Wilhelmshaven – oh the sea…

So yeah, never been to Wilhelmshaven before, I mean, why would ? And what I can already say right at the start: I regret not having been there earlier already. Totally in love with this city and its people. And the sea, of course.

Anyways, my drive from hamburg to Wilhelmshaven went smooth up until the point where I had to find my way to the venue and the road I had to take was blocked and I had to take some odd other route and then ended up in the middle of nowhere and…well, not that great. But I was relieved once I had parked my car next to the venue and the parking even was for free!

First thing I did: pack my camera, sunglasses and start walking towards the sea. The sea, my love. The sound, the smell, I always fall in love with it from new, and it´s been like this also in Wilhelmshaven. Immediately I grew quiet and all peaceful mindwise, I somehow felt home during this whole day though I didn´t know a single street, nothing. People were so nice and told me so much about the city´s history, about what to see and all weird insides that you can just get to know from people living there.

Besides a really long walk right next to the sea on the sand, I went to check out the marine museum with its museum ships and its submarine. And I was really stunned, not having seen any of those seen from the inside before. Crazy how you can easily get lose on one of those ships, whilst in the submarine I was so happy to get out of there after not even 10min. No idea how people really stayed there for longer, locked up literally in this small and narrow place. I cannot imagine this at all. I freaked out after 3min down there even though it´s been open and you knew you were not under water and able to leave whenever you wanted to. I spent a lot of time there, more than I had expected – was worth the entry fee in the end 😉

Afterwards I ended up strolling around, rather aimless, enjoying the sunshine, sitting next to the water and just relaxing for once. I had planned to drive alongside the coast but somehow would have needed far more time for that than what I still had left so I decided to rather not to do it instead of needing to rush. I wanna enjoy, and don´t have any kind of stress. So this is clearly on my to do list for the next time in Wilhelmshaven.

Because if one thing is certain: I will return, return to explore, to see more, suck up even more peace of mind from the sea. Have never guessed I would so fall in love, head over heels, with a city ever again. Its size, the ocean, the people, seems all so perfect, too good to be true. And yes I know, as a visitor you often don´t see the “real life” there but still…

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A trip down memory lane and a “hole in my ass”

Backdrop // Borrowed with permission

It still fascinates me that I am all back into Apocalyptica and am travelling around for them – so yeah, another day, another show and another trip for me it was.

Apocalyptica were playing in Cologne on 21st of October and having grown up there, it was a natural thing to go there – for the show but also for seeing my family again.

(First off – check the setlist and you will know why I chose that title for the blog entry…)

Borrowed with permission

So it was Hamburg, 8am, when I hopped onto the train to Hannover where I had to do quite some running to get my connection train – at least that one had also been delayed so I was still arriving in Cologne on time.

My dad picked me up and at my former home I still had some time to plan my days and have a quick bite before I rushed to the venue (my dad drove me, again – so luckily no public transport for me). And surprise – opposite to what I expected, I´ve been just the second fan that had been showing up in front of the empty venue. I felt pretty stupid to be fair, because I dislike standing there like an idiot or/and a groupie or whatsoever. I am not, I am not even someone anymore I´d call a “hardcore fan” anymore. I am someone who appreciates their music and has a connection to them, and that´s why I am doing all this madness (yep, it is madness in other people´s eyes, and that´s totally fine for me as not everyone needs to understand all of my actions).

And this time it was pretty good to be there early – singer Franky had been doing

Borrowed with permission

sightseeing all day and nearly walked past the venue without realizing it´s the venue. It is soemthing I truly appreciate – someone who takes time to really go and see things. If you wanna see the stuff he photographs on those trips – go and check out his Instagram page! he´s got an eye for amazing stuff, details and angles and moods. I love the photos!

Anyways, it was cool meeting him pre-show, and before the fans slowly started coming to the venue. Still surprised how long it actually took until it got more crowded, I am used to the old days when everyone was eagerly queuing for hours (which I always disliked). I also met a long-time friend finally again – and it was kinda cool to be attending a show of this band together again, after we had met back then thanks to a show of Apocalyptica. And it was frontrow, and right where I wanted to be once more to have fun, to laugh, smile, and this time to not shed a tear.

I was surprised how things in my life changed and how I seemingly feel so much better

Borrowed with permission

now, because songs that usually broke me and made me cry did not make me cry but made me just enjoy and sing along. One of those examples is “Hope Vol. 2” – a song that brings back sad memories, and killed me in Hamburg and Bielefeld. This time I felt like it was different – I felt like it was comforting me, like this song was “licking the wounds from the past” instead of ripping them open again. And this is something I never thought to happen and also not that fast. Maybe it is because Franky sings it and has made it his very own song, and that his voice just comforts me. I don´t know, sometimes things do not need words – cannot be put in words. it just is the way it is, and it´s fine that way, too. I cannot believe how much I´ve fallen in love with Franky´s voice and him being in Apocalyptica and at the same time I so fear he will be around just for this “album cycle” – and that´s probably the biggest compliment I could ever give a singer that is with Apocalyptica.

I really enjoyed the show once again, yet I still don´t like all the stuff that is projected on the backdrop – my brain explodes, too much going on, and I cannot really enjoy that. Sure, closing eyes is a good way how to escape from all this, and it´s what I´ve been doing, but in the end I wanna watch the show and not just listen to it.

At the end of the show, Paavo handed me his setlist – I haven´t had one for ages, it´s been years. And at the evry same time as stating that, I also gotta state that there´s been probably fans out there that would´ve loved to ahve it even more than me. I am realistic, material things will never be able to come close to the experiences, and all this, that a show and everything gives me.

After show I waited for the band with my mum (she and my stepdad had also been at the show) and my friends – but in the end and thanks to an asshole security we were chased off the venue grounds and couldn´t get anywhere near the exit and the bus so we just left. This security was probably the most frustrated human being on earth, looking at how desperately he was using his “power”. nearly a reason to feel sorry for this guy – but just nearly.

