Welcome Robo!

Who the fuck is Robo? Rather: What the fuck is Robo! Robo is the outcome what a woman buys when she is grown up.

It´s a vacuum-cleaning robot that crawls around the floor and cleans your apartment whilst you can do whatever you want to be doing in the meantime. Yes, it´s really just as good as it sounds like. My apartment hasn´t been that clean for ages, I´d say. Not sure what that tells about my old normal vacuum cleaner of my cleaning motivation. Let´s better not talk about it 😉

I now someone having the same vacuum cleaning robot and made good experiences, so that´s why I chose this one – I always wanted one, but noone I knew had one so I didn´t dare to even try and order one.  So now I did this step, being still a tad skeptical – but I could send it back to Amazon if it is a fuck up, so…

But let´s be honest: I fell in love with it right at the very first moment, right on the very evening when I had carried the big parcel home from work, and had set it together, and charged the battery a bit more. Yes, it´s that easy to get it all started – hardly any putting together , and having the easy and quick start guide right at hand…quick one, and it quicky ran around my hallway, still had to feel home. Well, it had to find its ways, but it quickly started to clean my floor really nicely. Just sucked when I overdid it and it started “vomitting” the dirt out again – so alwas have an eye on how full it is with dirt. Which is becoming less of a problem if you have done it ften enough and it´s not so dusty anymore.

Talking about having an eye on things – hide our cables, save them from this wild monster! It´s gonna eat em, shove em around and run over em! It kinda is funny, but still – makes you think about possibilities how to hide all the ugly cables someway, which is a good thing, too 🙂

When it comes to the cleanliness of my floor now – couldn´t be any better, though it will need a couple of more runs to really have it up to where I want it to be, as my normal vacuum cleaner seemingly sucked a lot and there is so much dust in the carpet floor all around. But we´re on a good way here! And it feels much better already.

Though one thing  – the cleaning of the robot isn´t too amazing for someone who´s allergic to all this dusty stuff. But still it´s the smaller downside when looking at whatever it can do and how much it improves everything…

So now I can happily have Robo run around my apartment, whilst I will be off to watch some series, put up my feet and relax – even though at times it´s a bit loud, especially if you have it run for its full time (around 100min). But I am used to ignore sounds I don´t wanna hear, so no biggie.

I simply love how much time it saves me, and especially during stressful weeks it´ll be the best helper ever. So what comes up next? Maybe a dishwasher, a small one? Yes, I have become a lazy girl, or rather: a terribly busy one in her freetime, trying to save as much time as possible.


Hotel: Newton Hotel – Glasgow

Better late than never – and the waiting didn´t really base on me being insecure if I liked it or not, I can happily state that I reall felt well at the hotel – and that even though that when I walked there, it did not look too inviting. I knew about its looks from the outside thanks to a certain search machine, but still. Welcoming is different.

But already the person checking me in made me forget that all – a nice charming lad, having a good chat and laugh about the chaos in Glasgow and how he had been pretty much alone from the staff the day before as noone made it to work. And a pluspoint: I was able to get into my room before the noted time. And I was so relieved, because all I needed was a short nap!

So I quickly walked downstairs, into my souterrain hotel room – and on the first look, I was relieved how cozy it all looked. I dropped my things and hopped onto the bed and…I felt like I really did not want to ever get up again. That hotel bed was just so cozy, m back was so so so happy, there is no words for it! Really good, really comfy, better than expected!

The bathroom was, on the first look, also really great, I mean, what a shower! But soon I found weaknesses – when you flush the toilet, the sound it makes whilst flushing and especiall when re-charging water, man, scary as hell. And really loud. I don´t know if I could have fallen asleep right after if I had not been wearing earplugs. Here and there it was old, some tiles partially were not all good anymore. But nothing too major. And the shower – so amazing – I love this kind of shower, wish I had one like this!

Besides bed and bathroom, the rest of the room was not big but big enough to sa the least. It had a water boiler, tea, coffee, sugar, what you´d just need from a hotel room. The only thing I did not really like was that the room had a carpet floor – it was clean but still. Not my cup of tea at all.

In the mornings you can choose from a “European” breakfast with bread rolls, cereals, cheese and such and a full breakfast as they called it. Which I chose – the first time my stomach was not too impressed about this kind of a breakfast as I had not been used to it, but it was tasty, really. And heavy. But I reall did like it, I was full and it was just right for the morning. Choice of juces, coffee and tea was also served, so you were lacking pretty much nothing.

