Run: Heldenlauf (26.08.2018)

Let´s start from…even before the start! I was running the 11km Mezzo run of the Heldenlauf in western Hamburg!

On Friday I had to rush after work to Blankenes to pick up my starting number. Why? Because on Friday (until 6pm) and Saturday are the days where you can pick up your number for free. On Sunday they call it “emergency pick up” and make you pay for it. My opinion? Hilarious. Really.

If you got an event that´s not exactly close to the centre, this is a no-go. But well, so I was there and was a bit irritated how badly organised it was. Waiting was thekey to success, and at least the ladies handing out the starting numbers were nice. But there is tons of potential – I would love to restructure it to make it faster.

The numbers right next to the desks where they sit, split it to surname letters and then one pick up person for everyone pickung up more than 2 numbers. Bäm, speeds up a lot. Anyways, I got my number and also my little goodie back which I really liked. Usefull stuff in there, that´s for sure!

And then…the morning of the run. Me vs mornings, we will never be friends. That´s for sure. So I hopped onto the train and an hour later I was in Blankenese, and first dropped off some clothes for Hanseatic Help – had planned to get rid off it and bring it to them anyways, and now since it was right there….perfect match!

Then went to drop off my stuff and THIS now is the BIGGEST DOWNSIDE of the whole run – there is no conventional bag dropoff like you have it with even the smallest runs. You can just drop it off at a gym. Where everyone from the runners could go and grab a bag. Just like this. In the end, nothing disappeared but I would NEVER leave anything like my purse or so there.

And then…15min walk to the start area, that gave already a little glimpse of what you had to run up again height wise xD But was a good walk to warm up. And then…good luck if you needed a bathroom down there. Queueing in front of the mobile toilets…and it was a close call for me, having waited there for like 20min.

Then the start, it went smooth, and the surroundings were really nice for the run, really. Lovely views, a lot of green…but also terrible stairs and stairs and stairs and running uphill…it really killed me. I didn´t expect it to feel so tough on me, but especially the stais at around km9 were a killer. There was no end to be seen and the legs were burning like someone had put them on fire.

That´s something I really have to train and work on. The drinking and banana situation on the running path was good – though on the first stop it was ice cold water and on the second one sparkling water hahaha both not too pleasant, but you can live with it.

At least there was totally enough of it, it felt good. Really. And it was a positive surprise.

And a funny note on when getting close to the finish line – I had my playlist on shuffle on my headphones, and it switched to “Biikebrennen” by Versengold.

It´s THE track for me when it comes not only to running. And so I passed the finish line with this song on my

ears and was twice as happy.Also, the bananas, and the other food and different drinks after the finish line were totally what I personally needed – and enough of it.

I approved, really! But I am also not really into eating much after a run, like, directly after.

It was a good run, and it was fun. Nice people and everything. Maybe if next year I can come by car, I will do it again. Otherwise rather not, because when not living in Hamburg anymore, I don´t have a safe space where to store my valuables anymore.

So overall clearly a “would do again” because of the scenery and the overall feeling! And maybe also try another distance, depending on how fit I feel next spring and how much of running I did!


Run: Wandsetaler Runde – 10km (25.03.2018)

Just on Friday I got to know there was a run really close by, going through all of the areas where I also here and there do my runs during weekdays. So it´s been full of nature, and that´s something that I enjoy most. And as I had to go for a run anyways on this Sunday, why not make it a little race experience?

So far I´ve just done Tough Mudder and Muddy Angel, so something with a team spirit, where time was not too essential and important. It was getting through together, instead of alone. And that´s different to those street runs.

Anyways. I had to get up at 7am to still figure out my breakfast – and now know that a drink that is sparkling is no good choice, and so is nothing with chocolate or marmelade. I felt so sick when going to the bus stop, it was awful – but luckily faded, but still never totally disappeared.

