SwimBikeRun Training – Week 9 – 12

It´s been quiet when it comes to my triathlon training during the past weeks – simply because rarely anything happened. Except the fact that I really did sign up for the triathlon, still wondering if my foot will actually allow me to train and prepare properly. but only time can tell, and since I am not having my glass ball around, I cannot see into the future.

12.11. (Week 9) until  02.12.2018 (Week 11)

Well, it´s been all about packing boxes, carrying boxes, cleaning and freaking out all about the move itsef. And then moving of course, and the same in reverse – unpacking, walking stairs up and down, carrying stuff, freaking out and not wanting to move anymore. And going for little walks here and there, for paper work things, to see the sea, to explore the surroundings…

But not real sports, unfortunately. I tried but somehow couldn´t motivate myself, because I fet burnt out and permanently tired. no surprise.

At least I managed my daily dose of stretching on most days, so my foot at least got some treatment – mostly. And it really needed that, because it´s stagnating with recovery.

03.11. – 09.12.2018 – Week 12

Being back at the office made it kind of a new situation – a lot of sitting, hardly moving and no motivation to do anything.

Okay, I started a new ab challenge and am pulling through quite well until now I would say – and I was even swimming once (on Saturday).

And swimming went well, with a personal best! It started off rough and not really pleasant, didn´t make me happy at all. And then it got better and better and I even managed for once to turn off my mind which before never really worked.

And sure, stretching – more than during the weeks before, simply because I am so desperately trying to get rid off my plantar fasciitis. I am getting fed up with not being able to do sports properly and always needing to take care of my damned foot-


SwimBikeRun Training – Week 7 & 8

Totally not two weeks that I had planned like this – it´s been more of an offseason thing, rather than preparation for the triathlon.

And I feel guilty about it, because I really do need consistent training so see improvement and recovery for my foot.

But with all the stress and the incoming moving to Wilhelmshaven, this is really more of a challenge than I had expected at first!

And the packing and everything is probably gonna be enough of a workout for my body, so there isn´t gonna happen much during the coming week or two I suppose…

29.10. – 04.11.2018 – Week 7

Ab challenge – I still did some at the start of the week, but at around Wednesday I kept telling mself “yeah toorrow I will do it again” – but never did it. let´s just be honest, I totally lost motivation even though I saw the progress so well!

Swimming – So I was fighting this cold and then on the weekend was also busy, so I really did not have any power and time left to go and enjoy some swimming. It doesn´t make sense to go and force it when you´re feeling sick, I had to listen to my body there!

Gym – as I cancelled my contract, no more gym for me until I started my new job I guess, because I think they offer some membership stuff for gyms and such.

05.11. – 11.11.2018 – Week 8

So I signed up for the triathlon this week – now it´s set. There is not really any way out, as I am noone to back off from my plans when I have signed up, unless I am sick and need to carry my head under my arm. There is immediately more will again to really kick ass, and that´s something I really needed.

Ab challenge – Well, I ditched it. Again. First off I felt sick, then tired, then the packing started and I felt sore all along. But I will restart again next week. I promise!

Physiotherapy / stretching – it´s going okay. There´s good days and bad days, but still I know I will need plenty of time to recover. I just wish I knew how long, that would make me cope with it better. Because I am impatient, and that doesn´t help. Also I need to do again more stuff mself at home, I neglected stretching a bit on a couple of days.

Swimming – There´s good trainings and there is today´s. I´ve always been, on 500m, at least half a minute slower than 3 weeks ago before my swimming break. And it also didn´t feel too great to be honest, it´s like I dropped out of my flow again. Damnit!

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 5 & 6

15.10 – 21.10.2018 – Week 5

I hit the gym on Monday and did some light biking as a warm up (my foot did not appreciate that!) and then did the fitness circle there. And I was surprised how much I was sweating and how much better it felt than doing plain training with weights. I should´ve done that more often already before – but you never stop learning.

