Greece – Photo Attack!

I am sure you all waited for it and wondered when I´d be sharing those holiday photos taken with a proper camera and not just those snapshots with my phoen camera. And here you go now – i took a while to go through all those masses of photos, sort them, edit them, copyright them…

Enjoy them in 3…2…1…

Parga & Surroundings

Around Sivota

Ammoudia & its river delta

River walk in the river Acheron (when the water was still “doable”)



Everything else


Flashback – Vacations – 11.07.2016 – Time to pack up

Last full day here in Syvota, and to be fair, it could have been better because initially we had planned to go and see the Vikos Schlucht, but as my knee was far from good, we had to ditch it and instead do a really relaxed time with just a quick visit to the closest beach and some souvenir shopping, whilst in the evening it was all about packing and how the hell to pack fragile things to ensure that they do not break into zillion pieces – I mean, let’s place it, we all know and have seen how airport staff treats suitcases and bags.

My heart literally drops every time when I see it, though I gotta be honest, it got better compared to the last year’s somehow. If maybe my sense for “oh my god this is bad” has changed with experience and things seen.

The cold sea water did good to my knee, even though that good faded away  rather quickly when I had to out weight on it again – it is just SO annoying .

Same goes for the ever growing amount of damned mosquito bites that I collected on my legs and now also feet since my anti-mosquito stickers are all used up since yesterday and the damned animals can now all come over me again and enjoy my seemingly freaking tasty blood. Bastards.

Flashback – Vacations – 09.07.2016 – Walking sunburn

I was a walking sunburn after the boat day yesterday, so all we did was sleeping eating, doing some check on souvenirs and going for a dip into the sea close by, because literally every beam of sun seemed to be hurting quite a bit on my back.

So the day was pretty boring to talk about, but at times you need these off days to look at all the already made memories and prepare for what is still to come , so it clearly was no lost day in that sense – just relaxing and turning off mind and body for a bit.

Because tomorrow there’s the river walk still to come and I really gotta be fit there because it is what I wanted to do the most from all the girls!

Flashback – Vacations – 08.07.2016 – Exploring offshore beaches

You are expecting yet another Blog Post on spending a day on the beach? Well then you are halfway right because it is also about beaches. But not solely.

In the morning we and another German couple from our hotel teamed up to rent a little motorboat for the day to cruise around and go to other beaches – it was good to have someone knowing how to handle the boat, alone I would have been totally overtaxed because of never having handled such a thing before (good god that we did not rent on in our own).

But yes, I also learned to drive this boat and everything, and it was quite fun. But well, first things first.

So we started off this one beach and besides the fact that the engine was pretty loud (yay american engine) everything was good so we started our trip and went to the first beaches and everything, hung out, swam and noticed we really wanted some snorkeling gear because the water and underwater world was inviting us to do that. And “funnily” enough, right after having decided this, the pipe going from tank to engine loosened, so we needed to hold it to where it was supposed to be sticking to the engine and go back to the beach – we girls were thrown up on a mission to get the snorkeling gear and some food whilst the guys went to get the boat fixed or rather get a new one how it went in the end.

Then we hopped on again and part 2 of the day started with a slower boat but one with a better and quieter engine that also made it easier to navigate than the old one did.

So we went to quite some more beaches, saw many fishes and also pretty huge ones… I was surprised how not scared they were of me, I was lying in the water and often had fishes coming right at me and stopping just a few centimetres away from my snorkeling mask and head, looking at me calmly. At the last beach I even was able to touch one fish, weird ones…but nice looking ones. Also saw some shells and everything, googling in the evening and trying to find out what we actually saw there in the end.

Highlight probably was driving into one of the caves where we also had been with that boat tour and then jumping into the water, though I really gotta admit I am no fan of going into water where I do not know how deep it is and what is waiting there for me – plus having rocks nearby also didn’t make it better. But what counts in the end is that I did it and it was really an experience, around 7meters the water was deep and really clear, some some fish and crabs and such stuff…was cool, but I was happy when I was on the boat again.

Once the day was over, we both got a lift back to the hotel luckily, the sun had been burning us all day long so walking for half an hour would have been a killer. Talking about sun and burning…hello sunburn, you motherfucker! My back looks like a damned Danish flag now due to how my bikini is structured and where the sun burnt my skin…but hell it was worth it!

