Sleep Well Hostel – Brussels

Alright, 3 weeks ago (or something like this), I went to Brussels to see Apocalyptica and not being able to swim in money, I ended up searching for a nice hostel that is close to the centre and also close to the venue, ans thus stumbled over the “Sleep Well Hostel”, just 15 minutes away from the venue. Perfect match for me.


I paid, for the room of 6 and including breakfast, 23,50€ – which is pretty much nothing looking at the small room size and the fact there is wifi, separate shower and toilet in your room and the breakfast. Renting a towel is 1€, which is also really a fair price, so all in all it was really not expensive at all. Makes sense for everyone who doesn´t want to spend a fortune on accomodation when mostly being outside anyways.

The room

6 beds, split up into 3 bunk beds. All wooden furniture, really nice and cozy done. Including light and power socket right at your bed, same for some little drawers for storing smaller things and a place where to hang at least a few of your clothes. The bed was really nice, not too soft nor too hard mattress, pillow was comfy but the blanket was like a woolen army blanket, where you needed to add your linen to. Not really my style, but alright.

The bathroom was split into two – one small toilet room (with not so amazing air condition) and a bathroom with two separate and cool and stylish looking shower cabins and a washbasin and a mirror. The mirror was attached to the wall in a stupid way, so basically just one person at a time was able to use it.

For me, the following thing was not really too bad as I was there just for sleeping – but it might have been annoying otherwise: due to construction works, one of the windows was kinda sealed with wood, so no real light coming through, and of course looking outside was also not possible. If I was staying there for longer, it would´ve been a pity, but like this, it was still fine for me.


I met two staff members at the reception, and to be fair, really not my cup of tea, even thugh they were rather polite. They seemed somehow distant and always stressed, and this is not something to really show to your customers. I personally felt even bad for asking them for some things, like a map or the towel or such things, because they seemed to be in a permanent rush.


The breakfast was good – several different kinds of bread and juices, you had marmelade, butter, margerine, you had the chance to have cereals and joghurt, but also cheese and sausage (though just, unfortunately, one of each kind) as well as some egg with bacon which was surprisingly well and was no artifical egg but real egg. Tea and coffee also was available, and you were able to eat as much as you wanted. So food-wise all perfekt. Just the breakfast room was a bit small, so that the rows of tables and chairs were really close together, which was pretty annoying when people had to walk through those rows.



Flashback: Brussels // Rückblick: Brüssel

Brussels – probably the perfect city for you if you´re into churches, at least from what I managed to see together with my friends. Not all of these churches are as beautiful as you might expect them to be, judging from the outside (“Never judge a book by its cover”). We´ve seen really nice ones, but also e.g. one where things inside were just not matching at all – the wooden chairs in the rather dark surroundings, the two light brown organs with metal pipes…and many more things that were just standing out – but in a clearly negative way. Also, there was one where I felt like it was going into the direction of “how to make most money out of it” – selling something here and there, I was surprised they did not take an entrance fee – because it clearly would have not been worth it.

In general the city seems to have many buildings in old style, which I always like due to the diversity and looks of their design. Thought also here, as in many cities, the mix of old and new is really not my cup of tea, it just looks wrong in my eyes and my feelings somehow. In those photos, you will see churches, old buildings and…funny things 😉


Brüssel – wohl die perfekte Stadt für Euch, wenn ihr Kirchen mögt,  zumindest wenn ich das so bewerte von dem, was ich mit meinen Freunden gesehen habe. nicht all diese Kirchen waren so schön wie man erwartet hatte, wenn man das Äußere gesehen hatte (man soll ja nicht vom Äußeren auf´s Innere schließen). Wir haben einige wirklich nette Kirchen gesehen, aber auch eine wo z.B. das Innere gar nicht zusammenpasste – die hölzernen Stühle zusammen mit dem dunklen Umfeld, die beiden hellbraunen Orgeln mit Metallpfeifen…und viele weitere Dinge, die da hervorstachen – aber hier definitiv in einer negativen Art und Weise. Auch gab es eine Kirche, wo ich mich fragte, wieso man denn so offensichtlich versuchen muss, Geld zu machen – hier und da etwas verkaufen, da war ich überrascht, dass kein Eintritt fällig wurde – weil sich das echt nicht gelohnt hätte.

