Pole Dancing – Technique 1 & what´s to come

Oh man, this course was…yes it was helpful the few times that I actually attended, this right at the start needs to be told.

It´s been a timetable full of frustration for me, but frustration thatw as not even related to pole dancing itself – rather to public transport, injuries and sickness that prevented me from actually attending the course that I think I really needed in order to clear the mind from all possible pressure to give a great performance. Because this is what destroyed the course before for me, this inner need to be just performing great, as usual. The fun had vanished and was replaced by pressure that then just killed my strength.

But exactly this strength actually returned during my technique lessons, bits by bits, baby steps, and one at a time. Hardly noticable at the start, but for me visible quite a lot at the end – the strength in my arms and shoulders was back, and the fun was aswell – I was all smiley during the lessons and after, and already this was quite a success for me.

But as mentioned, injuries and sickness kinda made me ditch half of the lessons, and this is the downside of it , I took a lot of replacement lessons in other courses because nothing else was fitting time-wise.

And then there was the new timetable, with Rock the Pole 2 – exactly what I had hoped for, what I had voted for. I was all happy, until the point where they posted the song we´d be dancing to – ACDC “Highway to Hell”. The most overrated and over-played song of all times for me, a song that gets me annoyed within the first minute of playtime. So I had to ditch this course, simply because I was sick and tired of dancing to songs that I did not like at all.

What I am doing instead? An 8 weeks course in flexibility, because this clearly is one of my major weaknesses, looking at the fact I am stiff like a …I don´t even know what would be the best comparison there ^^


It´s all green / Alles ist grün

Green is the color of hope…or so they say – and it´s one of my favorite colors. Anyways, the main reason actually is that lately I really enjoy cooking again, even though I can only live this during the weekends, as under the week I am all worn out when coming home, so meals like the one pot pasta is more something that I can motivate myself to cook.

But anyways, so far so good. Or something. Let´s have a look what lately happened.


Since June 1st I am no longer a trainee for product management – I switched over to project management and was shown a lot of trust and made already a junior project manager. But things that stay the same – same company same project. “Just” a different position and a lot to learn, learn and learn even more. And I think my talents really are more in this area, so this change is a good step ahead.

Pole Dance

Yes, I am still going there, and it gets better again, luckily. My blockade seems to be mostly gone, and I started to regain the fun of pole dancing. I had hoped that during the next time table the Rock the Pole course would be what I will be doing – because I thought it´s gonna be finally good music. But the choice of music then made me re-book and rather take a flexibility course.


It is going downhill – with my weight. I reached the -15kg, and I am on a good way even though there is tons of ups and downs and especially during stressful times I am really eating too much lately again. it is annoying to be partially back into old habits, but I think with my vacation approaching, I can get rid off the stress and also the annoying habits again.- Plus I will be moving my ass quite a bit,, best case would be moving a lot, eating a lot and yet losing weight during the two weeks of vacation starting at the end of the month.

Grün ist die Farbe der Hoffnung, sagen sie zumindest – und eine meiner Lieblingsfarben. Na ja, der Hauptgrund für das Foto ist eigentlich, dass es mir in letzter Zeit endlich weider Spaß macht zu kochen, auch wenn ich das nur am Wochenende wirklich ausleben kann, weil ich unter der Woche einfach viel zu erschöpft bin um mich noch lange an den Herd zu stellen – da gibt es dann eher Sachen wie OnePotPasta, für alles andere fehlt die Motivation.

