Car2Go – a first Smart ride

I never thought that at some time I will be in need of doing these kinds of short term car rentals…but if you gotta transport something that you cannot even carry a 100m, then it´s useful. And as my company made it possible to save on the start up fee, I simply signed up.

An the noticed how shitty the service area is – my home isn´t even in the area where you can pick up and drop off the cars then. The closest where I can do so is nearly a kilometer away from me. At least just one kilometer and not even more. But that really made me hesitate using it. Until I had to transport two heavy computer screens and searched for a car to take.

First hurdle: find one that is not occupied, and then battle with the really crappy location-information…never trust on the info on which side of the street the car is. So I found that car and then … automatic car. How I hate those. And I hadn´t been in one for ages – what a struggle to get going. And talking about struggles – the built-in GPS is the most terrible one I have ever seen unfortunately, ended up getting lost and at some point started using my phone and google maps to bring me home.

And then again, sitting in the car, being stuck in the heavy traffic…and knew again why owning a car here in Hamburg would be useful, even though a Smart, like the one I was sitting in, would be still quite handy. And to my surprise, sitting in this Smart felt really good – it was comfy, nice to drive and even on the highway it didn´t feel like I was sitting in such a tiny little car. I never liked Smarts, but I really changed my opinion. If I ever give owning a car in the city a try, a Smart will surely be in the closer round when making a final decision 😉

So…overall…I don´t know what to think about Car2Go.

Good idea, yes. But depending on where you start it is near to impossible to grab a car, and depending on where you end you are screwed because you need to still walk when you cannot drop it off close to where your home is. Being stuck in heavy traffic makes you pay shittons of money for not getting anywhere (because you pay per minute)…

For really small distances like transporting boxes of drinks or so I might try it again, but otherwise I don´t think I will do it again…

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Photos: Nothing More // Psycho Village //Insomnium

NOTHING MORE (12/2017)




INSOMNIUM (01/2017)


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I need Nothing More

(Attention: headline is a play with words – because this show has been what I needed and I need nothing more. At the same time, the band is called “Nothing More” ^^)

I´ve never been particularily gifted to review the shows of a band that I enjoy so much. And then I went to the show of American band Nothing More, and worked as press again.

And also I had the pleasure of sitting down together with singer Jonny, and probably had one of the most honest and pleasing interviews that I have done during the past 13 years. It´s been a great time, it felt all natural and I hardly needed my questions tht I had prepared – actually I ended up only using three of those questions because it just flowed and the talk just chose its own direction. And I felt really comfortable with it. And now whilst wriitng about it, I still have many of the answers flying around in my head – and that really does happen very rarely.

The time between interview and show was less comfortable, as I was strolling around Reeperbhn in the cold and then went to have some food at Kentucky Fried Chicken just for the sake of being able to sit in the warmth…but then just crawled back into the cold and to the venue…and then met great new people, waiting was funny, even though my feet clearly froze off – I felt the cold crawling up my body already. And my mood drop. The high-feeling that I had thanks to nervousity and the good feeling from the interview were fading, and I was starting to really feel exhausted.

And once inside the venue, it felt like it wasn´t much

warmer than outside- what a fail. I had hoped for a warm venue. How quickly it would warm up I hadn´t seen coming.

The support band “Psycho Village” were relly nice and had a fun time on stage – only downside was that the sound in the first row was terrible. I heard drums and the bass, and if their singer was not standing directly in front of me, I´d have neitehr heard his guitar, nor his vocals. No idea what went wrong there. It was just really sad.

Oh and talking about the stage – it only went up to my knees, no barrier, nothing. Was pretty relaxed during “Psycho Village” but that was to change during “Nothing More”. Drastically.

Anyways, the show started nicely, even though from a photographer´s perspective, it was awful – the light ot not light…nope, it was no pleasure. But I decided that it was a side-job and my main job had been to have fun and rock out. And that´s also what I did.

Then after a change over finally “Nothing More” were on stage – the start of an intimate show, all up in my face…right there. And that´s also what made the show so special. Everything was so close, right there. And that made some songs even more emotional than they would have been already normally. All the energy, all the power, all the interaction… okay, I could´ve happily missed out on some interaction between singer Jonny´s elbow and my head or the bassist´s pick that flew right into my open eye or all the madness of poeple pushing and my knees being crushed against the stage…

But it was all worth it. Every second. Every second counted. and I think the most important song was “Jenny”. It´s a song that always feels like therapy to me, rips me out of depression after singing along with tears running down my face…it´s THE song for me. But every goddamned song that evening was what I needed to break out of reality for once…though I could´ve done without all the pain and bruises…But at least I got a guitar pick and a setlist aswell…my camera survived and had the time of my life…

A pity I was not feeling well enough to go and wai for the guys afterwards, I really regret that. But there will be a next time…

…and somehow it´s tough for me to write this. I don´t know why. I am somehow so calm since the show but also emotional…

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Christmas market & Winter medieval market in Dortmund (02/03.12.2017)

So, a bit more than a week ago I packed up and finally got out of Hamburg again for a weekend. Fresh air, different city, new thoughts…always feels good, though Christmas everywhere is not really anything I am too fond of. I am simply a christmas grinch, and getting into the mood for Christmas is becoming increasingly tough.