Do you remember me? the kid I used to be?

The amazing girls I met at the show

Do you remember me?
The kid I used to be?
Not the same as I used to be!
Oh, do you remember me?
[Apocalyptica – “I´m not Jesus”]

This song quote kind of shows what connects the band and me – they´ve seen me grow up over the past 10 years. And it´s a songline that makes me grin because of this, and I know I am not alone with this.

Where FlixBus dropped me off

The Bielefeld show (October 3rd) – man, what a stressful trip. I had gotten up early to catch my Flixbus bus from main station in the late morning, but well…that never happened, because the bus engine blew up even before it reached Hamburg, so everyone had to be rebooked onto a later bus, but fun fact: that later bus what not even that full, i just ended up having a delay of nearly 2 hours when arriving at the venue. But let´s talk about that later. So yeah, the bus trip was pretty relaxed, I mostly slept and was daydreaming to gain some power and strength before arriving somewhere in the fucking middle of nowhere – still Bielefeld, but far off the center. So I still had to take a train to the center, and then walked to the venue – at least the sun was shining. That was making it all really bearable, though the 2km walk was somehow annoying, even though I had stored much of stuff in a locker at the main station to have food and drinks later on.

One of the old trains in front of the venue

When arriving at Ringlokschuppen, I was positively surprised – a nice building, and also nice and old trains close to it. One old train was being moved there and it was pretty interesting to actually watch the whole specatcle, so time was passing by rather fast until a girl I had met on the internet showed up. Also before I teamed up with some fans that already were there, and one of those guys that came really early still had no ticket – and I had a spare one, so I gave it away for free. You might wonder why I give away 30 Euros just like this – I am grateful and really lucky to be able to work as press and even if not, I would have the chance on guestlist places. And because this is something not everyone has, I wanna do something good in such cases. And I think it´s nothing bad, right? I know we live in a selfish way, where such things hardly happen, and it´s why it was the right thing to do – and look into this totally amazed, stunned, speechles and extremely happy face of this person who couldn´t believe it and couldn´t stop thanking me.

Then on last second I actually went to do the interview with the support band, Tracer, in the backstage. Was a fun time, and I still need to type it all down for it being published. Afterwards I went to pick up my press pass, as I was working as a photographer and was really excited about it even though my neck and shoulders were giving a hell of a time because they were stiff and giving me pain.

Me & Franky Perez

The light were somehow not really making me happy, and I felt unsure if my photos were any good – to be honest, I think that those photos I took that are the best ones, are the ones of Apocalyptica singer Franky Perez – but I also really enjoy photographing him because he is so full of gestures and singing with soul and body…it is amazing to look at! Generally the guys are amazing to look at and the show is just mindblowing, but I am just struggling with handling the lights and many of the venues lack proper lights from the front – unless you wanna take shadow shots, which can also be pretty fancy, of course. But yeah, the show was really good once more, even though Franky´s voice sounded a bit weaker than the day before in Hamburg, and that made me a bit worried. But when waiting together with the girls I had met when waiting before the show, Franky came and ensured me he was doing good. I really hope it was true, and that he doesn´t get sick like me – as I

Old tower close to the venue

already knew when standing outside in the cold, that something was aproaching.

Waiting was worth it, it was a nice time again and afterwards I hopped onto a cab with the girl I had met via the inetrnet, as she offered me a warm and dry place to stay at until my train was leaving at 6am in the morning. She had a hotel room close to the train station and there we went, chatting, laughing, shariny stories…it was a sweet time, and time really passed by quickly. Then I hopped onto the train to Hannover, and there I had a 40min delay of my train to Hamburg – it was terrible, even though I had grabbed some breakfast. I was feeling totally exhausted, dead tired, was shaking and dizziness was taking over. In the end I had been up and running without sleep for around 30 hours I think, and then when home, I just dropped into bed and slep until the afternoon. When waking up I already felt a tad sick, hoping it would not get any worse…

Hotel: Arcona Baltic Stralsund ****

I haven´t been to many 4star-hotels, but the ones I have been to have set a high standard – and I am overall not sure if the Arcona Baltic really can really keep up with those that I had been to – but here is my little review on my time at the hotel.


  •  Bedroom
    First off, I enjoy having a not too soft bed, but this one was…I felt like sleeping on the wooden floor when turning onto my stomach side how I usually tend to be sleeping. So really not my thing, though I got used to it. The rest of the room was nice and cozy, nicely sized and on the plus side: you were able to fully open the windows, even on the 8th floor where I was located. Downside, I had my windows halfway to the street side, so it was partially a bit louder when you had the windows open.
  • Storage possibilies
    Plenty. There was enough space for twi people to easily store their belongings when they stay at the hotel for a couple of days, all easy.
  • Bathroom
    Average size, shower was one that could have been my very own one in my bathroom, so really nothing special at all, unfortunately.


  • Beverages
    Hot drinks like tea and coffee, water (non sparkling but at leats cold), ice tea and orange and apple juice – not much of a choice you had there, it was disappointing.
  • Food
    There were few slices cheeses (also lactose free) and then other cheese, a bit of cut sausages, then bread and bread rolls, butter and margarine, egg (tasted awful), bacon (I got addicted), sausages and for the sweet tooth also joghurt, curd and croissants with jam.

Extra services

  • Sauna
    From July 1st on, some politican dude decided that you are not allowed to offer sauna for free anymore, but 3,50€ is still an ok price for the duration of 6 hours (between 4pm and 10pm) where you can use the sauna. You need to lend some package of bath robe, sauna towel and some shoes – for 4.50€ youc an keep them (which I did). The sauna itself is really small, I think more than 3 people at the same time don´t fit in there, but it was clearly sufficient and nice and hot, just as it should be!
  • Bike
    The hotel has 2 bikes only, one for women, one for me. Costs per day when renting one is 10€ and there seemingly is no set time when you need to bring it back again. The bike itself was comfy, but clearly not made for small people because I had the saddle on the lowest position and it was still a little bit too high – but I was able to handle.
  • Extra wishes
    Being allergic comes with problems, also when e.g. the pillow is full of feathers and you cannot breathe when laying on those. It only took the guy at the reception maybe 15 minutes to come and bring me a new and for allergic people only pillow.


