Merry 18 hours of trainride

Alternative headline: Merry Christmas , happy eating, enjoying the time with family and relaxing!

Or: what you do to be with your family, having a great time!

Except for those mentioned 18 hours of trainride. It kinda sucks if you are living really far up north in Germany and you gotta travel 9h one way to get to your family for Christmas. So this is why on 24th I had the joy of getting up really early and have my go – Wilhelmshaven to Oldenburg, Oldenburg to Munich, Munich to Weilheim, Weilheim to Hohenpeißenberg. When looking at it on the map it’s really one time from north to south in Germany.

But what can I do? Driving by car was no option as it would’ve taken even longer and would’ve been even more expensive. But I would have not have to bother with annoying spoiled brats in the first class if the train. Because yes, I booked first class because I wanted to be left alone, and able to sleep. In the end that didn’t quite work both trips, mostly because children were just too noisy. But let me not get started on this, because I could write down an endless rent.

So once I arrived in Hohenpeißenberg on Christmas Eve I was pretty tired and only certain energy giving drinks made me stay alive. And then…well, I knew we were not having the classical Christmas tree but when I came in I literally passed by the tree whilst searching for it. I am no gonna post a “full body” shot here, but we’ll, I will put it nicely: a nice Christmas tree looks slightly different. In the end I was just laughing about that xD

After a quick shower and changing clothing I felt more alive again, some relaxing and I was ready for Christmas to really start though there was still no snow. Another year without white Christmas. Sigh. At least the view on the mountains gave it a nice touch! And here is what I got for Christmas:

  • An FC Köln themed car license plate holder
  • a pillow for my time in the bathtub
  • a book of sheet music for nyckelharpa
  • a humorous book on triathlon
  • a medal holder for all my running medals
  • an IKEA voucher (yeses, decoration here I come!)
  • a self-made calendar for 2019
  • the latest Apocalyptica live CD/DVD

But to be honest for me it’s just as great to see how happy everyone needs was about my presents as when I unwrapped mine.

And after all this exhausting work came…EXACTLY! Food. It was time for raclette again and afterwards I really felt like I was pregnant with cheese. But it was so good and once a year you can just do and enjoying till the very last bit(e)! The little ice cream later on then was the final thing to have on that day, afterwards I dropped into bed and slept like dead – after having been awake for like 18h and having had a bad night before that was nothing surprising.

The next morning I woke up just right in time for brunch with my family (feels so nice to not eat alone!), but I could’ve continued sleeping still – the mountain air just made me permanently tired and hungry. Later the day we went for a walk and afterwards enjoyed the time next to the fireplace with me napping and reading my book and just turning my mind off. I simply love the sound and feel of fire…then my aunt left, and after anotger nice dinner all I did was drop into sauna and from sauna into bed. Another dreamless night because I was just so tired!

And then, my last full day in Hohenpeißenberg- breakfast, a longer walk in the sunset, driving to the gas station for some bread rolls because we ran out of them, packing, chatting and just spending so much time with my book in front of the fireplace. So calm, so peaceful. And I even nearly finished my book (I finished the last pages just on the train back to Wilhelmshaven).

And then one last time: sauna! And when looking at the watch I nearly died, it was after 11pm and I had to get up at 5am in order to be able to still comfortably have breakfast and pack some food for the train ride and everything. So yes, it was a short night and the trip back home started with noticing the times for my trains had been changed – and not exactly to the positive.

But you know, running with a heavily backpack and suitcase are a good sports just after Christmas to burn a few of the calories you had too much over the past days hahahaha yes, that was sarcasm. And I haven´t been running just once, but several times and my lung didn´t appreciate that all – on my way to Oldenburg I was really struggling with asthamtic problems after running again and it´s been no fun.

I was dead tired and then the pressure on my lung…and from Oldenburg to Wilhelmshaven I had an elderly lady who couldn´t stop talking to me. I was really freaking out inside, and so happy when I was able to do close the door behind me. A few seconds of peace before grocery shopping started and even before 8pm I fell into bed and into a deep sleep.


Family time is quality time (06.07. & 07.07.2018)

Rest is for the weak – once I am down south, I also have family that wants to see me – which is understandable, looking at how rarely I am coming there.