Anyways, the trainride to Dortmund was pretty relaxed, seat reserved, train full Hotel was, as you were able to read already, pretty much okay and I started walking around a bit and later that afternoon I decided on starting the weekend in Dortmund by going to the normal big Christmas market. Drinking a bit of mullded wine, and some chocolate fruits and looking through the stands and desperately trying to a) get into Christmas mood and b) not buy anything … the mulled wine and fruits were expensive enough, that killed really the last spark of Christmas mood.

So instead of spending a lot of time there, I went back to the

hotel and listened to the stream of the soccer match, and pretty much spent the whole evening reading – finally I had the time for it, because there wasn´t much I could have done besides that.

The night was somehow too short and I didn´t sleep well, but as breakfast at the hotel wasn´t made for sleeping in, I had to get up anyways and afterwards pack up.

And because I had several hours in between being kicked out of the hotel room and the medieval market starting, I walked there by foot and then walked around some more (in a disgusting weather) and ended up searching for dry and warm shelter in the Burger King close by…totally amazing. not. My mood was low, and somehow it didn´t get much better for the rest of the day.

At least I got a nice hot mead when entering the medieval market…yes, that was the first thing to do before watching my friend´s band play. And that´s pretty much how the afternoon went, the shows and then walking around and enjoying the amazing view onto all the fires and lights that were set up all around the market…so beautiful once it got dark – and that´s probably been the first time I was happy about it being dark pretty early.

At some point I left, earlier than I really had to but that saved my ass – simply because the train I was supposed to be taking had 98minutes of delay and being there early at the trainstation, I was at least able to take an earlier train as that one was also late. And then I had to pray there was some seats free and yes…I had a great ride back to hamburg, chatting and laughing with the people around me – guess that had been the nicest trainride I ever had. Just getting home after having arrived in Hamburg was a challenge again, and I was really happy when I was home, had taken a shower and curled up in my warm bed.

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Sewing / Improving: Finisher Shirt

Well, this time it´s not really about sewing somehting from scratch, rather changing something that already was there to something better.

When I did the Mud Masters run, I also got another finisher shirt but had ordered it in a too small size – so I also got it in a too small size and it really was right on the arms and shoulders. I really couldn´t have worn it like this, hardly able to move in it.

So I decided to cut off the arms and make it a sleeveless sports shirt, and it was a good decision – more space for moving.
And as I didn´t want to lose the one MudMasters logo that had been on one of the sleeves, I simply added it to the lower part of the shirt.

All in all it took me maybe half an hour – not more, not less…and it was worth it 🙂

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2nd month in – half marathon training

Second month of training is done – whilst tiny improvements are visible, the learnings are still numerous and feel bigger than anything else – especially since my body is still in the phase of adapting and getting used to all the training…

Don´t feel it – end it
Sometimes, you start your run and you run and your body just….it doesn´t really like it. You don´t feel it. I learnt: forcing it doesn´t always help, neither body nor mood.

More focus – more exhaustion
When I started this training, I had been used to run – and run, and not worry about heart rate or anything, and I was dead afterwards body wise because of mostly a too high heart frequency. Now, my distances are still shorter than before, but I am exhausted just as much. And I was irritated. how can that be? Well, now I run with my brain turned on, I focus more on how I run and need to adjust. And that IS exhausting.

<5°C – running in winter? How?
Let´s face it – I have never been running in temperatures in late autumn and winter, and temperatures under +5°C is something I never imagined doing before. Running with gloves, a scarf and facing how tough it is to breathe through there – that´s what I really had to face. I am someone who is easily freezing, and people laugh at me about looking like an all wrapped up ninja when running.

No comparing
…to when I was running without the heartrate check…you cannot compare unhealthy running to now healthy running. I don´t feel like passing out after running anymore, I don´t feel that massive exhaustion I felt before – simply because it´s more controlled and in healthy areas.

Don´t forget the other sports
I really noticed one thing – I wasn´t able to really make it to the gym. And I neglected all the workouts that I have done before. And I learnt: I need to get back to gym. Urgently!

