had the goal of 20 to push me enough and at least scoren an ok result. After my sort of sprint I nearly passed out after the finish line, but then quickly recovered, went to the car and picked up my bag, went to pick up my shirt and then jumped under the showers in the gym. What a relief. I felt like reborn afterwards, so amazing. Then changed clothes and went off to go to the medieval market again.

I am not happy with my result and personally wouldn’t run more than this distance at this run because running in a circle isn’t too exciting! If you have only two rounds it’s still fine, but more would drive me nuts! So if there was a change of the route of the run I would clearly be returning next year, but like this I have to think about it.

Run: Großenkneter Zehnmeilenlauf (25.05.2019)

Nope, I did not run the ten miles that the title might be suggesting – that is far out of reach still when it comes to my recovery from ym plantar fascitis. But I am confidently running 5km now, and I enjoy it. Instead of torturing myself with comparing things with before the injury (yes, from time to time I still do so) I am making the best out of the current situation.

After my flu I was now again back on track, and felt like this was gonna be a good one. Instead I had stomach issues and had to take some pills for it – yes, my own fault because of too much not-sport-matching food the evening before. You never stop learning and if you don´t learn, you learn it the hard way. Something like this.

So I´ve been driving an hour to Großenkneten (it´s an amazing name for a town if you understand German) and then had to find a parking spot – so in a tiny little side street I parked my car and enjoyed the freely running chickens, the roaring cows and their smell and the overall tiny village feeling that this place had.

And despite it being such a small place, it was really well organized – you were able to change your clothes, you had proper bathrooms, everyone was friendly and so helpful and everything just went smooth. Minus the fact that there were not enough bathrooms, at least not for women. But that´s a standard problem I guess.

The run itself was through a nice area again, rural of course but that´s cool. Good air, nice views – and loads of pollens that bugged the hell out of me. But since I was drugged anways, no problem – allergy pills, nose spray, eye drops. I never go outside without having used all of those ^^ So it took me again quite a while to get rolling again, which was about 2,5-3km. The cold and slightly sparkling water did not help which they served on the course and also the uneven pat through the fields where I twisted my ankle were not exactly improving my mood nor the feeling.

But after that it all went smoother by the minute and on the last kilometres I passed by 11 people and managed to even improve my personal best on 5km (when it comes to after my plantar fascitis) and it´s great to see that there is indeed improvement when I simply keep going, keep pushing and keep pushing my damned limits. Yes it´s been hard, this run really has been tough on me but afterwards I felt just proud and happy. It´s been just 5km, but it´s been 5km that I rocked!

I really enjoyed the run and also was really satisfied about how we were taken care of afterwards – stuff to drink, some bananas, able to print our certificates. And all of that with amazingly friendly volunteers that seemingly had fun doing hat they were doing!

Only downside? Whilst the kids got a medal, we grown ups didn´t get one – I´d have happily paid a bit more if I had gotten a medal then. Because yep, I am one of those who collect their starting numbers (that you had to return as well because the time tracking chip was implemented in it) and medals.

HavenAhoi (Wilhelmshaven, 18/19.05.2019)


So my plan was to go and see the sailing school ship MIR arrive in the harbour again because that also means that they had to open the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke (bridge) which I hadn´t seen open before but was so eagerly hoping to see open.

And so with the best weathe rpossible I went there and waited – and with quite a delay the ship finally arrived and it was a stunning view, really. The open bridge, the ship and the way how the ship was brought to the walking path…what a thing to watch!

I then continued my walk by the sea to check out the main area of HavenAhoi just to run off again because it´s been too crowded for my taste – and on the way back I enjoyed lovely icecream and a walk in the sand. This feeling of walking barefeet in the wet sand…so amazing!

In the evening I then still did some biking training to work off the calories from the day 😉


Sunday…actually my rest day, but I decided to go outside again for HavenAhoi, because the weather was sunny and amazing and I really wanted to see the tugboat ballet! So I first took a stroll around the harbour the sea and then went to check out the buoy-laying vessel.

I hadn´t seen such a ship before and the chat with one of the workers was really interesting. didn´t expect that to be so much work. But you never stop learning, right? So I spent a lot of time there and then watched some rescuing stunts that were performed just before the tugboat ballet. From Hamburg and other harbours I know the tugboat ballet with music, and this time here it was without – still impressive what you can do with a tugboat but something was simply missing to not make it feel like it was taking forever. A pity because it could´ve been just so amazing!

Afterwards I took another relaxed walk back, enjoyed the smell of the sea and then relaxed at home!