So, aber jetzt zu dem, was so passiert ist…mal sehen…



Seit 1. Juni bin ich offiziell kein Trainee für Produktmanagement mehr – ich habe zum Projektmanagement übergewechselt und man hat mir viel Vertrauen entgegen gebracht und mich schon zum Junior Projektmanager gemacht. Ansonsten – gleiche Firma, gleiches Projekt. “Nur” ein anderer Job und sehr viel, was ich lernen muss, und noch mehr und noch mehr…Und ich denke wirklich, dass mir das jetzt mehr liegt, daher war es ein richtiger Schritt…

Pole Dance

Ja, ich gehe noch zum Kurs hin, und es wird langsam wieder besser – zum Glück. Meine Blockade scheint sich mehr und mehr aufzulösen und ich habe wieder den ersten Funken Spaß am Pole Dance zurückgewonnen. Ich hatte gehofft, dass im nächsten Kurszeitraum Rock the Pole für mich anstehen würde – weil ich dachte, dass es mit toller Musik sein würde. Aber da lag ich leider falsch und ich habe umgebucht und mache stattdessen einen Kurs für Flexibilität.



Es geht bergab – also mit meinem Gewicht. Ich habe die -15kg geknackt, und ich bin auf einem guten Weg, auch wenn es sehr viele Höhen und Tiefen gab in der letzten Zeit und besonders wenn es stressig wird, falle ich in alte Verhaltensmuster zurück und esse teilweise einfach zu viel und das ist echt nervig, aber mit dem baldigen Urlaub wird das wieder besser sein. Da kann ich dann nicht nur den Stress wieder loswerden, sondern auch meine dämlichen schlechten Angewohnheiten. Davon abgesehen werde ich mich im Urlaub sehr viel bewegen, viel essen und hoffentlich auch etwas abnehmen in den zwei Wochen Urlaub, die am Ende des Monats beginnen werden.


Pole Condition Circuit (12.05.2016)

After having not felt too well when it comes to my neck, I was really wanting to cancel this lesson but seeing that not even half of the places were filled, I dragged myself to the studio, worrying my neck could totally screw up.

I was still feeling pain before the lesson, but more and more during the exercises it got better and better and afterwards my neck felt more relaxed and less stiff than before – which really surprised me.

The warm-up

I am used to a killer warm up for my pole dancing lessons, so this warm up was kinda based on what we usually do in those, but far less exhausting and I was not sweated, I partially still didn´t feel warm, but maybe that was the case because I was not wearing socks – only had my pole dancing socks with me and those really would have not been of any help.

The Circuit

We did 1 round, every of the 11 exercises lasted 1.5 minutes, and the exercises were focussing on legs, arms and core strength. Usually nothing that would set me in problem mode, but I was surprised what exercises we did and how much of a bitch they could be. And how long 1.5 minutes could ever be, when needing to keep going and going and then you hear “only 30 seconds left!” – ONLY? For some of the exercises it felt like a lifetime, others were rather relaxing because I do those every week at home anyways.

The things for legs were pretty easy on me, though afterwards my legs told me something different – usually my legs are strong, but since I started pole dancing, my legs are the least trained body part. Trying to make up for it now in summer by biking a lot and as much as possible.

What I really need to get back to again more is working on my abs and partially core strength. My abs were not worked on lately much, and i really felt it. I felt like an idi0t, knowing how well it once went and how easy sit ups and anything related was for me. Core strength and such has improved though, yet there of course is potential to improve it, especially in connection with my upper back which still feels rather stff – though the teacher was surprised how flexible I am there. I still feel like having a stick as a spine in that area, so frustrating. Especially with the sore muscles and pain in the back after such exercises.

Stretching stuff was easy on me, leg splits and anything related is something I also do quite a bit at home, so that exercise was easy, the arm exercises were ok-ish aswell, and it felt good to only have one exercise being something actually on the pole. Clearing the mind was good, really needed since I am still on “my way to recovery” when it comes to getting back to strength on the pole itself.


A ll in all it was an hour of good and solid workout, with learning exercises that I can also partially do at home to keep strengthening the body parts I need most for my pole dancing time.

Pole Dancing – Play Time

What shall I say – I had booked myself into this play time this week and two more next week, and I really wanted to get the choreography going and make it work for the performance night next week on Saturday.

And then it kinda came different, or well, I had to make a decision that broke my heart but probably is the only way to go for me:

I will not be part of the performance night.