Mud is extra stress on the legs
I love mud. I love running in mud. I have the matching shoes for it and I don´t care if my equipment gets wet and dirty. But my legs really seem to be put unter much more stress and exhaustion  than usual. Especially my ankles seem to not really be into mud in this second month…

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Review: Hotel Carlton – Dortmund

So let´s start with the mess I made before even arriving there – I booked it on and then things happened and the booking was cancelled – and the shit is: you cannot just make it undone on the webpage, and the room also didn´t show up on the page anymore. But after two calls, it was all sorted out again and I was SO relieved…

So then I was at Dortmund mainstation, and started my walk to the hotel – a really quick and short walk, totally a plus if you aren´t in need of a sceneric view for many day. It´s been really in the center, close to Christmas markets, zillions of Döner stores and such…

Well, the entrance is in between a hairdresser and an odd fashion-shoe shop, so well to

be honest, I ran past it and then wondered how oddly un-inviting the entrance is from the outside. It´s not really easy to find.

A nice welcome, and after some problems also the cancelled or not cancelled discussion was done and I got my key to the room – all really nice, just as it should be. A chat here and there also when checking out made it really sympathetic. Clearly plus points there!

So I went up to the 4th floor (downside: if you travel with big luggage, you will be screwed – the elevator only goes up to 3rd floor) and found my room pretty quickly.

A small but nice room, equipped with med, wardrobe and a sink – all you need. The bathrooms were shared, but really nice – they were real bathrooms, so room with a shower, sink and toilet all in one and lockable. And really clean, I really would have not been worrying about it beforehand. All nice and clean and just good.

Two things nevertheless were not so amazing – I felt the “insides” of the bed whilst sleeping, which was not too nice and the walls seemed to be really thin and/or transferring noises really well. So when someone else closed the door, you heard it, the snoring from people you were able to hear when in the hall way and such…really annoying.

Also, if you mixed it together with the noise coming from outside as there was bars around, you needed earplugs to be able to sleep.

But since I had ear plugs with me anyways, I fell asleep anyways and had a rather good night.

Next morning, means breakfast time. A small but cozy and nicely decorated breakfast room, and a small choice of nice foods. All you need was there, it was good and there was nothing to complain about.

So overall – if I again need a hotel room close to the station for just a single night, I will clearly considering a return!

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Half Marathon – Training Week 8 (27.11.207 – 03.12.2017)

Week 8- and I only did one short 40 minutes run after which I had to face the fact, that it´s time for a break.

Why? Well, several reasons.

The pain in my legs when running is one of those reasons – every step my lower legs hurts, and so did my ankle. Another reason is, that walking up stairs or down the stairs lately feels like climbing a high mountain. Every step feels like it´s a major struggöe and every step feels like it´s a major achievement. Simply because I can do this step.

My legs are tired and I think my whole body is tired – that´s what I decided not to go for a run until at least coming Monday. And since my body seemingly really begs for a break, I also decided to not go to gym most likely. Maybe on Monday, but not before.

Only stretching and some flexibility work, besides: relaxing. And regaining power and strength and hopefully also more positive vibes. Because right now I am angry at my body and generally upset….

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Sewing: Boxer Shorts

Size: XL
Fabrics: Cotton in Christmas style from HERE
Pattern: Boxer Shorts // Dots Design
Instructions: Written and with pictures & with video
Time needed: ~4.0 hours

Actually, it´s less complex than some of the dresses that I have been sewing, but still it really did kill my nerves. The fabrics was not really too cooperating with me at times and the challenges clearly were the holes for the buttons as I had never done those before and was afraid to kill it all…and it nearly happened, but just nearly.

Happy it worked out. And then I noticed: damn, I don´t even have any damned buttons – so needed to buy some, the first ones were too small and those are still a tad small but just fit right.

Also the upper part of the shorts needed some creativity as I didn´t want to do it as written in the ebook, because…too much fabrics around there then, so I had to make a nice upper ending of the fabrics – not totally fond of how it turned out but it looks nevertheless I think.

And I am really glad, that this fabrics that I bought more than a year ago, now finally has changed into a nice piece of clothing 😀

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Half Marathon – Training Week 7 (20.11.207 – 26.11.2017)

The fourth run I couldn´t do anymore, so I am stuck with three runs again which really starts to be annoying.