I had to e there earlier, because I still had to register – if I had done that in advance, I could´ve slept longer and would´ve been fitter, but nope. Of course not. I was pretty much one of the first ones, as I was there quicker than expected, and then quickly signed up and also walked to the changing room at the school gym that was rather close. Just had some orientation issues, but made it anyways – thanks Google Maps 😉

And then went back to the starting area again, and still: way too early. Trying to keep myself going and at least a bit warm before the actualy little warm-up session started. And then it´s been going to the start area – and I looked around and knew who was actually running the 21km distance, just by looking at them. But still I thought I was gonna be good with my average 7:22min/km. And was taught a lesson when we started.

So the start happened and I felt like I was on some baby car whilst everyone was on racing cars – and I made the mistake that rookies usually do: I let myself be pulled with the group and the first around 800m it was a kilometre speed of maybe 5:40min/km. And I was done with the run right after these 800m actually – what was worse than the body, was the mind. People who for me looked less trained passed by with no effort. And many people passed by, that´s the second thing that really hurt my ego. And I thought that my normal speed would´ve been at least okay.

Frustrated, upset and still exhausted from not feeling healthy, I kept going. And going. My legs started hurting, I got cramps in the soles of my feet again and at some point I really had to stop and close my eyes for a second. Close the eyes. Take a breath. Refocus. Start again. From that point on it had become better, though the pain in my legs were still bad. But at least I managed to pass by a few runners on the last kilometre, that made my ego feel a bit better. A bit.

And when I was in the finisher area, I found it so cute, how the little kid there gave me the medal…all pain was forgotten all of a sudden – and then drink, drink drink and a bite of cake also never hurt because the speed I ran wa sthe best speed I ever did – 6:56min/km has been half a minute faster than usual. And my body reacted to it.

So the rest of the day I spent with recovery (stretching, with my massage roll and ball) to losen up my muscles again…and the knowledge that I still have loads to learn.

Mud Masters in Luhmühlen – 12km (16/09/2017)

I had bought a ticket off another girl who couldn´d go (and knew that in advance) due to an injury, so I got my 12km ticket for rather little money. Compared to current prices at least.

I thought that 12km and it being close to Hamburg (just around 45min relaxed drive from hamburg by car) was a ood combination to finish off my first little obstacle run reason – thing is, my week has been terribly busy and I have been pretty exhausted and tired all week, but once I arrived there, I felt hyped.

I was suprised about the comparably cheap parking lot price (5€) and the close distance from the parking lot to the actual entrance where you had to go and check in. That went, despite the long queue, pretty quick – only thing was: they scanned your ticket but still had to ask you for your distance? What is THAT? It´s been all booked onto the bar code, but well – something minor, no biggy.  Especially since everyone was reallly charming. Reall odd was: that band that you had to put around your ankle as a tracking for photos later on. No idea how that is supposed to work, but I will see later on if it worked.

Area was nicely explained with signs and the changing room was even a tent – all covered, nice wooden floor, plenty of space, positive surprise again – except for the too loud music. It felt like it blows your eyes out. Dropping off the bag later on was also nothing too difficult, and went rather quick. The usual wristlet system, nothing special.

What I enjoyed a lot was: normal bathrooms in addition to dixie toilets. I hate dixie toilets, so poper and normal ones were a blessing. So I was all prepared for the run I thought, having watched a bit of the other runners and having warmed up myself as the warm-up in the starting area again was hilarious and useless.

I felt good during the start, was motivated and thought that the team spirit was gonna be just the same as with Tough Mudder, but to already talk about it: no, it was not the case. Many of the obstacles where you needed help, you were all on your own, and thus had to either wait for help or take the pussy way out: run around it. I don´t want to generalize stuff – there have of course been helpful people, but compared to what I experienced before, it´s been rather a fail.

But now let´s get talking about the obstacles!

Jump Overs – hay blocks that you had to get over, pretty easy and during the course there were several kinds of hay obstacles, and I really started enjoying them because they were really easy for me – even though I later on saw grown up strong man struggle with getting up and over those…

Monkey bars – I tried it too quick, and instead of taking both hands onto every bar and grab it before swinging to the next one, I tried swinging from one to another. Well nope, it didn´t work. Hello first cold bath.

