Hotel: Motel Plus – Berlin

For the conference that I was at in June, we were booked a hotel because well, where could we sleep otherwise 😉

And I was curious how it was gonna be – the reviews online were pretty good, but you never know where those are coming from in the end, right?


Well, the area of Berlin where that was located – to be honest, I have never felt so insecure about walking to the supermarket in the evening like I felt back then.

Already going there by tram and then walking kinda showed that you gotta be made for such areas – and I wasn´t. Really didn´t feel great, but at least had plenty of food places and supermarkets and everything close by.


The bed was spacey for one person, and really comfortable – I either expected a totally soft or too hard mattress, but it was just perfect for me.

The pillow also was just fine, maybe a tad too thin for my taste but I slept really well on the bed, I mean I didn´t need the thin blanket anyways because we had 30°C+ every day and also during the nights, so…


Small but it had whatever you needed – a lovely big shower that had really nice hot water, too (yes, I am someone who kinda cooks herself by just taking a shower).

The toilet was really low – I mean, I am already small but this was rather for little children, at least it felt like it.

And the smell when you didn´t leave the aircondition on was really unpleasant – so basically whenever I entered my hotel room the first thing I did was starting the aircondition in the bathroom.

What really made me angry though was that you had this sign that only the towels will be replaced that are on the floor – so I placed one on the floor, but noticed that in the end they had replaced all of the towels. What is the sense of that sign if the staff doesn´t even stick to it?

Storing possibilities & other stuff

You had what you needed even though I would´ve perferred a storing where you can close the door – simply because my room tended to smell like sweaty sports clothing because I went running and had to put my cloths still somewhere…and it always tends to look messy, but for sucha  short stay it was okay.

The TV was nice, you were able to perfectly chill on the bed and then fall asleep watching TV 😉


No matter if you wanted something sweet, or salty, warm or cold – you had everything taht you needed for a good standard breakfast. I always had egg and bacon, with bread rolls and everything and some veggies.

I really enjoyed that they had even avocado, really. I was so surprised because that rarely happens. Also for drinks, you had the standard set of coffee, teas, and juices and water. It made me happy, I was always (too) full after breakfast because it really tasted good.

It all looked fresh and they never ran out of anything seemingly, so nothing to complain about at all.


Overall it´s been a pleasant stay, if I ever look for anything in that area for whatever reasons, I would really consider booking there – and even when needing to use public transport to get somewhere, it would be still a good choice because everything was clean, the staff was friendly, the Wifi worked, food was good. Nothing to really complain about, even thogh you always find things to improve!


K5 – Ecommerce conference

Sometimes I even work – no, joking aside 😉 As I am of course fulltime working, you algo get to enjoy some little perks like conferences – this is why I went to Berlin for a couple of days and get a glimpse of what´s in and to come in the field of e-commerce and maybe network a bit. And this is my very little report about it 😉

Monday (03.06.2019)

Homeoffice was how I started the day and then hopped onto the train to Berlin for the e-commerce conference that I was attending with two if my colleagues. The first part of the trainride went all good, until then all apps and the website and everything said that the connecting train was delayed by half an hour and thus we went to grab some food – and then the train had been in time. Totally useless, Deutsche Bahn. So we arrived an hour later than initially planned and in a city that ha dlike 15°C more than I had in Wilhelmshaven when I had left. It felt like running against a bloody wall of terrible air ahd humidity and heat.

We checked into the hotel and I went to grab some salad and stuff for my dinner before I watched some TV and fell asleep whilst doing so – with widely open window, due to the heat. And woke up during the night because my back and neck had been cold and felt stiff and painful.

Tuesday (04.06.2019)

Early birds die early…well then good luck dying. Joking aside, I was tired and the breakfast made me even more tired – the walk in the wsunshine though when being on the way to the conference center made me at least wake up a tiny little bit. And once I got my accreditation, I grabbed some coca cola, desperately needing caffeine.

There were many talks, many things to learn and I met quite a few people and had interesting chats – and to be fair, these chats were more interesting than the stuff happening on the stages because many of it felt like some advertising shows, hidden underneath some topics.