Overall therefore: don´t be scared off from photos that show the outside, it´s based in a good location, has nie staff and all that you need for a couple of days stay if ou don´t need all the fancy stuff for which you´d be paying twice as much. I for m part would always return and stay there again!

Concert: Apocalyptica – Glasgow – 03.03.2018

Well, Glasgow. Apocalyptica. Me. Kinda hilarious, how I am always in the UK just for Apocalyptica. And not for normal holidays. But well, that´s my life, pure madness.

So when I walked to the stores and turned aorund the corner from my hotel, I kinda ran into the band´s tourbus that had no chance to be parking ight next to the venue so they took that side-street. It was funny, really. At the same time annoying because I always had to walk past the bus no matter where I had been walking.

Later on, and later than usual, I met up with my instagram friend (we had met before, but meeting in terms of queueing) and then successfully queued on the wrong side – they had formed two queues, one for those that paid for the meet and greet, and one for the “normal” fans.

We noticed rather early though and switched to the right queue but I was already pissed – if I travel that far, I wanna stand frontrow. Always. No second row, nothing. So when entering (security checks, nice joke!), I used my fitness and passed by quite a few people on the staircase up – focus, and sprint! And in the end I was standing where I wanted to be standing. Perfect spot. And then noticed together: it´s not warm! It´s damned cold!

It´s nowhere near warm. It´s just what feels a bit warmer than it had been outside where you were freezing. And, spoiler: it didn´t get any warmer during the show.

The show itself…it felt like coming home. It felt like dropping all weight, being myself, not afraid to show emotions, not needing to be strong. Because those that saw me being not strong mostly I didn´t know and the others know me well enough to not need to hide anything. I cried my eyes out again during “Nothing else matters”, guess it´s the pain I gotta have to take onto me if I wanna keep attending their shows. Survived the past 13 years, will survive another amount of years, too 😉

The show rocked, though the first half of the set really felt better when being seated, the second part was better whilst standing. So mixed feeling about this standing show versus the seated shows of the tour that I had already attended.

The band had fun again on stage, clearly visible as always – and it´s been good to see them again, really. And it´s been good to see Antero again, and maybe for a last time as I suppose he won´t be with the band once this tour is finding its end. It sucks, and my heart bleeds because of that, as he´s been a great inspiration and it´s been good to have him back! I guess I am back on the drug called Apocalyptica…hopefully will see them soon again!

After the show, back in the cold and we waited a bit for the band as I usually do it…won´t be sharing more publicly, because I have some privacy aswell.
No need to brag or whatsoever, only thing to say: it´s been a great concert evening!

Topped off and calming down a bit then at my mate´s hotel bar, chatting, reflecting, having a relaxed end to this day and evening!

Review: Hotel am Bayrischen Platz – Leipzig

I am always hesitant to book hotels, because I did have some bad experiences (e.g. in Paris) – so the Booking.com website has become THE platform for me to choose my hotels.

And this time it´s been one that has been unusual expensive, usually I try to go for something cheaper but because I had been searching for something rather close to the venue in Leipzig where Versengold had been playing.

And I found this hotel, just 5min of walking away and close to tram and train station. Couldn´t be any better, so the 79€ that I paid were still a lot but it was the best choice around. Quick to reach from main station, quick to reach some sights close by and some smaller stores and restaurants also around. Nothing else that you would need, specially not if you´re just staying for a night. Location wise for me a jackpot!

The check-in is at around 2pm, which for my taste is kinda late, 1pm would be nicer

though – but at least I was able to drop off my luggage at the hotel before and then wander around, and get my room keys even a tad before 2pm.


When going up to my room it smelled a lot like new paint – and so it did in my room at first. opening the window for a while quickly solved the problem, but it had made me skeptic at first – but that quickly faded.

The room looked really new and modern, and extremely clean. The bathroom had just the right size, only the fact that the toilet was so close to the door that it was a bit uncomfy was a downside. The rest was just really good, comfy towels, good light, nice mirror, nice and big shower.

The room itself was not too big, but had all you needed – a little wardrobe, a desk with TV and a chair and a single bed. And this bed – I thought at first the mattress would be too stiff but I totally fell in love with it. So good to sleep on, my back really appreciated the mattress and the pillows. Only thing – maybe caused by me not being all fit – the blanket could´ve been thicker and warmer for my taste.

