Restaurant: Duck me

Yes, it´s a funny name and that´s how it all started basically. I had been looking for restaurants of all kinds for our time in Toulouse, and as this city seems to be the capital of any kind of duck dishes, it didn´t really surprise to come across this fast food restaurant (please mind the difference between trash food like certain burger chains and this food) and was surprised as people on Tripadvisor really rated it high.

Usually I really try to eat local food, but sometimes extraordinary things that might not be totally typical local food catch my eye and then I gotta check it out. And that´s also what my boyfriend and I did.

I ordered the duck burger with fries and a coke. And before talking about the food, I gotta talk about the coca cola – jeeez it is sweet here in France, it really brings you close to a sugar shock. But that´s just me maybe.
The fries were accompanied with ketchup and some special mayonese that tasted a tad like mustard. Really fascinating, really. And in a positive way. And the fries were really nicely done and freakin tasty, I loved them. especially together with the mayonese. Only thing missing was anything like a tiny fork or so as some fries were really tine and hard to grab.

The burger has an interesting bun, it really tasted a lot different to what you´re used from chain restaurants. I loved it, really. Less sesame, luckily, as I have never been a fan of that, but for others it might be lacking. The duck patty was really nie, too – especially because it had just the right doneness, I was fully happy. And what makes it even better – the ducks aren´t from whatever country, but from the area. And this is just cool!

Only downside maybe was the price, as the menu cost 10€. But looking at what you pay in other fastfood restaurants, you shouldn´t be complaining much. And for fast food this really was a “go to” – so if you´re in Toulouse and need a quick grab of good food, go to “Duck me” – not only the conceot is kinda adorable 😀

10 Rue de la Pomme
31000 Toulouse



Restaurant: Hoh & Hoh

Actually my boyfriend and I hadn´t planned to be going there that soon, but as our fave asian restaurant had closed down and thus the reservation had been cancelled, we had to look for something else.

And since I insisted on actually wanting something Asian for dinner, my boyfriend had a look and we chose this restaurant as it is rather close to his place. It surely had been awarded by Schlemmerblock and such, but I am not really into these kinds of awards, because they don´t mean a thing to me. It doesn´t mean that their taste is my taste, but I went there with an open mind and – I was not disappointed.

we were welcome with some plum liqueur and that one really was tasty. Like, seriously. And that comes from me, someone who rarely drinks alcohol anymore. It was a nice small treat for the start, and the service was charming and humorous all along during the evening.

The menue is one where some poeple would say “ooh typical Asian” but it really has its perks to say the least.

I ordered crispy duck with beef (right in image), and this was so amazingly tasting, also because the sauce that I was given added a nice extra flavor to it without really killing the taste of the meat itself and the veggies. Amazing. Oh and they serve rice alongside the dishes, so it´s not just the meat. My boyfriend had ordered the left one on the photo and it was some kind of chickne with a sweet-spicy sauce – and man this sauce, totally in love with this one! So those two dishes clearly receive not just one thumb up but even all that you can find!

A last liqueur when paying, some joking whilst paying – I really felt comfortable there, really welcome, a warm athmosphere and in the interior design of the restaurant was also really looking nice.

Conclusion? Clearly a “go there!” and probably our new choice in terms of Asian restaurants as our fave one closed down.

Fahrenort 125
22547 Hamburg


Restaurant: Soul Flavour

After my boyfriend and I had been swimming, we thought we could try out this restaurant because it was featured in a coupon book that often gives you reduced prices for dishes. I had never heard of the restaurant before, and somehow the outer view of the restaurant also was not too inviting – if I had been just passing by with no proper plan, I personally would have not entered.

But as we had planned this in advance, we went in and the staff was really friendly and sympathetic, I felt welcomed. Was a good start, though the interiour design was
odd. It was a wild mixture of colorful lamps with the restaurant´s logo, rather Spanish /Greek looking tables and dining table chairs…really not matching mixture of all different styles, that was kinda a disappointment as it hindered with having a certain atmosphere coming up.