In the evening there would´ve been a party but I was so tired and worn out when it comes to being social that I ditched the party, went back to the hotel, grabbed some food and then went for a run to Tempelhofer Feld – it was an experience, with all the birds and everything. really lovely, didn´t expect it to be that nice!

Afterwards I struggled to really fall asleep because it´s been too warm in my room and somehow even opening the window didn´t change that – when you have warm temperatures outside still until midnight, there is no way to cool down the room. And I hate sleeping when it´s warm.

Wednesday (05.06.2019)

Day 2 – and I woke up with pain in my hip and leg and knew that this was gonna be long day – I did some stretching before breakfast and always in between also at the conference because my body felt so terriby stiff that it was no fun anymore. The heat-

cold change from outside to inside the conference venue was killing me, and whilst outside you were again sweating your ass off, you were freezing inside – luckily I had my jacket with me, otherwise I´d have gotten a cold from the aircondition. It´s like this American style cooling down madness is slowly but steadily more and more conquering Germany.

This day I decided more spontaneously what I wanted to see and do, especially at times you didn´t get into a talk anymore because it was so full – I am not sure if the whole concept of talks in an open space and then some discussion rounds in little boxes (it´s been terribly loud there since they were not closed and there where several close to each other ina  row) and master classes in little “igloos” really makes sense. It´s always loud, it´s tough to focus – at least for me – and  that´s kinda killing the fun.

It´s been nevertheless still interesting but exhausting, and the food was still good just like on the first day – just sucked we didn´t have dinner anymore as it ended in the early afternoon.

Thus I went to get some groceries, aka some salad, some smoothie and bread rolls for dinner and really had been thinking about going for another run. I ditched it and instead was blogging and watching TV and simply relaxing before I packed up for the next morning already.

Thursday (06.06.2019)

Got up in a normal time, had another last good breakfast at the hotel and then went to the trainstation with my colleagues. It felt like the night had been just too short, but I had slept a normal amount of time after a lazy evening before. The weather kills me.

Funnily enough I´ve never been so happy to get back home like I have been this time – the train ride home went smooth this time and despite it taking a while to get home, I was busy enough to have time fly by. reading and being social on the internet and alternatively napping halfway. The weather had taken its toll on me because the heat just made it impossible for me to sleep well and feel refreshed after the night.

Once home, I started doing some home office and get analysis tasks done that had to wait for the whole week already but needed to get done asap.


It´s been my first conference in my job-life, and despite it being pretty nice I had to notice it´s not my cup of tea. Why? Because scratching topics on thr surface only most of the times isn´t what I am into – I love to dig deeper and just sit somewhere and listen isn´t my favorite thing either. That´s nothing against this conference in particular, rather it´s a general problem I could be having with this format. I am most likely more into formats where I can learn and also do practical stuff – especially since those formats are then less about being hyper social and more focussing on what really matters 😉

Concert: MPS in Hohenwestedt (08.06.2019)

When you wake up and look outside and already know: this is gonna be an interesting drive to Hohenwested and even more interesting when being at the medieval market thanks to the weather. And that makes the mood drop even lower, on top of the “it´s fucking 08:30 and I am now already sitting in the car”. Luckily I didn´t know before how annoying the ride was gonna be because if I had known, I would´ve gone back to bed.

It´s been 4 bloody hours to get to Hohenwestedt – first traffic issues around Bremen as usual, and the closer you got to Hamburg the more annoying it became. I really lost my nerves, and was dead exhausted already when I arrived at the parking lot. And then still carried my nyckelharpa with heavy case to the festival area (no clue where the damned shuttle has been) because I was meeting with someone to help me out with my nyckelharpa for some things. And luckily I was there just in time, because if I hate something that´s being late. So it all went fine, and I was happy. Just not about carrying it back to the car afterwards, but at least I took the shuttle this time and only had to walk a shorter distance.

Once at the car I decided to change clothes – getting rid off the dress, and putting on a pullover instead. And a warmer jacket. It was everything from cold and rainy to warm and sunny, and I felt like permanently being dressed wrongly. It was annoying, but better carry around clothes than freeze and get ill.

Back at the festival area I watched a bit of Waldkauz and seriously dear not-native speakers of the finnish language – just don´t fucking use it in your songs. This pronunciation gave me goosebumps. Negative kind of goosebumps. It´s not just this band, but in general. Just choose a different language if you want to do yourself a favor.