Generell scheint die Stadt einige Gebäude im alten Stile zu haben, was ich immer mag weil es einfach so unterschiedlich ist was das Design angeht. Aber auch hier ist die Mischung aus alten und neuen Gebäuden nicht wirklich meins war, es sieht einfach nur falsch aus in meinen Augen. Auf meinen Fotos seht ihr Kirchen, alte Geäude und…lustige Dinge 😉


20.03.2011 – Turisas – Biebob – Vosselaar – Belgium

One more time I am sitting on a train and start writing down my thoughts on a gig. With one big difference: the country I am in. At the moment I am on my way to Brussels to then go to Cologne from there. So, Belgium it has been this time, Vosselaar to be exact. Never heard of it before? Well, don´t worry, before that gig came up I also hadn´t heard of it. Looking at all the problems in the preparation phase, it hadn´t surprised me that many things didn´t work out well in the end.

The way to Vosselaar/Turnhout
I was at Cologne mainstation way too early, but I wanted to make sure that I´d not need to hurry – well, that was useless because my train was having a delay of 30 minutes. And that meant for me: missing all my following trains, too.
Once I made it to Brussels North I ran to at least get the train to Antwerp-Berchem to see if miracles could happen. Well, miracles didn´t happen so I sat there for around 40 minutes – but at least I was able to do some sunbathing, which really felt awesome.
Then, with a total delay of an hour, I arrived in Turnhout where my Bed and Breakfast Hotel was. After getting lost, I found the hotel and fastly changed my clothes, packed my gig bag and then took a taxi to Vosselaar, to the concert-venue Biebob.

The waiting
The waiting time was pretty nice, because of the sun and the fact it was kinda warm – and of course because I had nice company, since my mate & two friends of him were also there and arrived shortly after me at the venue.

The concert – Aktarum
Well, it´s at least been better than the songs that I listened to on MySpace. But still, I could have perfectly survived without them – nothing I´d really want to see again, but that´s something I even didn´t expect.

The concert – Crimfall
I had really been curious and looked forward to seeing them live for the first time. And I was really really surprised how great it was, I have to admit that. I expected a lot, but wow, two thumbs up” That was surely not the last time that I have seen them live, I guess!

The concert – Turisas
As torches rise
One more
The great escape
To Holmgard and beyond
The messenger
violin solo
Miklagard Overture
Battle Metal

I´ll just be telling about some funny things, things I really liked or disliked – I mean, who wants a fully detailed report on the gig? I guess that wouldn´t make sense.

Liked a lot:
– The violin beginning of “501” – I was so happy to hear it again ❤
– They played “The Great Escape” – I just so love that song 😀

– The violin-intro of “One more” was again missing – it means such a load to me, and I miss it 😦
– “Hunting Pirates” was completely missing in the setlist, and I was so looking forward to hear it again live
– Last but not least – Netta was missing 😦

– The alcohol-free beer on stage and Mathias´ highly disgusted face when having tasted it and then figuring out it´s without alcohol XD
– Mathias was holding the bottle so intelligently that he poured the beer over my head when he moved his hand – I was baptized with beer – but at least I got an official sorry and the beer – but that beet tasted like dishwashing water >.<
– “Rasputin” – that song just always makes a good mood and all this, it´s great…

The whole was worth all the hassle. But that shouldn´t surprise anyone.

After the gig
After the gig I still waited for the guys and had a nice time. As always, those who always receive the detailed reports on such things will also receive those this time – it might just take a while.
But in this case and in the case one certain person reads this: I will keep my promise, you know this. If I promise something, I mean it.

I also met two German fans after the gig, who were also nice enough to drive me back to the hotel and saved me from either walking the 4-5km or paying a taxi…

The day after/today – The way to Cologne
Breakfast was lovely, I really felt home in a way, awesome atmosphere and if someone is ever in or around Turnhout, check because this is where I stayed and you really will not regret that choice or are treated more warm-heartedly than there!
The trainride was annoying…well, the second part at least, in the Thalys, it felt like animal transport and everything was arrow and just awful. Including a permanently noisemaking child in the row in front of me.
The first part of the trainride was better, and then the waiting at Brussels South was really adorable, sitting in the sun and enjoying life and the warmth…

Already Wednesday… / Schon Mittwoch…

Time literally flies by, it is creepy in a way though some days seem to have no end to be seen. At least when it comes to annoying things.

