1 month (minus 1day) to go!

I don´t know where time has gone but today on the day is only one month to go still until my first triathlon sprint competition here in Wilhelmshaven.

Whilst at the beginning of my training I felt lost, in the midst of all this training madness I gained more and more confidence because I saw how times and feelings improved, how I was getting faster and how my foot was taking the pressure more and more well and the problems disappeared also thanks to the regular sessions with my physiotherapist. And that physiotherapist really always had a lot to do with my stiff muscles – no only in my injured foot but also in my legs and in my upper back and neck.

And then came the point around 2 weeks ago, where it all shifted. Whilst I was starting to desperately search for a wetsuit, my insecurities rose. The doubts returned. I am rather confident with running and biking, but the swimming part is really something I worry about because I don´t feel well swimming and I don´t get the crawl stroke going at all.

Plus I always feel like I have to train and work more on swimming – I now I tend to ditch it if I have to cut something short during the week, simply because it doesn´t make me feel good at all. And I prefer doing something that clears my mind and makes me feel good after a stressful and already exhausting day at work.

I now have found a wetsuit that will do for this and next year, but swimming in it really feels a lot different and unusual for me still – and I should be working on that. But instead of it making me feel better, it stresses me out even more.

And instead of now using my time with training and getting used to my new running shoes, I am bound to resting – firstly because I noticed that I am in overtraining (I am permanently tired, my performance is more and more going down the drain) and then secondly I have caught a cold and am really in need of rest. So it´s twice as shitty when it comes to feeling bad not only physically, but also mentally – because being able to improve is the worst thing you can do to me when I already feel insecure.

So the thing I decided on last evening was that my ambitious goal of finishing within 1:30h is what I am gonna ditch first. I thought it was doable and somehow I think in the end it will be doable, but right now I have to take pressure of my shoulders and the urge to keep training no matter what my body might tell me. So this is the first thing that I ditched – the new goal is 2h. And that´s it.

The second thing I decided on is that I give myself the possibility to back up from my half-marathon plans and ditch it. I noticed how it´s been mentally challenging for me to go running ever since I signed up for the half marathon in Oldenburg in October and even though it would be important to start and finish there (to get the fear about my foot out of my mind), if it won´t work, then it won´t happen. as simple as that.

So overall it´s not really going well right now, I am motivated (though it shifts from totally motivated to extremely into it) but my body has been quitting it more and more – so maybe I´ve been just too much into giving it all in each and ever of my training sessions. Now it´s time to recover and get back to normal and be fit for an amazing August with my triathlon, my cycling race and a little mud run!


SwimBikeRun Training – Week 40

Week 40 (17.06.-23.06.2019)

After week 39 was a strong one, this one was…well, the opposite to be honest.

On Monday I went for another one of my bie trips and I really enjoyed it, even though my legs already felt pretty heavy really quickly. I pulled through with my two hours because I needed to free my mind, but in the end it was good when it was over.

On Tuesday I tried a run, and after 1,5km I gave up because it simply didn´t work – neither physically, nor mentally. So instead I went for a longer walk and also in the sand – and managed to lightly cut my foot and it was all bruised. Shit happens, but as I was planning a little timeout anyways, it wasn´t too bad.

Especially since I had planned to sooner or later enjoy a little timeout anyways – as I always do once a month to free mind and body and be fresh again. More and more I notice how heavy the training is on my body, and my tiredness is growing – tirendess of the body and mentally tired of really working out.

So all of those little walks to the sea that I did in that week really did a good job and were desperately needed – and during that time I also decided on changing my booking for Gorch Fock run from 10km down to 5km because I felt that my body was just not ready. And that was really the best decision as I figured out during the run itself.

Generally it´s getting harder and harder to get focussed, the closer the competition actually comes because all my doubts and the anxiety of failing return. Every day a bit more. And every day I try to push harder instead of doing my training with my brain on. It´s just so not working, and I have no idea how to stop my brain from messing with me so badly.

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 39

Week 39 (10.06.-16.06.2019)

Time is running, it´s less than two months to go until the triathlon and that makes my doubts and insecurities return and grown again, so it´s not only a battle against bodily problems, but also against the bitchy mind.


As Monday was a bank holiday, so I used the time and grabbed my bike and cycled to the outdoor swimming place and was happy how little people were there – finally proper swimming without needing to swim slalom around other swimmers. It was a lot of technique training and finally 50m of crawl stroke without feeling like drowning. It´s been a start but there is still a ton of work to be done.