Afterwards it was the first round of Versengold, and matching to the start of the show the sun came out and was burning down, and it got warm. So it was undressing in the crowded front row, always a challenge. But anyways, the concert was fun, I really enjoyed it. It felt better than in Rastede somehow, but still I am not that typical fan anymore. It just sucks that the afternoon shows are always just only one hour – because time is always running so quickly!

But for me that also had one good thing: I was able to get myself some food and walk around, go to the bathroom and relax before returning back to the stage and save my spot for the evening concert. In Hohenwested it is still rather relaxed, though Rastede was even nicer with that. But it´s not as big as other medieval markets of this series. Makes it more intimate and chilled.

They played quite a few new songs, and the one off the part off the video is “Durch den Sturm” – one tht I somehow had to get used to first, but started loving (though I think I already have my favorite off the album without even knowing all tracks yet). Sorry that it´s cut off so stupidly at the end, but my battery died and I had to put it on my battery pack charger thingy first to even be able to keep using it – shitty timing, I really don´t know what´s been eating so much of the battery.

And what I always love is the solo stuff that bassplayer Eike gets to do in the evening shows – I so wish he was singing more often, and maybe even instead of singer Malte in a song. that would be so amazing!

Downside? Yup, again no “Biikebrennen” and as I figured out I shouldn´t really get my hopes up to hear it a lot anymore – it just sucks so badly because this song means so much to me. It was THE song of my half marathon preparations and lately I started listening to it a lot again for my triathlon prep. And then they just don´t play it anymore.

What is that? But well, if people were more into instrumental songs, it would make it easier to get it back on the setlist but as everyone always needs a goddamned text to their songs…hopeless case, but I could rant about it for damned hours.

Anyways, after the show I decided – because I was tired and feeling cold again – that instead of waiting an hour and then watching Letzte Instanz again I was going home. It´s been sad somehow because I would´ve loved to see them but the 3h ride home was really bringing me to my limit when it comes to staying focussed for driving. And I was really happy to be home then at around 01:45am and drop into my bathtub and then into bed. I am too old for this shit.



Nyckelharpa Trip – Part 2 (04.-06.05.2019)

04.05.2019 – Saturday

The first night was okay, but I was still somehow tired and still not feeling healthy at all. But the playing went better and better though I still struggle to play by ear and just by watching and thus had to cling to the sheet music more than I had initially wanted to.

Also the learning speed this time was so much higher than last year in the beginners course…and yes I did struggle at times to really follow but I kicked my ass and then got back on track again and learned a lot. I also learned that in order to improve my skills I really have to cut down my training and necessarily include at least 2h a week of playing Nyckelharpa. That’s gonna be easy at the start because the fire is back, but let’s see how it will commence.

But once again I am so glad that I came here because it’s not only inspiration and motivation but I can literally see how much my.playing improves and that’s simply the best thing ever!

In the evening there was the teachers concert again, and it was stunning as last time. One day I might be able to do like 10% of that hahahaha it was a nice evening full of music and chatting, and it got late – just as I expected to say the least.

05.05.2019 – bye bye Altenmünster, hello Augsburg and welcome back meals with meat

I woke up feeling even sicker than the day before and with a headache and dead tired though I had slept well – but maybe just not enough.

After breakfast followed the last hours of lessons and fixing my one stuck key on the Nyckelharpa. The wood obviously had decided to grow and thus the key didn’t go back anymore into it’s original position after having played it. It was interesting to see how to fix something like this even though I would probably die if fear to fuck up when needing to do it on my own.

We also repeated all played pieces again and worked on the last one we had played the day before and I am happy it went better than yesterday. Still I noticed that due to feeling sick my concentration wasn’t the best.

Then only lunch followed and the course was over and my aunt picked me up again and we went to Augsburg and had some of her amazing strawberry cake – sooo good. Then a power nap, some laundry and packing and some tea and the we went to a great Croatian-German restaurant close by. And that food was SO good and I was so stuffed…after all if the vegetarian stuff at the course I really did enjoy my meat.