On Friday (06.07.2018) I started the day with again some little time in the garden and with fresh currants for breakfast – I love that so much, really! And then we went to Nördlingen, homebase for me as I´ve spent a lot of time there in my childhood. Good old times. This times though it´s been about visiting the cemetery.

It´s been about time and I had promised that I will go there once I am close by again. And to be honest – it´s been a tough time for me, it keeps on hitting me. The head knows my relatives are dead, the heart still struggles…sometimes it just takes a bit longer I suppose.

Afterwards went to visit one of my aunts who I hadn´t seen for literal ages…and bäääm it´s been late evening and my mum and I still had to get back. It all started with heavy rains where you hardly saw a thing, and then continued with possibly cows on the streets as a warning – and we even saw them being chased in the fields xD

So it was a drive back qith quite some laughter – but once home, everyone was just tired!

Saturday (07.07.2018), and my last full day here in the South- and time to check out yet another town! This time with my mum, stepdad and my aunt we went to see Schongau. They have a really nice city wall, but finding a way to get up there – nearly hopeless case. Especially since it would be useless anyways, since you cannot walk around there since it´s been interrupted by houses and such. Would´ve been amazing to walk around whole Schongau in one bit and not just small path that offered no really nice view in the end.

But well, you can say you did it hahaha It´s a really nice town, but feels really rural still – no matter if you have everything around what you might need. at least we found a nice café to have some ice cream (aka too much ice cream) and rest before doing a little more of walking in the sunshine. Thank god the weather was good, so the walking was nice and relaxing!

In the evening we went to have dinner at a Croatian restaurant – a good amount of tasty food in a cozy restaurant with a charming owner. It was a nice end of the day before going back to Hohenpeißenberg and me having a longer walk in the sunset and nice hot bath to relax from all the walking and everything.

Photos from my time in Southern Germany


Schongau and its churches

Hoher Peißenberg and its church

Weilheim & its church 

It´s all about the mountains (04.07. & 05.07.2018)

…and since everyone always says that you gotta start small, that´s what I also did together with my mum on Wednesday (04.07.2018). But first, my stepdad and I went to Weilheim – whilst he did his things, I ended up with a massive ice cream – it was really like a proper meal for lunch, and just right in the sunny and warm weather. Just that an hour later, it had rained and water was standing in the streets. It´s really crazy how quickly the weather is changing at times, you never know what comes next.

In the afternoon then my mum and I started our walk up to the church on top of the Hoher Peißenberg, the local mountain right behind my parent´s house. And after already a couple of metres I had to face one fact: I was far away from having finished with my regeneration phase. My legs started hurting again and I started finding all muscles  that were not yet fit again. And we took the steeper way up and up and up again  – it was no even ground so you also had to watch your steps. But I love nature, and despite the slight rain, I enjoyed it. The view down on the village, the fresh air and the walking, just as I enjoyed all the trees around.

On top of the mountain, there´s a little church…and actually an amazing view down the hill onto the village and to the big mountains close to the horizon – there was still a nice view, but without all the massive clouds it would have been even nicer!

The church was luckily open and after a little waiting, there was noone else around but my mum and me – it was lovely, I had some time to take all the photos I wanted – simply because I LOVE photographing churches. They have something so beautiful, though many of them are really overloaded with angels, golden and whatnot xD

The walk down was also nice again, though my shoes more and more were soaked and my legs were hurting pretty much. But it was a great time! And a great view!

And because we surived the little mountain, the next day (05.07.2018) was waiting with something bigger: Zugspitze!

You need to know one thing in advance – summer in Hohenpeißenberg was not at its best when I was there – sot it was sort of playing Russian roulette to decided on when we´d get up early and drive to Garmisch. And when we woke up, the weather was..well it was okay, but we really saw that it´s gonna be a close call if we will see anything on top of the mountain.

So when we arrived in Garmisch, we just arrive dperfectly in time to hop onto the train bringng us either to the close-to-the-top station or to the station where you can take their pretty new cable car. Actually it was planned to go up and take the short cable car, but as the clouds were already pulling up, we had to make a change. And that really was tough for me , because I am totally afraid of cable cars. I hate it. It makes me sweat when just thinking about it. But I made it and I was happy that it really wasn´t too crowded. And That view was just SO amazing. And I was more or less okay, until one of those places where it was swinging and from that point on I just wanted to get out of there.

