Triathlon before 30!

I remember how I jokingly said to someone (cannot remember to whom anymore) like 2 years ago “haha and before turning 30, I will have done a triathlon, right?”.

It was meant anything but not serious back in the days. But why not?

I have mastered a damned half-marathon this year, why not manage the sprint distace of a triathlon? It´s “just” three disciplines. And the running won´t be the main issue there for once.

It´s gonna be just 0,75km of swimming,  20km of biking and  5k of running – for the sprint distance. Each of it separately – no problem, except for maybe swimming. But doing this all in a row will be a challenge, especially when it comes to staying focussed. Why it will probably be different to just running? You need to switch, change clothes, get into another mode not only for the muscles but also for the ways of thinking.

But I like challenges. So yes, I will be signing up for a triathlon. No surprise, looking at this girl that has turned a bit crazy, right? In November the sign-up will open, and I will be one of the first ones to sign up, that´s for sure!

So, my first triathlon will be (yes, it WILL) in Wilhelmshaven on 10./11. August 2019!

Of course I will keep you updated in my training once I will start it all – just as I did with my half-marathon training 😉

Next steps?

Oh and – I already bought a tri-suit for it, it was on sale and I saved 100€ with that. A first step to get up my ass and make sure I will be sticking to it. But it made my self-confidence crack when I saw myself in the morrow. It´s just so not making you look sexy…

So the next step will also be getting a bike that I can use in daily business but also for racing…so much to do!


Run: Alsterlauf (09.09.2018)

Another weekend, another run – this time for real. I promise! After having been fighting this massive cold/flu for a week and then being struck down for a week and needing to cancel Muddy Angel run.

Now this weekend I was…well, I was through with cold and flu and what not. But still nowhere near being fit, but I wanted to do this run. And so I decided that, because it was not raining, that I was gonna get up and going early, pick up my starting number and just enjoy whatever the run will bring. I wasn´t on the hunt for a personal best or anything, I am keeping this for next running season 😉

It was a free start thanks to the Hell Laufteam that I am a part of – also where my running shirt comes from 😉 So we also took a group photo together on stage, and I am curious how it turned out. I love having photos of myself whilst and around sports. But it was cold and I was happy to put back on my hoodie to keep warm – my main fear that day. Getting cold, then sweating, then getting cold again and getting sick again.

Easily dropped off my bag, then warmed up, and did my normal routine to blend out everything around me and just focus. It´s even more important when you´re not prepared and not all up for it. And then it started and it went sooo well until km 5 – I was on my way to a new personal best and a time unter 60min for those 10km.

And then something happened – no idea why, but from km 6 on, it became hell and my body was simply on hiatus. Every meter was a struggle and I became increasingly slower and really had to hold onto some runners to not become even slower. And my mind also fucked it up – because it´s been a lot like the route where th half marathon was. And it´s made me emotional, and totally unfocussed. Because the memories came back and somehow it´s been a throwback. So fresh memories still.

So yeah, it was somehow a battle but I won it – and been totally exhausted after the finish line. Luckily there´s been enough drinks of all kinds served – literally the whole Hella Mineralbrunnen sortiment, and yes, I took two cups of each of those. I was so thurstay because you were not given drinks during those 10km. Understandable on one hand, but somehow…luckily it wasn´t warm so you´d have needed drinks on the run.

Overall – it was worth the torture, though my body more and more is telling me how much it´s longing for the end of this year´s running season…

Run: Muddy Angel Hamburg – or not?

or rather: health always comes first. 

And no, it´s not as easy to really live the sentence above. because I am someone who doesn´t always live the rational things, but I live with my heart. And I do stupid things. And sometimes it needs friends and parents to really keep you off stupidity.

And this is really been one of those cases. Why? Because I woke up with a cough, with freezing at 24°C it´s not the time to even think about taking part in any kind of activity that does not involve a couch, a hot tea and blankets and sweating out the flu.

The problem always is with such short on notice sicknesses, that you cannot even sell your ticket and that´s always in the back of my mind – it´s a certain amount of money that you´ve already spent and then you don´t get anything for it because you´re sick. That´s just twice as frustrating, because the money part hurts and then of course it is SO frustrating that you cannot be part of something you looked forward to a lot.

Simply because it would´ve been one of the two runs with obstacles – I did the Tough Mudder 5K and this would have been the second one. Simply because I cannot do any other runs like this, the half marathon killed it since I didn´t want to risk anything before it.

And then on Sunday I was all struck down, and upset with my body. Instead I should´ve been grateful what it already managed to cope with this year – all the training and stress. But really, I hope that health wise 2019 will be better….