Flashback – Vacations – 06.07.2016 – Tan when you can

Sleeping in a bit, though the night really was not anywhere close to being good enough to be all relaxed and fit – but at least we went to my fave beach (shit thing is that it costs to have a place there) and man I just love the water there because you can far better see there is nothing scary down there 😉

At some point my head started hurting, maybe a combination of the sun and not drinking enough, having slept pretty badly and having had an Ouzo and wine last evening…lord knows what caused this but I really felt shitty, so I got myself a chicken club sandwich with fries and was surprised how good that actually was. Together with water and a painkiller my state improved, though the headache was kinda just luring around and waiting to get over me again.

Then, after being inspired by the beautiful corners of the area, we wanted to go and rent a little boat but one with a steering wheel because the other one is shitty to handle. Only problem is that they do not rent those with a steering wheel to inexperienced people because they have a stronger engine and could go faster than the “beginner boats”, so..frustrating as fuck to say the least.

Dinner then was….good because I got my dessert wuhoooooo I am just so in love with it, really gotta try to make it myself then in Germany…don’t wanna do without it 😀

Now we are watching the first semi final of the soccer European championship and trying out some be things from the bakery so we know what to take with us tomorrow on the next trip 😉

Flashback – Vacations – 05.07.2016 -Enter the boat!

Another rather early day and nope, no beach! Instead a free boat tour on a nice old looking small boat with Greek wine and Greek music, sunshine and mostly nice company. I ended up sitting on the front part of the boat for the best view, worth it to be slightly burned from the sun for some time and really nice shots from e.g. the blue lagoon (also called “piscina” due to its color) and some little caves that the boat driver entered with us. To be fair, having trust issues with people I really don’t know, I was thinking if we were gonna play Titanic when entering the first cave but…heeeey I can write this, thus we all survived!

Afterwards we were so sweated and feeling done, that we did pretty much nothing but relaxing until the later afternoon where we went to the stone beach shortly after the harbour for a quick dip into the sea to refresh and swim a bit – with those terribly hot temperatures that we had lately you really get used to spend as much time in the cold sea as possible – funfact: the weather forecast never really gets it right, we had like 40°C in the sun yesterday, but it just showed we would have around 30…well, yeah, good job.

Anyways, the dip in the sea felt good, I really enjoy swimming here though I am still not happy about looking down to the ground of the sea and see what is there – especially when it is huge plates of stone where you really do wonder what could be hiding underneath…

After dinner we went to the bakery opposite the hotel because they did not have my fave dessert today and I was pretty heartbroken to be fair…

Flashback – Vacations -04.07.2016 – Beach time, bitches

Beach beach beach Mega Ammos! It is great to have days in between all the activities to relax and just hang around at the beach, get a tan ( and at times too much…) and go for several swims – that’s what I have been doing. With these water shoes thingies I don’t rally care anymore much about stones or anything like this, makes it easier though swimming with them really does feel unnatural as hell at times.

The water was really warm compared to the last times, really felt like you were in a swimming pool or so. Even though that some parts were all of a sudden and literally ice cold, freezing your feet off. But besides that, perfect swimming conditions and I also really used them! I want to swim more and more even though I am always so tired and hungry afterwards (it’s been like this already when I was a little kid hahaha).

Walking back was again like walking through a burning hell, the sun really is a killer and this time also I got a tad sunburnt – luckily not too bad, but still my hip hurts a bit. It feels really hard to understand when the sun is worst and when not…hopeless case here…

Then after dinner we still went for a walk to check for postcards but somewhen gave up – man what’s wrong with people to design such shitty postcards? So frustrating…but hey, at least I got myself a massive and freaking awesome tasting icecream wuhuuuu


Flashback – Vacations – 03.07.2016 – Down in a cave

Until the morning we believed we would go and see the Nekromantio today and then hit a beach close by – but you gotta be flexible and embrace surprises, because the plan was changed and the new one was to go to Ioannina and also to the stalactite cave. It was a great change somehow because I had really wanted to go there but since we cancelled the car it was a nice thing to do.

So it was breakfast and then re-packing the backpack and everything. Have I mentioned already that it starts to be annoying to cover yourself in sunscreen every day. My skin also really is annoying because it is drying out a lot…

But yeah, another day spending a lot of time in the hotel’s van, together with some more people from the hotel…I have become a tad anti social, thus the fewer people, the better. But this time it was not cramped full so all relaxed.