When we were there, you already were able to see it´s been cloudy, really. And we used the time to walk around on the top there, and it´s been a great view, really. I just wish the clouds would have not been there, then it would have been breathtaking I guess. I actually also wanted to go up to the summit cross, but climbing up there…no, no chance. That was just too much for me, I dropped the idea, and it´s been better that way I think. You didn´t have much of a view from up there anymore, because it´s been all cloudy. You literally stood in front of a fluffy white wall – so we went to have a snack and then took the train and little gondola down. The ride was unspectacular mostly, but since it´s been cloudy you didn´t miss much anyways.

when we arrived at the parking lot again, you already heard thunder and lightning…so we had a really good timing!

Even though I had to overcome my fears, it was a trip I really enjoyed a lot – I love seeing new places! And I love the mountains, no doubts.

Let´s go, vacations! (02. & 03.07.2018)

So, what have I done after m half-marathon, except for successfully ditching working out and running?

Yep, I´ve been on the road again – visiting my mum and my stepdad in Southern Germany. The good part? They were in Hamburg to cheer on me anyways, so I was able to go by car on Monday (02.07.2018). I was still dead tired and felt stomach sick and all exhausted, so sitting in the back of the car and napping away was good for me – except that my legs did not appreciate to need to hold still instead of getting shook out. Of course we did breaks, but still.

My legs hurt, and my whole body seemed like it was rebelling against pure existance. And the car ride was long. No surprise when you need to cover 800km, and it´s holiday season and construction work sites (as always actually). And I was really happy when we arrived, surrounded by nature and silence. And then pretty muh dropped into bed, totally dead – especially since I haven´t had slept well at all the night after my half marathon.

Tuesday (03.07.2018) then was a 100% rest-day. I slept in, and finally slept well and was able to regain my power. When I woke up, my legs felt good – unless I had to walk down stairs. And there´s been quite some stairs in the house…torture. Walking up the stairs wasn´t much of a problem but downstairs…

So yeah, I started the day with grabbing some currants from the garden and sitting in the sunshine right in the garden. This was a welcoming of my taste, really. Then had breakfast, unpacked and later on did grocery shopping with my stepdad.

And then: reading, listening to music and just enjoying the view into the garden and not doing anything for once. Haven´t done that for ages.

And you know what my highlight was? SAUNA! In my bathroom I had a sauna, and take a guess who loved it? Yep, me! I spent the afternoon/evening with sauna sessions, enjoying the fresh air outside and a cold cider on top 😉 That´s what I call perfect regeneration for body and mind.

Photos from Abu Dhabi (05/2018)

Sheikh Zayed Mosque


Desert Safari


Heritage Village


Louvre Museum


Observation Deck 300More:

Emirates Palace Hotel


Random shots


13.05.2018 – Sand storm (Abu Dhabi)

It was beach day! Well, it was supposed to be a beach day of not doing anything but hanging out at the beach and relaxing. In the morning nothing yet prepared me what the day was gonna bring weather wise.

I had a good start into the day, enough food, and my garlic rice again! Yes, I really fell in love with it, needless to say! It sounds disgusting but you can get used to it, and if everyone smells like a ton of spices, it doesn´t make a difference anymore if you smell like garlic. After so many days without this part of the breakfast, it was a nice surprise.

The bad surprise was when I actually checked the weather – widespread dust it said. Well, I thought it wasn´t gonna be that bad and packed up and got ready for going to the beach, left the hotel and…had something like a humid sand storm hug me. To put it nicely. Without sunglasses nothing worked, and you really felt like the mix of your own sweat and that sand and dust stuck to your skin. Needless to say, the walk to the beach 4km away felt a bit like a neverending walk.

When I arrived at the beach, it was a really sand storm like time. Like, really windy. And you didn´t even properly see the skscrapers next to the street close by.