Sports: KW33 & KW34

These two weeks were not really filled with sports and motivation. The – I guess it is one – inflammation in my right heel is making it hard for me to go running, and my will to go and hit gym was simply too little to really get going. Sleep felt more important and relaxing on the couch in front of the TV was feeling more inviting.

I am really not happy about how it all went, but I have the feeling that the more or less break is doing a good job not only for my foot but also for the rest of my body and also for my mind. I really need this break so badly, maybe should´ve actively done this resting already far earlier.

My mind feels better about running and I feel more excited when I am lacing my shoes – it´s a good development and shows that this little break from working out in general can here and there help to refocus and feel better.


KW 33 (13.08.-19.08.2018)

  • 15.08.2018 – Running (9km, 58min)
    9km run – Hella Inselpark run, another running event – simply because it feels best if you can run with competition than all on your own! But this time it didn´t feel well, I was feeling tired and weak and an exhausting workday and my body was just on hiatus – and that really showed. But I pulled through, so I am really happy that at least my mind was functioning! Check out my report!
  • 19.08.2018 – Running (5km, 35min)
    A training run, it was okay – nothing more and nothing less. It felt good to really turn off the mind for a bit and even though I still felt the 9km in my body, I did a good job. Not too much enthusiasm, I know, I know, but I am still hoping for improvement but it´s like really tiny baby steps currently…

KW 34 (20.08.-26.08.2018)

  • 26.08.2018 – Running (11km, 1:11h)
    No training run, but instead being part of the Heldenlauf in Blankenese with a not so flat running path on those 11km. During the run my foot was doing really fine, but the later the evening became, the more painful my foot was again. Probably my inflammation is still there and kicking in…Anyways, want to know how the run went? Check out my report!

Run: Heldenlauf (26.08.2018)

Let´s start from…even before the start! I was running the 11km Mezzo run of the Heldenlauf in western Hamburg!

On Friday I had to rush after work to Blankenes to pick up my starting number. Why? Because on Friday (until 6pm) and Saturday are the days where you can pick up your number for free. On Sunday they call it “emergency pick up” and make you pay for it. My opinion? Hilarious. Really.

If you got an event that´s not exactly close to the centre, this is a no-go. But well, so I was there and was a bit irritated how badly organised it was. Waiting was thekey to success, and at least the ladies handing out the starting numbers were nice. But there is tons of potential – I would love to restructure it to make it faster.

The numbers right next to the desks where they sit, split it to surname letters and then one pick up person for everyone pickung up more than 2 numbers. Bäm, speeds up a lot. Anyways, I got my number and also my little goodie back which I really liked. Usefull stuff in there, that´s for sure!

And then…the morning of the run. Me vs mornings, we will never be friends. That´s for sure. So I hopped onto the train and an hour later I was in Blankenese, and first dropped off some clothes for Hanseatic Help – had planned to get rid off it and bring it to them anyways, and now since it was right there….perfect match!

Then went to drop off my stuff and THIS now is the BIGGEST DOWNSIDE of the whole run – there is no conventional bag dropoff like you have it with even the smallest runs. You can just drop it off at a gym. Where everyone from the runners could go and grab a bag. Just like this. In the end, nothing disappeared but I would NEVER leave anything like my purse or so there.

And then…15min walk to the start area, that gave already a little glimpse of what you had to run up again height wise xD But was a good walk to warm up. And then…good luck if you needed a bathroom down there. Queueing in front of the mobile toilets…and it was a close call for me, having waited there for like 20min.

Then the start, it went smooth, and the surroundings were really nice for the run, really. Lovely views, a lot of green…but also terrible stairs and stairs and stairs and running uphill…it really killed me. I didn´t expect it to feel so tough on me, but especially the stais at around km9 were a killer. There was no end to be seen and the legs were burning like someone had put them on fire.

That´s something I really have to train and work on. The drinking and banana situation on the running path was good – though on the first stop it was ice cold water and on the second one sparkling water hahaha both not too pleasant, but you can live with it.

At least there was totally enough of it, it felt good. Really. And it was a positive surprise.

And a funny note on when getting close to the finish line – I had my playlist on shuffle on my headphones, and it switched to “Biikebrennen” by Versengold.

It´s THE track for me when it comes not only to running. And so I passed the finish line with this song on my

ears and was twice as happy.Also, the bananas, and the other food and different drinks after the finish line were totally what I personally needed – and enough of it.

I approved, really! But I am also not really into eating much after a run, like, directly after.

It was a good run, and it was fun. Nice people and everything. Maybe if next year I can come by car, I will do it again. Otherwise rather not, because when not living in Hamburg anymore, I don´t have a safe space where to store my valuables anymore.