The menu was presented with vinyl covers – it all looked rather used, and the menu was extremely short so there was not really too much to choose from, but it was easy

Pre-dish that we got – kind of thin bread with dried-tomato creme

to find something tasty sounding. And when it arrived, it also was tasty: Lamb tibs with injera as an addition. The amount of food was okay – the minimum that you could expect for the money I paid. To be fair, I hoped for it to be more, because I really wasn´t full afterwards, yet I had enjoyed the flavors of the not so common spices of this African dish. Also, and what I really liked, was how they brought it – on a little stove with a burning candle inside to have it warm…

You know, overall it clearly was okay and worth coming there, though I am not sure if I would really come back unless the menu grows and the portions also do…

Jarrestraße 60
22303 Hamburg


Series: Red Band Society

Source: VOX

English title:  Red Band Society
German title: Club der roten Bänder

Red Band Society is an American teen medical comedy-drama television series […] Based on the Catalan drama series Polseres vermelles, the series is a dramedy focused on a group of teenagers living together as patients in a hospital’s pediatric ward. This is the first medical series to focus on hospital patients.
[Source: Wikipedia]

This TV series also aired in Germany quite a while ago, with two seasons – the first one is already aired and the second season is in progress of being aired.

The series is about a club that forms from hospital patients at teenager age, and those are a mix of cancer patients, bulemia, someone with a heart problem (who, en course of season one, dies), someone who had broken both of his legs and has a mental disability, as well as one young boy that had an accident and is in coma for years and then wakes up.

The series shows how life happens in the hospital, based on a real story that was then formed into a book – and it really is nothing for someone who easily is touched or gets emotional really fast – unless you like to torture yourself when feeling with the people in the series and feeling how they feel and yes…I have shed some tears. Because it is far away from those standard series that you can find everywhere on TV – this is why I am surpised that it is being aired on one of those TV channels that usually have a not too deep programme to offer to the watchers.

I stumbled across this series by accident back in the days, when I was zapping through the channels and wondered if this was yet again some niveau lacking series and realized pretty soon, that this was different – with depth, that it really made you feel instead of turning off your mind. Surely there will be peope bitching that it is just a series and that it is something for girls only, but I disagree because it touches a part of life we´d like to not think about. Illness, and not of the easy kind. no flu, no cold, no sneezing or anything – it is cancer, eating disorders, being in a coma for ages after an accident.

Especially the cancer part touches me, having lost dear family members to cancer and having been in touch with this illness quite a lot due to this – and it makes me just so sad to really have it in front of my eyes how the battle is for teenagers. Surely this ain´t pure reality, it is a nicer version of it, but still it does give a glimpse. And the ups and downs, all the hope and the downfalls – it just reminds me so much on the times when you are waiting chemo after chemo of a person for new blood results, you are happy when they´re good and then when you think it´ll be all right, then it all falls apart. And you start from new, with all the fears being restarted and all hope reset…

But it also shows how very different people can bond, first just because there is noone else and then because there´s a friendship growing, the realization that friendship is strength and that together you can achieve far more than when being the lonely one who pushes away everyone who wants to be supportive of any kind. And at the same time it shows how love can separate these bonds again, and how to realize that in the end friendship is just such a precious good that it stands above all possible relationships…

…I could go on and on and on but nothing will be describing how this series makes me really fully feel and what it shows – so you really should be giving this series a try and check it out yourself!

Report/Bericht: Trash Mercenaries Tour 2016

Ich wurde gefragt, ob ich nicht Zeit und Lust hätte, mir die Thrash Mercenaries Tour anzusehen – Thrash Metal. Oha. Und das ich. Eigentlich wirklich nicht mein Genre, aber da ich immer offen für neue Erfahrungen bin, habe ich mich dann auf den Weg gemacht zu diesem kleinen Club – und eine große Überraschung erlebt.

Ein kleiner Kellerraum, kuschelig, intim, und relativ schnell ohne Luft und stattdessen gefüllt mit Rauch. Also definitiv kein Club für Nichtraucher wie mich, aber Mund und Nase zu und durch, headbangen kann man auch ohne Sauerstoff im Kopf!


I was asked if I had time and the will to go and check out the Thrash Mercenaries Tour – Thrash Metal. Oh la la. And me. So far not really my cup of tea, but I am always open for new experiences and thus I made my way to this small venue – and was really up for a surprise!