And on Wednesday I went swimming at beachclub Nethen in the lake for the first time – and had to figure out that I really do need a neopren suit because it´s been so freezing cold that it literally took my breath for a few times. I still managed, but it´s nothing to do more often.


So yes, biking to the swimming place and back really did make me exhausted on Monday, but it´s been a good training to hop onto the bike directly after swimming. On Friday again I hopped onto the bike and it felt great to be biking in the evening – a nice round that had become longer than planned because sucking up sun is the best thing ever!


On Tuesday I did the first run, 7km that felt like a 100km because of the weather and me just not feeling it – it was pretty frustrating to say the least. So when my physiotherapist told me that I don´t need to stick to my “1 additional km every two weeks”-plan anymore but can rathe rjust run the distances where my body still feels good.

So that´s what I did on Sunday and ended up with a 10km run in amazing weather that just alltogether felt so fab – and the worst sore muscles in my lifetime (okay, I am exaggerating but still, sore muscles from hell!).


Yes, I am still on it, but it starts to get annoying to be totally fair and I really have to kick my ass to keep doing it after each and every training session. The sessions have become shorter though and I regret that because my body is also complaining, so the goal is to step up again!

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 38

Week 38 (03.06.-09.06.2019)

Yes, I somehow forgot to write about it, because all of a sudden there was so much happening besides my sports – the conference, the medieval fairs…it feels like it comes in waves: waves where I have nothing but sports seemingly and waves where there is everything more important (as it seems at least)…


One run a week, or something like this. Joking aside, I had planned to go running twice during my stay in Berlin but the heat really killed me so I only did one run to Tempelhofer Feld and back and that´s it. And that run felt terrible, also because of the terribly unhealthy lifestyle food-wise during the conference but also due to the heat – my legs hurt, I felt like I couldn´t breathe at all (yay for big city air) and I was simply happy to be back at my hotel room. But I learned that there is such days – shrug it off and go on.


Two rounds of biking this week – Friday and Sunday were the only possible days, and I used them wisely! I hadn´t planned to go out biking on Friday but somehow I thought that I simply had to go and use the good weather wisely and had to simply get moving and out of my apartment in the evening. On Sunday I enjoyed a longer ride, and had to notice how exhausting the conference had been though I didn´t do much during that time. Maybe that´s why.


Okay, let´s be honest – I couldn´t be arsed to somehow squeeze my swimming into the week because going to swim in Berlin would´ve been hilarious and time wise simply not possible – and once I was back I couldn´t find any motivation for it because I simply enjoy running and biking too much and was too exhausted to get my ass up.


Still going strong with stretching and mobilitsation, after every training session comes my cooldown that is exactly this – loosening the muscles, stretching, massage ball for my feet and my piriformis muscle. It´s become a routine, and there is rarely any days here I don´t stretch, even on my rest days I usually do so because I feel stiff otherwise! Also you can easily do it in hotel rooms, too – so no excuses!

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 37

Week 37 (27.05.-02.06.2019)


This week has been a rare one  – I´ve only been biking twice, on Wednesday in shape of the belt training. But at least I was back on the streets and not indoors anymore because the weather was sunny and my adjustements on saddle and everything really showed that they were the right decision because I felt so much better!

On Thursday totally spontaneaous I decided for a little evening ride because the weather was so inviting, and even though my legs were heavy, it was a good decision!


The only stand-alone running that I did this week was on Friday (6km) after the swimming – but this time with a proper break in between. Also and then on Sunday I was part of the Everstener Brunnenlauf where I did 6,3km of running – more on that is gonna follow during the next days!

But in addition I´ve been running on Monday and Tuesday included in my belt training, so it was a thoroughly busy week also running wise!


Jeeez, I nearly forgot swimming – well not in the shape of doing it but reporting about it! I´ve been swimming twice, once for the belt training and once just like this. On Tuesday I started and let´s be honest, it was visible and I was able to feel how long I´ve not been swimming.

And I need to catch up with it again, and thus I went swimming again on Friday – and was a tiny tad better. But still far from where I wanna be. Also I decided to go siwmming somewhere else in the future because I need colder water and not this piss warm 25°C…

Belt training

So yes, I started with belt training. I had planned on starting it already at the beginning of the month but the flu really killed my timing.

I started with swimming (1500m) and running (6km) on  Tuesday – whilst the swimming felt rather okay even though I was dead slow again, my legs were totally irritated when I told them to now be running without having had a real break in between. My circulation was pretty much rebelling, and my running was slow as hell. But I made it and pulled through. That´s a first step.

