Day X+30 – Music is therapy

 (pre-written on 24th September)

Now the second day of the Hamburg Metal Dayz is over and…I still don´t realy feel any better when it comes to my photography, because the light was only a tiny little bit better, and thus the fun was kinda limited. But at least I really tried to be more social, and it seemingly worked – at least I wasn´t all alone amongst the photographers anymore.

During the shows in the main hall they all used strobe lights, and when I look into those for a bit longer I tend to lose my sense of orientation and get slight migraine attacks. So there I was standing in the photopit, having to look right into those, hoping they at least might brighten up the stage for proper photos.

After each and every show or rather after each and every time in the photopit I just had to get out of the main hall to sit down and sit there (if I found anywhere to sit…) to have my eyes and head relax again. Not really pleasant to say the least, and that really started to be tiring and annoying after a while. Because I really wanted to watch the bands more than just for a few minutes at a time, going outside, then going inside again…but if I would´ve have just remained inside, I´d have not gotten through the day.

Still feels really funny to see all my former work colleagues form my internship back in the days again, but I still prefer to stay in distance most of the time. And sometimes I am even being a fan, shame on me. Nah, not really fan but for the sake of it I went to get myself a signed card from The New Black, and it felt hilariously wrong to be doing that xD But amusing at least 😀

I also ditched the main ban on this evening to watch the full set of The New Black – sometimes you are forced to put priorities, and I did this. I wanted to have fun and listen to music I enjoy a 100% and just rock out, and headbang and forget my press job for a bit. The camera was always on, but  was in “enjoying mode” 😉 And that was right what I needed (plus some uplifting words) – music is therapy and medicine for me, and so important right now. And it helped. Though I don´t know for how long this good effect will last…


Songs of the year (2015) – Day 22-25 // Lieder des Jahres (2015) – Tag 22-25

22= “Plastic World” – Entwine

The long awaited new album by Entwine…. And this has been the first single off this mentioned album and probably the song that sounds the most like the old stuff that I so loved from the band. It is catchy and sticks to the mind….and oh how true the lyrics are!
Das sehnsüchtig erwartete neue Album von Entwine…und das war die erste Single vom Album, und wohl das Lied, das am meisten an den alten Stil erinnert, und das war etwas, was ich geliebt habe. Es brennt sich im Gedächtnis ein und…wie wahr die Lyrics doch sind!

23= “Wrong side of heaven”- Five Finger Death Punch

I have seen this band for the first time live when they supported Judas Priest in Hamburg and what can I say…it clearly was a pleasure and when I was digging through their biography, I ended up with thins song on my playlist and it grew dear to me for no particular reason, I simply like the overall sound of it.
Ich habe die Band das erste Mal gesehen, als sie Judas Priest in Hamburg als Supportband unterstützt haben und was kann ich sagen…es hat definitiv Spaß gemacht und als ich mich durch ihre Diskographie gewühlt habe, habe ich dieses Lied gefunden und es ist mir einfach ans Herz gewachsen, ich mag das “Gesamtpaket” des Liedes einfach.

24= “Prisoner of your Eyes” – Judas Priest

Maybe one of the most cheesy songs that the band has ever written, but at the same time it also is one of the most beautiful and for me romantic songs ever – and as this year has been full of quite some cheesiness, this song simply had to be in this list!
Vielleicht einer der kitschigsten Songs, die die Band je geschrieben hat, aber zugleich einer der schönsten und romantischsten Songs für mich – und dieses Jahr war durchaus voll von Kitsch, daher musste dieses Lied einfach in diese Liste!

25= “Lock me Up” – The Cab

Another song that really pushes me during sports and keeps me going on the spinning bike – a powerful beat, a driving melody and strong vocals. I don’t even care about the lyrics in this one, and to be fair – I haven’t actively listened to those yet. Maybe I should do this some time…
Ein weiteres Lied das mich durch mein Training zieht und mich auf dem Spinning-Rad motiviert, undzwar zum Weitermachen – kraftvoller Beat, mitreißende Melodie und starker Gesang. Mir ist es dieses Mal sogar total egal was die Lyrics so aussagen, und um ehrlich zu sein habe ich mir diese noch nicht einmal aktiv angehört – sollte ich vielleicht mal machen…


Songs of the year – Day 14-17 // Lieder des Jahres – Tag 14-17

14= “Set me on fire” – Flyleaf

Yes, correct, another female singer in the rock music business. And yes I really dig her voice, at least in this song and on the whole album where this song is on! Actually the whole album should be on here but….only  one song per band, that’s the plan for me. And this one was the first off the album that really started enjoying much.
Ja, korrekt, es ist ein weiterer weiblicher Sänger in der Rockmusik. Und ja, ich mag ihre Stimme wirklich, zumindest in diesem Lied und auf dem Album, wovon dieser Song stammt. Eigentlich sollte das ganze Album hier sein aber…nur ein Lied per Band, das ist der Plan. Und das war der erste Song des Albums, der wirklich hängen geblieben ist.