Up under – you somehow have to get up and under through some gates, nothing they had to set up, but it was a welcome obstacle on the course 😉

Chest Bumpers – I think those were also hay obstacles, just a tad higher but still – no problem at all, fun, and pretty much to get over without pain 😉

Tyre Horden – You have a gate with tyres. And if you don´t jump and throw yourself with enough force onto them, you simply roll back as the tyres then move under your weight. Also no biggy, but it was really fun 😀

Combi Walls – 3m wall , but with strong men no problem 😉 And with strong women, because I spent my time first with getting the girls over before at some point I ran out of power and needed help myself…

Marine Table –  I am really not sure why it is called that way, it is a wall that bends to your so you cannot just easly jump and climb. I got some help luckily and got over that obstacle pretty easily.

Net Climb – Oh I loved it, I like climbing nets, so I could have ha dmore than this obstacle…felt amazing, mooooooore of that please 😀

Geronimo – I think it was the swinging over a puddle of water and mud – the thing was – my grip would´ve worked if I would have started from a higher “hill”, because it was again really tiny…but nearly made it and was better than many others. My pole dancing really helped there!

Mud Zone – I love mud, I love running up and down muddy little hills and crawl through the mud – the thing is: my shoes are just made for this, I hardly slip whilst others struggle xD

Buddy Carry – felt pretty stupid, not having any buddies – so in the end I just kept running because I simply didn´t eant to wait and hope for someone else to come around who also had no buddy…

Flyer – 10m high. 10m long slide. Cold water at the end awaiting. Let´s put it this way, I was scared of this for the whole time, and it was traumatic.


Well, I am setting this break here because: I had a forced break. The Flyer killed me. I was scared of the height and those that follow this blog for a longer time know of my fear of water slides and slides of any kind due to my accident back then. And this fear has now been growing even more, because already when sliding down and flying towards water I noticed how my heart was racing.

When I hit the water, I literally felt my heart skip a beat and my lung cramping. It wasn´t even me who noticed first that something was not right when having finally my head over water again – the water security pulled me out and when I was standing outside, I noticed how dizzy I was and how everything was turning. So they took me to the ambulance and put me to an EKG and checked my blood sugar and blood pressure and well, since my heart was beating really fast and didn´t really calm down as much as it should, the brought me to their “main first aid station” back to where the start was…and all in all I spent like an hour there, and they were not totally sure if I should really try to finish the run – but with toight restrictions on which obstacles I was allowed to do and which not. I went back to the Flyer and started from new – surely not with the Flyer again, but afterwards. Giving in is no option for me, especiay not since I felt really good again.

But: thumbs up for the paramedics, great and nice guys, and you really didn´t feel sick. They tried to comfort with loads of humor, and that just did really do the trick for me!

Getting tyred – running through tires on the floor, not too tricky, unless someone else behind or in front of you made the tyres move and then you tripped…first little challenge after my forced break.

Sizzler – well, it´s been a “crawl under the net if you´re a pussy” or “take the sizzler lane and crawl under electricity”. To be fair, I took the pussy lane, simply because I couldn´t estimate how strong the sizzler was and after my health issues, I wasn´t keen on more problems…next time: sizzler lane!

Vertical monkey – Hated it with a passion, and didn´t climb up all the way because thw ooden breams were moving and I had the feeling it was too high and felt too instable to so the last bream…i don´t care what others thought, I come first.

Window Wall – When I ran towards this wall of wood with window holes in it, I frst thought “oh shit I am alone, do I go around” but it was so easy, a jump, one proper positioning of my foot on the wood and it was done. To be fair, I was really proud of myself even though it´s not been the biggest obstacle.

Horizon climber – I so looked forward to it – and then I was stood there and even had problems to grab the rope because I am so short. So first had to climb up which cost quite some energy and then got till the middle of the distance where I had, from out of nowhere, a massive cramp in my leg and had to let loose of the rope…I am still frustrated about it but really loved it nevertheless!

