Concert: Versengold – Wilhelmshaven (07.04.2018)

To be fair, I went to Wilhelmshaven not being even sure anymore if I wanted to attend the show. I was doubting that I was willing to put up with so many people, was doubting if I could really sink into the music. The past week(s) kind amade me want to dig up if I was not running, and so I decided I was going to Wilhelmshaven for the city and the sea and decide later on if I wanted to go.

Maybe my heart deep inside had decided right from the start that in the end I was going to attend the show anyways, my mind was fighting against that. And it still didn´t feel all right when queueing even though people were really nice and chatting was, too. But: people. And something felt wrong.

Doors open was totally relaxed which was relieving, after my experiences in Leipzig I am still having a slight trauma to be honest. And once in there – man, how small that was. No idea how they fit 800 poeple in there. It felt cozy, and frontrow was a nice thing where to stand again 😉 I noticed that with most bands I somehow always end up standing on the right side xD

Aaaanyways, the support act was the band AntiHeld from Southern Germany and well, support acts always have a tough time with me, and no difference for them. They were great to watch because they had so much fun on stage, but most songs were just not my taste. One song though really brought tears to my eyes – a song that their singer had written for the funeral of a good friend of his. And wow, this song…it made me swallow hard and really hit me deep inside. I was close to crying.

And then Versengold…what can I say, again a massively long show, with sweat and cramps in the legs from all the jumping around (and the walking beforehand), and … I am still probably the biggest fan of all instrumentals that this band has. Simply because it´s strings, strings and strings all in the focus. And i love the violin and nyckelharpa sound more than anything else (okay, not more than the cello sound but that´s another story).

Biggest surprise for me was that they made their “promise” true – they played “Tjark Evers” live again. And it´s been so suitable for this city at the sea, and again it´s been a goosebumps feeling for me. Torn in between all happiness and these emotions that the song brings up in me. A pity it´s been though that another beautiful ballad had to call its quits for it. Another song about the sea. Would´ve been cool to hear that one too, but you cannot have everything.

It was kinda hilarious how we were asked to use our phones during “Funkenflug” to have some lights up due to the lack of glow sticks…I refused. The phone stayed in my pocket, I wanna enjoy and a phone has no place there then. And I have a really strong opinion there xD

I enjoyed the show, I loved the interaction between band and crowd and it´s been a mix between just partying and noticing once again that not everything in my life is the way I´d like to have it. And that I gotta get up my ass and change that. Somehow.

I left the venue with a satisfied feeling, but all emotional again. It´s been like a lot has been stirred up again without really knowing what that was in detail. But sometimes you also need stuff like this!


Photos: Nothgard / Russkaja / Onslaught

NOTHGARD (Hamburg Metal Dayz)


RUSSKAJA (Hamburg Metal Dayz)


ONSLAUGHT (Trash Mercenaries Tour)


Report: Hamburg Metal Dayz

5 Jahre gibt es also die Hamburg Metal Dayz schon, und es fühlt sich irgendwie so an, als wäre es erst gestern gewesen, dass ich bei den ersten Metal Days für die Veranstaltung gearbeitet habe. In der Zwischenzeit ist das Event gut gewachsen, und immer mehr auch zu einem Networking-Event der Branche geworden. Der Spagat zwischen den professionellen Aspekten und einer tollen Show für die Fans ist hier also hervorragend gelungen.

Tag 1 – Die Markthalle füllte sich nur gemächlich, aber die hart gesottenen Fans hatten schon ihre Plätze in der ersten Reihe eingenommen und freuten sich dann, als NOTHGARD den Abend mit viel Power eröffneten.


It´s already 5 years now, that year after year the Hamburg Metal Dayz are taking place – and it feels just like yesterday that I worked in the organization of the first edition. In the meantime, the festival has grown a lot, and has more and more also turned into a networking event for professionals. The split between professional viewpoints and great shows for music fans has seemingly worked here rather well.

Day 1 – The Markthalle only filled very slowly, only the real fans already had claimed their places in the front row really early and got their first musical treat when NOTHGARD made a start into the evening with a load of power and joy.


Day X+30 – Music is therapy

 (pre-written on 24th September)

Now the second day of the Hamburg Metal Dayz is over and…I still don´t realy feel any better when it comes to my photography, because the light was only a tiny little bit better, and thus the fun was kinda limited. But at least I really tried to be more social, and it seemingly worked – at least I wasn´t all alone amongst the photographers anymore.

During the shows in the main hall they all used strobe lights, and when I look into those for a bit longer I tend to lose my sense of orientation and get slight migraine attacks. So there I was standing in the photopit, having to look right into those, hoping they at least might brighten up the stage for proper photos.