A smaller room in the cellar, cozy and intimate and pretty early lacking oxygen but was instead filled with smoke. So clearly no place to be for non-smokers like me, but close your mouth and nose, you do not need oxygen for a proper load of headbanging anyways!


Pole Dancing – Lesson 1

My first real pole dancing lesson – as I am a terrible perfectionist and do have my struggles around new people, especially when it comes to a sports where you are support to look good…so I was worried, worried about my body shape, and everything that the mind was able to come up with – and as usual, I was proven wrong and shown that we´re a really great group of girls that can, without problems, laugh about looking retarded and not getting things right.


We started off with warming up legs, hips, arms and upper body in general – what was missing for me was really warming up the neck and also the fingers were a tad too little watched, but that´s just my very own feeling. I realized that I need to get some jogging pants for the warming up, because otherwise my body is remaining pretty much cold and that´s not really the sense of it all. So that´s gonna be on a next shopping list for clothing.

The “core”

We´ve been doing technical stuff, meaning: repeating things over and over again, with tons of corrections, and luckily less and less mistakes on my side. A few blue sports show that every beginning is pretty hard and sometimes painful, but that´s normal – just as it is that your hands look like someone did a massacre with them.

What I really had to face was the fact how much weaker my left arm and hand are – we did the spin below with both sides, and the ones where my left hand was higher always worked far worse somehow. It was a real struggle.

This is how the forward and backward spins look like when you´re looking good and aesthetic whilst doing so, and managed to smile and not have a desperate or “wtf” facial expression:

The backward spins worked much better than the forward spins, and I don´t know yet why and why my brain could someone not really process the movements that I had to do. It somehow felt really unnatural to let yourself “fall” to the front – it just doesn´t work for me, everything in my body screams “no”. And i hope this is really going to change.

The second thing we did was sitting on the pole – and yes, that shit can be painful. But more on that after you watched the video.

This is how the “sitting on the pole” (sounds so wrong, but…) looks like when done right:

If you don´t watch out and don´t put the leg around the properly, you squeeze your skin and it rubs and hurts and your skin looks terrible afterwards. What is also no fun is when you don´t put your legs around the pole strong enough and sliiiiiightly slide down. And then ask your skin how it likes that…yes, I am being all girlish, but it really is painful. But our teacher said that the pain will get less. Hopefully. I really hope so.

Sleep Well Hostel – Brussels

Alright, 3 weeks ago (or something like this), I went to Brussels to see Apocalyptica and not being able to swim in money, I ended up searching for a nice hostel that is close to the centre and also close to the venue, ans thus stumbled over the “Sleep Well Hostel”, just 15 minutes away from the venue. Perfect match for me.


I paid, for the room of 6 and including breakfast, 23,50€ – which is pretty much nothing looking at the small room size and the fact there is wifi, separate shower and toilet in your room and the breakfast. Renting a towel is 1€, which is also really a fair price, so all in all it was really not expensive at all. Makes sense for everyone who doesn´t want to spend a fortune on accomodation when mostly being outside anyways.

The room

6 beds, split up into 3 bunk beds. All wooden furniture, really nice and cozy done. Including light and power socket right at your bed, same for some little drawers for storing smaller things and a place where to hang at least a few of your clothes. The bed was really nice, not too soft nor too hard mattress, pillow was comfy but the blanket was like a woolen army blanket, where you needed to add your linen to. Not really my style, but alright.

The bathroom was split into two – one small toilet room (with not so amazing air condition) and a bathroom with two separate and cool and stylish looking shower cabins and a washbasin and a mirror. The mirror was attached to the wall in a stupid way, so basically just one person at a time was able to use it.

For me, the following thing was not really too bad as I was there just for sleeping – but it might have been annoying otherwise: due to construction works, one of the windows was kinda sealed with wood, so no real light coming through, and of course looking outside was also not possible. If I was staying there for longer, it would´ve been a pity, but like this, it was still fine for me.


I met two staff members at the reception, and to be fair, really not my cup of tea, even thugh they were rather polite. They seemed somehow distant and always stressed, and this is not something to really show to your customers. I personally felt even bad for asking them for some things, like a map or the towel or such things, because they seemed to be in a permanent rush.