  • Reception
    Couldn´t be any better, really sweet, polite and always up for a joke and really helpful – also when I needed the new pillow!
  • Breakfast
    Nice and helpful, always there when you needed them – just how it should be in the end!
  • Dinner
    I wasn´t too happy with the girl that took care of my table, I was wondering if she just smiled because it was her job and better than having nothing and then was grumpy when she thought that noone was watching…

Dinner at “Weinwirtschaft”

  • Diversity
    The name already shows that most beverages were wine – and they had tons of different ones on their special menue, but also all othe rnecessary drinks you were able to find on there. Food-wise, I was lacking something . It was quite narrowed down, made suitable for bringing it out to many people at the same time without realizing the special something for each of them got missing.
  • Taste
    It tasted good, could´ve been a bit warmer when it was brought to my table but at least you did not burn your tongue when immediately starting to eat.
  • Price
    For what you got, I somehow had the feeling that it was a bit too much – not a lot but it could´ve been cheaper, especially since many of the meals were simply nothing special that would make such a price suitable

Ich war noch nicht in vielen 4 Sterne Hotels, aber die in denen ich war, haben hohe Erwartungen in mir heranwachsen lassen – und ich bin mir nicht wirklich sicher, ob das Arcona Baltic dieses Level wirklich erreichen konnte. Aber hier ist mal ein kleines Review dazu.


  •  Schlafzimmer
    Erst einmal muss man sagen, dass ich es mag, wenn Matratzen in betten nicht allzu weich sind, aber dieses…das war dann doch so, als würde man auf dem harten Holzboden schlafen, besonders wenn man sich auf den bauch gedreht hat. Also absolut nicht meine Sache, auch wenn ich mich daran gewöhnt habe. Der Rest des Raums war angenehm und freundlich eingerichtet, gute Größe und man konnte – obwohl ich im 8. Stock war – die Fenster komplett öffnen. Das negative war, dass die Fenster halb zur Straße gingen, daher war es etwas laut wenn man sie offen hatte.
  • Aufbewahrung
    Viel. Es gab genug Platz für zwei Leute, die einige Tage in dem Hotel verbringen wollen und ihre Sachen unterbringen wollen.
  • Badezimmer
    Durschnitts-Größe, die Dusche war eine, die ich auch hier zuhause fast habe, daher wirklich nichts besonderes – leider.


  • Getränke
    Heiße Getränke wie Tee und Kafee, Wasser (ohne Sprudel aber wenigstens kalt), Eistee und Orangen- sowie Apfelsaft – nicht wirklich eine große Auswahl, recht enttäuschend.
  • Essen
    Es gab ein paar verschiedene Käsescheiben (auch laktosefreier Käse), dann was Streichkäse, ein bisschen Wurst, Brot und Brötchen, Butter und Margarine, Ei (schmeckte schrecklich), Speck (total lecker), Wurst und für den süßen Zahn Joghurt, Quark sowie Croissants und Marmelade.


  • Sauna
    Vom 1. Juli an hat die Politik oder so entschieden, dass man Sauna nicht mehr umsonst anbieten kann, aber die 3,50€ kann man verschmerzen, da man die Sauna dann 6 Stunden lang (zwischen 16 und 22 Uhr) nutzen kann. Man muss eine Packung aus Bademantel, Sauna-handtuch und Schuhen ausleihen – oder aber das Ganze für 4,50€ behalten, was ich getan habe. Die Sauna selbst ist echt klein, und mehr als 3 Leute passen da wohl nicht rein, aber es war ausreichend und schön heiß.
  • Fahrrad
    Das Hotel hat nur 2 Fahrräder, eins für Frauen und eins für Männer, daher eins für mich. Es kostet 10€ am Tag wenn man es mietet und es gitb scheinbar keine festgelegte Zeit, wann man es zurückbringen muss. Das Fahrrad selbst war angenehm, aber nicht für kleine Menschen ausgelegt, denn selbst als der Sattel auf der niedrigsten Position war, war es noch ein bisschen zu hoch für mich – aber ich kam auch damit klar
  • Extrawünsche
    Als Allergikerin hat man nunmal Probleme, wenn z.B. das Kissen mit Federn gefüllt ist und man nicht atmen kann, wenn man sich drauflegt. Es hat nur eine Viertelstunde gebraucht, bis der Kerl von der rezeption mit einem Allergiker-Kissen vor meiner Tür stand.


  • Rezeption
    Könnte nicht besser sein, immer total nett und für einen Scherz zu haben, und auch wirklich hilfreich – auch als ich das neue Kissen brauchte.
  • Frühstück
    Nett und hilfreich, immer da wenn man sie braucht – so sollte es ja auch sein!
  • Abendessen
    Ich war nicht wirklich zufrieden mit der Kellnerin, die sich um meinen Tisch gekümmert hat, weil ich das Gefühl hatte, dass sie einfach nur lächelt weil es halt ihr Job ist und es besser ist als nichts, und dann genervt schaute wenn sie meinte, dass es niemand sehen würde…

Abendessen in der “Weinwirtschaft”

  • Vielseitigkeit
    Der Name lässt es schon erahnen, dass die meisten Getränke Wein waren – sie hatten so einige verschiedene auf einem extra Menü, aber auch all die anderen Getränke konnte man bestellen. Essenstechnisch fehlte irgendwie etwas Besonderes, das Menü scheint daraf ausgelegt zu sein, dass viele Gäste auf einmal “abgefertigt” werden könnten – und das Besondere geht nunmal dann verloren.
  • Geschmack
    Es hat gut geschmeckt, aber es hätte etwas heißer sein können als es auf meinem Tisch gelandet ist, auch wenn es gut war, dass man sich nicht die Zunge verbrannt hat wenn man sofort anfing mit essen.
  • Preis
    Für das, was man bekommen hat, war der Preis etwas hoch, hatte ich zumindest das Gefühl –  nicht viel, aber es hätte günstiger sein können, besonders da die Gerichte oft einfach nichts besonderes waren und daher einen solchen Preis nicht gerechtfertigen können.


