SwimBikeRun Training – Week 22

When I started this whole journey, I started with no plan and then wrote down the plan and…to be honest, I keep switching my workouts so much during the week. It´s still all about how I feel and if I have enough focus left for swimming or if just biking at gym is doable mind-wise and all of that.

It´s not the smartest and actually I had planned to be working with a training plan that I found on the homepage of the local triathlon club, but somehow I lost it on the way.

Also I´ve been terribly tired lately, so I really gotta think about if I need to cut back the amount of workouts I am doing or how to change it to make it still fit.

It´s still all new to me to train in three sports- and once running comes into the game as well again, I have no idea how to make it all fit.

Biking – 60min (11.02.2019)

I struggled with the damned electric bike at gym, and thus I cannot even tell how many kilometres I managed to do in my one hour workout but all I know is that even though I felt dead tired and as if I had no enegery left after office, it went pretty well to be honest. No new personal best but still not too far off either. I am getting there, but really need a proper bike to properly do my training. But at least I now started the search for one!

Freeletics (12/13/15.02.2019)

It went rather well I´d say, with some exercises I still struggle but it´s getting better and I am getting quicker and my heartrate stays low a lot of the times. That´s a good sign. But somehow I am not feeling well with this weeks set of workouts, and I cannot tell you why :/

Swimming (14.02.2019)

After having gotten good news from my physiotehrapist, I was all of a sudden more motivated than I had been before. But I still massively struggle with crawl stroke and just do breast stroke, and that really annoys the hell out of me because I also have the feeling that I am not laying in water perfect…so much to work on, maybe I should look for an adult swimming course…but finding one will be tough, I see that coming…


SwimBikeRun Training – Week 21

So this week has been a bit of an odd week – I had planned 5 workouts as usually, I just did 4 and I completed those on 3 days. I had been thinking about going for a swim on Sunday after my boyfriend has left but ditched the idea in the end – and that´s pretty much why I didn´t post the update on here already on the weekend.

Freeletics (04.02. & 05.02.2019)

So yes, I did my three workouts on two days, because I felt like I was fit enough to do two workouts one after the other on Tuesday and I was pretty much right, even though I was pretty dead afterwards. On both days I had workouts where to beat my personal best and I did so – both times I improved my time I needed to complete the workouts and generally felt really good to say the least. And needless to say, I love squats. Always have and always will, probably.

But when looking back, it´s been really heavy on my body, and that´s something I already noticed when doing my cardio workout on the bike.

Biking – 60min (06.02.2019)

I tend to forget something when going to gym – twoerl, heartrate sensor or like this time: my water bottle. but due tot a lack to alternative, I had to go for it anyways and my body surprised me. I again increased the amount of kilometres I managed during those 60min of biking and of course I was exhausted afterwards, but it felt less awful than the weeks before. Yet my heartrate was higher than usual, and I noticed that obviously I was paying the price for a lot of working out the days before.

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 20

Biking – 60min (28.01.2019)

I started the week with being stressed out, unable to focus and…biking. So I sat there and felt like nothing was working, but I managed to improve my time on 20km and managed a few more kilometres when filling the 60min workout.

I was sweating like hell and was so glad when getting out of gym and off that uncomfortable bike again – I am just not made for sitting and biking there, at least not on those terrible bikes!

Swimming – 1500m (29.01.2019)

On my training plan and in my calendar it said – with big letters – 200m of swimming. But to be honest, I really couldn´t do it. I was feeling lucky that I didn´t just drown like a stone would if you dropped it to the water. It´s been a fight throughout the whole training session, BUT – and that was the biggest surprise ever for me – I managed a new personal best on those 500m.

Still far away from what I wanna swim at the triathlon, but I also do have a couple of weeks left to get this going ^^ and maybe I will get the crawl stroke swimming working by then, I really have to.

3x freeletics (30/31.01.2019 & 01.02.2019)

I start to get used to it, sore my muscles are still always terribly sore and I am not seeing any change when it comes to my body. But I am always just too impatient, so I gotta keep hanging in there, sweat and swear more and then I will see the results. Eventually.

The workouts were extremely tough on the legs this week, and it´s been partially that bad that walking stairs was feeling worse than climbing Mount Everest would feel if you didn´t train for it. So I had to switch the order of the workouts, but I finished them all. Though I slowly wonder if I do something wrong or if my left wrist is really weak because it hurts from all the burpees and sprawls…

Long walks

Because it didn´t really feel good to be all lazy, I instead went for long walks on the weekend to loosen the stiff muscles in my legs and be prepared for the torture that the next week was going to bring 😉

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 19

3x freeletics (21/22/24.01.2019)

Week 2 of the freeletics training was not any better or easier than week one. Blood, sweat and tears…well the latter two only to be honest, but it´s been torture again. And I started feeling sorry for my neighbors from downstairs, because of all the jumping jacks and other exercises that include jumping.