And then I dropped into bed dead tired and exhausted. Just to have a night full of weird dreams…

06.05.2019 – Bye bye Augsburg

It’s been one of those nights where proper sleep is just not possible though you are dead tired and your body is craving for a good and long night of sleep. So both of that didn’t happen and I really felt sick and weak on top, so the perfect conditions for travelling back home for 8h. That´s been how long it initially should have taken. But it came all differently.

Ttravelling with my Nyckelharpa flightcase is a handle because of lacking space for it on the trains and if you sit in the bike department, you are being told to go and sit somewhere else because you don’t have a bike. Had to suggest to the lady to feel free and put the case up into the luggage shelf. Well, she couldn’t have failed more and thus left me alone afterwards at least.

It was all good until bremen and when some contruction vehicle had fallen onto the tracks and the tracks qwere blocked and that damned vehicle even killed some necessary wires which then led to a damned 2h delay in the end. I was so dead, there is no words for it because I felt terribly sick and all I wanted was go and see the doctor.

But those two trainrides really made me decide on taking the car for the next times when traveling with my instrument because it’s too annoying and just exhausting. That would also eliminate needing to change trains and carry around that heavy luggage all the time…

Nyckelharpa Trip – Part 1 (02/03.05.2019)

Hello Augsburg (02./03.05.2019)

It’s been 8h of travelling for me on Thursday to get to Augsburg from Wilhelmshaven and as usual with Deutsche Bahn it’s not come without hassle and running and sweat. When I had to change in Bremen my regional train had a delay of 15min and my initial change over time was 15min.

So with my suitcase, backpack and Nyckelharpa flightcase I was flying down stairs, pushing people aside and flying up stairs again. And man the train conductor if the ICE waited for all of us desperate souls even though the regional train info was “it’s not gonna wait”. My hero if the day, really.

The trainride then was okay, it was quiet and I had noone sitting next to me, so all laid back. At the station in Augsburg my aunt then picked me up and we went to her place and relaxed, my mum came around and then afterwards I went to bed pretty early because I felt sick like a dog after I had figured in the morning already that I had a fever.

The time on Friday I spent with a little walk that was cut short due to the weather and then spent the day in the warmth: hot tea, warm blanket. Mostly sleepy, and feeling sick. But no chance to now ditch the course.

Hello, Altenmünster (03.05.2019)

the headline could be “same as last year” – why? Because I have been here last year when I started Nyckelharpa, and also had Johannes Mayr as a teacher. Back then it was the total beginners course, this time the advanced beginners course.
But that’s not all yet – we are in the same course room, I am sitting at exactly the same spot as last year. Enough? No. I have my bed in the same room as last year and even the same bed as last year (just the bedlinen is a different style I guess). And last but not least – I struggle the same way as I did last time.

I know I haven’t been practicing Nyckelharpa for like 1.5-2 months now, but I was confident. But you know, I still tend to be playing with sheet music in front of my face and not by ear and looking and that’s still how he is teaching. and again I am getting frustrated by easy things because they feel so tough and I feel like I am the dumbest person in the room. At least I came here knowing I might face these struggles, still hoping they wouldn’t pop up though. it cracks my ego and I wonder if it’s the right course though I am certain it is. Somehow. Sounds totally weird, I know.

And at the same time it feels so good to have a teacher there and other players, it’s like you aren’t fighting alone anymore and that’s a good feeling. And it’s like I need that more often to keep that spark of love alive that I lately lost and that resulted in rather hanging on the couch when not training instead of playing Nyckelharpa.

Whilst I am writing this I guess most (except for few that were also tired) are still sitting in the food court room thingy having a beer, but my joints hurt, my head hurts and I feel like the fever is returning. Maybe it hadn’t even left since the morning, I don’t know. I just feel terribly weak.

What feels good though is that I turned off my mobile data – and as there is no wifi, it’s sort of a digital detox until Sunday lunchtime, more or less at least. And that was really necessary and I mean, I don’t have much time anyways for my phone xD

I usually am really social but today I prefer my sleep – tomorrow night I will be social. And not get much sleep because breakfast is at 8am. And then we’re playing until 12:30 lunchtime and then again until 6pm… And again there will be a little concert of our teachers, which is always so lovely! I really can’t wait and that’s also why I don’t wanna be dead tired tomorrow.