So overall clearly a “would do again” because of the scenery and the overall feeling! And maybe also try another distance, depending on how fit I feel next spring and how much of running I did!

Run: Hella Inselparklauf (15.08.2018)

To be honest, I had planned to be writing this report right on the evening of the run but I was pretty upset and thus decided that it would be better to have some time to reflect on everything before really hitting the keyboard and be writing this.

I woke up that morning and had this pain in my right foot, coming from my heel. Just as every morning. Plus, I had again the pain in my back and felt stiff and everything but not fit. But I am noone to easily give in and pulled through with the day at the office and then went to Wilhelmsburg for the run.

The weather okay, and the check-in was really quick. I kinda had expected far more people to be there and also participate in the run, so I was there far too early. I should´ve maybe relaxed at the office a bit instead of hanging around there, though it´s always fun to meet new people. At some point I also met up with a girl that I had met at the half-marathon and stayed in touch with via Instagram.

She, her dad and I started into the run together with quite a pace – much faster than I had planned but I felt good. Until kilometre 2. A massive pain in my back from my pinched nerve again and I had to slow down. A lot. And I started wondering if I could actually manage the planned 12km. I mean okay, there´s rounds of 3km, so it´s easier to also run a shorter distance. Until kilometre 4 I was then okay, and then stomach pains and feeling stomach sick came up. It was a never ending story of me trying to look smiley when coming close to the finish line and the photographers with every round.

When I was on my 3rd round, I wondered if I could go another round to fill the 12km. But in the end I decided that this is not gonna work and I wasn´t really keen on going through the finish line as last person of the evening just because I desperately wanted to get the 12km done. So I finished after 9km and was just happy that I survived, really.

I was so upset, felt so stomach sick and the pain in my foot was massive. I was really close to crying, because things just don´t really seem to work out – though I gotta say the average time on this distance I improved. So somehow I am on a good way but I am not good with patience right now, really.

Overall it´s a nice running event, small, well organized, you can print your certificate right there, you get a nice medal and the commentator is fab (okay okay I am biased because I sprinted towards the finish line and was, with my name, mentioned then.

My 5 seconds of fame, wohooo!). Just sucks that it´s in the middle of the week, so that´s probably the only downside of it!

Sports: KW31 & KW32

Those two weeks were…well, they could have better but also worse.

At first it started off nicely, but it was still a struggle to really get me motivated to do any sports in the breaks between headaches, migraines, dizziness attacks and feeling stomach sick.

The never-ending summer is bugging my body, not only through the heat but also because I cannot do any sports. My body more and more got stiff and back and neck also got stiff, which led to more headaches and migraines and stuff like this.

Devil´s circle…really.

KW 31 (30.07.-05.08.2018)

  • 31.07.2018 – Running (5,57km, 39:52min)
    Stupid idea to go for a run even though it´s still been everything but cool…I started with the hope it´s gonna go well, but on km 3 my body went on full hiatus and I even had to throw up and then decided that I will not be doing sports anymore if it´s hotter than 24°C unless I felt really good during daytime.
  • 04.08.2018 – Indoor biking (66min)
    It was rather cool (well, cooler than usual) in the late morning so I decided to simply go to gym and do some light biking, to at least be doing something after having been knocked out so badly by migraine the days before. And it was good, the light moving and taking all the time I wanted for the distance I had planned got me back into moving mood.
  • 05.08. – Running (11km, 1:17h)
    My first longer run since my half marathon a month ago. I had planned to do relayed 6km because it was cool enough to go and workout outside, and it ended up with 11km on the watch because I didn´t want to turn around halfway on my way to Öjendorfer See. It wasn´t the fastest run, but it felt good and here and there I also got back to my flow I had before my half marathon Baby steps. But they´re also steps.

KW 32 (06.08.-12.08.2018)

Well, it´s been in the best case been some stretching for most of the time – it´s been too hot, I didn´t feel well at all and was stuck between migraine, dizziness and just not being able to really workout or go for runs.

  • 11.08. – Running (5.42km, 36min)
    After my back problems and my pinched nerve it was a really slow and laid back run, but it felt like I was maybe more and more getting back into my flow again, though it´s a long way still to get back to my old shape.

Heat heat heat

…and nothing else. And this is something where I really want to have a talk about – sports and healthy life in general when it´s hot. Because I am seeing so many people struggle – including myself – and forcing themselves to do things that are everything but healthy at all.

No surprise at all, that you gotta feel shitty then. And there is no reason to feel guilty when you just cannot cope with these temperatures.