I tend to try and do those at gym, but it´s not always possible to do such a double workout and I am not willing to always go to gym and do my exercises there. Because freeletics is for me a homeworkout where I can sweat and be desperate on my own for once. And it feels good. At least sometimes I already have the feeling that

2000m of swimming (25.01.2019)

…and I learned my lesson: I need to move the swim training to the start of the week, because after the biking and the freeletics and my work week it was more of a survival struggle than a good training.

I did my metres and worked my ass off, I was really giving my very last bits power. I mean I made it and finished the training but the time was not really showing any improvement but rather steps back and that really pissed me off badly.

1h of biking (22.01.2019)

Biking went well, even though I could´ve done better if I would´ve had my headphones with me but without I had to power through and just ignore everything else around me. It felt good, and even though my legs were all wobbly and sore afterwrds, I feel like I am getting there slowly. Now I ONLY need a bike like, a proper one. And still I need to watch how things are going with my foot…

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 17 & 18


It simple and quick to put: struck down with tonsilitis, thus no workout possible, just a couple of walks as my throat felt less painful when outside than inside.

At the end of the week I felt fit enough to start training a bit and due to advise I started doing Freeletics – and what can I say, the first workout really killed me already after the damned warmup. So frustrating to see how out of shape you are…And then I went to do some indoors biking as well, since I am still lacking a realy bike for training outside…


I finished the first week with freeletics, aka the assessment week to see where I am standing and I was dying, really. My muscles didn´t stop hurting and I still went swimming. Having worked out 5 days in a row I was bloody done by Thursday.

But at least with swimming I managed to do 1000m in a go, and that´s an improvement. Didn´t feel proud or anything though, because I see what a long road it still is. And I am simply not patient enough with myself, I have still too high expecttations which makes it hard to appreciate the small improvements and victories.

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 14 & 15 & 16

17.12.-23.12.2018 (Week 14)

This week I ditched my swim training because I felt like getting sick and that really was a show stopper for me, same goes for most of the days when it comes to my ab challenge. I haven´t fully given up on the ab challenge but only few days I actually managed to keep it up.

I also did some stretching, but not many times – I feel guilty because of that because it´s so necessary for my healing progress of the foot but I couldn´t be bothered. But at least I have more and more painfree or nearly painfree days…so there is still progress!

24.12.-31.12.2018 (Week 15)

Well, I´ve been lazy and all I did was a bit of walking and a bit of stretching and continuing my abs challenge. But the main training was…FOOD! Eating and relaxing, because recovery for mind and body is also important, especially when traveling a lot then body is struggling anyways.

01.01.-06.01.2019 (Week 16)

How to start into the new year? Yep, do the first swim training on january 2nd! 1750m, split to 1000m and 2 times 375m. First time swimming 1000m in one go, and I am having sore muscles and really was exhausted, thus I split the emaining 750m into two. Wasn´t keen on drowning 😉

I also went to gym for the first time in ages – some biking, stretching, some rowing and some weights. But I had to notice that I am really out of shape – long road to go, very long road. And a lot of patience needed.

but at least I´ve been pretty painfree this week, it´s going uphill. Maybe also because I started doing again all of my stretching for my foot, though it´s really annoying the hell out of me lately.

Bye bye half-marathon plans!

So right after my first half marathon, I also signed up for the half-marathon in 2019. I had no idea what was still coming for me after this decision and I had no idea that I wouldn´t be able to do any running until at least end of February (that´s the current plan right now).

My physiotherapist told me that I still gotta work hard on my foot´s health for around 5 more weeks, so there is an end to be seen but still it´s a while to go.

Which then let me do the math – if I started in March with training, and slowly getting back into running, I would have around 3,5 months to get to the shape I would need in order to successfully finish the half-marathon. Which is after that kind of injury pretty much a bad idea – I wanna go out there healthy and with a smile and not with a bad feeling and needing to fear I´ve been aiming right back at another long break.

It sucks and my ambitious heart breaks but I have resigned. Luckily I also booked an insurance so I will get 80% of the price I paid back. It doesn´t make up for the experience, it doesn´t make up for me being gutted about it.

But I want my body to give me many many many more runs, no matter which distance. and my body (and my physiotherapist) tells me that this is the road to go. Instead I will maybe do some more 10km runs or something like this, let´s just see what comes and what happens and everything.