Warm-Up 10min (HF zone 1-2)
Task 35min (HF zone 3)
Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

I was really motivated though my legs felt tired still from the long run on Sunday – and that really did reflect on my hilariously slow speed. I feel like I haven´t been that slow for ages, even though it was a mind-freeing run in the damned dark once again.
But at least I had the feeling that my heart rate becomes more predictable and goes down quicker than before…at least something positive 😀



Warm-Up 14min (HF zone 1-3)
Task 1: 5min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 2: 2min (HF zone 3)
Task 3: 5min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 4: 2min (HF zone 3)
Task5: 6min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 6: 2min (HF zone 3)

Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

My left leg somehow…it wasn´t too convinced that a high-tempo run would be a great thing to do, but I pulled through of course, because it really felt good after that one line was crossed.
And wearing my new jacket from Asics, I really felt so well and not like something was in the way as it usually had felt when doing these kinds of runs. My running index though said something different…


Warm-Up 10min (HF zone 1-2)
Task 30min (HF zone 3)
Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

The first 20min were hell, and afterwards it really went smooth – except for the very last meters where I was lost in thoughts and then tripped into a damned hole on the floor that I didn´t see due to the dark…and since then my ankle and leg hurt like hell – putting weight on is pretty much impossible.
But at least that happened at the very last metres of the run, because though I struggled, distance and heart rate were quite well I would say!

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Der 12. Mann schwächelt?!

Oder aber auch: die Erfolgsfans verpissen sich endlich langsam wieder. Was auch Zeit wurde.

Wieso ich das so betitele, so harsch? Da gibt es einen guten Grund – beziehungsweise zwei Gründe, denn es gab in der letzten nahen Vergangenheit zwei E-Mails, die fröhlich in mein E-Mail-fach flatterten. So ganz unverblühmt sprachen sie von Rückläufern. Rückläufern von Tickets – und zwar nicht irgendwelchen gegen Hintertupfingen. Nein. Es war die Sprache von Tickets für das Heimspiel gegen Arsenal London und für das Auswärtsspiel gegen Belgrad.

Die Tickets. Ja doch, es gab einen freien Verkauf. Erinnert ihr euch noch an all den Neid, die Missgunst, den Konkurrenzkampf, als die Verlosungen angefangen haben? Und jetzt? Jetzt bekommt man sie hinterhergeworfen. Keine Sorge, die gehen weg wie warme Semmeln, die bleiben nicht liegen – aber das ist auch gerade gar nicht der Punkt.

Wo sind sie den jetzt alle, die, die so gegeiert haben und die dann ihre Tickets nicht abgeholt haben? Keine Lust mehr? Nur wieso? Klar, die Tabelle in der Liga sagt nichts gutes, aber – schon mal gesehen, wie der Scheiß in der Liga zustande kam? Und nein, ich sage hier jetzt nicht, dass es immer die Schiris schuld waren – aber sowas verunsichert das Team, auch wenn ich der Meinung bin, dass der Verein die Mittel haben sollte, ein Team so zu “behandeln”, dass es durch Fehlentscheidungen nicht aus der Bahn geworfen wird – egal wie häufig die sind.

Ja, langsam wird aussortiert – das Spreu vom Weizen, also die ekligen Erfolgsfans, die aus ihren Löchern gekrochen sind, als es gut lief, als das internationale Spielen da war – ja, all die, die verschwinden langsam wieder in ihren dummen Löchern. Am Ende bleiben eh nur die, die es schon in der zweiten Liga waren, als wir nach Aue, Fürth oder weiß Gott wohin fuhren, wo wir stundenlang ohne Dach über dem Kopf bei Eisregen-Hagel-Schnee dastanden und unterstützt haben.

Aber hey ihr Erfolgsfans, kündigt eure Mitgliedschaften und bitte: kommt nie wieder. Ihr nehmt treuen Fans den Platz im Stadion weg, ihr nehmt den Fans die Tickets weg die denen zustehen, die sich den Arsch aufgerissen haben und jetzt dank Euch entweder auf den letzten Drücker versucht haben ein Ticket für Arsenal zu bekommen. Oder komplett leer ausgegangen sind.

Aber bitte – falls wir es eine Runde weiter schaffen sollten, international – kommt nicht wieder, bleibt weg. Der Verein verdient richtige Fans – nicht euch. Ihr schwächelt, nicht wir. Der 12. Mann ist gleich stark geblieben, egal wie sehr ihr Erfolgsfans meint, die richtigen Fans “infiltrieren” zu müssen.

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Votet für die Songs die ihr auf Setliste haben wollt!

…oder aber auch “stimmt halt für die ab, die ihr seit Jahren eh schon bei mindest jedem zweiten Konzert sowie gesehen habt und sehen könnt”.

Ja, ich gebe es gleich zu Beginn zu: ich bin in Lästerlaune, ich will mich aufregen. Weil es mich nervt, anpisst, anätzt.