You might wonder why – during the past weeks I struggled a lot, with the power in my arms and hands but also to remember the choreography and the quick moves and everything. The latter would not be of any problem if I had the motivation to practice over and over again.

During this practice time nothing really worked, and I was slipping down the pole with my hands, no matter what I took to get some more grip. My hands and arms have become more and more weak and unstable and somehow I couldn´t get it right and could not focus and…I don´t know why this is all happening, but as it is happening and my body seemingly does not work as he should, it is the best for my body and mind to rest instead of pushing myself over my limits and probably making things worse.

I am frustrated and upset that I worked for 8 weeks and am now unable to really show anyone this choreography, show what I have worked for. And even though the motto of the performance night is to show what you´re working on and not what you can do perfectly well, I am a perfectionist and if I cannot at least give a 100%, I will not do it. Being like this comes with a lot of downsides, but at least it keeps me from being someone to laugh about because I´d give up after the first half of the choreography or whatsoever.

I can only wait until the next time table (as I am struck down sick this weekend, no Pole Lesson no. 7 for me either, just next week again) and hope my mind and body can regain strength and I can go back to how well I had been before. Let´s see what happens – I only hope I will be less frustrated during the technique time table, without the pressure of a certain date where a choreography needs to be working well.

Pole Dancing – Catch up Lesson

So, on Monday I finally had my catch up lesson, and decided to take a technique lesson – meaning it is all about repetitions and a smooth and good way to execute the spins and everything. Again it´s been a late evening, play time o´clock – meaning 9m to 10pm. Not my fave time, clearly, but there was no other way to really take this catch up lesson anywhere else, and I felt like really needing some more practice before going to the performance night next week (I am still not sure if I will actually go there in the end, but that´s another story).

My wrist was hurting a bit, but nothing major – my hand is just not used to being the “main hand”, so it simply needs to adjust. I guess.

The teacher for the lesson was the one that will also be doing my technique course starting in May, so it was cool to really see a lesson with her beforehand. And it´s been an exhausting one, needless to say.

So yeah, we did two moves for pretty much all of the lesson, and it was the Knee Hook forwards and backwards, as well as the step around and a combination of both. As well as doing it right handed and left handed, and I realized that we usually did those moves mostly in one direction and not the other – so it partially really felt like it was a challenge, even though it´s been moves that we did in my very first course already. But it makes sense to be good at those moves with both hands, so that you´re not that desperate during learning a choreography as I currently am with the Art of Pole course.

Also some parts were taken from the choreography, so I know I will be handling those better, but I had really hoped to be doing the Supergirl or the Lady Seat or some of those complicated parts, but nope.

Oh and because I know it is hard to remember – at least for non-pole dancers – have two videos of the spins we practiced over and over again.

I know it makes sense, and this is why I also booked the course for the next time table, but it´s really nothing I would want to do two courses in a row because it is tiring, and rather monotoneous.

This is why I really really need my high heels to arrive soon and fit because I need something to motivate me and know what I work towards to…otherwise I might totally kill all the bits of motivation that are still left.

Pole Dancing – Art of Pole – Lesson 6

After yet another week without a Play Time session, as I had a bad feeling when I entered the studio because I did not feel prepared and halfway had forgotten the choreography already. Could have not been less prepared, and feeling more insecure.

The warm up felt short but still intense – it is crazy how fast you can be sweated like this, the muscles in my legs and arms were burning already, still having most of the lesson ahead of me. I was exhausted, desperately grabbing my water bottle after having prepared my pole with the powder and my hands and inner tighs with hair spray. Yes, shake your head about spraying this onto your skin in such a rather sensitive area, but if you wanna stick to the pole, you gotta find the way that works for you. And that is my way.

We´re going to the end of the course with big steps, and same for the choreography. I kinda waited for something difficult to be coming up rather at the end, and hey, here we go. In the video below you see an advanced version of “The plank” (sometimes also called “Supergirl”) which we learned – because we have the “free” hand on the pole aswell, making it easer and less risky when you´re not really having the power in the arm.