I am, though, not a fan of carpet flooring – that´s maybe the biggest downside of the room. Because even though my window halfway went to the street side, you hardly heard a thing when it was closed. And that really did impress me – I had forgotten my earplugs and had been worried, for nothing pretty much.

The next morning, the breakfast was okay. The breakfast room was big, and at early hour it was hardly anyone around, so you still had some space. Choice of bread and such was good, same for cold meat and cheese and such. Downside was the not cold-put milk that kinda kept me from eating some cereals. But I was full anyways, so all good. but for this price that you paid – well, I am not sure if it was just enough.

Last but not least – really nice staff, nothing to complain about.

That´s also why this hotel would clearly be a recommendation from my side!

Concert: Versengold – Nacht der Balladen (Leipzig, 17.02.2018)

So, second show of this mini-tour, as I already have been to Bremen to see this show – this night of ballads, magic, melancholy and big feelings. One should think, that it´s getting less emotional, less touching if you see the same set a second time. But one thing I can tell you right away: not less, but it becomes different.

But let´s start from where you gotta start – the venue. A church. And what a church from the outside – when I walked by for the first time, I was really surprised how big it looked and also from the inside it was big. But unfortunately less beautiful – it really needs a big amount of renovation, unfortunately. You didn´t see much of it furing the show, but nevertheless it was disappointing.

Disappointing was also how people acted when doors opened – whilst in Bremen people queued like normal grown ups, this doors open was madness because people who did not bother to queue early enough were squeezing in and what not. And I am not sorry if any of these people caught one or two of

my ellbows. I´d been there since 16:15, and if you got no will to come early, don´t expect others to tolerate your asshole behaviour. I was really pissed off, but in the end got still a sweet spot in the first row again. And right where I wanted to pretty much. But still I was annoyed, and I was freezing inside – my fever didn´t quite help, but even without I think it´s been rather cold.  It got warmer during the show, but still – mostly I was freezing.

And then the show…some songs had become more emotional, some less emotional and some have changed…
“Schnee fällt” has probably been the song that had become so much more emotional and I cannot tell why – but it broke me into pieces.

“Herz durch die Wand” is more and more becoming a song that means loads to me – when I heard it live last year for the first time I fell in love, but this “connection” to the song is becoming stronger and stronger. A lot stronger.

“Tjark Evers” – I am still in love with this song, and it´s still emotional but it has changed – it´s still intense and I suck up every second. But it´s not tearing me up anymore. Okay, a little, still. Especially because the sound of the church just made the song sound even more powerful than at a normal venue with average acoustics. I really do hope they will play it now and then even outside of this tour…

What was really odd was that during “Biikebrennen” you weren´t even allowed to properly dance – yeah you were allowed to “dance” right in front of your chair, but not a metre away from it. Totally off, really.

I am still not a 100% convinced about the performances of the female singer they had with them – some things still feel really off and she cannot hold higher tunes and it feels forced. Maybe it´s also a problem of comparing the CD versions with a different singer to her now and in a live setting. But anyways, I would´ve wished for someone else to be there as a singer at least in 30% of the songs with female vocals. I am not sure what to think about it. Sweet girl that could use some more vocal lessons…I think that sums it up rather well.

Anyways- I had a fun time, at times I felt dizzy and my fever made it here and there good that it was a seated show. Because standing all the time would have not worked for me at all – I really have to be realistic there.


Now looking forward to the next versengold show in April – this time with the “Funkenflug” tour again, and a rocking show!

Concert: Versengold – Nacht der Balladen (Bremen, 10.02.2018)

Writing this one is a tough one because my brain is still processing the evening if you can even say so. It´s simply been a touching experience – this night of mostly ballads.

Anyways, the show was totally different – seated, a small venue, mostly ballads, new arrangements and a totally different feeling, a totally different athmosphere. And I was surprised how hard this different atmosphere actually hit me.  I was really in need of tissues because I got so emotional. Back to topic – they had an additional percussionist, additional strings. I am not sure if it really needed the latter.

So we came into this venue, one of us dropped off the jackets and then we ended up waiting in front of another door anyways – but at least they had let us into the warmth earlier than it had been written on the tickets. It´s been so bloody cold that you were fully frozen after waiting. It´s not really been fun even though the company good 😉

And then after yet another hour waiting at least inside and on our chairs – yaaaay, frontrow again! – it was time. The curtains were closed, and the show started. The start into an intimate, honest and emotional evening. They played so many songs that mean so much to me, like “Vom Zauber des Wildfräuleins” that has been right from day 1 been a song that felt like THE song to me. And hearing it finally again surely gave me goosebumps and tears.