Even taking off the clothes without them flying away was a challenge – i ended up sprinting into the water with a lot of waves. Proper swimming was impossible, well, if you went with the flow it was no problem, but getting back to where you started… yep, I really had planned on the day being different one on the beach. It really made me angry, no go. Last day at the beach and then…

I returned at some point and instead conquered the little rooftop pool on top of the hotel – still a bit of sand storm and widespread dust, but it was okay, cool water and a bit of relaxing swimming and chilling.

Afterwards I had the fun of packing, because I needed to get it done today as I have to check out tomorrow. And my airport transfer is gonna come just in the evening, so I needed to really do some proper planning on what I needed in the backpack and what I can pack into my suitcase.

Highlight of the day was dinner with its amazing desserts – so amazing, I have no idea how to survive without those when I will be back home. Totally fell in love with those…nothing will ever beat them. And at least my appetite was back in full bloom – guess I could´ve been eating and eating and eatig tonight. Hopeless case xD

Concert: MPS in Hohenwestedt (19.05.2018)

…no idea where on earth that place is? relax, I had no idea at first either and had to google it. In the end – nice little place, but a pain to get to and especially to get back home to Hamburg in the night due to many construction work sites on the way. Getting there was already tiring, getting back just beat it all.

I was still tired from last night where I had gotten into bed at after 3 am, and couldn´t fall asleep and then got up at 11am, had breakfast, got dressed, packed up and jumped into the car again.

I felt like I had been drinking for the past week entirely, though I have had just one little mead the evening before. Hungover, and tired and somehow I was not too excited and enthusiastic. It was more of a “I promised to show up if the weather is okay and damn the sun is shining so I gotta go”-thing right at the start. The couch was crying for my love just too loud. But at least for most of the drive there wasn´t too much traffic, so at least it was some time for speed matching the music!

But once I arrived and entered the market area, I felt more relaxed and felt much better again. Meeting with fellow fans and having a good time together always helps. And the afternoon show of Versengold was there – the sound was not too amazing, it really could´ve been better but it was fun anyways. It felt good, it was like being grounded and back in germany also mindwise. It´s always tough for me to get back when returning from vacations. In between the two shows a bit of food and looking around, and then you already had to go back so thos efellow fans saving spots in front row were able to go and get stuff if they wanted.

The evening show had a better sound, that´s for sure. And somehow the athmosphere was also matching the whole show a bit more, and well…a good reason for liking the evening show more was my fave track, so…and this time – though it was tough – I recorded it instead of just enjoying.

The time is always passing by far to quick, and I am used to more than 1:30h of concert time. It´s like it just started and then it´s over already again. Though I was really exhausted and my voice was nearly gone. Well okay let´s be honest: it was gone at the end of the show. Luckily it recovered at least a bit rather quickly, would´ve been hilarious though. I didn´t stay for Knasterbart anymore, instead just had a few chats with the band and then already left the market – simply because I wanted to drop off the damned rental car to be able to sleep in the next day. Not keen on getting up just for returning the car.

And returning the car went well – and I even got my bus home without needing to hurry, that´s what I am calling a nice timing! In the end I was happy to have only silence around me again, and no people. Time to really reflect on the crazy times that I had. Positively crazy, no dpubts.

Hopped into a hot bath at the end of the day, with some quiet music and then just relaxing after being on my legs all the time. I love concerst, festivals and medieval markets, but driving there, then all day there and driving back – it becomes more and more exhausting. Don´t get me wrong, traveling is fun but not when you spend like 95% of your vacations on the road and busy and everything.

12.05.2018 – Not for public – doesn´t matter (Abu Dhabi)

I was somehow not feeling too amazing in the morning, somehow my stoach was feeling upset and I really have no idea why, I ate comparably little, nearly had to force myself to be eating even though it was tasty as always.

I decided to do some shopping for spices and special foods and souvenirs and some more sightseeing – round one of shopping I did at first at Marina Mall. Simply because I wanted to be inside after I had already failed to be walking and decided to take a taxi instead. The heat was really getting me for no apparent reason, and I was happy to be in the nice and refreshing mall for a while.

In the lunchtime heat (yes, very smart) I then started walking towards one of the monuments I wanted to photograph and continued to walk toards the Emirates palace, a top class hotel that is even noted down as a sightseeing spot in info brochures. On my way there, I met a polish tourist, so we went together – which in the end turned out really good, because he seemingly had experience in how to get into not public parts of the hotel even though not being a guest.

