Day 28 — This year, in great detail

January: A shitty month mostly, even though that the fact that Turisas were touring in Finland and I was able to attend a few gigs really cheered me up and helped me a lot to cope with things that weren´t pleasing at all. Also not pleasing was the fight for getting antibiotics which unfortunately failed due to the fact that “here in Finland we do not each that much antibiotics like you in Germany maybe do”. Hm thanks.

February: Well, being healthy surely felt different than I felt during that month – maybe it would´ve come differently if they´d have given me the antibiotics in January but well, they didn´t… Surely there were nice things like when going out, but most things just annoyed and stressed me (e.g. some street team work). Oh and I saw my tutor with his band playing live – it was the first time for me, was cool, enjoyed the whole evening there 😀

March: A month that was, again, full of university stuff and pre-working to get accreditation for some courses, some trust-issues with someone (very nice. not.). Then I did the Negative interview with Jonne and had a nice evening at their gig. Insomnia was a really close friend for me in this month hahaha unfortunately. Oh and I was in Germany for a very short time and also saw Turisas in Belgium and met new people again 😀

April: When others had spring, we still had snow. Jeeeeez >.< That was the point where I really wanted to get a flamethrower and melt all the snow hahaha Yet another month where insomnia seemingly loved to accompany me and keep me awake during nighttime – and make me unproductive. And, surprise surprise, it´s been a month with Turisas gigs again 😉

May: Bad mood and lack of motivation were married to me at times during this month, therefore it was good that the semester ended in the middle of the month and I just started with my summer studies that I did independently XD Oh and I saw TAROT on Vappu-day and walked back home for quite a distance since no bus was going to Keltinmäki anymore XD Oh the joys XD

June: The month of festival. First Sauna Open Air where I was able to photograph Judas Priest, Helloween and such bands which was really cool and something I will surely not get again as easy as it´s been there. Then there was also Nummirock, the festival with Turisas again where I met shitloads of new great people and masses of mosquito bites >.<

July: The month of the EUC Futsal in Tampere, Finland. And also the month of Turisas playing at Getaway Rock Festival in Sweden. Both parts were really exciting, but the Futsal time was more relaxxed and not as problematic at all as the trip to Sweden and especially back to Finland after the festival *sighs*

August: Well, on one hand great coz I was back in Germany for holidays and also managed to see friends, family and FAUN again, but the weather sucked sooooo badly. So did the ferry-trip back to Finland. And generally, well I don´t really know, it wasn´t too bad, I´d say ;))

September: After 2 years of not having seen or met them, it was time for Apocalyptica again. And I am happy I did it, it was the right decision because I think I might be back for good – at least it might be the case, we´ll see. All I know is that this really made my month I guess, at least the month I had till now ;))


Forgotten posts of the Challenge ;)

Day 15 — Something that is currently over-rated.
Well, for my taste Harry Potter is always overrated, but that´s simply because I cannot stand the books and/or movies, so this is very much a matter of taste…
Otherwise it would be that Musiikkitalo in Helsinki, everyone is making such a hype about it, god, sooner or later most of the normal people won´t be going there anyways since some high-class-culture people will fully conquer it…that´s at least my three cents.

Day 17 — An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
I am not into all these art-things, I am really sorry.
I cannot offer you anything, and this is actually why I skipped that day initially. I like looking at nice drawings and paintings, but it really isn´t my field of art where I could tell “oh this is something I´d like to post for this challenge day”…

Day 30 — Something random

This 30 days challenge really challenged me and made me fail coz there were things requested where I was just thinking “oh my god what am I supposed to post for that day” and yeah, time was an issue, as so often. Usually I really really love those kinds of challenges, because the questions and requests often simply are not 08/15 but also kinda give some kind of information on the person posting the answers to those…Do I make any sense? In case I do, be happy. In case I don´t, I am sorry hahahaha XD

Day 29 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

Maybe getting rid of the relationship status called “single” to “in a relationship”, though that isn´t really necessary for me to be happy which is and stays my main-hope: being happy. Also I hope that I am staying rather healthy and so does my family and that those who are not in the best state of health recover and can fight and win their diseases.

Maybe starting to play nyckelharpa would be a dream, though it could also be a hope, yet I know it´s pretty unrealistic time-wise and money-wise. Another dream would be to figure out for sure where I belong, rather meaning the country than a city though in this case.

Well, finishing my studies is sort of a plan, though it´s connected with hopes, too. So yeah, the plan in to get my courses done, to find an internship place and write my bachelor thesis. But as I already said, those also are closely connected to hopes, since you always need a little luck with things when it comes to plans – and that´s something I believe even though I am studying management ;))

Day 25 — Your day, in great detail

It´s Thursday. And it´s a horrible day. Perfect timing for this damned part of the challenge. When I realized this was on today, I felt like smacking something into someone´s face. Bad timing.

Well, I woke up and felt deadly tired thanks to the muscle relaxxers, then stomach sick after my hot chocolate. Went to university and enjoyed the bad weather outside, all grey, shitty. One course didn´t take place, the teacher had sent the information email not the right way, so I didn´t know about it.
Therefore went to the other course that is always running at the very same time. Sat there and yeah, tried to listen. Didn´t work, I was tired.

Then at Campus Entertainment we got out positions told, I am the teamleader of M3 (the project I worked in already last year). Oh and I got an open compliment for my application. Nice.
Then during the time there I got to know that Netta (accordion) and Hanu (bass) from Turisas have left the band. That killed everything. I still don´t know what to say or think, and this isn´t the place I wanna spam with my whining. Well anyways, my mood was in the red area and that´s it. Fact. Over and out. Actually I am doing well with getting more sporty and shit, but today I don´t care, pizza, fanta and sweets for me.
That´s it.

P.S. It is raining.

Day 24 — Something random

I really dislike getting up early and having breakfast. It´s awful. But I think it´s an attitude thing and the things that I connect with getting up early and having breakfast.

You surely wonder why.

It´s simple, as I realized during the EUC Futsal in July where I got up at like 8am or so most of the days AND had breakfast. And did that all smiling. Because I knew that it would be nice and that I´d have another nice day ahead and everything – I really wasn´t grumpy or so, okay, maybe the first minutes but that really left my behaviour sooo fast every morning, I was stunned.
But on the morning the day after the team had left, I had already lost my appetite and my mood was pretty bad when I was sitting at the breakfast table…It´s funny how many things are connected to our minds and how they work…

Day 22 — Whatever tickles your fancy (aka “Something you want right now”)

I don´t really get the headline to say the least, it doesn´t make much sense to me, but well, therefore I´ll just rename it to “Something you want right now” and that´s why I am posting a live-video of Turisas.

I will most likely not see them anymore this year, unless it rains money, I win at the lottery or they surprisingly tour in Finland when I have time.
But Since I have quite big doubts when it comes to all of the mentioned points, I think I´ll be having withdrawal symptoms for quite a while from now on since I saw them last in the beginning of July and face it: 3 years and 1 days and 18+1 gig, that leads to the conclusion I KINDA have seen them every second month (though it´s not been like this in real life, but anyways) and those two months are over now hahahaha >.<

Day 21 — Your favorite movie

I´d go for “Pirates of The Caribbean” as a whole, I really cannot choose a single part of this series of films because – well, it somehow belongs all together, so picking one would be odd, even though I think part no. 3 is in the lead at the moment, but such things can change pretty fast actually.

Also I´ve recently been introduced to the German movie called “Keinohrhasen” and it´s been a funny but also a little thoughtful movie which really impressed I have to admit.