The breakfast was good – several different kinds of bread and juices, you had marmelade, butter, margerine, you had the chance to have cereals and joghurt, but also cheese and sausage (though just, unfortunately, one of each kind) as well as some egg with bacon which was surprisingly well and was no artifical egg but real egg. Tea and coffee also was available, and you were able to eat as much as you wanted. So food-wise all perfekt. Just the breakfast room was a bit small, so that the rows of tables and chairs were really close together, which was pretty annoying when people had to walk through those rows.


Concert / Konzert: Atreyu (08/2015)

Es sind ein paar Jährchen vergangen, seit ich ATREYU das erste Mal live auf der Bühne gesehen hatte, und als ich dann sah, dass sie wieder nach Deutschland kommen, musste ich einfach dabei sein.
Als ich im Gruenspan ankam war ich überrascht, dass es wirklich nicht voll war – scheinbar sind Auftritte an einem Dienstag nicht gerade einladend. Natürlich wurde es im Verlauf des Abends voller, aber ich kenne es von Atreyu, dass sie die Hallen wirklich füllen, daher war ich etwas verwirrt. Ich war nicht nur verwirrt, sondern machte mir auch Gedanken darüber, wieso es wohl so sei – aber diese Sorgen waren von Anfang an wie weggeblasen.



It´s been quite a few years since I had seen ATREYU live on stage for the first time, and once I figured they were coming back, I immediately knew that I just had to be there.
Arriving at Gruenspan, I was quite surprised that it was not packed at all, it seemed like shows on a Tuesday are never a thing to do for band. In course of the evening it filled up, but I´ve been used to Atreyu filling up far bigger venues to the very last place, so I was confused. To be fair, it made me worry a bit, but all worries were blown away right from the start on.


Restaurant – Mongo´s (Hamburg)

Ich bin als Allergiker ja ein wenig gehandicapt, und immer muss ich aufpassen was wo drin ist…und das Problem habe ich bei Mongo´s nicht – aber das ist nur einer der Gründe, wieso ich dieses Restaurant so toll finde – und es noch besser finde, dass es in mehreren deutschen Städten zu finden ist!


Man kann sich aus diversen Gemüseorten (einheimisch und exotisch), Nudeln, Fisch, Meeresfrüchte und Fleisch (auch so Sachen wie  Känguruh, Krokodil) seine eigene Schüssel zusammenstellen können. Ich finde das super, weil man dann genau weiß was drin ist, und man auch weiß welche Soße man bekommt (die kann man sich zu beginn auswählen) – nur die Zubereitung liegt dann in den Händen des Kochs. Ich bin jemand, der gerne verrückte Kombinationen ausprobiert und dann echt den Jackpt knackt (Lachs mit Mungobohnen, Mais, Zwiebeln und Cranberries). Ich kenne es aus Köln, dass die Auswahl größer ist, aber das was ich wirklich haben will, gibt es auch hier in der etwas kleineren Auswahl in Hamburg. Und es wird halt nie langweilig, man kann so oft hingehen wie man will wenn man Mongo´s Total hat…und das größte Kompliment was ich als nicht Suppen-Liebhaber vergeben kann: ich liebe die Suppen die man als Vospeise bekommt. Jedes Mal auf´s Neue war es einfach so unglaublich lecker, das ich hätte mich reinlegen können.


Sie haben eine gute Auswahl, auch was Cocktails und besondere Limonaden angeht – wie diese schmecken, das kann ich nicht sagen, da ich dann doch lieber bei klassisch Pepsi oder Mirinda (wieso sie weder Coca Cola noch Fanta haben weiß ich nicht) und einem Wasser. Wer Tee oder Kaffee will wird aber auch fünsig, daher dürfte wohl für jeden etwas dabei sein.


Ich persönlich mag den Service in Mongo´s Restaurants generell sehr – charmant, witzig, gut gelaunt, und das egal wie stressig und voll es ist. Ich mag das lockere Auftreten der Bedienung – für Spießer ist das definitiv nicht das Richtige, auf für “Normalos” wie du und ich ist es einfach perfekt um sich wohl zu fühlen. Man fühlt sich nicht bedrängt, und meistens geht´s recht schnell mit der Bedienung (ja okay, hier und da muss man halt warten, wenn viel los ist, aber das ist überall so).