Anyways, already the public parts were really breathtaking, so stunning and beautiful and everything. And so much golden color everywhere. We then kinda waited near the doors that lead to the not oublic part until someone opened it with their key card and luckily the doory closed so slowly, that you could walk in without seeming like you were sneaking in. And what a hotel. Really. Someone has to finance a stay there for me. Wow. Made me really speechless. I have no idea how much time I spent in this huge hotel, but it was time well spent – beautiful place and air condition, you know.

Afterwards quickly went back to the store, got some other stuff and then went to the hotel, feeling stomach wise still pretty much off. And that´s also why I bought dinner at the store (aka some soup) instead of going to the hotel´s restaurant. It wouldn´t have made sense, I rarely had any will to eat and somehow…it´s been too much somehow. Too many impressions and everything.

dropped into bed and I couldn´t have fallen asleep quicker than this night – afte rhaving spent most of my afternoon on the bed already, watching CNN…

11.05.2018 – Hello, desert! (Abu Dhabi)

…and no, this ain’t a spelling mistake. For once I am not talking about food here 😉 it’s been the day of the desert safari that I had booked and yeah, I was really curious how it was gonna be, how the driver was gonna be, and how the other people in the car would be.

Lucky me, I was the first one to be picked up from the hotel and the driver and I got along really well from the first moment on. Good start, I gotta say! The other guys and girls were from an airline and had a two day stay over in Abu Dhabi, originally from the fillipines. At first I thought their behaviour was so typically Asian with their Instagram/Snapchat/filming everything behaviour but they were amazing fun to hang out with, chat with and a great company!

So at first we needed around an hour to get to the meeting point which was already in the desert – the other guys already halfway died when driving off-road, and I was just happy 🙂 the dune bashing that then followed…man so much adrenaline! Our driver was really experienced so we took some more extreme routes here and there, and how I LOVED it – the more extreme, the better it is! Some people in another car thought differently and the driver had to stop – the guys can be lucky it was not us who had to stop, would’ve been really pissed. But like that it was amazing, though here and there there were dunes that really brought me to the limits for a few seconds. But I am an adrenaline junkie, so I couldn’t really get enough hahaha xD

First little stop was a little camel farm, some taking photos and for me watching other people being so afraid of these animals. If they started moving, they freaked out. Come on guys, they won’t kill you. It was funny. Back in the car and some more dune bashing, wohoooooo!

And then at some point we arrived at the camp and had time to relax, grab some drinks and do some Sandboarding (I failed , I couldn’t get sliding properly) . Decided on going for a little quad ride around the dunes – the two other tourists that joined were all about filming themselves driving (at least they had a phone with them, so they could take a photo of me – thanks for that!!!) , so that quad leader and me took some faster extra routes because we didn’t want to wait and stand there. I am all for speed, and was surprised how daring I had been – because I was skeptical at first. Funny also how the other one had struggled to navigate the quad. It really wasn’t heavy (sure also not that easy) and you didn’t need much strength. At least for me it was easy and I really was hooked. Need to do that somewhen again, so amazing! And then it has to be a longer tour!

Then followed some dancing shows, and dinner – it was tasty, but for me it was just too warm sitting outside and eating. But it was a good time, and then the belly dancing shows was also nice. She also asked women to come and join, so I and some others joined for the fun of I. It was funny, though slightly embarrassing. Not gonna see anyone of these people ever again I suppose, so half as bad hahaha and then we had to go back after some star watching and shisha smoking. I was tired pretty much, but it’s been a great day.

The other folks were dropped of and on the way to my hotel the driver and I stopped by a store as he had to be picking up some stuff for the next day’s tour (yes he did ask of course if that was okay for me). And during this supermarket visit I for the first time noticed how big the cultural differences were. A western woman, me, being in store with an Arabic man who is traditionally dressed. And I even wasn’t taking care of the groceries, it was him. The disapproving looks on people’s faces were so clear. And I felt so bad and insecure. Never had experienced something like this before. That kinda made me wonder about so many things when I was back in the hotel room again…

This and all experiences piled up really badly, couldn’t fall asleep for ages because my head couldn’t find any peace….