Stadtkind auf Dorfparty (16.03.2019)

Sorry folks, German only – it just felt like it makes more sense like this ^^

Oder aber: Carina fährt nach Rotenburg, ist Ersthelfer bei einem Autounfall, fährt dann 7km nach Waffensen zum Eiertanz und ist einen Abend lang musikalisch flexibel und TANZT!

Das wäre so ziemlich die Kurzversion des ganzen Tages – eines Tages, der nicht hätte mehr eine Achterbahn sein können. Ich wollte einen Tag lang mal nicht ans Triathlon-Training denken und aus Wilhelmshaven rauskommen. Und Tripod spielten in…tadaaa, Waffensen. Ja, ich kannte den Ort vorher auch nicht – aber man lernt ja dazu: 7km von Rotenburg (Wümme) entfernt, und… laut Wikipedia der Entstehungsort des 2004er Computervirus Sasser. Aber an sich wirklich kein Ort, den man kennen müsste.

Aber: wie wäre es denn damit, ein Stadtkind auf einer Dorfparty? Ich war vorgewarnt, und skeptisch.

Aber bis ich wissen sollte, ob ich zurecht skeptisch war, war es noch eine ganze Weile. Ich bin mittags los mit dem Ziel, mir Rotenburg ein wenig anzuschauen. Auf der Fahrt wurde das Wetter immer beschissener, und ich bereute es, schon so früh losgefahren zu sein. Aber so wie ich bin, bin ich dann trotzdem losgezogen mitsamt Schirm und dem eisernen Willen, etwas sehen zu wollen. Und das klappte dann auch ganz gut, auch wenn die Ausschilderung deren “Kulturpfades” echt zu wünschen übrig lies. Der Ort hat nette Ecken, aber ist an einem Samstag nach 13 Uhr schon echt tot – und ich dachte, dass es hier in Wilhelmshaven verwerflich sei, wenn am WE die Läden früh schließen würden. Aber das ist nichts gegen Rotenburg. Aber ich hatte meinen Spaß, konnte abschalten, war ausgelassen.

Und dann kam alles anders. Anders als “geplant” – aber sowas plant man auch nicht. Ich war gerade wieder auf dem Rückweg ins Zentrum, ging über eine Brücke über der Wümme. Und gegenüber kam ein Auto von der Fahrbahn ab und knallte mit voller Wucht in das Geländer der Brücke. Ich will ehrlich gesagt nicht viel darüber schreiben, weil mich das Ganze genug verfolgt und beschäftigt.

Aber ich kann sagen: ich hab es als natürlichstes der Welt angesehen zu helfen. Da denkt man nicht mal mehr nach, sondern macht einfach nur. Ja, es war vllt gefährlich, das Auto hätte in die Wümme stürzen können und haste nicht gesehen. Aber scheiß drauf, solange da Menschen drin sind, muss man was machen. Ende aus. Und die Fahrerin sowie ihre Mutter sind da soweit unverletzt rausgekommen – nur mit einem ultimativem Schock, den wohl jeder nachvollziehen kann. Aber danach war der Tag gelaufen. Vorerst.

Nach der Zufuhr von viel Zucker (ein Hoch auf Apfelfinnen, von denen ich direkt 4 Stück gegessen habe), Cola, Wasser und Keksen hab ich mich langsam wieder gefühlt wie ein Mensch und nicht mehr ein Zombie. Aber ich wollte einfach nur noch aus diesem Ort raus. Weg von dort. Ich also ins Auto und los.

Und dann stand ich da – auf der Abbiegerspur. Die Spur, auf der sich alles staute, weil das Auto immer noch geborgen wurde. Und ich musste über diese Brücke. An der Stelle vorbei. es gab einfach keinen anderen Weg. Augen zu und durch, oder so. Danach war ich wieder nassgeschwitzt und froh, als ich in Waffensen ankam. Obwohl…war ich froh? ich weiß es nicht – es war eher ein sich fragen, wo zur Hölle ich gelandet war.

