Bucket List #13 – Don´t eat sweets for a whole week

To be fair, I stopped counting how many times I desperately tried to even survive this challenge for like…2 days. But my project management course and rising stress levels due to it kinda killed it either during the lessons or in the evening when all I wanted to do was eat, and eat much, and unhealthy.

Day 1
The first day was over rather quick because I was pretty busy and somehow didn´t have the time to really calm down and relax in order to even crave anything. i just wonder how terrible it will be when I am gonna be a 100% stressed again as the second half of the week is cramped with important stuff again…

Day 2
Headache attack. I really do not know if this is because my body is having withdrawal symptoms, or just the weather or stress, but I feel like my body is just thinking about exactly one thing: sweets. And nothing else. It drives me insane.

Day 3
Grrrrrrrr gimme sweets. NOW! Stress and no sweets doesn´t work together at all, my mood is getting even worse and low than it had been before…if that was even possible…Wherever I go I want to go and get some sweets instead of healthy food.

Day 4
I give up. I resignate. I want this week to be over, please. I know I sound like an addict that is suffering withdrawal symptoms, and it really is like this. I mean, I really cut on sugar in my life mostly, but sweets is something that I somehow need. Mor mentally than physically, of course.

Day 5
Okay, let´s face it. I managed 5, so I will manage the view still remaining days, too. Somehow, if stress doesn´t hit me again. I always have been someone who didn´t stay away from sweets and rather do more workout to balance it…

Day 6
…I. want. chocolate. now. It is not like I´d physically need it anymore but I miss that sweet taste a lot to be honest, even though protein chocolate pancakes and everything like this would do the trick too – but that´s a full meal and nothing to snack quickly…

Day 7
I am done. I made. And I surely will never do that again. Have I mentioned I just had some chocolate whilst grinning and sighing relieved? It is simply too stressful now to really extend this time with no sweets, and I rather have sweets and eat less of other things than do without. That´s become clear now!