On Wednesday then I went back on the road with my bike (17km) and then tried a a run on the running track – and I was so dead and my legs were so on hiatus, it was creepy and I couldn´t really get rid off it. The muscles were too tired from Tuesday and everything else, so I kept the run short and only did around 3km and then biked home. Tht was not exactly uplifting, but it´s about health and not about ego.

Stretching/Balance work

The usual, even though I´ve been neglecting my balance work that I will have to step up again – because I notice that my body forgets this stuff again, and that´s not good at all. I need balance for all of y sports, so there is no way around!

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 36

Week 37 (20.05.-26.05.2019)

Somehow I forgot to be reporting about that week – maybe I was just too busy or too lazy – I don´t know. But at least I realized that and can now catch up as I have time to report about it thanks to my one week vacation!


This week I´ve only been biking indoors, the session lengths have varied during my three sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. On Monday I started with 1:45h and stepped up to 2:00h on Wednesday and 2:20h on Sunday – I started feeling better with each and every bike session, even though my butt was hurting quite a bit and the sweat was just running down in rivers and over all of my body. Without watching sries I would´ve probably died of boredom – can´t wait for the weather to let me go outside again!


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – I am allowed to run every second day, and I am sticking to it. Because I have time and distance to catch up! It´s been two slow runs to really get back into it gain and get used to the new distance (6km), and it´s felt better than expected after initial problems and bitchy legs and all of that. On Saturday then an official run that I already reported about (**HERE**) and that, despite of several problems, went better than expected and gave me some hope I might be getting back on track properly.


No swimming yet, because somehow I didn´t feel like it was a good idea just yet with the rests of the cold still in my body so I instead focussed on all other sports!


As usual, I´ve been stretching after each an every training session, because I noticed how my muscles were acting up and I really had to loosen and take then tension off them more and more. And I want to stay flexible, because it´s key to each and every sports and also to my back health.

Indoor biking!

After having been sick thanks to being drenched by the cold rain and thanks to the weather forecast telling not so amazing weather was gonna be coming, I decided on buying stuff that enables me to be biking indoors. I had planned on buying such equipment already, but had scheduled it for autumn because I hadn´t expected the weather to be such a whiney and uncontrollable bitch this spring.

So after quite some research I decided on buying the Tacx Flow Smart because I want to properly track my training sessions and also use Zwift (interactive biking) so…and yes, I did invest quite some money into the trainer and added on top a tablet holder because I don´t always wanna train in the living room as there is not much space.

So during the past weeks I´ve been sitting on the bike for sessions ranging from 1 to 2,5h in one go – depending on how fit I felt and how whiney my butt was. Because it felt like also my butt had forgotten how it felt to be on the hard saddle again ^^

I was really surprised how much more you´re sweating when doing indoor biking – sure, you do not move so there is no wind, but I didn´t expect to be drenched within the first 15 minutes of my training session. That has improved by time and has gottel less, but it feels like it´s still making me sweat like 10times more than biking outside.

You might think “oh so it´s more exhausting to the body” because of me sweating

more – well, according to my heart frequency it´s not. I am quite a bit below my average that I have when biking outside, so it was good basic training for my endurance to also get better and have my body being less exhausted when going back onto the road again. Also the analysis done by Polar Flow on how much time I need to recover from the session – and it´s also lower. And after the time doing it, my heartrate indeed has gotten lower also on the street as I´ve noticed today when I was out again instead of biking inside.

And even though this is seemingly all lower and everything, and though my average speed is far higher than outside (surprise no idiotic car drivers around), it feels like it takes ages to actually get up to a certain distance.

And if it was not for series on Amazon Prime, I´d totally freak out and get bored really quick. because let´s face it: it´s fucking boring without music or series.

For the winter I will be getting a programme simulating races and such, but I am not willing to pay for this short time again because now that the weather is better again, I am out on the roads again – because nothing can beat that, no damned programme on the world!

So yes, it´s good for basic training and when the weather is problamtic, but would never never even come close to the real biking. No chance. But for winter it will be long sessions and many kilometres on there, as I am clearly not going to be biking in the cold rain and icy cold weather with even colder wind. I am a pussy, yep. But now that I have this alternative I can be 😉

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 35

So this week I was still sick pretty much until and including Wednesday, but on Wednesday I simply had to text my new Taxc indoor trainer for my road bike – I bought it because I wasn´t keen on getting soaked and it´s just perfect to get back on track. Why? Because you simply hop on and off whenever you please, no need for planning a route and then discovering it´s too short or too far for you.