After each and every show or rather after each and every time in the photopit I just had to get out of the main hall to sit down and sit there (if I found anywhere to sit…) to have my eyes and head relax again. Not really pleasant to say the least, and that really started to be tiring and annoying after a while. Because I really wanted to watch the bands more than just for a few minutes at a time, going outside, then going inside again…but if I would´ve have just remained inside, I´d have not gotten through the day.

Still feels really funny to see all my former work colleagues form my internship back in the days again, but I still prefer to stay in distance most of the time. And sometimes I am even being a fan, shame on me. Nah, not really fan but for the sake of it I went to get myself a signed card from The New Black, and it felt hilariously wrong to be doing that xD But amusing at least 😀

I also ditched the main ban on this evening to watch the full set of The New Black – sometimes you are forced to put priorities, and I did this. I wanted to have fun and listen to music I enjoy a 100% and just rock out, and headbang and forget my press job for a bit. The camera was always on, but  was in “enjoying mode” 😉 And that was right what I needed (plus some uplifting words) – music is therapy and medicine for me, and so important right now. And it helped. Though I don´t know for how long this good effect will last…

Concert / Konzert: Atreyu (08/2015)

Es sind ein paar Jährchen vergangen, seit ich ATREYU das erste Mal live auf der Bühne gesehen hatte, und als ich dann sah, dass sie wieder nach Deutschland kommen, musste ich einfach dabei sein.
Als ich im Gruenspan ankam war ich überrascht, dass es wirklich nicht voll war – scheinbar sind Auftritte an einem Dienstag nicht gerade einladend. Natürlich wurde es im Verlauf des Abends voller, aber ich kenne es von Atreyu, dass sie die Hallen wirklich füllen, daher war ich etwas verwirrt. Ich war nicht nur verwirrt, sondern machte mir auch Gedanken darüber, wieso es wohl so sei – aber diese Sorgen waren von Anfang an wie weggeblasen.



It´s been quite a few years since I had seen ATREYU live on stage for the first time, and once I figured they were coming back, I immediately knew that I just had to be there.
Arriving at Gruenspan, I was quite surprised that it was not packed at all, it seemed like shows on a Tuesday are never a thing to do for band. In course of the evening it filled up, but I´ve been used to Atreyu filling up far bigger venues to the very last place, so I was confused. To be fair, it made me worry a bit, but all worries were blown away right from the start on.


Do you remember me? the kid I used to be?

The amazing girls I met at the show

Do you remember me?
The kid I used to be?
Not the same as I used to be!
Oh, do you remember me?
[Apocalyptica – “I´m not Jesus”]

This song quote kind of shows what connects the band and me – they´ve seen me grow up over the past 10 years. And it´s a songline that makes me grin because of this, and I know I am not alone with this.

Where FlixBus dropped me off

The Bielefeld show (October 3rd) – man, what a stressful trip. I had gotten up early to catch my Flixbus bus from main station in the late morning, but well…that never happened, because the bus engine blew up even before it reached Hamburg, so everyone had to be rebooked onto a later bus, but fun fact: that later bus what not even that full, i just ended up having a delay of nearly 2 hours when arriving at the venue. But let´s talk about that later. So yeah, the bus trip was pretty relaxed, I mostly slept and was daydreaming to gain some power and strength before arriving somewhere in the fucking middle of nowhere – still Bielefeld, but far off the center. So I still had to take a train to the center, and then walked to the venue – at least the sun was shining. That was making it all really bearable, though the 2km walk was somehow annoying, even though I had stored much of stuff in a locker at the main station to have food and drinks later on.

One of the old trains in front of the venue

When arriving at Ringlokschuppen, I was positively surprised – a nice building, and also nice and old trains close to it. One old train was being moved there and it was pretty interesting to actually watch the whole specatcle, so time was passing by rather fast until a girl I had met on the internet showed up. Also before I teamed up with some fans that already were there, and one of those guys that came really early still had no ticket – and I had a spare one, so I gave it away for free. You might wonder why I give away 30 Euros just like this – I am grateful and really lucky to be able to work as press and even if not, I would have the chance on guestlist places. And because this is something not everyone has, I wanna do something good in such cases. And I think it´s nothing bad, right? I know we live in a selfish way, where such things hardly happen, and it´s why it was the right thing to do – and look into this totally amazed, stunned, speechles and extremely happy face of this person who couldn´t believe it and couldn´t stop thanking me.

Then on last second I actually went to do the interview with the support band, Tracer, in the backstage. Was a fun time, and I still need to type it all down for it being published. Afterwards I went to pick up my press pass, as I was working as a photographer and was really excited about it even though my neck and shoulders were giving a hell of a time because they were stiff and giving me pain.

