HavenAhoi (Wilhelmshaven, 18/19.05.2019)


So my plan was to go and see the sailing school ship MIR arrive in the harbour again because that also means that they had to open the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke (bridge) which I hadn´t seen open before but was so eagerly hoping to see open.

And so with the best weathe rpossible I went there and waited – and with quite a delay the ship finally arrived and it was a stunning view, really. The open bridge, the ship and the way how the ship was brought to the walking path…what a thing to watch!

I then continued my walk by the sea to check out the main area of HavenAhoi just to run off again because it´s been too crowded for my taste – and on the way back I enjoyed lovely icecream and a walk in the sand. This feeling of walking barefeet in the wet sand…so amazing!

In the evening I then still did some biking training to work off the calories from the day 😉


Sunday…actually my rest day, but I decided to go outside again for HavenAhoi, because the weather was sunny and amazing and I really wanted to see the tugboat ballet! So I first took a stroll around the harbour the sea and then went to check out the buoy-laying vessel.

I hadn´t seen such a ship before and the chat with one of the workers was really interesting. didn´t expect that to be so much work. But you never stop learning, right? So I spent a lot of time there and then watched some rescuing stunts that were performed just before the tugboat ballet. From Hamburg and other harbours I know the tugboat ballet with music, and this time here it was without – still impressive what you can do with a tugboat but something was simply missing to not make it feel like it was taking forever. A pity because it could´ve been just so amazing!

Afterwards I took another relaxed walk back, enjoyed the smell of the sea and then relaxed at home!


Sailing ship MIR returning to harbour & open Kaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke

Open Ship and tugboat ballet



Photos from my time in Southern Germany



Schongau and its churches


Hoher Peißenberg and its church


Weilheim & its church


Photos from Abu Dhabi (05/2018)

Sheikh Zayed Mosque


Desert Safari


Heritage Village


Louvre Museum


Observation Deck 300More:

Emirates Palace Hotel


Random shots


Leiptssschhhh…well no, Leipzig!

So, my second time in Leipzig – the first time I was there with a friend visiting another one, because we wanted to also go to a show – and I had been struck down by the flu so badly, that I couldn´t even attend the show. And this time it´s not much better – just that I am going by train, and that I was not doing as bad as back then – I really had the feeling it was going uphill health wise and was confident it would be all good.

So I had booked my trains when I was still healthy, ages ago – and had planned on excessive sightseeing. So I had to get up at 4.30am, because my train left Hamburg mainstation at 6.30am – what a hell of a time, awful. Especially when you ain´t really fit, it´s torture – but I hopped onto the train and then fell asleep pretty much, and really felt rather fit when I got off the train in Leipzig.

This time I´ve been smarter than I had been in Bremen – my extra pair of leggings, well, thermal leggings, gloved and everything – all prepaired for some sightseeing. Camera was prepared, and I was ready – so I at first walked around the center to get these sights done. Partially. I surely could have done and seen more, but when you´re sick, then you don´t want to walk that much because every step is exhausting.

But it was worth it – and quicker than I had expected I was close to the church in which Versengold were playing, and I was stunned how beautiful it was from the outside – and how damned big! The area around there surely would not be one where I would have wanted to be living. That´s clear – somehow the band always ends up in such areas…

Then I went to drop off my luggage (backpack) at the hotel, so I didn´t have to carry that around, then had the fight to find a pharmacy, that was still open. And damn, I´ve been ina  city I thought and still I had to walk quite a bit to get what I needed. Annoying.

Then I went to the Monument to the Battle of the Nations – I had planned to be walking but decide don taking the train because 3,5km one way had been just too much.

My body would have not been able to handle that, so I invested some money to get back and forth. Once there, I was really impressed about the whole architecture, that feeling the building and everything gave you when you entered.

Whilst many rushed through, I took the time and sat down. Let the building unfold its effects onto me. It was really impressive and worth paying the entry fee of 8€!

Once I was back, I grabbed a little snack and then check into the hotel, fell onto the bed and fell asleep for an hour. I was so exhausted I couldn´t even imagine attending the concert..

And on my train ride back home the next day, I slept pretty much the whole time because I was just tired. But it was good!


More photos of my sightseeing in Leipzig can be found here:


Hello, Bremen! (10.02.2018)

It´s funny that so far I had only seen the main station, the airport and the soccer stadium in Bremen. I noticed that when I was planning this little trip in order to see Versengold play in Bremen. So I kinda listed a few things I wanted to see, booked my car and then started the trip at 9am in the morning, in icy temperatures. And being somehow not in the mood for driving and walking around but still – I did it!

And those temperatures really killed me later on – because the closer I had come to Bremen, the less sun I was seeing. In Hamburg and on my way to Bremen I still needed my sunglasses whilst driving, in Bremen itself the sky was just all grey. And still it was cold.

I was happy I found a parking spot close to Schnoor, the oldest part of the city – but 4 Euros for 2h parking at a parking lot right next to the street was too much for my taste, but no chance to get it cheaper anywhere close by.

So I started walking and walking and whilst I started with chec

king out the Schnoor area, I continue with the cathedral and afterwards literally asked google for interesting sightseeing stuff close by and how hilarious routes I walked you can see on the screenshot 😉

It was nice, because I love looking at old buildings, but especially at Schnoor it was too crowded for myself – I really don´t know at which time it would be empty and proper for photographing.

But I always had people in my shots, but still it was fun. But cold. Really cold. Too cold maybe. My legs were halfway freezing and I was happily driving to the venue – in the warm car.

But there it was no bit warmer of course, no surprise. Why should it. Except the fact the venue was in an area

where I would not want to live to be fully honest. And it was funny seeing the police station right next to the venue – at first I was really worried when I saw police cars and police men going for the venue (that´s what I thought) – just later I noticed it was all harmless hahaha

And parking in that parking house was no bit cheaper than in the centre – okay, it was but still I paid nearly 10€ for the time I have been parking there. Ah well, shit happens. At least it was warmer in the parking house than it had been outside – and it didn´t matter anymore how you tried to warm up during waiting xD

The concert istself – check out the last post before this one 😉

Last but not least – here is the GALLERY for the shots I took in Bremen city centre:

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Photos: Fireworks of New Year´s Eve 2017/2018

Oddly enough I just noticed today that I haven´t even shared my fireworks shots of New Year´s Eve 2017/2018 on here yet. Really weird, because they turned out really sweet once again and it´s been a lot of fun taking those again, since my neighbours again invested quite some money into those!

So go and have a look:


Photos: Nothing More // Psycho Village //Insomnium

NOTHING MORE (12/2017)




INSOMNIUM (01/2017)


Photos: Faey @ MPS Cologne (05/06.08.2017) [private do not share]

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