Je nachdem, wie viel los ist und wie viele Familien mit Kindern da sind, ist es entweder wirklich entspannt oder aber doch relativ laut und hektisch, weil jeder Gast herumwuselt wenn er sich das Essen auflädt und wieder zurückgeht, dann die Bedienungen und dann die “Koch-Ecke”. Das kann etwas viel werden, aber meistens passt es doch gut. Was die Deko angeht finde ich es schlicht und schön, hat Flair und passt zum Konzept und gesamten Auftreten des Restaurants.

Für Allergiker geeignet?

Definitiv, weil mans ehr gut selber sehen kann, was denn dann auf dem Teller landet – man sucht es sich ja selbst aus. Wenn man da extreme Probleme wgn. Zutaten hat, macht es auch meistens keinen Problem einfach zum Koch zu gehen und das zu sagen, dass man dann versuchen kann eine Platte zu nehmen, wo eben nichts mit dem Allergen zubereitet wurde.


  • A la carte
  • Mongo´s Total
  • Mongo´s Select (abgerechnet a 100g)
  • Brunch (noch nie ausprobiert)


Flashback/Rückblick: Stralsund (07/2015)

I didn´t get to write about it earlier, thus I am sharing now this flashback with you – on the following days, there will also be quite some photos coming up from this little trip, so stay tuned!

Day 1 – Sunshine leads me to Stralsund

Got up at an okish time, packed my last things and decided to leave the laptop at home – why would I take it with me anyways? So I had my backpack and my bag, and made my way to mainstation, to catch the direct train to Stralsund. It was all relaxed, until I arrived at my destination. I was not willing to spend money on a cab, so I decided on walking the nearly 2km – stupid idea, because it felt like it was a marathon.

When I arrived at the hotel, I was all sweated and really didn´t fit into this 4 star hotel picture at all, but fuck it, I was paying it so I can run around like I wanted to. I didn´t spend much time in my room on the 8th floor, just enough to take a shower, have a drink and eat the stuff I had packed in the morning to regain some strength. Afterwards, I packed my camera and some swimming clothing, dressed more beach appropriate and started my walk. I had, to be fair, not guessed that the beach would be that far away – approx. 3km or more it was in the end, but at least I then saw the harbour and everything on the way, knowing where to get some food or where some nice photography spots might be.

I planned on going for a long swim, but the water was pretty cold, so I decided on jumping in and then run out again and instead enjoy the warm sunshine and just lay down on the beach. I was napping, day dreaming, letting thoughts run free.

In the early evening I then spoiled myself by enjoying dinner at the hotel restaurant, because I was so exhausted from all the fresh air and everything that I did not want to go anywhere else again.

In the evening, or better: nighttime, I went out again. Not to party, but to take photos, which you will be able to see during the next few days. It was a challenge because of not having a tripod, but there was always a bench, a little wall or something to place the camera on. You just need to be creative. Besides this, I enjoyed the silence and fresh air of the night, I really needed that combination.

Day 2 – Sunshine is no early bird

Early getting up, because breakfast was only until 10.30am – so basically at a time where I would usually get up if it was a weekend. But well, shit happens. But a ready made breakfast is always inviting and thus getting up was easier than usual.

Then I packed my camera and a towel and all these things, booked my bike and was ready to go. The sun was hiding, and it was rather grey sky and fresh winds, but it was perfect for biking and doing all the sightseeing – I don´t know exactly how many kilometers I was actually biking, but it´s been quite a lot. Old parts of the city, churches, other little things…I also made it to a little island in front of Stralsund and went to a tiny navy museum there which was pretty cute and quite interesting. Biking there was relaxing, because the street and road was pretty nice to bike on, opposite to many other streets with cobble stone.

In the afternoon I was so exhausted that I was going to the sauna for a while, which was so relaxing. I had so so so missed going to sauna, I wish I had one around the corner where I love, but unfortunately: no. I enjoyed the fact that for most of the time I was even alone in there, so it was even easier to relax.

Afterwards I grabbed a sandwich and then packed my stuff again to bike back to the beach, have some ice cream in the sun and then wait for the sunset to happen in order to take some photos. The sunset was not really spectacular, and instead it got pretty chilly close to the water, so I didn´t stay there as long as I had initially planned. Instead I biked by a Greek restaurant and got myself some food for a laid back evening at my hotel room.