Buddy Carry again – uncreative, yes, I know, especially since I again didn´t have anyone to carry, nor someone to carry me…it felt like they had to fill the distance but no idea with what…

Marine Table – and another obstacle that we had AGAIN. And this time, noone was around. So yep, I would´ve tried it on my own if I had been fully fit, but nope, no chance this time. And that just pissed me off.

Natural Obstacle – made me feel like a horse, and was funny and nothing too challenging, so good for just calming down a bit and then get going again afterwards.

Cross over/under – cute and nothing special, easy, but I especially liked the “cross over” part, such things always are something for my taste!

Spinning monkey – I was pissed as I really wanted to give it a try, but I couldn´t even reach the spinning wheels – why did they not simply make the little hill for the start higher? Not everyone is 175cm or taller for fuck´s sake!

Anaconda trails – if I remember correctly, it was simply a water area you were able to run/walk through, not too deep, you didn´t have to swim – all ood and easy. Oh and it´s been one of those obstacles that usually are for horses 😉

Net jump – I really wanted to try, but I couldn´t get anywhere to grab the first part of the next to swing to the next one – why not hang it even higher so noone can grab it?

Power Tower – aka a smaller version of the Pyramid scheme from Tough Mudder. And as I had noone around anyways and needed to watch my health, I took the easy way out and simply just passed by. It somehow looked so semi-professional to me, too…

Load Carry – Carrying 20kg of sand sack on the shoulders was really easy, I thought it would be feeling heavier but I could have ran far longer carrying those!

Pipe Runner – I ditched it. Because I felt I didn´t have the power for it anymore and didn´t want to risk another injury. One time with the paramedics clearly has been enough for the day!

So much about the obstacles – after the finish, you got your shirt and a beer, and I happily declined the beer. Still not a fan of it, but at least it´d have been alcohol free (right Tough Mudder, you only had normal beer *cough*).

I grabbed my stuff and rushed to the showers that kinda drowned in mud already – no surprise, but at least more and better showers than at tough mudder. And also less cold somehow, or I was frozen already before so anything would´ve felt warm 😉

So, now it´s time for a CONCLUSION: The obstacles were nothing too exciting and rather less well made than at Tough Mudder (quite frankly, many felt like not so great copies of the Tough Mudder ones), there was less team spirit amongst everyone included BUT it was great suroundings wise- well organized, great parking, better showers /cloakroom/changing rooms and …alcohol free beer. So, what would I conclude? To be honest, I am not really sure. I might see things too negatove because of my accident, but I think next time I´d rather only do the small round (6km) where I´d need less help from others unless I am going with a team.

Oh and: I am so curious to see photos of myself…I hope there is gonna be cool shots (they´re also included in the price!)

Testing Lesson: Aerial Silk

The second lesson this day (as the Aerial Silk on was also on this Saturday) I already started with the worries about my left arm, trust issues, great thing. But I thought I would give it a try anyways, as I had to pay for it since it would´ve been too late to cancel. And at the start I was actually confident that it would be working good, but…I was totally wrong.

We started with yet another warm-up session that already brought me to my limits, as my muscles really struggled and started shaking already then. Was kinda hilarious to realize how much my body was done already.

Swinging back to get up and in position

The first move we did was probably the one that was easiest on me, because I had learned to overcome my fears when it comes to any kind of roll forward or backwards, but swinging upwards to then get into the position that you can see on the photo, was not as easy.

But what followed then was learning how to make a knot with the Silk and I really noticed that making a damned knot, no matter how simple it looked with my teacher, was quite a challenge for me. my feet aren´t made for that maybe, and coordinating feet and legs were just…I rather managed a knot in my legs instead of a knot in the fabrics. Somehow this didn´t work in like 90% of the times, and I was really frustrated and running out of energy.

Being exhausted and trying to do all of this was an ultimate challenge, and one I more and more gave up because I felt how my muscles started cramping and in the end I just quickly did that one move for the photo.