Flashback/Rückblick: Stralsund (07/2015)

I didn´t get to write about it earlier, thus I am sharing now this flashback with you – on the following days, there will also be quite some photos coming up from this little trip, so stay tuned!

Day 1 – Sunshine leads me to Stralsund

Got up at an okish time, packed my last things and decided to leave the laptop at home – why would I take it with me anyways? So I had my backpack and my bag, and made my way to mainstation, to catch the direct train to Stralsund. It was all relaxed, until I arrived at my destination. I was not willing to spend money on a cab, so I decided on walking the nearly 2km – stupid idea, because it felt like it was a marathon.

When I arrived at the hotel, I was all sweated and really didn´t fit into this 4 star hotel picture at all, but fuck it, I was paying it so I can run around like I wanted to. I didn´t spend much time in my room on the 8th floor, just enough to take a shower, have a drink and eat the stuff I had packed in the morning to regain some strength. Afterwards, I packed my camera and some swimming clothing, dressed more beach appropriate and started my walk. I had, to be fair, not guessed that the beach would be that far away – approx. 3km or more it was in the end, but at least I then saw the harbour and everything on the way, knowing where to get some food or where some nice photography spots might be.

I planned on going for a long swim, but the water was pretty cold, so I decided on jumping in and then run out again and instead enjoy the warm sunshine and just lay down on the beach. I was napping, day dreaming, letting thoughts run free.

In the early evening I then spoiled myself by enjoying dinner at the hotel restaurant, because I was so exhausted from all the fresh air and everything that I did not want to go anywhere else again.

In the evening, or better: nighttime, I went out again. Not to party, but to take photos, which you will be able to see during the next few days. It was a challenge because of not having a tripod, but there was always a bench, a little wall or something to place the camera on. You just need to be creative. Besides this, I enjoyed the silence and fresh air of the night, I really needed that combination.

Day 2 – Sunshine is no early bird

Early getting up, because breakfast was only until 10.30am – so basically at a time where I would usually get up if it was a weekend. But well, shit happens. But a ready made breakfast is always inviting and thus getting up was easier than usual.

Then I packed my camera and a towel and all these things, booked my bike and was ready to go. The sun was hiding, and it was rather grey sky and fresh winds, but it was perfect for biking and doing all the sightseeing – I don´t know exactly how many kilometers I was actually biking, but it´s been quite a lot. Old parts of the city, churches, other little things…I also made it to a little island in front of Stralsund and went to a tiny navy museum there which was pretty cute and quite interesting. Biking there was relaxing, because the street and road was pretty nice to bike on, opposite to many other streets with cobble stone.

In the afternoon I was so exhausted that I was going to the sauna for a while, which was so relaxing. I had so so so missed going to sauna, I wish I had one around the corner where I love, but unfortunately: no. I enjoyed the fact that for most of the time I was even alone in there, so it was even easier to relax.

Afterwards I grabbed a sandwich and then packed my stuff again to bike back to the beach, have some ice cream in the sun and then wait for the sunset to happen in order to take some photos. The sunset was not really spectacular, and instead it got pretty chilly close to the water, so I didn´t stay there as long as I had initially planned. Instead I biked by a Greek restaurant and got myself some food for a laid back evening at my hotel room.

Day 3 – From Stralsund to Hamburg

I woke up to sunshine and a last good breakfast with looooads of lovely bacon, sausages and bread rolls – and loads of sweet things alongside with my croissants. It is kinda neat that I don´t need to prepare breakfast and then need to take care of the dishes and everything else.

I packed up my stuff, took a quick shower and then took a last stroll around before I checked out earlier than I had initially planned. I somehow felt like returning home was the right decision, because I was worried that the later trains might be too crowded to have a relaxed trip back home. And it was a good decision, because already the earlier train was pretty full, and then had a delay so I had to rush to my second train – clearly not relaxing, but no can do. I did not want to be stuck in Rostock though, for a second, I wondered if I should be doing some walking around there, too. But I decided against that, home was calling very loudly for me and I had to follow those calls.

The rest of the trip back home was laid-back and when I was home, I quickly unpacked and was back to house scores – the usual shit when being at home. I kinda missed my hotel lived pretty fast, noone was preparing food for me, noone was cleaning my dishes…but it still felt good to be back home, to an apartment that was – even though it was rather hot outside – having a surprisingly nice temperature.


Ich bin nicht dazu gekommen früher darüber zu berichten, daher teile ich diesen Rückblick jetzt – in den kommenden Tagen gibt es auch noch Fotos von diesem Ausflug, daher haltet dir Augen auf dem Blog!

Tag 1 – Sonnenschein leitet mich nach Stralsund

Ich bin zu einer annehmbaren Uhrzeit aufgestanden, habe meine letzten Sachen gepackt und entschlossen mein Laptop zu Hause zu lassen – wieso würde ich es auch mitnehmen? Daher hatte ich meinen Rucksack und meine Tasche, und habe mich auf den Weg zum Hbf gemacht um meinen Zug nach Stralsund zu nehmen. Ich war ganz entspannt bis ich an meinem Zielort angekommen war. Ich wollte kein Geld für ein Taxi ausgeben, daher wollte ich die knapp 2km laufen – dumme Idee, weil es sich anfühlte wie ein Marathon.