Day 3 – From Stralsund to Hamburg

I woke up to sunshine and a last good breakfast with looooads of lovely bacon, sausages and bread rolls – and loads of sweet things alongside with my croissants. It is kinda neat that I don´t need to prepare breakfast and then need to take care of the dishes and everything else.

I packed up my stuff, took a quick shower and then took a last stroll around before I checked out earlier than I had initially planned. I somehow felt like returning home was the right decision, because I was worried that the later trains might be too crowded to have a relaxed trip back home. And it was a good decision, because already the earlier train was pretty full, and then had a delay so I had to rush to my second train – clearly not relaxing, but no can do. I did not want to be stuck in Rostock though, for a second, I wondered if I should be doing some walking around there, too. But I decided against that, home was calling very loudly for me and I had to follow those calls.

The rest of the trip back home was laid-back and when I was home, I quickly unpacked and was back to house scores – the usual shit when being at home. I kinda missed my hotel lived pretty fast, noone was preparing food for me, noone was cleaning my dishes…but it still felt good to be back home, to an apartment that was – even though it was rather hot outside – having a surprisingly nice temperature.


Ich bin nicht dazu gekommen früher darüber zu berichten, daher teile ich diesen Rückblick jetzt – in den kommenden Tagen gibt es auch noch Fotos von diesem Ausflug, daher haltet dir Augen auf dem Blog!

Tag 1 – Sonnenschein leitet mich nach Stralsund

Ich bin zu einer annehmbaren Uhrzeit aufgestanden, habe meine letzten Sachen gepackt und entschlossen mein Laptop zu Hause zu lassen – wieso würde ich es auch mitnehmen? Daher hatte ich meinen Rucksack und meine Tasche, und habe mich auf den Weg zum Hbf gemacht um meinen Zug nach Stralsund zu nehmen. Ich war ganz entspannt bis ich an meinem Zielort angekommen war. Ich wollte kein Geld für ein Taxi ausgeben, daher wollte ich die knapp 2km laufen – dumme Idee, weil es sich anfühlte wie ein Marathon.

Als ich am Hotel angekommen war, war ich durchgeschwitzt und habe wirklich nicht zum Aussehen eines 4 Sterne Hotels gepasst, aber egal, ich habe es gezahlt, daher kann ich rumlaufen wie ich will. Ich habe nicht viel Zeit in meinem Zimmer verbracht, im 8. Stock, nur genug Zeit um zu duschen und etwas zu trinken und zu essen, damit ich etwas Energie tanken konnte. Danach habe ich meine Kamera und ein paar Schwimmklamotten gepackt, mich mehr Strand-passend angezogen und bin dann losgegangen. Um ehrlich zu sein, ich habe nicht gedacht gehabt, dass der Strand so weit weg wäre – ungefähr 3km oder mehr waren es am Ende, zumindest habe ich den Hafen und alles auf dem Weg dorthin gesehen. Ich wusste auch, wo ich was essen konnte oder wo es ein paar schöne Plätze zum Fotografieren gibt.

Ich hatte geplant gehabt, schön lange zu schwimmen, aber das Wasser war so kalt, dass ich nur reingesprungen bin und dann wieder rausgerannt bin und stattdessen den warmen Sonnenschein genossen habe, als ich mich auf den Sand gelegt habe. Dösen, Tagträumen, die Gedanken freilassen…

Am frühen Abend habe ich mich dann verwöhnt und habe im Restaurant des Hotels zu Abend gegessen, weil ich einfach so kaputt war von all der frischen Luft und alles, dass ich nirgendwo anders hinwollte.

Abends, oder besser: nachts bin ich dann wieder raus. Nicht um zu feiern, sondern um zu fotografieren, und die Fotos werdet ihr auch noch bald sehen können. Es war eine wirkliche Herausforderung, weil ich kein Stativ habe, aber es gibt immer eine Bank oder eine Mauer oder so etwas, wo man die Kamera drauflegen kann. Da muss man halt kreativ sein. Davon abgesehen habe ich die Stille und die frische Luft wirklich genossen, denn diese Kombination hatte ich wirklich gebraucht.