Just as “Nebelfee” – when I had heard it for the very first time, I was touched, and in such a setting like in the video, tracks like that become even more dangerous for the heart. And yes, I have been crying a lot – it hasn´t really surprised me, but still surprised me some way.

And then – my personal highlight because I had so wited for that – “Tjark Evers”. Initially a song by another german band, Schandmaul, but changed to a certain German dialect to make it more appropriate. And I had been counting days to finally hear this song live. And then it was there. And I felt like it just dragged me into a totally different world far away from reality.

But I was also happy to hear some songs where you did not need to be sitting – okay, here comes the apology to the rows behind me: sorry I´ve always been so quick in standing up, but faster songs just do never keep me sitting. No chance. Give up.

And of course – I totally got excited when they played – right after the break they did – “Biikebrennen”. I love this instrumental, and if they would have not played it (even though it clearly is no ballad) I would´ve been highly disappointed. I think I had never been up from a chair and dancing as quick as last night when I noticed the tune xD Same goes for another instrumental part – I just love those. And I don´t care what anyone thinks about me when I am simply having fun then 😀

What I haven´t yet mentioned was, that they also had a female singer- after having been really skeptical due to some not so convincing live video on Facebook and my general dislike against female singers, I really liked it. Okay, except for sone song where for me it simply did not fit to have a female singer plus she didn´t sound too well during that one. But I can get through this one, though it´s also a really important song to me.

So I´ve been talking around and around…CONCLUSION?
I loved it, it´s been a great experience though I am not sure if it´s the right format for me. Why? Because I already am a melancholic and thoughtful person in “everyday life”, and hearing loads of emotional ballads in a thoughtful atmosphere – I am really not sure if that does the trick for me compared to the “normal” shows that Versengold usually do. Usually I can turn off the mind and totally dive into another world, go to my happy place – and this show rather has been a “look here that shit happened and that sad thing happened and here have some tears” show for me.

I will nevertheless go to Leipzig as I had planned and also I have booked everything. Simply because I want to see if it feels different when seeing the show a second time when not everything is new and super emotional. Let´s see what happens.

But that all does not mean that the show would be bad – it´s really great, and something you should see if you like the band – because it´s just so different to the usual happy crcazy escalating shows you get to see. Full of emotion, quiet passion, melancholy…

Review: Hotel Bürgerhof (Cologne, Germany)

So I was in Cologne over the Christmas days, and to give myself and everyone else some more freedom and space during thos elovely but fully packed and partially stressful days, I decided to book myself into a hotel. And as my aunt was already staying there, the decision was easy.

My mum had picked up my keys already on the day of arrival – on the one hand great that it´s possible, on the other hand a bit odd if you think about the fact that only the surname made picking up the name possible…ah well, let´s not put too much weight onto that but still.

So let´s start with the room – my room hadn´t been used for a while I guess, at leats it felt like it due to the the smel – opening the window rather quickly changed that, so it was all good in the end. The hotelroom was spacey and had a double bed, plenty of space for storing things and everything was just perfectly fine size-wise.

The bed itself was…a bit too soft for myself, but I git used to it quickly – and since my back didn´t complain, and sleeping on the sides, on my belly and on the back felt pretty good, I was positively surprised. I didn´t expect that I was gonna sleep quite well in there when I sat down on it and tested the mattress. Bedlinen was okay, but finding something to bitch about it would be generally rather tough 😉

Space-wise, the bathroom was totally okay, just the bits of mold in the shower were not making me too happy as I am always easily feeling turned off by such things. It´s hilarious how sensitive I am even about the smallest bits of it, but that´s me. The shower also was a bit funny – first time I was standing in there and turned on the water, it nearly blew me away because the water pressure was full power all of a sudden 😀

So the room overall – hardly anything to complain, especially since it´s not been the hotel´s falt that I was simply too dumb to be able to turn on the TV (that even had Sky). I simply failed even though having read the instructions, but in the end I didn´t have any tme anyways and instead enjoyed the silence. Talking about silence  it´s been lovely silent during nighttime, I wouldn´t even have needed my earplugs.

After sleep comes…yes, breakfast! A small little buffet that had everything you needed – tea, coffee, water, juices…and the bread rolls of different kinds, croissants and then the normal stuff you find on buffets. I would´ve loved to have some cereals but as the milk was with lactose, same for the yoghurt, I decided on ditching it since with all the food in general my body had enough struggles to facce. So also that was totally fine, all good!