On Wednesday and even though I really didn´t feel like it, I went to do my swimming training – and I made a new personal best on 500m. I am getting there, slowly but steadily I am seeing improvements. But I really need to work on crawl stroke, because I really struggle. A long road still to go, with a lot ofr frustration coming up because I cannot get it working at all. But in worst case it will be breast stroke also during the competition. Not efficient but better than failing badly.

And on the weekend I had weight training – the different kind of it with renovating my apartment in Wilhelmshaven. And loads of sore muscles afterwards!

Besides as usual – stretching and physiotherapy for my foot and ab challenge. Going strong on all parts that I gotta do, wish it was always working that well like in this week!

22.10. – 28.10.2018 – Week 6

No actual training, besides two concerts, sore muscles from renovating and feeling a cold crawling up onto me.

Only some stretching for my foot is what I pretty much did, and I continued my ab challenge a bit even though I really struggled because I was just permanently tired. There are simply weeks where things don´t really work, and I have to embrace it because: shit happens. When you´re feeling under the weather, it´s rather about resting and focussing on the mental aspects of being fit. because the mind matters. A lot. And there is just too much going on.

Physiotherapy is going rather well in regards of my foot, but the two concerts I attened were not too good for it – long road still to go. Longer than I initially expected when I went to the doctor in September. And now it´s soon November…

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 4

It´s not been an easy week for me. It´s been daily struggles against the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion, against migraine with all its side effects, against the feeling of another flu crawling up to me. My body has given me a tough time, but I´ve made it through! Mostly, even though the headache seems to feel really like home in my head.

And as I promised myself, I pressed the restart button and actually did something for my goals again!

Ab Challenge

Yes, I did restart the whole challenge because starting from where I had left off wouldn´t have made any sense. And to be honest, I am feeling not bad about it – it was a good decision and it works well in my daily evening routine.

Stretching for recovery

Talking about daily evening routine – I collected stretching exercises for my right foot that shall help heal the plantar fasciitis . It´s annoying, but I am doing it every evening now, invetsing the time and using that time to also end the day mentally. But to be honest – I am not really seeing progress, and that´s why it´s terribly tiring.

Gym (Biking, stretching, strength circle) – 10.10.2018

I started with some biking and I think that´s been okay for my foot, but I am not sure – it´s always a daily guessing what might be okay and what not at the moment. At least it warmed me up properly, to then cool down a bit and stretch my muscles as I always do and then I continued with the strength circle. Usually am not doing this but everything´s been really crowded and the circle wasn´t. And I was surprised how well it trained my body with just two rounds of it. Next time maybe even a third round…

Swimming – 14.10.2018 (2x 500m +1x 250m breast stroke, 250m crawl stroke)

It´s a long way to the top, but with enough anger in your heart, you can give full power and tadaa – new personal best! Been 30 seconds quicker again on my 500m distance! It´s a first step, and now I gotta keep doing this and then work on my craw strokes because I kinda drowned when doing it today. Hopeless case. It will need a lot of work but it will make me faster, and that´s what I want in the end! And I really have to at least get 3 more minutes faster, otherwise I will be last and…nope, that´s not gonna happen!

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 3

I´ve started off so well, just to really fail week 3. A sarcastic thumbs up hahhaha

And that´s still the nicest thing to call it. Simply because the past weekend has been mentally and physically really exhausting, and the work week has continued exactly like that.

I´ve spent sleepless nights and feeling permanently exhausted, had troubles eating enough (which is really odd for me, because I LOVE eating), trouble focussing, battling stomach problems and feeling really off.

Ab challenge

I´ve ditched it pretty much this week, goal is to re-start from day 1 tonight, on Monday. It wouldn´t make sense to continue from where I left off, so I will restart and hope it will last longer this time. At least I am really convinced!


I am trying to at least twice a day do the tretching for my foot, and it´s difficult when you´re at the office but once a day clearly is soable every day – and necessary to speed up my regeneration as I am not seeing much progress. Or I am closing my eyes from it because it´s still so slow?!

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 2

This week really didn´t go that well at all – I felt weak, I had problems with my teeth and was in pain and was fighting insomnia. That´s why I was less active as I would´ve usually been. But I learnt to accept that there is good weeks and weeks like the one this time.