Tag 2 – Sonnenschein ist kein Frühaufsteher

Früh aufstehen, da das Frühstück nur bis 10.30 Uhr da ist – das ist die Uhrzeit, zu der ich sonst am Wochenende wohl aufstehen würde. Aber na ja, was solls. Aber ein fertiges Frühstück ist halt doch wirklich einladend und das Aufstehen fällt da wirklich einfacher.

Dann habe ich meine Kamera eingepackt, ein Handtuch und all sowas, habe mein Fahrrad gebucht und dann bin ich los. Die Sonne hat sich versteckt, und der Himmel war eher grau und der Wind recht frisch, aber das war eigentlich ein gutes Wetter für´s Fahrradfahren und all das Sightseeing machen – ich weiß nicht, wie viele Kilometer ich alles in allem gefahren bin, aber es waren doch schon so einige. Die alten Teile der Stadt, Kirchen, andere kleine Dinge…auch bin ich auf eine kleine Insel vor Stralsund gefahren, wo ich mir ein kleines aber doch recht interessantes Marine-Museum angeschaut habe. Dorthin zu fahren war recht entspannt, weil die Straße und die Fahrbahn recht gut zu befahren war, im Gegensatz zu so vielen Straßen mit Kopfsteinpflaster.

Am Nachmittag war ich so erschöpft, dass ich dann ein bisschen in die Sauna gegangen bin, was wirklich entspannend war. Ich habe es so sehr vermisst in die Sauna zu gehen, ich wünschte ich hätte zuhause auch eine Sauna um die Ecke, aber leider: nein. Ich habe es genossen die meiste Zeit dort alleine zu verbringen, da ist es immer leichter komplett abzuschalten.

Danach habe ich mir schnell ein Sandwich gekauft und habe meine Sachen gepackt um wieder zum Strand zu fahren, etwas Eis in der Sonne zu essen und dann auf den Sonnenuntergang zu warten, um eben diesen zu fotografieren. Der Sonnenuntergang war wirklich nicht spektakulär, und stattdessen wurde es wirklich frisch am Wasser, daher bin ich dort nicht lange geblieben wie ich eigentlich geplant hatte. Stattdessen bin ich rasch an einem griechischen Restaurant vorbeigefahren und habe mir etwas Essen mitgenommen um es dann entspannt bei mir auf dem Zimmer zu essen.

Tag 3 – Von Stralsund nach Hamburg

Ich bin aufgewacht, die Sonne schien und ich genoss ein letztes Mal das Frühstück mit viiiiiiel Speck, Würstchen und Brötchen – und viele süße Sachen zu meinen Croissants. Es ist echt toll, dass ich mein Frühstück nicht selbst zubereiten muss und auch das Geschirr nicht abräumen muss…

Ich habe meine Sachen gepackt, bin rasch unter die Dusche gesprungen und habe einen letzten Spaziergang gemacht bevor ich, früher als geplant, dann aus dem Hotel ausgecheckt bin. Ich hatte das Gefühl, dass es das Richtige war jetzt nach Hause zu fahren, weil ich auch die Sorge hatte, dass die späteren Züge einfach total überfüllt sein könnten. Und das war eine gute Entscheidung, weil schon der frühe Zug recht voll war, und dann gab es auch noch Verspätung und ich musste zum nächsten Zug rennen – definitiv nicht entspannend, aber was kann ich tun. Ich wollte nicht in Rostock feststecken, auch wenn ich für eine Sekunde überlegt habe mir die Stadt auch anzuschauen. Aber ich habe mich dagegen entschieden, mein Zuhause hat einfach zu laut nach mir gerufen und ich bin eben diesen gefolgt.

Den Rest der Rückreise war recht entspannt und als ich zuhause war habe ich schnell ausgepackt und musste all die Haushaltssachen wieder machen – der normale Scheiß halt, wenn man zuhause ist. Ich habe das Hotelleben recht schnell vermisst, niemand hat für mich gekocht, niemand hat mein Geschirr abgewaschen…aber es war trotzdem irgendwie schön nach Hause zu kommen, in ein Apartment welches trotz hoher Temperaturen recht angenehm temperiert war.