15 = “Auf in den Wind” – Versengold

Actually it is not a song of only this year, simply because least year at MPS I heard this song live and from then on, a part of my heart was stolen by the band. Especially this song has helped me through quite some unpleasant times,so it clearly does stay in my life – also those year.
Eigentlich ist es nicht nur ein Lied dieses Jahres, ganz einfach weil ich es letztes Jahr auf dem MPS gehört habe und von da an schlägt mein Herz für dieses Lied. Dieses Lied hat mich durch einige unschöne Zeiten geholfen, daher bleibt das Lied in meinem Leben – auch dieses Jahr.

16 = “Chemical ride” – 3 Years Hollow

Spotify radio…and then there was this song and I kept playing it over and over and over again. Yet another song that’s just perfect for my workouts because if you think you cannot do it anymore, it makes you push your limits and keep going. Which clearly is important for me, looking at the fact that I need to do quite lot of sports.
Spotify Radio…und dann war da dieser Song und ich habe ihn immer und immer wieder gespielt. Einmal mehr ein Lied, das einfach perfekt zum Sport machen ist, weil wenn man denkt, dass man nicht mehr kann, dann gibt es einem die Kraft seine Limits zu verschieben. Und das ist wichtig für mich, da dann weiter zu machen, auch einfach weil ich viel Sport machen muss.

17= “Ultraleicht” – Andreas Bourani

Usually I am not a fan of German songs, nor of Bourani. but this song simply…it reflects how my life changed after I met a certain person. And when I heard it on the radio, it immediately caught me, sitting there with a smile…
Normalerweise bin ich kein Fan von deutschen Liedern, und auch nicht von Bourani. Aber dieses Lied …es zeigt einfach wie sich mein Leben verändert hat, nachdem ich eine gewisse Person kennengelernt habe. Und als ich es im Radio gehört habe, war ich gefangen; ich saß mit einem Lächeln da.

Songs of the year – Day 6-9 // Lieder des Jahres – Tag 6-9

6 = “Absolution calling” – Incubus

I still remember how some of my colleagues and I were really waiting for the track to be released as one of the new Incubus songs back then – we were literally sitting in front of the office computers and keeping an eye on certain webpages, counting down the hours. And yes, it was worth it, even though it needed a few spins for me until I really started loving it.
Ich kann mich noch daran erinnern, wie einige meiner Kollegen und ich so sehr darauf gewartet haben, dass der damals neue Song endlich veröffentlicht wird – wir saßen wirklich im Büro vor unseren Computern und haben ein Auge auf der Homepage gehabt, und haben die Stunden herunter gezählt. Und ja, das Warten war es wert, auch wenn ich ein paar Mal anhören gebraucht hat, bis ich es wirklich geliebt habe.

7 = “One Solemn Hour” – Within Temptation

Within Temptation are a band that – for me – are live either outstanding or really bad. The last show of them which I saw this year was turning from bad to really amazing, and this song somehow is one of those that I keep listening to. Over and over again, sometimes in a loop for an hour or more…
Within Temptation sind eine Band, die  -für mich-, live entweder schlecht oder aber hervorragend sind. Die letzte Show, die ich von ihnen gesehen habe, in diesem Jahr wurde von schlecht zu wirklich fesselnd, und dieser Song ist einer, den ich immer und immer wieder anhören kann, manchmal sogar auch in Dauerschleife von einer Stunde oder mehr.

8 = “Bad” – David Guetta

To be honest – I have no idea where I heard the song and why it is so stuck on my mind, and even less I know why I like it so much. Probably because it´s been one of those tracks that I was excessively listening to when being at the gym and doing my workout (like biking and cross training) to shut down my thoughts and get in shape.
Um ehrlich zu sein – ich habe keine Ahnung wo ist das Lied gehört habe und wieso es so im Kopf gelieben ist, und noch weniger weiß ich wieso ich es so gut finde. Vielleicht weil es einer der Songs gewesen ist, die ich viel während des Sports gehört habe (Radfahren und Cross Training) um meinen Kopf auszuschalten und in Form zu kommen…

9 = “Free bird fly” – Omnia

Omnia once were a band with amazing lyrics, before they turned overly political and freak-like. This is, nevertheless, one of the songs that I really enjoy, mainly because of the lyrics – even though you might think you cannot do things, just do it, because without trying you will never know. Also it states, for me, that you are stronger than you might think, and therefore the song matches my life quite a bit.
Omnia waren einmal eine tolle Band mir wirklich guten Lyrics, aber das war bevor sie übermäßig politisch wurden und…ausgeflippt sind. Dieser Song hier ist aber eine der Lieder, die ich wirklich gut finde, hauptsächlich wegen der Lyrics – auch wenn man denken mag, dass man etwas nicht machen kann, sollte man es trotzdem tun- denn nur wenn man es probiert, weiß man ob es geht oder nicht. Auch sagen die Lyrics aus, das man stärker ist als man slebst denkt, und daher passt das Lied recht gut zu meinem Leben.