Conclusion? Easy. Even less my cup of tea than Aerial Hammock is. Too much sliding, too wobbly fabrics and everything…I cannot coordinate things like this hahaha

Testing Lesson: Aerial Hammock

Let´s face it right from the start – a heavy workout on Friday and then on Saturday right away testing lessons has been a challenge and maybe not the best idea. But giving in is not my style, so I gave full power right from the start.

And Aerial Hammock was the first one on the table and I was really curious because to be honest – I have never seen a class with the hammock, and before I started working out at this studio, a hammock was smething to lay down in and to relax somewhere. And not to do acrobatics in there.

The warmup was just slightly different to what I am used to from my Hoop classes, so that has not been much of a surprise but getting back into it was a challenge somehow, especially with the aching muscles the stretching and flexibility work was tough.

And then the lesson started with a few basics tipps and then the first move…I know the move itself from Hoop, but with the Hammock…nope, I always did it too slow, and then just got stuck and it hurt heavily on my legs…I somehow couldn´t coordinate the whole, hopeless case.

Some more moves, like the roll forward after having been hanging in the hammock was going rather well – but of course when I had to show it to my teacher it didn´t want to work…but once she didn´t watch anymore, it worked nicely again. But it felt really insecure, as I am used to the stability of the hoop to hold on to, but the fabrics just is wobbly and yeah…

One move worked really well, because I started loving it already when doing

it on the hoop…but you know what I noticed all along? That after my left arm injury, I somehow lack the trust in my muscles and am still afraid it might get screwed again…

But even if my arm would have been all great and everything, I noticed that Hammock clearly will not become my number one as I felt more comfy with the hoop already during the testing lesson and even more after the first course. But if I had to choose a second aerial course after Hoop, it would be Hammock.

Restaurant: Hoh & Hoh

Actually my boyfriend and I hadn´t planned to be going there that soon, but as our fave asian restaurant had closed down and thus the reservation had been cancelled, we had to look for something else.

And since I insisted on actually wanting something Asian for dinner, my boyfriend had a look and we chose this restaurant as it is rather close to his place. It surely had been awarded by Schlemmerblock and such, but I am not really into these kinds of awards, because they don´t mean a thing to me. It doesn´t mean that their taste is my taste, but I went there with an open mind and – I was not disappointed.

we were welcome with some plum liqueur and that one really was tasty. Like, seriously. And that comes from me, someone who rarely drinks alcohol anymore. It was a nice small treat for the start, and the service was charming and humorous all along during the evening.

The menue is one where some poeple would say “ooh typical Asian” but it really has its perks to say the least.

I ordered crispy duck with beef (right in image), and this was so amazingly tasting, also because the sauce that I was given added a nice extra flavor to it without really killing the taste of the meat itself and the veggies. Amazing. Oh and they serve rice alongside the dishes, so it´s not just the meat. My boyfriend had ordered the left one on the photo and it was some kind of chickne with a sweet-spicy sauce – and man this sauce, totally in love with this one! So those two dishes clearly receive not just one thumb up but even all that you can find!

A last liqueur when paying, some joking whilst paying – I really felt comfortable there, really welcome, a warm athmosphere and in the interior design of the restaurant was also really looking nice.

Conclusion? Clearly a “go there!” and probably our new choice in terms of Asian restaurants as our fave one closed down.

Fahrenort 125
22547 Hamburg


Restaurant: Soul Flavour

After my boyfriend and I had been swimming, we thought we could try out this restaurant because it was featured in a coupon book that often gives you reduced prices for dishes. I had never heard of the restaurant before, and somehow the outer view of the restaurant also was not too inviting – if I had been just passing by with no proper plan, I personally would have not entered.

But as we had planned this in advance, we went in and the staff was really friendly and sympathetic, I felt welcomed. Was a good start, though the interiour design was
odd. It was a wild mixture of colorful lamps with the restaurant´s logo, rather Spanish /Greek looking tables and dining table chairs…really not matching mixture of all different styles, that was kinda a disappointment as it hindered with having a certain atmosphere coming up.