Last but not least – the staff I met was polite and nice, I felt well there. So overall – if I was in need of a hotel in that area again, I´d clearly be returning!

Homepage: http://hotel-niehl.de/

Car2Go – a first Smart ride

I never thought that at some time I will be in need of doing these kinds of short term car rentals…but if you gotta transport something that you cannot even carry a 100m, then it´s useful. And as my company made it possible to save on the start up fee, I simply signed up.

An the noticed how shitty the service area is – my home isn´t even in the area where you can pick up and drop off the cars then. The closest where I can do so is nearly a kilometer away from me. At least just one kilometer and not even more. But that really made me hesitate using it. Until I had to transport two heavy computer screens and searched for a car to take.

First hurdle: find one that is not occupied, and then battle with the really crappy location-information…never trust on the info on which side of the street the car is. So I found that car and then … automatic car. How I hate those. And I hadn´t been in one for ages – what a struggle to get going. And talking about struggles – the built-in GPS is the most terrible one I have ever seen unfortunately, ended up getting lost and at some point started using my phone and google maps to bring me home.

And then again, sitting in the car, being stuck in the heavy traffic…and knew again why owning a car here in Hamburg would be useful, even though a Smart, like the one I was sitting in, would be still quite handy. And to my surprise, sitting in this Smart felt really good – it was comfy, nice to drive and even on the highway it didn´t feel like I was sitting in such a tiny little car. I never liked Smarts, but I really changed my opinion. If I ever give owning a car in the city a try, a Smart will surely be in the closer round when making a final decision 😉

So…overall…I don´t know what to think about Car2Go.

Good idea, yes. But depending on where you start it is near to impossible to grab a car, and depending on where you end you are screwed because you need to still walk when you cannot drop it off close to where your home is. Being stuck in heavy traffic makes you pay shittons of money for not getting anywhere (because you pay per minute)…

For really small distances like transporting boxes of drinks or so I might try it again, but otherwise I don´t think I will do it again…

Review: Hotel Carlton – Dortmund

So let´s start with the mess I made before even arriving there – I booked it on Booking.com and then things happened and the booking was cancelled – and the shit is: you cannot just make it undone on the webpage, and the room also didn´t show up on the page anymore. But after two calls, it was all sorted out again and I was SO relieved…

So then I was at Dortmund mainstation, and started my walk to the hotel – a really quick and short walk, totally a plus if you aren´t in need of a sceneric view for many day. It´s been really in the center, close to Christmas markets, zillions of Döner stores and such…

Well, the entrance is in between a hairdresser and an odd fashion-shoe shop, so well to

be honest, I ran past it and then wondered how oddly un-inviting the entrance is from the outside. It´s not really easy to find.

A nice welcome, and after some problems also the cancelled or not cancelled discussion was done and I got my key to the room – all really nice, just as it should be. A chat here and there also when checking out made it really sympathetic. Clearly plus points there!

So I went up to the 4th floor (downside: if you travel with big luggage, you will be screwed – the elevator only goes up to 3rd floor) and found my room pretty quickly.

A small but nice room, equipped with med, wardrobe and a sink – all you need. The bathrooms were shared, but really nice – they were real bathrooms, so room with a shower, sink and toilet all in one and lockable. And really clean, I really would have not been worrying about it beforehand. All nice and clean and just good.

Two things nevertheless were not so amazing – I felt the “insides” of the bed whilst sleeping, which was not too nice and the walls seemed to be really thin and/or transferring noises really well. So when someone else closed the door, you heard it, the snoring from people you were able to hear when in the hall way and such…really annoying.

Also, if you mixed it together with the noise coming from outside as there was bars around, you needed earplugs to be able to sleep.

But since I had ear plugs with me anyways, I fell asleep anyways and had a rather good night.

Next morning, means breakfast time. A small but cozy and nicely decorated breakfast room, and a small choice of nice foods. All you need was there, it was good and there was nothing to complain about.

So overall – if I again need a hotel room close to the station for just a single night, I will clearly considering a return!

TV: Grill den Profi

Ja, vornweg –  ich schaue gerne TV. Und auch Sender wie z.B. VOX sind da nicht vor mir sicher – weil: es gibt da durchaus coole Sendungen. Und wie ihr wisst, bin ich in den letzten Jahren doch durchaus zu einem Fan geworden wenn es ums Kochen geht. Diverse Sendungen waren da schon nicht vor mir sicher, und auch den Vorgänger zu “Grill den Profi” , also “Grill den Henssler” (zur Info: Henssler ist auch Koch) habe ich gerne geschaut.