Swimming (23.09.2018) – breast strike, 3*500m, each ~15:40min

I decided to already do it on Sunday because I wanted to make sure I was fit for it, and it was a good choice. Not many people and I improved my time for the 500m, but I still have such a long way to go.

I also tried to do crawl stroking…well, it was like I was a sinking ship. I really need to work on it, and have no idea yet how because there is no swimming curses for advanced adult swimmers, everything is always just for kids. And I am not having the finances for a private coach, and joining a triathlon club just for that is too early, not knowing if I will ever do it again after my first triathlon next year.

First sense crisis already after the second training session, really works well for me. I am so gonna lose my nerves over the whole, I see that coming already now. Also because I find swimming terribly boring and uninspiring…

Ab challenge – Days 5-11

It´s starting to become slowly challenging – but still really no big deal at all. That shows me that I still have quite some trained abs even though I´ve been neglecting it for far too long. But well, many more days still to come. And after the end of the challenge I gotta continue training my abs still.

Mobility for back & pain release for my foot

I started actively doing exercises to get rid off my blockade in my lower back and also releasing the stress in the foot that led to the current inflammation. For my foot it´s als mobility and working a lot with a ball to kinda massage out the stress on the muscles. It´s not always pleasant, but just sitting around and not doing anything is not my cup of tea.

Running season 2018 – it´s a WRAP!

Ladies and gentlemen,

it´s a wrap. My very first running season is now over – at least I declare it as such, because I have not planned any additional “competitions” and will take it easy from now on. All the kilometres ran and the medals and experiences collected have made this year a special one. Because I never expected that I could be able to do all of this – a year ago I started as someone who couldn´t manage to run 500m without stopping and needing m asthmatic spray. And now it looks like I am a totally different person.

My body more and more has told me visibly that it is done with this running season, as I am simply not used to such heavy sports at all. So this is also why it went on hiatus a couple of times, making it necessary for me to take time outs and simply rest and recover. And that´s also why I didn´t make my “12 months a year, 12 medals”-goal. Close enough, though. But still, I prefer to reach the goals I am setting myself.

I had planned yet another two runs, and today I decided to cancel both of them because the inflammation in my foot needs to heal. And running 10 and 12km would get me back to where I started in terms of recovers. It´s not worth it. Health comes first, though it´s a tough decision to be fully honest. It feels like giving in. but I know it´s the right decision, my heart just needs to understand that somehow.

Now let´s look at some facts and stats on my running season:

“Competitions” I have run

  • Wandsetaler Runde (March / 10km)
  • Rahlstedter Wandserunde (May / 15km)
  • B2Run (May / 5-6 km)
  • BKK Mobil Oil Run Fun Day (June / 10km)
  • Hella Half marathon (July / 21km)
  • Tough Mudder 5k (August / 5km)
  • Hella Inselparklauf (August / 9km)
  • Heldenlauf (August / 10km)
  • Alsterlauf (September, 10km)

Kilometres I have run during my running season

  • January – 17,47 km
  • February – 12,82 km
  • March – 90,08 km
  • April – 135,51 km
  • May – 56,26 km
  • June – 73,28 km
  • July – 68,92 km
  • August – 35,89 km
  • September – 10,22 km

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 1

No, I don´t call it triathlon –  I think “SwimBikeRun” sounds cooler and still explains what I will be doing a lot until next summer 😉

So, this is week 1. Earlier than expected, but I am kinda forced to.

I had planned to be still doing running and biking a lot at gym, but I am not allowed to. So this is why I am doing everything that is not putting stress on my foot and making my inflammation worse.

Swimming (19.09.2018) – 2*500m breaststroke (each ~17min)

First time since ages that I went swimming and really wasn´t sure if it makes any sense or if it was gonna be far too full as last time in another swimming hall. But no, it wasn´t.

I was able to swim my rows mostly without any people blocking my way, it was all relaxed and that really made me more relaxed and happy already. And it felt good, though I know I still gotta work a lot on it.

But first I wanna build up a basic endurance and then focus on speed and everything. I still have a lot of time, so no need to rush and force it!