It´s not like I am taking it easy, but I do it for myself. Because if I have learnt one thing during all the training and working out and during my runs – health comes first, and if you´re unsure if it´s a good idea to do it. Then ditch it. Because there is no such bullshit as defeat, there is no such thing as “omg you gave up because it hurt”. No, it´s about fucking listening to your body and if it tells you to stop it, you might want to think about doing so. At least I do. And I am proud I learnt that lesson.

+/- 0

On Instagram I´ve often been asked how my weightloss is going and or why it is not going too well. Instagram is full of “omg we need to be slim and it´s the number 1 topic in my life” and I noticed one thing during 2018: weightloss has not been my number 1 topic in life anymore. I am not even willing to really put it on number 1 and have my whole life circle around it. It will always be a big part of my life that I need to watch my weight, but I am not willing to focus on it anymore.

Why? Simple – because life offers so much great things that always pressuring instead of loving yourself is just not healthy and a waste of time to say the least. Also I learned one thing – I´ve been running a half marathon and many more runs successfully this year, being, what medicine says, overweight. Yes, it would be easier with less weight but it´s still doable – and instead of starving myself, I wanna change something.

And that “something” is my workouts, because I wanna SHAPE my body, build up more muscles, form my body. And not torture it with strict weightloss imagination anymore. Simply because during the year I had to notice it´s not working for me anymore. I haven´t lost any weight when looking at my weight from the start of January and now – surely there´s been plenty ups and downs in between and I thought it was going down with baby steps, but in the end it wasn´t.

So maybe a shift of focus will help my body and mind and refresh everything. And maybe the weightloss will happen, who knows. But all I want for 2019 is working on my look – also because I was surprised I haven´t seen any change if I had 4kg less or more.

So yes, 2019 will be all about shaping, building up my muscles, gaining strength!

When you do a lot.

…for weightloss.

Google has become my best friend over the past years, so has Instagram. There is so many people out there trying to lose weight and who struggle, like I do. And there´s different stories ot each of the weightloss struggles, and many of them gave me ideas aswell what I could be doing wrong or what could be wrong with my body. And what I could´ve destroyed with my “dieting”.

Lately I read a lot about studies that seemingly said that the bowel and how it works shows a lot of differences between someone who is overweight and a slim person. It´s a lot about how the body can work with the food, a lot about the metabolism and reasons why the metabolism is slowed down. And ideas and tips how to get it going again.

I tried a lot of the simple tricks that search engines throw out first when you search for it, and surprisem, it hasn´t worked. So this time I googled more and researched more and came to the conclusion or got the idea that probiotics might be the key to speeding up or rather re-activating my metabolism again.

So I did some more research which probiotics should be in there and how much to take and all of this – and then bought the pills online. I hadn´t found much about side effects, surely there is always something that can go wrong, but I was positive.

Well. Instead of these pills helping me in any way, I soon noticed right after starting to take those that I felt bloated, that my stomach didn´t quite feel like itself. I thought it was all normal because it´s been the start of taking those and the body needs to get used to and adapt to the new activity. Uhm. Nope.

I took them for around 3 weeks until it reached a point where I decided it was not worth it – I felt like a blow-up whale that was stranded ashore, and I really had to watch what I was eating. So yes, I dropped it. I gave up. Result? I wasted money, hope, time and heath – simply because my body always decides it would be the time for digging up rare side-effects and celebrate those extensively.

So, do I have any ideas left what to try? Nope. And I am not gonna google shit again. That´s what I promised myself.

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 13


After having been stomach sick on Monday and Tuesday, I am kinda behind with my ab challenge workouts, and still am trying to catch up – and fail. But at least I am still going, my sore muscles tell the very same story. But it´s feeling good! I start feeling like getting back to where I wanna be. But cannot wait to finally work out properly at gym again starting in January!

I also started physiotherapy again, and got to know all the stretching paid off and is paying off. So I am reall working hard to do stretching and such every damn day at least once – usually it´s just in the evening, eve though I always tell myself to do the same in the morning. But mornings are mornings, you know…

Saturday is swimming day – breakfast time, relaxing, getting out and doing swimming. The first round of 500m was just breat stroke, or rather slalom-swimming around idiotic people. The next 500m was a mix of breast stroke and basic training to strengthen my legs (yay, swimming with that kind of a swimming help to “block” the arms) and the third round of 750m was also such kind of a mix. I started to be able to turn off my mind for a change, with really surprised me. Maybe because I noticed I really have to focus to improve. But it was okay I think, yet still a long road to go!