Als ich am Hotel angekommen war, war ich durchgeschwitzt und habe wirklich nicht zum Aussehen eines 4 Sterne Hotels gepasst, aber egal, ich habe es gezahlt, daher kann ich rumlaufen wie ich will. Ich habe nicht viel Zeit in meinem Zimmer verbracht, im 8. Stock, nur genug Zeit um zu duschen und etwas zu trinken und zu essen, damit ich etwas Energie tanken konnte. Danach habe ich meine Kamera und ein paar Schwimmklamotten gepackt, mich mehr Strand-passend angezogen und bin dann losgegangen. Um ehrlich zu sein, ich habe nicht gedacht gehabt, dass der Strand so weit weg wäre – ungefähr 3km oder mehr waren es am Ende, zumindest habe ich den Hafen und alles auf dem Weg dorthin gesehen. Ich wusste auch, wo ich was essen konnte oder wo es ein paar schöne Plätze zum Fotografieren gibt.

Ich hatte geplant gehabt, schön lange zu schwimmen, aber das Wasser war so kalt, dass ich nur reingesprungen bin und dann wieder rausgerannt bin und stattdessen den warmen Sonnenschein genossen habe, als ich mich auf den Sand gelegt habe. Dösen, Tagträumen, die Gedanken freilassen…

Am frühen Abend habe ich mich dann verwöhnt und habe im Restaurant des Hotels zu Abend gegessen, weil ich einfach so kaputt war von all der frischen Luft und alles, dass ich nirgendwo anders hinwollte.

Abends, oder besser: nachts bin ich dann wieder raus. Nicht um zu feiern, sondern um zu fotografieren, und die Fotos werdet ihr auch noch bald sehen können. Es war eine wirkliche Herausforderung, weil ich kein Stativ habe, aber es gibt immer eine Bank oder eine Mauer oder so etwas, wo man die Kamera drauflegen kann. Da muss man halt kreativ sein. Davon abgesehen habe ich die Stille und die frische Luft wirklich genossen, denn diese Kombination hatte ich wirklich gebraucht.

Tag 2 – Sonnenschein ist kein Frühaufsteher

Früh aufstehen, da das Frühstück nur bis 10.30 Uhr da ist – das ist die Uhrzeit, zu der ich sonst am Wochenende wohl aufstehen würde. Aber na ja, was solls. Aber ein fertiges Frühstück ist halt doch wirklich einladend und das Aufstehen fällt da wirklich einfacher.

Dann habe ich meine Kamera eingepackt, ein Handtuch und all sowas, habe mein Fahrrad gebucht und dann bin ich los. Die Sonne hat sich versteckt, und der Himmel war eher grau und der Wind recht frisch, aber das war eigentlich ein gutes Wetter für´s Fahrradfahren und all das Sightseeing machen – ich weiß nicht, wie viele Kilometer ich alles in allem gefahren bin, aber es waren doch schon so einige. Die alten Teile der Stadt, Kirchen, andere kleine Dinge…auch bin ich auf eine kleine Insel vor Stralsund gefahren, wo ich mir ein kleines aber doch recht interessantes Marine-Museum angeschaut habe. Dorthin zu fahren war recht entspannt, weil die Straße und die Fahrbahn recht gut zu befahren war, im Gegensatz zu so vielen Straßen mit Kopfsteinpflaster.

Am Nachmittag war ich so erschöpft, dass ich dann ein bisschen in die Sauna gegangen bin, was wirklich entspannend war. Ich habe es so sehr vermisst in die Sauna zu gehen, ich wünschte ich hätte zuhause auch eine Sauna um die Ecke, aber leider: nein. Ich habe es genossen die meiste Zeit dort alleine zu verbringen, da ist es immer leichter komplett abzuschalten.

Danach habe ich mir schnell ein Sandwich gekauft und habe meine Sachen gepackt um wieder zum Strand zu fahren, etwas Eis in der Sonne zu essen und dann auf den Sonnenuntergang zu warten, um eben diesen zu fotografieren. Der Sonnenuntergang war wirklich nicht spektakulär, und stattdessen wurde es wirklich frisch am Wasser, daher bin ich dort nicht lange geblieben wie ich eigentlich geplant hatte. Stattdessen bin ich rasch an einem griechischen Restaurant vorbeigefahren und habe mir etwas Essen mitgenommen um es dann entspannt bei mir auf dem Zimmer zu essen.

Tag 3 – Von Stralsund nach Hamburg

Ich bin aufgewacht, die Sonne schien und ich genoss ein letztes Mal das Frühstück mit viiiiiiel Speck, Würstchen und Brötchen – und viele süße Sachen zu meinen Croissants. Es ist echt toll, dass ich mein Frühstück nicht selbst zubereiten muss und auch das Geschirr nicht abräumen muss…

Ich habe meine Sachen gepackt, bin rasch unter die Dusche gesprungen und habe einen letzten Spaziergang gemacht bevor ich, früher als geplant, dann aus dem Hotel ausgecheckt bin. Ich hatte das Gefühl, dass es das Richtige war jetzt nach Hause zu fahren, weil ich auch die Sorge hatte, dass die späteren Züge einfach total überfüllt sein könnten. Und das war eine gute Entscheidung, weil schon der frühe Zug recht voll war, und dann gab es auch noch Verspätung und ich musste zum nächsten Zug rennen – definitiv nicht entspannend, aber was kann ich tun. Ich wollte nicht in Rostock feststecken, auch wenn ich für eine Sekunde überlegt habe mir die Stadt auch anzuschauen. Aber ich habe mich dagegen entschieden, mein Zuhause hat einfach zu laut nach mir gerufen und ich bin eben diesen gefolgt.