Ich also geparkt und im Nieselregen einen weiteren Kulturpfad abgelaufen – und ich will ja nichts sagen, aber ich habe gut gelacht. ein verzweifeltes und irres Lachen wohl am ehesten. Aber die Bewegung tat gut, die Ablenkung auch. Aber die Zeit wollte nicht vergehen, ich hatte Hunger und…bin an den Rand von Rotenburg gefahren und habe zu Abend gegessen, bin wieder zurück habe noch was im Auto gedöst. Und dann rein ins Vergnügen.

Ja doch, das Gebäude und die Location von innen war das, was man sich von einer Dorf-Lokalität vorstellt. Und nein, das ist per se nicht böse gemeint – die Leute waren nett, alles war gut. Bis zu dem Zeitpunkt wo ich erfahren habe, dass 400 Tickets im VVK rausgegangen waren. 400. Leute. in. dieser. Örtlichkeit. Unvorstellbar. Aber machbar, wie ich danach noch festgestellt habe. Genau so wie es auf dem Dorf machbar ist, dass Mutter mit Tochter und Vater zusammen feiern und Tanzen. Irgendwie skurril.

Tripod (der einzige Grund wieso es mich dorthin verschlagen hat) haben immer ein Set gespielt und danach eine kleine Pause – in der ich immer zum Auto bin um wieder Sauerstoff in meine Lunge zu bekommen und etwas zu trinken, denn von Minute zu Minute wurde es drinnen wärmer – da half es auch nicht die Fenster auf kipp zu stellen.

Ich war durchgeschwitzt, und zwar….VOM TANZEN (ich glaube das ist schon Kompliment genug)! Ja liebe Leute, auch ich tue das. Neuerdings. Und das nüchtern! Aber in der “Menge” habe ich mich wohl gefühlt, und auch wenn´s eine Weile gedauert hat bis ich warm geworden bin, wäre ich dann am liebsten bis zum bitteren Ende geblieben.

Aber irgendwann kam dann doch der Mann mit dem Hammer, der mir die Müdigkeit in den Körper schlug und auch ein großer Teil des Publikums wo ich stand und tanzte hatte einen Alkoholpegel erreicht, der mir dann doch sagte: Carina, jetzt ist der Zeitpunkt zu gehen. Hier und da war es nicht mehr angenehm, besonders die jungen Typen dort sind weit übers Ziel hinausgeschossen und bevor ich dann genervt bin und gehe, bin ich gut gelaunt gegangen.

Es waren tolle Stunden, ich konnte abschalten – ich habe nicht ans Training gedacht, nicht an den Unfall, ich wollte einfach nur Spaß haben. Und den hatte ich definitiv! Ach ja, und Ohrwürmer – viele Ohrwürmer. Und ich habe gelernt: ich musikalisch sehr flexibel – tanzen und feiern kann man zu jeder Musik, wenn man sich nur drauf einlässt!

Hello Dangast! Hello stone-penis!

You´ll probably be shaking your head and rising an eyebrow when reading the headline but…believe it or not, it´s the big (or small?) truth!

But first things first – as I picked up my bike yesterday and received one of my padded pants for biking this morning, I decided to jump onto the bike already before lunchtime and thought “ah, not gonna be that far to go to Dangast, so I can see the stone penis”.

Well. The number of a couple of kilometres didn´t scare me, but it should have. Because bking on a stationary bike is one thing – biking on a racing bike is a whole different story!

Already started with getting dressed and applying some oil to keep the muscles warm – just getting ready took me ages. And carrying down the bike sweated, because I am so afraid I might drop it or destroy the hallway or something, as clumsy as I am.

The ride to Dangast…it felt like it was taking ages and when I still had 6km left, I really just had to take a little break – my legs were burning and my heartrate was telling me to slow down, so I took some photos and enjoyed the nature that this biking route has to offer.

The scenery comes just with one negative thing: wind. And a damn lot of it. And of course that wind always comes from the wind and seems to be changing its direction frequently, which makes the balance act on the bike even more of a struggle if you´re not used to it.

But to be fair, I am really getting used to it so quickly – whilst yesterday I had my fight with figuring out how to use the gearshift properly, today it felt rather easy and during the ride it´s become more and more natural. Luckily I also had the chance to really focus on it, because hardly any people on the path I chose made it pretty relaxed.