Arriving at the cave, 1100m with a 45° steep walk up the stairs in 18°C of temperature awaited us. And a “no photographing” sign which always pisses me off because I do not need to use flash so I will not destroy anything by  using flash or additional sources of light. And being the bitch I am, I still used my phone camera for the few shots that you can see here in the blog entry because I wanted to document it at least a bit because it’s been a great experience. Last time i was in one I was a kid and clearly it had been not been as big as this one today.

Afterwards we went to grab some food and then wanted to go to the city center of Ioannina to walk around for a bit but we didn’t get far because we heard a weird noise and then realised we had a flat tire so it was time for another break. A break that soon became one in the rain and lightning because all of a sudden the weather changed…crazy stuff.

What made the first change easier was that one of the hotel guests was a car technician ^^ but yeah so that made the actual stay in Ioannina shorter but to be fair…it wasn’t much of a loss because even Parga was looking better than this town that clearly had seen better times than the current ones. Kinda disappointing somehow. so far most places I saw really were not what I expected, but maybe I am just spoiled by islands or so. I really don’t know.

The drive back then really killed me, I hadn’t been drinking enough and the humid heat and the sun shining right onto me through the car window was knocking me out and killing my circulation – man was I happy when after around 1.5h we were back at the hotel again and I was able to drink, grab a bite and get rid off my sweaty clothes to cool down under the shower….

Flashback – Vacations – 02.07.2016 – Mega Ammos Beach

Another day, the same beach. Kinda. Mega Ammos it was again, but this time we actually walked there because we didn’t want to get up so early and then hurry with breakfast to take the van there. It was pretty funny to walk because there is a sign stating the beach would be only like 300m away…yeah right, at this point you still have 1.5km and not 300 metres, but…close enough 😉

The swimming is really doing a good job for my shoulders and my neck, even though my muscles do ache from time to time because they are not used to all of the swimming anymore which essentially is a shame. But swimming in the sea is just so much more fun than swimming in a swimming hall, so no one will get me to keep up with swimming much once we’re back home in Hamburg again.

Walking back then in the afternoon was no fun anymore though – here it really feels as if the sun was burning your skin off starting at around 3pm…and…you need to walk uphill quite a bit.

I was really done once arriving at the hotel, no chance for moving anymore at all…

Flashback – Vacations – 01.07.2016 – Parga

It is around 9 am, and we are dragging ourselves down the stairs for the great breakfast buffet, desperately trying to find a table without sun kissing us awake. Big breakfast for me again, focus today on sweet stuff like the pancakes and the marmalade and curd. Great combination, makes you not long for sweets anymore for the rest of the day. And yes it does work! At least for me…

Then around 11am we started our trip to Parga – the streets going by the coast, a lot of serpentines which I personally really wouldn’t like to be driving on my own. Was scary enough to sit in the little bus and go all the way up to Ali Pasha Castle – I wouldn’t even call this a street anymore, bloody hell! But this view from there, so good. I love ruins of castles and all of this in general, and once it has a stunning view it gets even more fascinating. To be fair, at first I really thought that this would have been Parga Castle, not knowing we were still quite a ride away from Parga and its castle.

Once arrived in Parga, it was nearly noon – and temperatures were up to I think 37°C – to be fair, most of this town was pretty ugly and consisting of only sales booths, so really not fancy. Aside from the nice harbour and water color, which was sooooo inviting. To recover a little we stopped at a little cafe/cocktail lounge called “Sugar Bar”, having a nice and fresh fruit cocktail whilst looking at the nice water.

And then Parga Castle – the elderly in the bus that came from our hotel to Parga aswell said it would not be worth the effort to go up there, but how wrong they were. It was quite a struggle to get up that hill in the burning noon sun. It was bloody hell but so worth it because the view was simply priceless. So good, no doubts.

The ride back then later on felt like it was taking forever, I was in the sun all the time and it really started to get me, didn’t feel too well anymore. Once back, I grabbed some stuff and went to the nearest beach for a quick swim, and I think that amount of sun there was that bit too much. Felt shaky and dizzy afterwards, dinner was able to fix most of it but not all – headache pill for the win. And much water.