We learned this trick pretty much at the end of the lesson, where at least my power in legs and arms was rather gone already. Sliding down with my legs, my inner thights showed me every middle finger possible and it was freaking painful. The brain probably is the biggest enemy there, because it just doesn´t feel too good and my brain goes into “how to survive” mode and then it simply doesn´t work.

But also let´s have a look on how the other figures and spins are currently working:

  • The Chair – Works rather well, even though it somehow started killing my left wrist again as I feel like there is too much weight on that arm for some reasons. I don´t know, it partially hurts,
  • Passé Spin – Surprisingly it started working really well, and feels rather safe and good-looking. I can only hope for it to continue…
  • Fireman&Explosion (right) – Usually works rather well,
  • The Seat/Lady Seat – Works rather well, even though I often have too much speed and then my brain shuts off, so I started hardly pushing myself off the ground, rather halfway statically start into it, knowing I will speed up anyways
  • Fireman (left) – Getting into the spin is just a struggle because we hardly did it like this, rather the other way around and therefore I struggle with “which left goes where and how and”…I still look retarded doing it.
  • Backwards bend – My back really got used to it, and that´s somehting that really surprised me, because it was rather painful at the start but this time it was good – only issue that it needs to be really fast and mostly coming out of another spin, making me a tad scared I lose grip of the pole and then fall…
  • Kick & Turn (new) – Works well, just need to remember to be quick and then also when turning change the hand on the pole in a way that I do not look like a robot, shouldn´t be making much of a problem
  • Floorwork – A part of it works well and I think also looks good, but the other part rather looks like a whale rolling over the floor and all of this. And the timing is really a struggle for me there, it is no fun.

But you know, the choreography as a whole still feels and partially is a struggle, it feels too fast and confusing and I don´t have enough time to properly get into certain spins and then just keep fucking up. It is frustrating, and the next lessons I will have a lot of fun – 1 technique lesson, 2 choreography lessons, 3 playtimes. And then the performance night, where you will hopefully be able to watch me – if all lessons beforehand work out as they should and get me to a point where I feel good enough.

Pole Dancing – Art of Pole – Lesson 5

After having had to cancel my catch up lesson and having had belly pain for half of the week (and thus also been partially on sickleave), I was still neither fully fit not sure if going to the lesson was really a good idea, but I had no choice. Missing out on another lesson was no option, and as the pain was pretty much gone, at least was no reason to stay away.

So basically I was healthy, just not sure about my strength – and I had to face the fact that I was right, quite a few things simply did not to work out, even though before they had always worked out and there had been no problem at all. If from one week to another it shifts like this, I get frustrated, desperate and pissed off with myself and everything else. The fact that I started disliking even out choreography song already did not make it any better (I swear, the part of the song “lu-ci-feeeerrr” is stuck in my head and makes me wanna…) and well…let´s put it this way: the lesson showed me I had much more work ahead to have a stable performance than I initially had thought.

Uplifting, right? But well, let´s go a bit more into detail and try to partially focus on what went rather well…yes, there have been things that were okay…

New to the show the following spin was – called “The Chair”. In the video below you see a version of it, nevertheless we did it differently. I suppose for muscle strength reasons, as this looks much more heavy on the arm than our version.

After the initial “oh it looks nice when you do it but…nope, not gonna happen”, it actually worked out really well, even though it´s been a struggle and some russian roulette when doing it in the fast moves of the choreography. So the spin itself is not the problem, just the “shit I got no time to really prepare, otherwise I will be late”-thinking. This move will be one of those things that I will need to heavily practice in my play times, because if that one doesn´t work out in the performance night, it´d look highly retarded.

And since I am already at googling Pole Dance videos, I can also catch up with videos on the moves and spins we lately learned and integrated in our choreography – sorry I have been lazy until now, but sometimes I didn´t know the name and then searching for a spin out of a thousand or more is pretty much a waste of time.