When it Dangast, I just took a little break to take some photos and as it´s been getting cloudier and cloudier by the minute, and my legs started to get cold as the warming oil started losing its effect…And yes, Dangast indeed has a oenis statue out of stone on their beach – if you want to know how that happened, search engines are your friends 😉 But to be fair it looked bigger on pictures, and not that small hahahah

The way back led me through some paths that I had not planned to be taking but they just looked nice – nature and so many birds returning! Had a bit of a feeling that you´re stuck in a thriller and you´ll be murdered down, all alone there hahaha. Yep, my mind is being creative 😉

But anyways, I found my way back and was really happy to hop into the bath tub, because my butt and everything were hurting like hell in the second that I stepped off the bike.

I have no idea how people do that, and do tours of 100km or more – maybe I need a different saddle or even thicker padded pants…or maybe I am just a whiney girl ;))

But I loved the ride, can´t wait for next weekend and another beautiful ride for which I still need to decide on the route!

Hello Hooksiel!

Last weekend spring feelings were fully in bloom -and with this beautiful weather, I ditched my plans to spend the weekend all lazy and hopped into the car on saturday and decided on exploring a nearby place – just 20min away, but still so beautiful: little Hooksiel.

Unfortunately I didn´t see much of the “town” itself, instead I took a 10km walk around the water. Through a little forest with no people around, with just the silence and the birds singing and the sunshine tickling my nose. Just me, myself and I. Able to breathe, I felt free. No thoughts, no worries, no stress, no pressure, nothing.

Whilst enjoying nature, time passd by quickly and so did the kilometres and witha  total shock I noticed I still had to get back those 5km. Doesn´t sound much, but if you´ve been walking through wet sand, your shoes are gonna feel like they weight tons instead of the few grams they had weighted before. But when there is ebb, it´s just too inviting to walk where there is usually water. I wish it would´ve bene warm enough to walk barefeet, I think my feet would´ve loved it so badly. And I cannot wait for the weather and temperatures to be the way that you can do that. There is no better feeling than wet sand under the bare feet!

When I returned to the car I was really done, my nose slightly sun burned, my feet tired and I was hungry – but it´s been great 3h of walking and just turning off the mind. If you are ever around here, I can totally recomment Hooksiel for a stroll. Probably will comeback there soon again, or of I once explored the rest of the little towns that you can find along the shore here. So much to explore, and too little time.

I remember that I had the plan, when i moved here, to do some “sightseeing” in and around Wilhelmshaven every Sunday. In the end I didn´t do it, and I so regret it. But I hope that with better weather and soon with a bike I might get around easier and more than I have before during the disgusting winter months. So you can stay tuned for more reports on newly found places for me. And for a report on the town Hooksiel itself, I guess – though I am more of a nature lover than anything else!

SwimBikeRun Training – Week 20

Biking – 60min (28.01.2019)

I started the week with being stressed out, unable to focus and…biking. So I sat there and felt like nothing was working, but I managed to improve my time on 20km and managed a few more kilometres when filling the 60min workout.

I was sweating like hell and was so glad when getting out of gym and off that uncomfortable bike again – I am just not made for sitting and biking there, at least not on those terrible bikes!

Swimming – 1500m (29.01.2019)

On my training plan and in my calendar it said – with big letters – 200m of swimming. But to be honest, I really couldn´t do it. I was feeling lucky that I didn´t just drown like a stone would if you dropped it to the water. It´s been a fight throughout the whole training session, BUT – and that was the biggest surprise ever for me – I managed a new personal best on those 500m.

Still far away from what I wanna swim at the triathlon, but I also do have a couple of weeks left to get this going ^^ and maybe I will get the crawl stroke swimming working by then, I really have to.

3x freeletics (30/31.01.2019 & 01.02.2019)

I start to get used to it, sore my muscles are still always terribly sore and I am not seeing any change when it comes to my body. But I am always just too impatient, so I gotta keep hanging in there, sweat and swear more and then I will see the results. Eventually.

The workouts were extremely tough on the legs this week, and it´s been partially that bad that walking stairs was feeling worse than climbing Mount Everest would feel if you didn´t train for it. So I had to switch the order of the workouts, but I finished them all. Though I slowly wonder if I do something wrong or if my left wrist is really weak because it hurts from all the burpees and sprawls…

Long walks

Because it didn´t really feel good to be all lazy, I instead went for long walks on the weekend to loosen the stiff muscles in my legs and be prepared for the torture that the next week was going to bring 😉

Merry 18 hours of trainride

Alternative headline: Merry Christmas , happy eating, enjoying the time with family and relaxing!