Downsides? Yup, it´s terribly boring, unless you turn into a series junkie like I already have due to the biking. I started watching the series “The man in the high castle”. It gets the focus off not actually moving whilst biking, and eases the returned pain on my buttside – I had been so used to my saddle before I got ill, and now I feel like it takes a lot of pain to get back to getting used to it again. But at least adjusting the saddle height has eased my knee issues in my left knee – I ahd the feeling it was caused by a too high saddle, not sure, and there is still quite some adjustements to be done. But this indoor biking is a good thing to use for these tests and changes.

So on Tuesday I have been biking for 30min (13,9km) as a light start and noticed how done I was already after that. On Wednesday it was 32km (15km) because I still felt like it was killing me and I had no strength at all – but in the evening I then felt like having regained strength and went for an hour of biking (23,46km).

On Thursday it was an evening workout after my physiotherapy and I did approx. an hour of biking again (30,6km) and felt so much better already. On Saturday it was two sessions with each around an hour and 30km and 26km. So yes, it´s going well and the feeling is improving, even though my legs struggle to get used to all of that again.

Also I went for my first run after my flu – 5,5km in a slow as fuck pace. But I have to keep in mind: first run after the flu and really not back on track, plus the first time 5,5km again. Because this and the coming 1,5-2 weeks I am allowed to run up to 6km and I really need this, so that my mind gets back this feeling of freedom – because only running can give me this feeling. And then I don´t really care how fast or slow, it just feels good.

During being sick and after each and every training session there is a session of stretching and mobility, because I know my muscles really are in need for that – especially my feet and legs need it in order to avoid injuries or old problems returning. It´s not fun, but it´s a good way to cool down and make sure there is no sore muscles the next day.

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 33 & 34

Last week ( Week 33, 29.04.-05.05.2019) was full of stretching because of my nyckelharpa weekend and the planned sports-free/ rest-week but on Monday and Wednesday I was still out for a run.

On Monday (29.04.) was a normal training session that went rather well even though it´s been quite fresh again, but it feels like my body likes that more than the warmth. But still I noticed that I felt weaker and somehow extra exhausted afterwards despit it feeling quite okay during running and my pace also had improved again. Running still gives me this pleasant feeling of freedom each and every time, and each and every time it nicely clears my head from all possible thoughts!

On Wednesday was the run in Gristede (read about it **here**) where I already felt the body temperature rising and not feeling well but I ignored these signs and then still went for that run, with the result of a good pace but massive physical struggles during running, not talking about what followed afterwards – because my flu quickly hit me and it was tough to push it away over my weekend trip.

Week 34 (06.-12.05.2019) so this week is quite a dead week, simply because I am struck down by a cold/flu and all I am able to do was light stretching to do something good to my muscles and light and short walks. Everything else is a no go, so nothing to really report about :/ I really hope that next week is gonna get better, because I need to keep rolling and improving again.

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 32

Another week – and another week where I didn´t quite get where I wanted to get in regards of the training session amount and duration.

Guess I am in need of another little break that I will soon be getting to free the mind and get back even stronger!

Running (23.04.)

I don´t know why my running just happened once, but somehow my foot was a bit bitchy and somehow I didn´t feel comfortable with running and decided on taking it slow and focus on other sports instead to not stress out my foot even more

And that really got me pretty upset and annoyed with myself because my patience is pretty much not existing anymore in regards of these never ending issues that I have to be taking care of. I really hope it´s gonna be better next week!

Biking (24./27.04.)

Wednesday – a sunset ride to Dangast and back, with a beautiful calm time at the beach in Dangast. This break was probably the best part of the ride, because there were rarely people and it was amazing to gain strength and some peace of mind. Only downside was that quite some sheep had escaped and were hilling on the road that I was taking – which sucks if you´re going a bit faster ^^

Saturday is long ride day – and despite the fact the weather did not look promising I got going and rode to Horumersiel – and arrived there in light rain already. On the way back then it started raining cats and dogs and there was no place where to shelter from the rain, so I had to keep going. Means 26km at 11°C in the cold rain. I was pretty dead and annoyed afterwards.

Swimming (26.04.)

After a break i was back swimming though I am still searching for motivations for this sports – but it went rather well and the time on 2000m was also okay keeping in mind that I had a break beforehand. I really need to leave my comfort zone soon though, no matter if I want to or not and I really have to be pushing more. It´s a long road and I see a lot of stagnation, but I still wanna kick ass. Like, my own one.

Stretching (22/23/26/28.04.)

I´ve spent a lot of time this week with stretching, mbility and balance training because my body felt stiff and I noticed that my muscles felt stiff and under permanent tension. By the end of the week that had luckily become better but I need to keep going, because otherwise my blockades and cramps will just be returning again.