So yeah, we learned a variation of the “Passé spin” to look good whilst coming down to the floor after having done the fireman, the explosion, the seat and all of this.

Doesn´t look too hard, right? But it´s not as easy as it seems, at least for me it is a pain in the ass because I always struggle with being to fast and thus holding on to the pole is tough and then figuring out what is my right and my left leg and what they are supposed to do. And of course, always keeping an ear out for the music and the timing and everything. It improved a lot lately, but still I am not really feeling comfortable with it, another thing that really will need a lot of practising.

Since I already mentioned the “fireman”…we´re doing it a second time in the choreography, and this time the other way around. With my weaker left arm being the one that needs some strength. Additionally, and making things even worse, we shall first slowly lift ourself into the spin. I could do it with my right arm being the one needing strength, but I feel like dying every time when we did it how we need to do it the choreo. And I am rather clueless how I shall build up the needed strength until the end of this month.

Pole Dancing – Art of Pole – Lesson 3 & 4

The lesson on 26th of March was not happening due to Easter, so now you get a glimpse on the past two lessons as I am a lazy fuck and didn´t get to write about it earlier.

As I mentioned before, I was struggling with my motivation. Also because I partially wonder how to finance it every month, it is not a nice thought to have in the back of the mind – I try to do the dancing with the heart and turn off the mind, but of course it is not always working.

So again I was rather in a “I somehow like it but still am not motivated” – and I think noone understood how this is possible. But for me it once again helped to focus a lot more than I did during the first course.

Warming Up

During the first course I always thought that it cannot get any harder and hotter during warming up, but…yes, it is possible. And it felt like a partial struggle, I was slipping on the floor because I somehow had sweaty feet (no idea how that happened) and it happened on both weeks, even though in lesson 4 the warm up felt even worse because after the long break between the two lessons (i ditched my two play times because I was not feeling too well) I felt stiff and somehow like an old woman trying to do some gymnastics. It really got visible how important it is to keep the schedule of going twice a week so you´re staying in shape.

The lesson & the choreography

Lesson 3 was a bit of a…you know, the old things worked well, and the repetitions really did good for the details of the choreography, the timing worked rather well – sure, here and there I failed, at the moment then it was a russion roulette because stable dancing through the choreography really did not work for me. Also we added two new things, one how to get out of the lady seat thingy and this one was a major fail for me. I simply could not get it done, no matter how hard I tried it was either me not having enough power in my arms to hold on to the pole (do I was sliding down to fast) and/or my legs did not want to do what they were supposed to do.

So I was already frustrated and then one more thing was added to the choreography – a backwards bend. Well thank you, it´s not like bending backwards is killing my back, but well…I was not too happy about the lesson overall, saying the least.

In lesson 4 I was surprised that I still remembered most of the choreography and that many parts worked far better than they did before the Easter break. It was irritating, but in a positive way. One move that simply did not want to work in lesson 3 all of a sudden workedout rather well, maybe because I was able to focus more than at the last lesson. I can only guess, as I have no clue what was different or what made it any different.

The thing that killed my back was a back bend whilst still holding on to the pole – my back really did not approve, and I am scared that doing this halfway out of a spin in the choreography and rather quick will not make this any better. My back is good as long as it is bending forwards, but bending backwards is a pain in the back. Literally. In lesson 3 it was not so bad as in lesson 4 because we didn´t do it as fast as it was needed in the choreography…so this is something I clearly gotta work on.

One challenge mastered, and the next one came – floor work. Doing stuff on the floor makes me feel like a strandled whale, rolling around and trying to look artistic and bluntly said: failing at its best. Only good thing is that certain things work well for me as I have strong abs, so I am happy I worked on those a lot all the time.