A trip down memory lane and a “hole in my ass”

Backdrop // Borrowed with permission

It still fascinates me that I am all back into Apocalyptica and am travelling around for them – so yeah, another day, another show and another trip for me it was.

Apocalyptica were playing in Cologne on 21st of October and having grown up there, it was a natural thing to go there – for the show but also for seeing my family again.

(First off – check the setlist and you will know why I chose that title for the blog entry…)

Borrowed with permission

So it was Hamburg, 8am, when I hopped onto the train to Hannover where I had to do quite some running to get my connection train – at least that one had also been delayed so I was still arriving in Cologne on time.

My dad picked me up and at my former home I still had some time to plan my days and have a quick bite before I rushed to the venue (my dad drove me, again – so luckily no public transport for me). And surprise – opposite to what I expected, I´ve been just the second fan that had been showing up in front of the empty venue. I felt pretty stupid to be fair, because I dislike standing there like an idiot or/and a groupie or whatsoever. I am not, I am not even someone anymore I´d call a “hardcore fan” anymore. I am someone who appreciates their music and has a connection to them, and that´s why I am doing all this madness (yep, it is madness in other people´s eyes, and that´s totally fine for me as not everyone needs to understand all of my actions).

And this time it was pretty good to be there early – singer Franky had been doing

Borrowed with permission

sightseeing all day and nearly walked past the venue without realizing it´s the venue. It is soemthing I truly appreciate – someone who takes time to really go and see things. If you wanna see the stuff he photographs on those trips – go and check out his Instagram page! he´s got an eye for amazing stuff, details and angles and moods. I love the photos!

Anyways, it was cool meeting him pre-show, and before the fans slowly started coming to the venue. Still surprised how long it actually took until it got more crowded, I am used to the old days when everyone was eagerly queuing for hours (which I always disliked). I also met a long-time friend finally again – and it was kinda cool to be attending a show of this band together again, after we had met back then thanks to a show of Apocalyptica. And it was frontrow, and right where I wanted to be once more to have fun, to laugh, smile, and this time to not shed a tear.

I was surprised how things in my life changed and how I seemingly feel so much better

Borrowed with permission

now, because songs that usually broke me and made me cry did not make me cry but made me just enjoy and sing along. One of those examples is “Hope Vol. 2” – a song that brings back sad memories, and killed me in Hamburg and Bielefeld. This time I felt like it was different – I felt like it was comforting me, like this song was “licking the wounds from the past” instead of ripping them open again. And this is something I never thought to happen and also not that fast. Maybe it is because Franky sings it and has made it his very own song, and that his voice just comforts me. I don´t know, sometimes things do not need words – cannot be put in words. it just is the way it is, and it´s fine that way, too. I cannot believe how much I´ve fallen in love with Franky´s voice and him being in Apocalyptica and at the same time I so fear he will be around just for this “album cycle” – and that´s probably the biggest compliment I could ever give a singer that is with Apocalyptica.

I really enjoyed the show once again, yet I still don´t like all the stuff that is projected on the backdrop – my brain explodes, too much going on, and I cannot really enjoy that. Sure, closing eyes is a good way how to escape from all this, and it´s what I´ve been doing, but in the end I wanna watch the show and not just listen to it.

At the end of the show, Paavo handed me his setlist – I haven´t had one for ages, it´s been years. And at the evry same time as stating that, I also gotta state that there´s been probably fans out there that would´ve loved to ahve it even more than me. I am realistic, material things will never be able to come close to the experiences, and all this, that a show and everything gives me.

After show I waited for the band with my mum (she and my stepdad had also been at the show) and my friends – but in the end and thanks to an asshole security we were chased off the venue grounds and couldn´t get anywhere near the exit and the bus so we just left. This security was probably the most frustrated human being on earth, looking at how desperately he was using his “power”. nearly a reason to feel sorry for this guy – but just nearly.

CD: Lower Than Atlantis – Lower Than Atlantis

Die Jungs hängen sich seit 2007 richtig rein – eine Demo, eine EP und jetzt schon vier Alben, das ist, was sie auf der Scheibe anbieten können. Bisher hat es aber dennoch nur für frühe Timeslots auf Festivals gereicht – was wohl daran liegt, dass ihre Musik hier noch nicht den Stellenwert hat, den sie eventuell in anderen Ländern genießt.

Mit „Here we go“ hat die Band wohl den richtigen Song als Opener für ihr Album gewählt – rockig, aber immer noch mit angenehmer Melodie und klarem Gesang, der gut zum Rest des Songs passt. Der Song mag vielleicht nicht herausstechen, aber es leitet einen gut in das restliche Album hinein.

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The guys have been working hard since 2007 – a demo, an EP and now already four albums, that´s what they already have on the market. So far it they only got early timeslots to play at festivals – which might be caused by the fact that this kind of music is not as popular here in Germany as it might be elsewhere.

They start off with „Here we go“ – and it´s been a good pick for the band to choose this track as the album opener – it rocks, yet still has a clear melody and nice vocals that nicely fit to the rest of the song. The track might now be standing out, but it is a nice lead into the album.

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