Den Rest der Rückreise war recht entspannt und als ich zuhause war habe ich schnell ausgepackt und musste all die Haushaltssachen wieder machen – der normale Scheiß halt, wenn man zuhause ist. Ich habe das Hotelleben recht schnell vermisst, niemand hat für mich gekocht, niemand hat mein Geschirr abgewaschen…aber es war trotzdem irgendwie schön nach Hause zu kommen, in ein Apartment welches trotz hoher Temperaturen recht angenehm temperiert war.

City Slide – Sun, sliding and hospital (DE Version in vorherigen Beitrag)

It always comes differently than planned, and at times it´s rougher and with full force. Literally. I am home right now, recovering…why, you will be getting to know when reading this all.


Saturday around lunchtime I started my way to Energieberg in the south of Hamburg, as there was the City Slide event and I had a ticket for it and a blow up sliding ring. Sounded fun, the weather was great – okay, a tad too hot and too sunny, but with sun blocker and a cap it was all good. And that´s something I am saying even though I am really not into summer.

So I went there, one hour of getting there, and on the way there I met two lovely girls that I joined. It is never hard for me to really find someone to hang out with when I go somewhere alone.

Wristlet and sliding ring picked up and the getting changed, found a not too sunny place and spent the time sitting there, brought the stuff to the cloakroom and then walked up the hill – many many steps to do, it was hell in such a hot weather.

Then it started – queuing on the way to the slide – a long time queuing, which became normal en course of the day, as the water pump was blocked several times.

After the first round of sliding I already thought „oh, that´s dangerous” – I had knocked down a girl that tried to stand up and leave the sliding track. What could I do, braking was not possible. The water in the ending area was awful and totally irritated my eyes, and I fell over the pump there twice. I thought that it is gonna get better if you find a routine, thus I did it again and with less problems, except for even more eye problems so that I had to have them cleared at the paramedics. After this, I was finally able to see something again.

Together with the girls I sat down in one of the very shady areas, but quite early said that I wanted to go and slide again – you gotta use the time that you paid fir. And yes, I paid for it. I started running and then stepped onto something (at least this is how it felt) and slipped backwards, and hit my head and neck with full force onto the ground. Then I was there, on the floor. The first reaction was that I wanted to get up. I had to face the fact that my legs were really weak and that my body felt off. I stayed where I was, closed eyes, taking deep breathes. Breathing in and out, in and out again. It took a while until the paramedics were around me, and then I was put from one carrier to the other and then into the ambulance car. A really uneven and awful path downhill, and all I can say: fucking hell that was painful, I wanted to cry and scream at the very same time. I started panicking when I realized that my shoes and stuff were still up the hill and my backpack was at the cloakroom. And I had noone who could bring the things to hospital.

The ride to the hospital with full speed was…interesting. And painful. The way how the paramedic was driving, at times I wanted to kill him if I would´ve not been all tied up and kept from moving with a stiffneck thingy.

And there I was in the emergency unit, 7 long hours started, hours that brought me to my mental and physical limits.

Physical limits because every movement gave me a lot of pain, I couldn´t move my neck due to the stiffneck things and the laying on the edge of the stiffneck gave my head even more pain, the back as a whole was hurting and so was my hip, fingers and feet felt weak and everything…

Mental limits, because I was there all alone. Everyone around me had partner, friends or someone with them, and I was there quiet and alone, couldn´t even inform anyone as my things were still at the event area. No phone, no papers, no clothing except for my bathing clothes. The waiting for the examinations, the fear of the diagnosis…

CT and x-ray, and afterwards the first diagnosis: no bones or anything broken, but possibly some damage to the spinal disk. I had to swallow hard. There I was, all alone. And so many thoughts were running through my mind, everything that I wouldn´t be able to do anymore or what was coming for me. The clothing from the hospital also didn´t really built me up, the statement that I was not allowed to get up made me get even more panic. Yes, I had to be calmed down by a nurse, I was on that bed crying.

It was past midnight when I was put into another bed and the brought to the neurosurgery station. A max of 2 people were in the rooms, and I was lucky enough to have a room for myself. The nurse from that evening was a great dude who managed to make me laugh shortly. And I was relieved – I was allowed to get up when I was being careful. I still wasn´t happy, I cried myself to sleep when I had gotten my first dose of painkillers. Sleeping didn´t work though as some injection things was still in my left arm and that was driving me crazy.


In the morning at around 5am, when I got my new meds, then the nurse took off the permanent cannula. Then I was sleeping a little until breakfast and also after breakfast. I was exhausted and desperate. Finally I was able to call my dad and my mum then called back to the station – they made troubles that she called in that way, and also the fact I had no phone or anything was nothing they cared about. Also they did not care about me needing help.

In the emergency unit they had already contacted the police, as they might be the only option for me to bring my stuff over but it was too late that day. But take a guess, did any of the nurses go and help me when I asked them for the phone number of the according police station and a phone? Nope. Again and again my wish was ignored. In the end my mum sat there in Cologne and on the phone with me and the police in Hamburg, so that a couple of hours later I had two police guys knocking on my door – with my backpack in their hands. Keys, purse, phone. Finally.

Then it also didn´t take too long anymore until a friend came by, and believe me, it is amazing to have finally again contact to the rest of the world – and it was even more sweet to have someone come by. I was more and more calming down, the painkillers worked more or less and I was happy to have someone around. Also some stuff I was brought, as I had literally nothing with me.

The day passed by quite quickly, and then there was dinner and then I was all alone again. Calmer but still with the fear of a spinal disk damage in the back of my head. Every second. Every moment.

Put in ear plugs, closed curtains, and slept – 12 hours in a row.


I once again had someone come by, and got some more necessary items – also flipflops, s that I was FINALLY able to go outside. And since the weather was so lovely, it was fun being out there and turning off the brain.

Also I had a room mate since late morning – an elderly lady, but a pretty cool one. I can go along with that.