Because I am one of those people. Me vs heat – you can always be sure that heat is winning. And it actually has won, as my body clearly told me.

For the past twi weeks I´ve been really struggling even with basic things because all I felt was dizzy, nauseous and my headache felt so happy with me that it never left. 24-7. All of the three things all together.

And still – I kept pushing myself to be active – to rather walk than take the bus, no matter how hot it was, and also went to gym and did my runs. Even though that I had planned to step up my running to 10km already and not be stuck with 5km. But I thought: it´s okay, I can work on getting back to my speed that I had before the half marathon. And so I pushed myself. Again and again.

During gymtime I already here and there noticed that I was off and that I needed to take it more easy – just to have forgotten and ignored it by the next workout time had been coming. No matter how dizzy I felt, I just kept going.

Which resulted once in halfway passing out at gym and throwing up during one of my runs – and that was the point where I knew that I had to take a couple of steps back. And dropped all workouts if the temperature is over 25°C. It sucks, it´s frustrating – especially since I wanna get back onto the weightloss train and I need not only to switch my eating, but also do my cardio and weights.

So now I am back to only changing my eating – but it´s a good time for that, since heavy food with loads of carbs isn´t really my cp of tea anyways when it´s so hot. So a lot of veggies, a bit of meat and fish and no potato, rice, pasta…only a bit of bread here and there but that´s it. Yes, I know other foods also have a lot of carbs – but I also am cutting down on those.

And eating light and not too big meals is really important during those temperatures – rather eat more often and little portions. It helps – needs some change in the mind but does wonders to the body. Same goes for drinking – currently drinking up to 4l a day and only water or cold tea. And before you say it´s too much – over 30°C, doctors even suggest to drink up to 5 or 6 litres of water. So I am doing well with this.

But anyways, I didn´t listen to my body early enough and so I was totally knocked out on Thursday and Friday. I passed out on my way to the bathroom at night, and then had migraine attacks followed by “just” heavy headaches. I had to stay in bed and on the couch and was full of migraine pills and painkillers, alongside with cooling packs on neck and legs.

It got better, yes. but it was a first “well fuck you if you don´t listen to me” from my body – and I learned my lesson.

So, watch out what you do to your body when the temperature is high – it all sums up and your body is gonna pay you back for every little bit…

Sports: KW29 & KW30

So now that my half marathon is done and I am back to normal workouts, I decided on reporting my doings every two weeks because it would be terribly boring for you if I did that each and every week – because three rather average workouts wouldn´t really bring out anything for you to read.

Once I will start with more diverse training again – running more or switching to maybe a triathlon like training plan, I might go back to weekly reports. But let´s see how the heat continues, only then I can tell you what will happen next,

Because plans are there to be ditched as everything always goes differently than planned anyways.


KW 29 (16.07.-22.07.2018)

  • 17.07. Gym with biking (50min), streching (15min), weights (16min)
    Laid back start after my break and sepsis…and it felt so good! It really did put a smile on my face though there is a long way to get back to where I was before…
  • 19.07. Running (5.47km – 35:54min)
    First run after my sepsis and my forced break from anything that included sports – I really feel how I was still lacking the strength in my body and how I was still weak, and the weather didn´t make it any better. I even was taking off my shirt and just ran in my sportsbra after a while – and that even though I am totally not body confident at all…
  • 21.07. Running (5.9km – 38:28min)
    I am simply not getting back into the running flow that I was in before my half marathon and the running break right after. It was okay, but it´s like every step is a challenge and my legs and my mind still seem to be tired.  It´s getting better with baby steps, but it´s a game of patience…

KW 30 (23.07.-29.07.2018)

  • 23.07. Gym with biking (65min), stretching (10min)
    I felt really good with biking, but after after that I started feeling off and then during stretching it got worse, so I wanted to cool down and go to the locker room and then my circulation simply said no. I was totally dizzy and ended my workout immediately.
  • 25.07. Running (5.07km – 35:04min)
    Running after the rain…it would have been cooler on many levels if I had gone running during the rain but I wasn´t home quick enough. But at least it felt refreshing until the heat more and more returned and then it was totally humid and…terrible weather to run in.
  • 28.07. Tough Mudder 5km (45min)
    It was hot, and that already early – but it was fun, dusty and the obstacles were nice. Just it was too hot and I felt kinda liked a grilled chicken afterwards.
  • 29.07. Gym with cross trainer (50min), stretching (12min), weights (30min)
    It was surprisingly nice air at gym and the workout really felt good – the cross trainer time was really exhausting and cost me a lot of sweat and drinking, but was worth it. But I really gotta  work on the weights – my arms and shoulders need more and more love!