Aber wenn ich mal so nachdenke – ich fand schon als Kind solche Shows cool, wo zwei Teams gegeneinander angetreten sind, beim Kochen. Damals war es das Kochduell, bei dem ich sogar einmal im Studio saß, als eine Folge aufgenommen wurde. Ich finde es einfach cool, wie man unter Zeitdruck die teilweise wahnwitzigsten Gerichte herstellen kann – und zwar dann auch noch so garniert, dass es nach etwas aussieht.

Hier finde ich es einfach cool, dass der Profi spontan sein muss – während die Promis (während der Begriff “Promi” da auch teilweise sehr vielfältig interpretierbar ist, zumindest für einen Nicht-Promi-Kenner wie mich) ihre Gerichte schon haben vorbereiten können und sich die Zutaten ausgesucht haben – zumindest beim Impro-Gang. Was da teilweise für seltsame Kombinationen auf den Tisch kommen, ist schon faszinierend – da würde ich gerne mal einiges von probieren, weil ich es so nicht ausprobieren wollen würde – auch wenn´s wirklich spannend klingt und sicherlich was für die Geschmacksnerven ist. Ja, ich mag es ausgefallen – und auch zum Nachkochen, solange ich dann nicht in der Molekularküche ende oder in den Spezial-Supermarkt rennen muss, wo ich dann die Zutaten noch bestellen müsste.

Und ich muss zugeben, hier und da habe ich mir schon einige Ideen geholt, besonders wenn es darum geht, welche Zutaten ich mal ausprobieren will –  weil ich die teils noch nicht ausprobiert habe, oder zumindest nicht so. Aber die anderen Gerichte, die nach dem Impro-Gang kommen, sind dann doch meist mehr meins. Auch wenn sie zumindest teilweise echt nichts Besonderes sind, was ich wirklich schade finde – hier und da ein bisschen mehr Kreativität würde da nicht schaden, besonders weil die Promis ja genug Zeit haben, sich auf ihre Gänge jeweils vorzubereiten. Aber was willst du machen, nicht jeder steht auf kreativ und traut sich zu, dass dann unter Zeitdruck zu kochen.

Apropos Zeitdruck – das ist vielleicht so die einzige Komponente, wo ich echt sagen muss: sorry, nichts für mich. Zum Zuschauen total amüsant wie sie alle panisch herumtitschen und herumrennen, Dinge nicht finden, Dinge runterfallen oder runtergeworfen werden in der Hektik…Ich hab´s da lieber gemütlich in meiner eigenen Küche, weil ich das Kochen doch einen Ticken mehr zelebriere – ich mag es, ich genieße es, und will nicht da so durchrennen. Aber so wäre es ja langweilig als TV-Format.

Die Spielchen die in der Sendung immer zwischen die Gänge gepackt werden sind unterhaltsam und halt klassisch Entertainment, made for TV – ja, lustig irgendwie schon, für mich könnte man es aber sein lassen, mich interessiert das Kochen per se dann doch mehr. Aber da tickt jeder anders, und TV ist TV und braucht halt den Lustig-Faktor.

Apropos Lustig-Faktor – oder halt wenig lustig, finde ich teilweise die Jury. Ich frage mich immer noch, was Rainer Callmund in der Jury einer Kochshow sucht. Nein, ich kann es nicht verstehen, und will es auch irgendwie nicht nachvollziehen. Vielleicht will man da ein Klischee erfüllen, aber ich weiß es nicht. Davon abgesehen – gefühlt findet er halt auch irgendwie fast alles gut, ist immer so der “ist doch gut, will da nicht fies sein und kritisieren” – auch wenn es trotzdem hier und da in der Vergangenheit mal Kritik gab. Aber die anderen beiden in der Jury können wenigstens mit mehr Fachwissen glänzen, auch wenn sie mit weniger Humor daherkommen. Gleicht sich ganz gut aus, das passt. Für mich meistens. genauso wie das Zusammenspiel von Moderation und allen anderen Beteiligten echt amüsant ist, und sicherlich jede Show etwas zum Lachen bereithält.

Also…ja, ich find´s cool, ich schau es gerne – schaut mal rein, gibt´s auch in der Mediathek zum später schauen. 🙂