In the afternoon, the MRT scan was done to see if there really was damage to my spinal disk or not. I was brought there far too early and then was waiting there on my own whilst my friend was sitting and waiting, really annoying. The tunnel there was far smaller than the normal ones – I had my hands on my belly and my elbows nearly touched the tunnel construction and when I opened my eyes I had maybe 10cm to the upper part of it. I usually do not have a problem with MRT scans and with every minute my panic grew stronger. I was so relieved when I was out of there.

In the evening I got my thrombosis injection, what a joy. I wasn´t hungry after that anymore, no need for my dinner, me and injections just don´t go well together. My mood dropped but whatever. When my friend left I started some beauty works, now that I finally had everything. I felt like a human being again.


The night was hell – my room mate was watching TV really late and that would´ve been no problem but then she fell asleep and she was snoring. And then she got a transfusion that was done at around 2am and the nurses came to the room again, I was all awake again. Terrible. I was really tired and grumpy after this night. The time until the doctor came around seemed to be endless and I only wanted to leave. Every minute made me go more annoyed, but then even happier when I was told I was able to leave because I had no damage to the spinal disk. This happiness was incredible. Then I had again someone to come over to kill time until the doctor´s papers were ready – I was so happy to get out of there and the waiting took so long again. My nerves were killed but once it was the time for it, I grabbed my stuff and quickly left.

Once at home, it was just sweet. It is my home and no matter how annoying the pain is, I know it will be staying for a while longer.


+ Cool idea
– No shade
– Noone checked the wristlets
– The needed size for kids was not controlled anywhere
– The pump was blocked/broken for several times
– The water in the ending area was disgusting and the water probably full of germs
– The slide was uneven, the floor was not good
– The starting area of the slide was too even and then it was too steep
– The ones using the slide were sent too short one after the other
– No proper emergency route for e.g. ambulances where you did not have to go through the crowd
– No signs leading you to an escape route if I remember correctly

=> Thus I really wonder how the regulatory agency had the guts to approve this event


+ The food was really okay if you keep in mind it´s a hospital
+ Only two people in one room
+ Radio and TV for everyone person on its own
+ Bathroom was also okay
+ The kitchen helpers that took care of food and where you were able to pre-order food
+ The chief physician – not only a cool surname but also a nice person
– Treatment in the emergency room was terrible
– 2 of the doctors
– Most of the nurses
– You were not able to fully open the windows, thus it was a really bad air in the room

24.04.2015 – 22 hours, 2 trains ,1 bus, 1 airtrain, 1 cab // 24.04.2015 – 22 Stunden, 2 Züge, 1 Bus, 1 Airtrain und 1 Taxi

I got up really early in order to be at the airport at around 7am, and that even worked out well and was good. Simply because the amount of sheer controls and checks and whatsoever has beaten everything I had ever experienced:

Before check in: Passport control, questions asked
At check in: Passport control
Going to security control: Passport check
At security control: passport check & normal security check
Before going to gate: Passport check
Going to gate: Passport check and security control (bodyscanner and such)
Going to gate: Passport check and questions asked
Boarding: Passport check

This all actually took up so much time, that I had maybe 5minutes to relax before boarding actually started. I was drained already then, but at least I was seated next to some nice guys with whom I had quite a few laughs in duration of the flight.

I spent the flight with watching two movies: “The Hobbit – The battle of the five armies” was quite entertaining, and it was good they had it there as I had not seen it yet and am not certain that I am gonna buy it on DVD to actually be watching it in a more comfortable surrounding later on.
“ToWrite Love On Her Arms” was not entertaining but rather…it made me thoughtful. More on this in a separate blog post, as it fits nicely to the charity of Nothing More that I had introduced you to a while ago. Sleep was nearly impossible, I was napping for maybe an hour but I would have needed more space to actually fall asleep.

The food was, excuse me, terrible. I don´t even want to know how it is gonna be on the way back, as the food usually was even worse then. And of course I didn´t get a special meal as I had failed to be able to actually request it beforehand. So I was eating my lactose splitting pills in between the meals. Also, they were not going around with drinks that often, only around the meals they were permanently bringing you stuff. To be fair, all in all I need to say that British Airways clearly was much between two years ago than United Airlines has been this time. I was really so relieved when I was able to get out of the plane…until I saw the lines for immigration at Newark airport. It´s been intensely long and only very few booths were opened which noone understand. Queuing there took me maybe 1.5 hours. And the guy who checked my stuff was asking me really stupid questions. And each time that I go there from new, the questions are getting more in number and also more detailed and personal. I really dislike this. I tried to take it with humor but it was…impossible.

Grabbed my suitcase and then tried to find my way and ended up going to Manhattan by train just to get a cab from there as I was too exhausted to go the way to Brooklyn on my own. I couldn´t bother that the streets were full and I paid quite a bit for the cab, but at least it dropped me off in front of the door.

Once there and settled, I had a hard time not to fall asleep. After having had dinner, I made the mistake and had a drink and that one knocked me out. Literally. After 22 hours of being awake, I fell into bed as if someone had shot me from behind.


Ich bin wirklich früh aufgestanden um gegen 7 Uhr dann auch wirklich am Flughafen zu sein, und das hat auch geklappt und war gut so, da die Menge an Kontrollen einfach unheimlich viel Zeit in Anspruch genommen hat – sowas habe ich wirklich noch nie erlebt.

Vor dem Check-In: Pass-Kontrolle und Befragung
Am Check-In: Pass-Kontrolle
Auf dem Weg zur Sicherheitskontrolle: Pass-Kontrolle
Bei der Sicherheitskontrolle: Pass-Kontrolle & Sicherheitskontrolle
Bevor dem Gang zum Gate Pass-Kontrolle
Auf dem Weg zum Gate: Pass-Kontrolle und Sicherheitskontrolle
Auf dem Weg zum Gate: Pass-Kontrolle und Befragung
Boarding: Pass-Kontrolle

Das alles hatte dann so lange gedauert, dass ich um die 5 Minuten noch hatte um einmal zu entspannen bevor es ins Flugzeug ging. Aber wenigstens saß ich dort neben zwei netten Typen, mit denen ich gut lachen konnte während des Flugs als solches.