Ab Challenge – Days 1-4

I´ve been neglecting my abs and core in general, so time to change it again. And it´s easily done at home and doesn´t take long at least at the start, so there is no excuses not to do it – I id it usually in front of the tv, to have some extra motivation and not do it in silence.

Gym (22.09.2018)

I hardly burned calories as I cannot do cardio training, but I did a little bit of biking as a warm up, did some stretching and trengthening of my feet and egs and then some weight training.

But somehow I couldn´t really get into it, at leats it felt like it. I did some back and core training in general, some exercises for legs and some exercises for my arms/shoulders. I still need to get used to the situation and find ways how to prepare best.

Triathlon before 30!

I remember how I jokingly said to someone (cannot remember to whom anymore) like 2 years ago “haha and before turning 30, I will have done a triathlon, right?”.

It was meant anything but not serious back in the days. But why not?

I have mastered a damned half-marathon this year, why not manage the sprint distace of a triathlon? It´s “just” three disciplines. And the running won´t be the main issue there for once.

It´s gonna be just 0,75km of swimming,  20km of biking and  5k of running – for the sprint distance. Each of it separately – no problem, except for maybe swimming. But doing this all in a row will be a challenge, especially when it comes to staying focussed. Why it will probably be different to just running? You need to switch, change clothes, get into another mode not only for the muscles but also for the ways of thinking.

But I like challenges. So yes, I will be signing up for a triathlon. No surprise, looking at this girl that has turned a bit crazy, right? In November the sign-up will open, and I will be one of the first ones to sign up, that´s for sure!

So, my first triathlon will be (yes, it WILL) in Wilhelmshaven on 10./11. August 2019!

Of course I will keep you updated in my training once I will start it all – just as I did with my half-marathon training 😉

Next steps?

Oh and – I already bought a tri-suit for it, it was on sale and I saved 100€ with that. A first step to get up my ass and make sure I will be sticking to it. But it made my self-confidence crack when I saw myself in the morrow. It´s just so not making you look sexy…

So the next step will also be getting a bike that I can use in daily business but also for racing…so much to do!

Run: Alsterlauf (09.09.2018)

Another weekend, another run – this time for real. I promise! After having been fighting this massive cold/flu for a week and then being struck down for a week and needing to cancel Muddy Angel run.

Now this weekend I was…well, I was through with cold and flu and what not. But still nowhere near being fit, but I wanted to do this run. And so I decided that, because it was not raining, that I was gonna get up and going early, pick up my starting number and just enjoy whatever the run will bring. I wasn´t on the hunt for a personal best or anything, I am keeping this for next running season 😉

It was a free start thanks to the Hell Laufteam that I am a part of – also where my running shirt comes from 😉 So we also took a group photo together on stage, and I am curious how it turned out. I love having photos of myself whilst and around sports. But it was cold and I was happy to put back on my hoodie to keep warm – my main fear that day. Getting cold, then sweating, then getting cold again and getting sick again.

Easily dropped off my bag, then warmed up, and did my normal routine to blend out everything around me and just focus. It´s even more important when you´re not prepared and not all up for it. And then it started and it went sooo well until km 5 – I was on my way to a new personal best and a time unter 60min for those 10km.

And then something happened – no idea why, but from km 6 on, it became hell and my body was simply on hiatus. Every meter was a struggle and I became increasingly slower and really had to hold onto some runners to not become even slower. And my mind also fucked it up – because it´s been a lot like the route where th half marathon was. And it´s made me emotional, and totally unfocussed. Because the memories came back and somehow it´s been a throwback. So fresh memories still.

So yeah, it was somehow a battle but I won it – and been totally exhausted after the finish line. Luckily there´s been enough drinks of all kinds served – literally the whole Hella Mineralbrunnen sortiment, and yes, I took two cups of each of those. I was so thurstay because you were not given drinks during those 10km. Understandable on one hand, but somehow…luckily it wasn´t warm so you´d have needed drinks on the run.

Overall – it was worth the torture, though my body more and more is telling me how much it´s longing for the end of this year´s running season…