Man nehme an, eine Band feiere nächstes Jahr ihr 15-Jahre-Bandjubiläum und habe die geniale Idee, bei einem von zwei Konzerten dafür die Fans bestimmen zu lassen, was sie spielen würden. Das würde dann auch nur gehen, wenn man für den Tag ein Ticket hat und man dürfe für genau drei Lieder abstimmen.

Okay, ich nehme das würde, könnte, habe mal raus – das ist so. Und zwar bei Versengold. Ich hatte mich tierisch gefreut, Jubiläumsshows, was ganz besonderes, ich dabei und ich konnte mitbestimmen, was gespielt werden soll. Denn jeder der dafür ein Ticket hat, darf abstimmen. Aus allen Songs der Bands. Von ganz alt bis ganz neu, alles dabei, alles zur Auswahl.

Ich mich dann also direkt auf Songs gestürzt, die ich noch nie live gehört hatte – dass meine zwei Instrumentalstücke nicht gerade das Rennen machen würden, war mir schon im Vorhinein klar. Und das wird weder eine Überraschung noch sonst was sein, dass die beiden Songs nicht dabei sein werden – auch wenn´s halt schon geil gewesen wäre.

Aber mal ehrlich…ein Blick auf das Abstimmungsergebnis, oder den Zwischenstand, der bis jetzt so abgestimmt wurde – ja ich muss sagen, ich wollte den Kopf auf die Tischplatte hauen. Mehrfach. Ganz feste. Und noch fester. Die Hälfte der Songs, die zum aktuellen Stand auf der Setliste wären, sind Songs, die man auf mindestens jedem zweiten Konzert hat sehen können und wird wohl sehen können auch in der Zukunft. Und trotzdem sind genau diese Songs dabei – en masse. Weit vorne. Wieso wollen die Leute nicht mal was hören, was sie noch nie gesehen haben live? Was die Band seit Jahren nicht mehr gespielt hat?

Wieso will man dann das ausgelutschte Liedgut, wieso will man dann das, was sie eh am zweiten Tag spielen würden weil es die “Hits” sind? Oder eben beim nächsten Konzert mindestens im Medley…es ist einfach so fad. Ja es sind gute Songs, aber nein – die Show sollte für das Besondere stehen und nicht für das, was man immer haben könnte.

Und ich bin jetzt mal ganz ehrlich – wenn sich das Abstimmungsergebnis nicht wirklich verbessert, werde ich es ernsthaft in Betracht ziehen, mein Ticket zu verkaufen. Weil zwei Tage hintereinander auf Shows in der Großen Freiheit 36 zu gehen ist schon so Extremsport.

Und wenn es dann eine Setliste sein wird, die nichts Besonderes hat, mache ich das wirklich nicht mit. Ja ja ich bin ein schlechter Fan, ich weiß – aber ich habe gelernt Prioritäten zu setzen, und das wäre dann definitiv keine. Aber wer weiß, was bis dahin noch so passiert – ich habe ja irgendwie immer noch die Hoffnung auf ein Wunder, weil es noch so lange hin ist. Aber wirklich dran glauben tue ich halt wirklich nicht…einfach nur bitter, wie diese Abstimmung die Vorfreude auf das Konzert gerade vollends ausradiert hat…

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Half Marathon – Training Week 6 (13.11.207 – 19.11.2017)


Warm-Up 10min (HF zone 1-2)
Task 45min (HF zone 3)
Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

6.66km – what a nice evil distance it was, totally not intended but funny at last. My lung was struggling a bit with the cold air, with my scarf in front of my face it became better though. And then it was a mind-clearing run, I felt free and happy afterwrds. Totally worth the time!


Warm-Up 16min (HF zone 1-3)
Task 1: 6min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 2: 2min (HF zone 3)
Task 3: 6min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 4: 2min (HF zone 3)
Task5: 6min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 6: 2min (HF zone 3)

Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

Cold. Dark. Foggy. And when you breathe out, it becomes even foggier in front of your face. And when you actually only want to go back to bed, the run couldn´t be any worse. You would think. But it was actually a really good run, more with a focus on really being handling the heart frequency well rather than going to the limits just to be fast and faster…


Warm-Up 10min (HF zone 1-2)
Task 1:10h (HF zone 2)
Task 2: 20min (HF zone 3)

Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

I used the little bit of sunshine outside and started my run, and it remained sunny – luckily. BUt the run itself wasn´t all good though the landscape was, I felt like my heart rate was up more than it usually was and had no idea why. Maybe because I am fighting a acold, could be but…who knows. I just hope my heart rate is gonna be lower the next time.

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