Me & Franky Perez

The light were somehow not really making me happy, and I felt unsure if my photos were any good – to be honest, I think that those photos I took that are the best ones, are the ones of Apocalyptica singer Franky Perez – but I also really enjoy photographing him because he is so full of gestures and singing with soul and body…it is amazing to look at! Generally the guys are amazing to look at and the show is just mindblowing, but I am just struggling with handling the lights and many of the venues lack proper lights from the front – unless you wanna take shadow shots, which can also be pretty fancy, of course. But yeah, the show was really good once more, even though Franky´s voice sounded a bit weaker than the day before in Hamburg, and that made me a bit worried. But when waiting together with the girls I had met when waiting before the show, Franky came and ensured me he was doing good. I really hope it was true, and that he doesn´t get sick like me – as I

Old tower close to the venue

already knew when standing outside in the cold, that something was aproaching.

Waiting was worth it, it was a nice time again and afterwards I hopped onto a cab with the girl I had met via the inetrnet, as she offered me a warm and dry place to stay at until my train was leaving at 6am in the morning. She had a hotel room close to the train station and there we went, chatting, laughing, shariny stories…it was a sweet time, and time really passed by quickly. Then I hopped onto the train to Hannover, and there I had a 40min delay of my train to Hamburg – it was terrible, even though I had grabbed some breakfast. I was feeling totally exhausted, dead tired, was shaking and dizziness was taking over. In the end I had been up and running without sleep for around 30 hours I think, and then when home, I just dropped into bed and slep until the afternoon. When waking up I already felt a tad sick, hoping it would not get any worse…

Shadowmakers? No more!

Photo taken by my friend

You choke out the light like a cloud hanging over me
You’re dragging me down with your suicidal symphony
Shadow maker
[Apocalyptica – “Shadowmaker”]

I am starting off with this quote from the song, as it´s become a really important song to me during my time in the US, smply because I found a deep connection to this song, and to every word in it. And for many more reasons, the word “shadowmaker” has been a term that I used a lot during the past half a year. Don´t get it wrong, for me it is no depressing song, it is a song of motivation for me in some strange way.

Anyways, Apocalyptica ame to Hamburg on October 3rd, and of course I had to be there. But first I met up with a good friend of mine, who I met through the band like 7 years ago. We had a lovely time at Vapiano (restaurant) and then went to some signing session of the band at Saturn. I was surprised how few people actually showed up, and also surprised that singer Franky was not there, but no can do. The signing session had been advertised to be also coming with some little acoustic session, but that didn´t happen – I don´t know why, but it was not much of a disappointment for me anways.

It was sweet to see the guys again, and I can say that realizing that people are happy to see me still makes me all fuzzy and warm inside. Especially with these guys. It partially felt like…coming home in some sense. I was immediately calm, and it just felt good to be chatting a little, handing over some good news and looking in a relieved face of someone who´s not only someone who gave me inspiration for the past ten years, but also so much hope, strength and who believed in me and kept on telling me that every fucking time (no, I am not getting emotional here whilst typing this…where´s some tissues?). But – no more details for you ^^ If you´re eligible for details, you will get them anyways…

Then after the session, we headed to the venue that was not yet that packed, so we got a nice spot on the right side (yes, it is “my” side for so many years already) on some higher part so even little me had an amazing view on the stage – and the people on stage on me, as I figured pretty fast. It is not surprising me anymore that some of the guys search for me in the crowd, but somehow this time it felt…different. There´s been a lot of little gestures towards me, and that made me terribly emotional. I knew I was gonna be emotional but did not expect it to be that much.

Especially with some of the songs they played – I mean, I was happy to not hear “Nothing else matters” because I had to handle painful memories connected to this song for the past around 27 out of 28 shows I´ve seen of them. And it didn´t come. It wasn´t played. Instead (for me it is a “instead”) they played “Hope Vol2” – which did not kill me as much as the other song would, but also really cracked me – especially because I really did not expect that song to be played. And during the first tunes I was like “okay, really?”. Aaaaand there came the tears. Like so often during that show. I felt like I was a permanently halfway sobbing mess. But a happy emotional mess. It felt really good to see all this power on stage again, and I just love Franky´s vocals – I never guessed I´d be saying this, but this man really kills it and is THE perfect match for Apocalyptica. I really hope that he´ll be staying much longer with the band.

After the show, I ran into one of the guys and had a quick chat before my friend and I nearly went home because of massive stomach pains I had – those faded, and so we went for a drink in one of the bars close to the venue. It was the perfect way how to end this evening, before I started my way home. Still had to pack some last things for my trip on Saturday, shower, bed – and it was already 2am then…