So, on Monday I had maths course and Finnish lesson, both went rather okish…Yesterday I only had one course and today I came to university at 8:50am just to be told the first class is cancelled due to a lack of people. I was soooo pissed. Because the second lecture was cancelled already beforehand and so I went back home and returned just for Campus Entertainment…man I could have been sleeping for sooooo long.

Anyways, let´s talk about the coming days…
Tomorrow I still have university (only Campus Entertainment). After this I still need finish the very last bits of packing and do quite some tidying up and such shit ha ha >.<

On Friday I´m gonna leave Jyväskylä in the morning to get my flight at lunchtime and then be in Cologne around evening…let´s hope all goes smoothly and everything is going to be in time…I really cannot handle any additional stress atm.
Saturday is a day in Cologne, so will be half of next Monday and complete Tuesday.
On Sunday I am gonna flee from Germany and go to Belgium to see a gig, I think I don´t even need to write anymore of which band 😉

On next Wednesday I am going to go back to Jyväskylä, and gonna be home again around evening time I guess…I am not sure if it´s afternoon or evening though hahaha

Anyways, I am somehow happy to get out of Jyväskylä and Finland for a while, even though everything is rather as hassle and atm I´d prefer digging myself up in bed instead of doing all this.

On 25th March then I will be in Helsinki thank to university and gonna visit the LiveNation place there if all goes well – leaving in the morning, coming back in the evening…that´s the plan for this.

So yeah, I think that´s it, more or less.

Oh no, I have good news: I am feeling physically stronger and fitter compared to the time when I started my dieting, and I already lost a little more than 1kg without really starving myself to death, just doing more controlled eating and more sports 😀


Die Zeit fliegt schon fast wort wörtlich vorbei, es ist echt gruselig in einer Art und Weise auch wenn manche Tage sich unendlich in die Länge zu ziehen scheinen. Zumindest wenn es um ätzend Dinge geht.

Also, am Montag hatte ich zwei Kurse: einmal Mathe und einmal Finnisch und beide waren eher okay…Gestern hatte ich nur einen Kurs und heute kam ich morgens um 8:50 Uhr zur Uni nur um gesagt zu bekommen, dass der Kurs ausfalle, da zu wenige Leute da wären – dann bin ich wieder nach Hause, weil der zweite Kurs schon vorher abgesagt worden war. Ich war so stinksauer…Dann bin ich halt nur noch für Campus Entertainment wieder zurück zur Uni…man, ich hätte so lange schlafen können…
Na ja, lasst mich etwas über die kommenden Tage reden…
Morgen werde ich noch einmal zur Uni gehen (nur für Campus Entertainment). Danach muss ich noch ein wenig zu Ende packen und dann so einiges aufräumen und all so einen Mist machen ha ha >.<

Am Freitag werde ich Jyväskylä hinter mir lassen und morgens dann losfahren um meinen Flug am späten Mittag zu bekommen und dann abends in Köln zu sein…Ich hoffe, dass alles glatt geht und alles pünktlich ist, ich kann echt keinen zusätzlichen Stress vertragen…
Samstag werde ich in Köln sein, selbiges gilt für den halben Montag und den kompletten Dienstag.
Sonntag werde ich aus Deutschland fliehen und nach Belgien fahren um mir ein Konzert anzusehen und ich denke nicht, dass ich noch groß erwähnen muss, um welche Band es geht 😉

Nächsten Mittwoche werde ich dann nach Jyväskylä zurückkehren, ich werde wohl abends oder nachmittags ankommen- ich weiß es jetzt nicht genau hahaha

Na ja, irgendwie bin ich froh mal wieder aus Jyväskylä und Finnland heraufzukommen, aber im Moment ist einfach alles nur nervig und im Moment würde ich mich lieber im Bett vergraben als all das zu machen

Am 25. März werde ich dann dank der Uni in Helsinki sein und, wenn alles gutgeht, das LiveNation Büro mir anschauen – morgens fahren wir los und abends kommen wir wieder, so sieht der Plan dafür aus.

Also ja, ich denke das war es dann mehr oder weniger.

Oh nein, ich habe gute Nachrichten: seitdem ich mit meiner Diät angefangen habe fühle ich mich vergleichsweise fitter und agiler, und ich habe schon etwas mehr als 1kg an Gewicht verloren und das ohne mich zu Tode zu hungern – nur mit kontrolliertem Essen und mehr Bewegung.