Sailing ship MIR returning to harbour & open Kaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke 

Open Ship and tugboat ballet

What about…?


Not a great topic – I gained some weight again during my sickness and not being able to workout, but I know I will be losing those 2kg pretty quickly again. But still I am stuck at a weight that actually isn´t still where I wanna be, but I simply don´t lose any weight, no matter what I try. Plus I also need to make sure that I have enough energy for my triathlon training. And those two, weightloss and this heavy training, just don´t go hand in hand – it´s feeling like those couldn´t be any more contradictive.

…16:8 fasting?

To be honest, i ditched it a while ago. At the start it had worked out really well, but after a while with all evening training sessions I simply couldn´t do it properly anymore – I came home shortly after 7pm from my training and then had to shower, stretch, cook and eat before 8pm. It didn´t work for me. So at some point I also ditched the “only eating after noon” part of the fasting and now I am re-evaluating if I want to get back to it or find a different way on how to properly channel my eating.

…depression and migraine?

I am doing good – I stopped taking some meds and since then my depressions got less bad or rather pretty much disappeared and that makes me so happy. All the training and healthy food do the rest to actually feel good, and once I feel like there is s dark clud above my head showing up I decide on going for a walk by the sea and it feels like the wind blows away all sorrow.

My migraines are a different topic though, because I am battling a stiff neck for quite a while again and again and that often triggers my migraine attacks – I just don´t know how to get rid off it.

…plantar fasciitis (aka my foot injury) and piriformis issues?

I am working hard on progress, and there is good days and bad days and days that are in between. I currently don´t really know much about how good or bad it is, because I haven´t had physiotherapy in ages (but will tonight) and haven´t been training much in the past 1,5 weeks due to illness. But before I felt good, all the stretching, gymnastics and strength exercises really did do their trick on my body.

…running/triathlon/biking season plans?

I´ve partially made my plans until end of August, and here we go what is already booked:

25.05. Großknetener ZehnMeilenLauf – 5km
02.06. Everstener Brunnenlauf – 6,3km
23.06. Gorch Fock Lauf – 10km
11.08. Nordseeman – Triathlon Sprint
25.08. Cyclassics – 60km biking
31.08. Muddy Angel – 5km

What isn´t booked yet but thought about:

15.06. Samstagslauf – 5km
06.07. Bremer Brückenlauf – 10km
27.07. Friesencross – 10km

When sick…

…then please, be sick for like 1,5 weeks straight.

That´s what my body thought probably when I was biking in the icy cold rain and then didn´t rest enough. Instead I went to Altenmünster for my course which then led to me being a 100% struck down  – and take a guess, how much did I actually do during those past 1,5 weeks?

Yep, hardly anything. I am happy I have a vacuum cleaning robot, a dishwasher, a laundry machine and a laundry drier – otherwise this apartment here would´ve turned into a big and terrible mess. Simply because for a very long time I couldn´t focus for longer than 10 minutes and moving around made me feel dizzy and was so exhausting that after 10min of not laying down, I needed at least one hour to really feel like being able to move at all.

I slept approximately 50-60% of the time, and the time I didn´t sleep, I was probably either eating, taking a hot bath or watching stupid series because anything needing a brain would´ve been overtaxing at the start. When this had gotten better, my body had decided it was time for some extreme pain in joints and muscles, so all I did for two days straight was lay around and move as little as possible.

It got better over time and thus I here and there played a bit of nyckelharpa and read a book, but that´s been it pretty much. Later I also went for little walks in the evening because it made my cough, that also had popped up, calm down and losen the slime and made me breathe properly again.

So what else did I do…I waited for a phone call that hasn´t come up until now and probably won´t come at all – it doesn´t surprise me, and also doesn´t exactly make me sad, it just reassures me that my feeling and expectation was the right one. No can do, humans are humans and say one thing and do…nothing at times.

Bedides this…Most of the time and luckily, my head has been quiet and didn´t act up because I was just too tired for that, but the better my health started getting again, the more my brain started working again and started adjusting my training plans and all of that. It´s just been really annoying because I lost 1,5 weeks worth of like 7h of training, a lot of biking and running, and especially with running that means quite a loss because I have to make progress. But I just must not think about it and slowly start at the end of the week to get back into rolling.

Talking about rolling: I bought an indoor trainer for my bike to ensure that I am not getting out biking anymore when the weather looks unstable. Aka making sure I won´t get sick because of biking in the icy cold rain again. I learned my lesson, it´s an expensive lesson but no can do 😉 Cannot wait to start slowly using it when getting back on track!