The menu was presented with vinyl covers – it all looked rather used, and the menu was extremely short so there was not really too much to choose from, but it was easy

Pre-dish that we got – kind of thin bread with dried-tomato creme

to find something tasty sounding. And when it arrived, it also was tasty: Lamb tibs with injera as an addition. The amount of food was okay – the minimum that you could expect for the money I paid. To be fair, I hoped for it to be more, because I really wasn´t full afterwards, yet I had enjoyed the flavors of the not so common spices of this African dish. Also, and what I really liked, was how they brought it – on a little stove with a burning candle inside to have it warm…

You know, overall it clearly was okay and worth coming there, though I am not sure if I would really come back unless the menu grows and the portions also do…

Jarrestraße 60
22303 Hamburg


Photos: When everything fades to grey (31/12/2016)

I usually don´t really write much when posting a gallery here but this time it´s a bit different.

When I woke up on December 31st, a foggy, grey and wet weather had greeted me after opening the window blinds. But with all the fog, the dizziness and this somehow creepy touch to the whole, I decided to stroll around where I live and find some, well, not too well looking areas so I can turn them into something dark. And this is the outcome of this afternoon.


Report: Hamburg Metal Dayz

5 Jahre gibt es also die Hamburg Metal Dayz schon, und es fühlt sich irgendwie so an, als wäre es erst gestern gewesen, dass ich bei den ersten Metal Days für die Veranstaltung gearbeitet habe. In der Zwischenzeit ist das Event gut gewachsen, und immer mehr auch zu einem Networking-Event der Branche geworden. Der Spagat zwischen den professionellen Aspekten und einer tollen Show für die Fans ist hier also hervorragend gelungen.

Tag 1 – Die Markthalle füllte sich nur gemächlich, aber die hart gesottenen Fans hatten schon ihre Plätze in der ersten Reihe eingenommen und freuten sich dann, als NOTHGARD den Abend mit viel Power eröffneten.


It´s already 5 years now, that year after year the Hamburg Metal Dayz are taking place – and it feels just like yesterday that I worked in the organization of the first edition. In the meantime, the festival has grown a lot, and has more and more also turned into a networking event for professionals. The split between professional viewpoints and great shows for music fans has seemingly worked here rather well.

Day 1 – The Markthalle only filled very slowly, only the real fans already had claimed their places in the front row really early and got their first musical treat when NOTHGARD made a start into the evening with a load of power and joy.


Day X+30 – Music is therapy

 (pre-written on 24th September)

Now the second day of the Hamburg Metal Dayz is over and…I still don´t realy feel any better when it comes to my photography, because the light was only a tiny little bit better, and thus the fun was kinda limited. But at least I really tried to be more social, and it seemingly worked – at least I wasn´t all alone amongst the photographers anymore.

During the shows in the main hall they all used strobe lights, and when I look into those for a bit longer I tend to lose my sense of orientation and get slight migraine attacks. So there I was standing in the photopit, having to look right into those, hoping they at least might brighten up the stage for proper photos.

After each and every show or rather after each and every time in the photopit I just had to get out of the main hall to sit down and sit there (if I found anywhere to sit…) to have my eyes and head relax again. Not really pleasant to say the least, and that really started to be tiring and annoying after a while. Because I really wanted to watch the bands more than just for a few minutes at a time, going outside, then going inside again…but if I would´ve have just remained inside, I´d have not gotten through the day.

Still feels really funny to see all my former work colleagues form my internship back in the days again, but I still prefer to stay in distance most of the time. And sometimes I am even being a fan, shame on me. Nah, not really fan but for the sake of it I went to get myself a signed card from The New Black, and it felt hilariously wrong to be doing that xD But amusing at least 😀

I also ditched the main ban on this evening to watch the full set of The New Black – sometimes you are forced to put priorities, and I did this. I wanted to have fun and listen to music I enjoy a 100% and just rock out, and headbang and forget my press job for a bit. The camera was always on, but  was in “enjoying mode” 😉 And that was right what I needed (plus some uplifting words) – music is therapy and medicine for me, and so important right now. And it helped. Though I don´t know for how long this good effect will last…