Pole Dancing – Play Time (16.03.2016)

Motivation…motivation…it is quite a nice word, I really have to admit. And it´s a strong word, no doubt. But if you have no motivation, then you´re in trouble. Sometimes, but that also is not always like it.

I realized this during this play time that I did with a pole dance mate together. I again was really not motivated, rather laid back and in a “let´s see if it works – if it does, nice, if not, well bad luck” kind of mood and attitude. It´s better than being all stressed out about it, but still not a good feeling.

Nevertheless, I had a plan what I wanted to achieve during this play time – and the plan was: the beginning of the choreo since I had missed the first lesson and had to face the fact that I really struggled with it in the second lesson and urgently needed to catch up.

So it is what we did – watching the video, doing stuff, being stuck, watching video again, repeating it on the pole, wondering how to put the hand, watching video again…until at some point it simply started working out, the repetition effect worked out really well and I started getting more and more confident about it aswell. And this also helped I think, because I started believing in me, and then things just worked smoother. I was surprised how well it actually worked at the end – still slower than it is going to be in the choreography, but that´s something that I gotta work on sooner or later aswell in the lessons and play time.

The spins and the lady seat again worked out rather well, except for the fact that it became difficult once I started sweating and also my legs were rather sweaty – the sliding started, re-applying the sticky chalk, sweating it all off, sliding – and believe me, one slide did the trick – my inner legs just hurt so badly…That one. damned. time. Besides this it always worked out really well, but this time I tried to quick, didn´t get into the fully right position and then slipped. Ah well, shit happens.

Overall – successful playtime, and that even though I was not motivated. Maybe lesser pressure means more success, let´s see 😉

Pole Dancing – Art of Pole – Lesson 2

My first real lesson in this timetable, and knowing the teacher already from my testing lesson, I knew that it was going to be nice. The downside of the course is – it is in a room with very few thing poles, and I desperately need a thin one because my hands are far too small for a thicker one – at least for the start now. In the last course, holding on to a thick pole ended in an overworked hand and arm, and I really do not need this ever again.

The warmup

It´s partially consisting of new, partially of old things that I already know from my first class. I don´t know if it was the workout or the air and temperature in the class room, but I was sweated, fully, already after this. What I really enjoyed was that we did a lot of flexibility related warm up exercises, that gives me the hope that an improvement in this area might end up being a nice side effect of it.

The choreography

Well, they had started already in the first lessonw ith quite a bit and I tried to catch up in the playtime, as you were able to read. But to be fair, I really struggled to keep going because it is quite a bit faster than our first choreography, and a lot of new details are added and things to look out for. I feel so slow and as if my brain was not made for remembering all this, it was rather frustrated to see that always at certain points I simply cannot get it right. No matter how often we repeated it, I got confused about which hand needs to be where and how I should hold it, how not and…what a freaking mess.

The pole dance moves

In the video below you can see two things that we started doing – the step around the pole to gain momentum (which we already used in our choreography for the first course) as a transission step and then the second part with the knee hook – just that it does not look that smooth yet. This is what they had done already in the first lesson, and now I did it with a teacher instead of “only” with my mates.

What we added on top today was the mixture of the fireman (which I also learned already in the first course) and the lady seat – and of course, all doing by spinning and not on a static pole.

It looks nice, right? If you know what you are doing, it really is – at the moment I really struggle with the transition when going into the lady seat – the speed with which I am turning is usually pretty high, and when opening the legs to get into the seat, I slow donwn so much and all of a sudden, that my brain really cannot handle this. It feels like being on a rollercoaster that stops from 100kmh to a full stop.

Putting the hands off the pole and onto my knee/leg – it already is scary when doing it static, but when doing this in quite some speed it doesn´t get any more comfortable. I am so scared that I lose the power in my legs and just drop down the pole like a sack full of potatoes. Or something like this. Clearly not a nice feeling so far.

But the good thing is, that generally it worked pretty well, and I was pretty surprised to be all honest. Especially the inner sides of my upper legs did not hurt at all after all the exercising.