Ich habe den Flug damit verbracht, mir zwei Filme anzuschauen: „Der Hobbit – Die Schlacht der fünf Heere“ war wirklich unterhaltsam, und es war gut, dass sie ihn im Angebot hatten, da ich ihn bisher noch nicht gesehen hatte und ich mir nicht sicher war ob ich ihn mir auf DVD kaufen würde um ihn mir später anzuschauen.
„To write love on her arms“ war nicht unterhaltsam sondern eher…es hat mich nachdenklich gemacht. Mehr dazu in einem anderen Blog-Eintrag, da es doch gut zu der Charity-Aktion von Nothing More passt, worüber ich ja schon berichtet hatte. Zu schlafen war fast unmöglich, ich habe vielleicht eine Stunde lang gedöst aber ich hätte wirklich mehr Platz gebraucht um wirklich einzuschlafen.

Das Essen war, sorry für die Ausdrucksweise, schrecklich. Ich will nicht einmal wissen wie es auf dem Rückflug sein wird, da das Essen meist dann noch schlechter war. Und natürlich habe ich kein spezielles Essen bekommen, da ich es nicht vorher bestellen konnte. Daher habe ich meine Laktose-Spilltungs-Tabletten zwischen den Mahlzeiten gegessen. Auch sind sie nicht so oft mit Getränken herumgegangen, nur während der Mahlzeiten waren sie ständig da. Um ehrlich zu sein, alles in allem finde ich British Airlines wesentlich besser als United Airlines, mit denen ich jetzt geflogen bin. Ich war so froh, als ich dann endlich aus dem Flugzeug aussteigen konnte…bis ich dann die Schlangen für die Immigration sah, am Newark Flughafen. Und die waren verrückt lang und nur wenige der Schalter waren wirklich offen, was niemand verstanden hat. Ich habe knapp 1.5 Stunden gewartet, und dann am Schalter wurde ich so dumme Fragen gefragt…jedes Mal, wo ich einreise, werden die Fragen dümmer und mehr und persönlicher. Ich mag das echt nicht. Ich habe versucht das mit Humor zu nehmen aber das war nicht möglich.

Ich habe mir meinen Koffer gekrallt und habe dann versucht nach Manhattan zu kommen, und es wurde der Zug bis dorthin und dann Taxi bis nach Brooklyn weil ich einfach zu erschöpft war um das Ganze anders zu bewältigen – ich habe dank vollen Straßen einiges für das Taxi gezahlt, aber wenigstens hat es mich direkt vor der Tür abgesetzt.

Als ich dann endlich da war und mich eingewöhnt hatte, fiel es mir schwer nicht einzuschlafen., Nach dem Abendessen habe ich den Fehler gemacht und etwas alkoholisches getrunken was mich dann voll niedergestreckt hat. Nach 22 Stunden ohne Schlaf bin ich dann wie gefällt ins Bett gefallen.

21.07.2013 – You colour me in // 21.07.2013 – Du färbst mich ein

Actually you shouldn´t interprete Rea Garvey´s “Colour me in” like this, but it´s so fitting just now when talking about this day – I´ve been working as a volunteer for The Color Run here in Cologne, a time full of many colours 🙂
Eigentlich sollte man Rea Garvey´s “Colour me in” nicht so interpretieren, aber es passt einfach so gut zu dem Tag – denn ich habe als freiwilliger Helfer bei The Color Run Köln mitgemacht, eine Zeit voller Farbe 🙂


20130721_105556 20130721_110551




06.07.2013 – The trip is over // 06.07.2013 – Die Reise ist vorbei

As usual, I was a last time too early at the airport – but as always: better early than late. It was a freaking hot day, I was having problems handling the heat and had slightly hurt my back from lifting my heavy suitcase. My mood was incredibly low. Sitting at the airport, staring holes into the air, watching people…but nothing was really making me feel better. The thought of leaving was so weird and hurting now that it was so close, the matter of just a few more hours.

The flight passed by quickly, but once again I couldn´t really sleep, I was only halfway asleep but always someone turned on a light or walked by and then I simply couldn´t fully fall asleep, it drove me crazy. The food was once again worse than on the way to the USA, but I didn´t really care that much…I was only happy I got a second blanket because I was freezing this bad.

Once I arrived in Germany I was happy that I was picked up – the rest of the day I spent with first sleeping till afternoon and then being up till late in the night, unpacking and everything…


Wie immer war ich zu früh und zu schnell durch am Flughafen – aber wie immer: besser zu früh als zu spät- Es war ein wirklich heißer Tag, ich hatte Probleme damit mit den Temperaturen klarzukommen und meinen Rücken hatte ich mir verhoben als ich meinen Koffer hochgehoben hatte. Meine Laune war richtig schlecht. Ich saß im Flughafen, habe Löcher in die Luft gestarrt, habe Leute beobachtet…aber nichts hat mich wirklich aufgemuntert. Der Gedanke wieder zurückzufliegen tat jetzt auf einmal weh als es so kurz davor war, nur noch wenige Stunden…

Der Flug verging recht schnell auch wenn ich mal wieder nicht schlafen konnte, ich bin immer nur eingedöst da immer jemand ein Leselicht angemacht hat oder vorbeigegangen ist, da konnte ich echt nicht einschlafen, ich bin fast verrückt geworden. Das Essen war mal wieder schlechter als auf dem Hinflug, aber mir war es irgendwie egal…ich war einfach nur glücklich als ich meine zweite Decke bekommen habe, ich habe sowas von gefroren…

Als ich endlich in Deutschland angekommen war, war ich wirklich froh abgeholt zu werden – den restlichen Tage habe ich damit verbracht bis zum Nachmittag zu schlafen und dann bis spät in die Nacht wach zu sein, auspacken und all dies…