Or: what you do to be with your family, having a great time!

Except for those mentioned 18 hours of trainride. It kinda sucks if you are living really far up north in Germany and you gotta travel 9h one way to get to your family for Christmas. So this is why on 24th I had the joy of getting up really early and have my go – Wilhelmshaven to Oldenburg, Oldenburg to Munich, Munich to Weilheim, Weilheim to Hohenpeißenberg. When looking at it on the map it’s really one time from north to south in Germany.

But what can I do? Driving by car was no option as it would’ve taken even longer and would’ve been even more expensive. But I would have not have to bother with annoying spoiled brats in the first class if the train. Because yes, I booked first class because I wanted to be left alone, and able to sleep. In the end that didn’t quite work both trips, mostly because children were just too noisy. But let me not get started on this, because I could write down an endless rent.

So once I arrived in Hohenpeißenberg on Christmas Eve I was pretty tired and only certain energy giving drinks made me stay alive. And then…well, I knew we were not having the classical Christmas tree but when I came in I literally passed by the tree whilst searching for it. I am no gonna post a “full body” shot here, but we’ll, I will put it nicely: a nice Christmas tree looks slightly different. In the end I was just laughing about that xD

After a quick shower and changing clothing I felt more alive again, some relaxing and I was ready for Christmas to really start though there was still no snow. Another year without white Christmas. Sigh. At least the view on the mountains gave it a nice touch! And here is what I got for Christmas:

  • An FC Köln themed car license plate holder
  • a pillow for my time in the bathtub
  • a book of sheet music for nyckelharpa
  • a humorous book on triathlon
  • a medal holder for all my running medals
  • an IKEA voucher (yeses, decoration here I come!)
  • a self-made calendar for 2019
  • the latest Apocalyptica live CD/DVD

But to be honest for me it’s just as great to see how happy everyone needs was about my presents as when I unwrapped mine.

And after all this exhausting work came…EXACTLY! Food. It was time for raclette again and afterwards I really felt like I was pregnant with cheese. But it was so good and once a year you can just do and enjoying till the very last bit(e)! The little ice cream later on then was the final thing to have on that day, afterwards I dropped into bed and slept like dead – after having been awake for like 18h and having had a bad night before that was nothing surprising.

The next morning I woke up just right in time for brunch with my family (feels so nice to not eat alone!), but I could’ve continued sleeping still – the mountain air just made me permanently tired and hungry. Later the day we went for a walk and afterwards enjoyed the time next to the fireplace with me napping and reading my book and just turning my mind off. I simply love the sound and feel of fire…then my aunt left, and after anotger nice dinner all I did was drop into sauna and from sauna into bed. Another dreamless night because I was just so tired!

And then, my last full day in Hohenpeißenberg- breakfast, a longer walk in the sunset, driving to the gas station for some bread rolls because we ran out of them, packing, chatting and just spending so much time with my book in front of the fireplace. So calm, so peaceful. And I even nearly finished my book (I finished the last pages just on the train back to Wilhelmshaven).

And then one last time: sauna! And when looking at the watch I nearly died, it was after 11pm and I had to get up at 5am in order to be able to still comfortably have breakfast and pack some food for the train ride and everything. So yes, it was a short night and the trip back home started with noticing the times for my trains had been changed – and not exactly to the positive.

But you know, running with a heavily backpack and suitcase are a good sports just after Christmas to burn a few of the calories you had too much over the past days hahahaha yes, that was sarcasm. And I haven´t been running just once, but several times and my lung didn´t appreciate that all – on my way to Oldenburg I was really struggling with asthamtic problems after running again and it´s been no fun.

I was dead tired and then the pressure on my lung…and from Oldenburg to Wilhelmshaven I had an elderly lady who couldn´t stop talking to me. I was really freaking out inside, and so happy when I was able to do close the door behind me. A few seconds of peace before grocery shopping started and even before 8pm I fell into bed and into a deep sleep.